Skyrim: Prophet Quest (Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough)

Part 5 of the new Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard. This is a walkthrough for the Prophet quest. Please leave a Like, Comment and Favourite to let us know you enjoyed.
  • Raymond Alcantara

    Please help, I'm a vampire and I can't get the stupid priest to do anything after defeating him, just says I'm not fraid of you HELP!

  • Jesse Turner

    None of the goddamn guards will talk to me.

  • MeDD Plays

    All dragon bridge villagers are dead....

  • Ricky Galpo

    mine has no dialogue option in the dawnguard dlc quest (Prophet). After I finished the (report your success to Isran) the next quest is (speak to the moth priest) right? After I speak to the moth priest it doesn't have the third dialogue option ( Glad you made it here safely, Dexion). How do you fix that. Please help.

  • Sergio Aramis Heredia

    i can't make him talk who i can? i try to use seduction bt it doesn't works

  • Leah 379

    the gates wont open omg ugh

  • ImCorruptYT

    what the fuck... after i defeated him he just stays on his knees and won't move... what do i do?

  • R-66Y Robo

    You talk to the guards if you are a vampire if you are still dawnguard cross the bridge until you find a tipped cart and a dead vampire take it's note and read it and you will be on your way.

  • Sharkattack Gameing

    I can't loot the vampire

  • is not possible

    I don't have a line saying "glad you could make it" or something. I tried reloading but nothing help please

  • All Dressed

    @brandonjohnny21 maybe I'm not sure it could depend on what side you chose between the storm cloaks and the imperials. Civilians might talk.

  • All Dressed

    I don't know why they would fight lol, but if you're stuck you might as well start from the beginning of the quest.

  • Cubelious

    @SK beGaming thank you so much

  • James Duffy

    i talked to a child in the bottom of a house :P he talked

  • kevindagame

    The first time I played the dawnguard, I joined the vampires. The 2nd time I joined the dawnguard , I thought it was creepy when I saw Serana standing there

  • Weed Master

    The Moth Priest won't read the Elder Scroll, i doesn't have option to give him scroll...Anybody know what to do?

  • warlock the jawlock

    when I try to search malkus nothing comes up is this a glich or is it a bug

  • MrRed9zz

    i played on pc, why does dexion keep downed on the ground and wont stand up? and still targeted as an enemy? any fix or console command fix?

  • Matthew Guerrero

    I chose to be a vampire and I fought him and won't move. What do I do

  • Beer Ninja

    After Dexion reads the Elder Scroll, the next mission won't start. When I try to talk to Dexion it says he is busy. I tried reloading, reentering the area, and waiting, but nothing worked. This is my first Bethesda game and probably my last due to the many game breaking glitches. It is incredible to spend $60 for the game and another $20 for Dawnguard just to be aggravated. I'm 85 hours into my game and I'm done dealing with this nonsense. Screw you Bethesda.

  • foodtogo1

    I'm a vampire, but ive talked to everyone in dragonbridge but no one is giving info and no dawnguard showed up.

  • Blake Renner

    It told me to go to whiterun not college when I went to dragon bridge none of the guards would talk to me help please

  • Andrew Hedges

    you can also talk to clinton(a little kid in dragon bridge) his last name starts with a "l"

  • Tycoon5.7

    what do i do if all the guards were killed by a dragon? help

  • Big Moist

    Cross the bridge to the tipped over cart and search the Vampire body on the floor and pick up and read its note. That should skip talking to the guards, it worked for me.

  • SeeotterkingRS

    I defeat him, but he does not make anything else than creeping on the ground. No 'that ... that wasnt me you were fighting' ... So how do I do it right ?? :c

  • Julian Dator

    WTH i don't have an dialogue in "Glad you made it here safely, Dexion." can someone help me?

  • DevineGamingTV

    After i have fought the priest he just prones on the ground and keep saying "I am not afraid of you monster!" Any idea of what I can do?

  • idontknowhow2play

    Happened with me also!

  • RetiredTech

    I can't find the note on that dead vampire! Help!? (PC player)

  • Silvansun

    Skipped the one part I wanted to see... My game is bugged

  • Marcelo Machado Luz

    22:07 in my game that party gave bug

  • TheVampirekid08

    everyone in dragon bridge is dead oh no!!!!!!! it was one of my control riots

  • Pavol Šopa

    wtf i need a key for the door

  • Alyssa 1337

    There's a chest there, you missed it

  • BahamutKaiser

    thanks, I got the displacement glitch and he went hostile, after fixing it in the console, this part was skipped :(

  • BellaMetallicA

    "Thanks for your kindness. I'll remember it the next time I'm feeling hungry." Score one for Serana lol. Win.

  • OsamaBinLooney

    here is a fun thing to try i just did this when you go to the rescue the moth priest sneak into the cave and pickpocket the weystone off Malkus and put in in the receptacle - Dexion will then be free and will attack Malkus and the other vampires and easily kill them, but he will get injured then you can easily finish him off i was so glad i found this little fun bit i just realized forgot to loot the big chest lol

  • Tristan Speakman

    try using calm or some other spell to prevent them from attacking you then talk to them

  • The Artist

    NO imperial soldier was there at dragon bridge

  • Camilly do Rocio Orlandi

    Wow, you helped me a lot! I am Brazilian and my skyrim is mistranslated, so did not mention anything about the ask mage in Winterhold. I find this a hard time. But it was thanks to your video, I spent. Thank you so much. Please continue like this for the good of all.

  • TheMrChaserman

    i rescued the moth preist, but whenever i got back to fort dawngaurd to find out what the scroll says, he starts a fight with Isran and ALWAYS gets downed and he says nothing. should i just load from the start of the quest?

  • aleksandar tsankov

    have a problem : i did every step in the quest and when i go i downguard fot when the mage is there i cant say the top question:Glad you made it here safely,Dexion heeeeelp pls

  • Hannes Deklerck

    whenever i walk in dawnguard, they're all attacking me. even isran ;s what should i do? please help!

  • brandon de vries

    Do you need imperial soldiers i got stormcloaks and they are not talking


    If you're stuck with the Stormcloak Guards, just go straight to the crime scene and read the vampires note, it activates the rest of the quest. :)


    i have a problem i joined the stormcloaks and now i cant talk to them i draogn bridge what should i do

  • Phil Murphy

    Just go to the location, I foolowed some wierd ass bloodtrail when I was running around and followed it and out of no where my screen filled up with completion things for this quest

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