Skyrim Mod -Dwarven Gun Blade Mod-

* 이 모드에는 근접무기이면서도 탄환을 발사할 수 있는

단검 한 자루, 한손 검 두 자루, 양손도끼 한 자루가 포함 되어있습니다.

This mod includes a dagger, two one-handed swords and one two-handed axe which are both melee and ranged bullet shooting weapon.

개틀링 엑스는 말 그대로 버튼을 누르고 있음 계속 발사합니다.

Gatling Axe can, as the name suggests, fire the projectiles if you press the button constantly.

리볼버 대거는 그냥 소총

Revolver Dagger is just a pistol.

매그넘 스워드는 샷 건

Magnum Sword is a shotgun.

건 스워드는 소총

Gun Sword is a rifle.

건블레이드 무기 쌍수 착용시 오른손의 무기에 따라 발사체가 변경이 됩니다.

When you equip duel Gunblade, the projectiles change depending on the weapon on the right hand.

* 일반 무기와 건블레이드를 혼용하시려면 건블레이드는 왼손에 착용하셔야합니다.

불필요한 충돌을 피하기위해 가능하면 쌍수는 본 버전의 무기들로만 장비하세요.

*If you want to combine the gunblade with ordinary weapons, you must equip the gunblade on the left hand.

In order to prevent any unnecessary crash, please equip the weapons of this version.

* 단검 쌍수는 전용액션이 없습니다.

* There is no unique actions for dagger duelwielding.

* 방패 착용과 한손 마법 착용등은 아무 지장없이 원활하게 플레이가능합니다.

* Equipping shields and magics will cause no problem at all.

오른손 리볼버 대거 : 빨간색 폭발을 일으킴

오른손 매그넘 스워드 : 화염 폭발

오른손 건 스워드 : 전기 폭발

Right hand Revolver Dagger : Causes red explosion

Right hand Magnum Sword : Fire explosion

Roght hand Gun Sword : Shock explosion

Made by Kgorilla, Rizing
  • VideoQuestEx

    The projectile and explosive effects look awesome! People looking for this Dwarven GunBlade mod should visit this link-

  • Xaliber

    The download is in here: skyrim . nexusmods . com / mods / 26909 

  • BelmontDEmperor

    I love the background music you used.

  • Dalladrion

    I'm also very interested in this...

  • Track1044

    Would really like to know as well. it looks epic

  • Justin Torres

    what animation mods are you using?

  • Robin Messing

    reminds me of gothic 3 soundtrack but im not 100% sure

  • Aesir117

    I believe you are correct :) Dalaran's theme starts at 0:45. Before that, it's a different track though.

  • Satoru Suzuki

    How can I download this mod?

  • Scorpions9325

    First is music from Silvermoon City, after Dalaran and at last music from Grizzly Hills.

  • Judge Dredd

    How do you fire the damned thing?

  • Kayrashy Ansatsu

    Please the mod list used in this video ?

  • filip marinovic

    whatis that idle animation 1h weapon animation that you are using ?

  • Saul Good

    So where can we download this?

  • Eadmund Isen-Healf

    Yeah you were right, thanks a lot.

  • Nataniel

    Is it just me, or is it Zubei armor from Lineage 2?

  • LiterallyRob99


  • UlithiumDragon

    That music is from World of Warcraft. It's Dalaran's theme, if I'm not mistaken.

  • tien shinhon

    world of warcraft music huh

  • Heya Neya

    What is this music? I really recognize it..

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