Skyrim: 5 Unsettling Mysteries You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 3) – Skyrim Secrets

Skyrim is a game rich backstory and lore, however in The Elder Scrolls 5’s impressive word, not everything is left explained. Many locations, characters and stories leave us with more questions than answers. So today, we’ll be taking a look at five more unsettling mysteries you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Doc Opossum

    Never been this early, I hear you can get pinned this way,


    The mystery I want solved is why does Lydia always block the damn door?!

  • DerKrampus

    When you mentioned Apocrypha's "black oily seas," I got to thinking... What if it's ink?There are seemingly endless pages and books and tomes there. What if the entire sea is literally ink to fill those pages with knowledge?

  • 1337million

    1:15"Difficult to scale hill"Stairs in plain sight

  • ChefWonders

    For the record, I’d fully support a video on ”who ate the last sweetroll” type mysteries.

  • Nelpski

    "No signs of struggle""His arm was torn off... looks like it was thrown"

  • BDD

    To hell with sovngarde, why is there a word wall in the Soul Cairn

  • Alekzandah

    Last vigil is probably a reference to the Dyatlov Pass incident. I'd type in what makes me think that but I'm taking a shower.

  • Bandit Plunderer

    A million years into the future archeologists make a find that could change the way we think about our origins the greatest scientific find in human history...Another Tiny Details In Skyrim That You May Have Not Known

  • Maverick Crow

    number 1 it likely had the Sovngarde summoning hero shout, i bet it was worn down over the millenia, lost to the ages, which is why Tsun teaches it to you

  • Magica Man

    The wordwall in sovengard was probably gonna teach you the shout alduin uses when he attacks helgen and makes fire rain from the skies, since that particular shout was cut from the game.The reason why it is in sovengard could be simply for lojistics since you finish alduin there

  • CorruptedProtectron952

    Historical things Nate: Merderd to death

  • Matthew Chirino

    The word wall is likely to shor, or tsun or stendar Dead nord gods

  • ian1493

    Isn't it explicitly stated somwhere that people will become so obsessed with gaining more knowledge that they never leave apocrypha? I don't think its a mystery at all. They're even named seekers; you can't get much more on the nose than that.

  • Victor Yang

    I think we all know, that apocrypha's real name is Library Land

  • E V

    The true mistery is when will there be an elder scrolls in Elsweyr.

  • Jay Blaho

    This only mystery I want solved is why Nazeem is still alive!?


    Whats ufric stormcloake favorit outside sportHiking

  • Nils None

    Small theory for 4:05 at the Last Vigil point. There were 3 Miners to fetch some ore. They set up their Camp and one of them tried to "dynamide" the Ore out of the rock with a fireball.That caused an avalance. While one of them was still sleeping or something the other two tried to escape but got hit by debree and ice.... after some time and some seasons the snow got blown away or partcialy melted or something.... maybe a wild animal riped that arm of in an attempt to eat the frosen corpse.....


    I have strong feeling Number 3 was an avalanche.

  • Jaune

    1:20 Mystery==================================Expectation -----> A great warrior, one of the first to learn the way of the voice, gave his life force to save sovngard or something badass like thatReality -----> Developer: "It uuuh, looked kinda cool there."

  • William Niederbrach

    #3 is a easter egg or w.e to the Dyatlov Pass incident in Russia

  • bdpa kaknox

    The black fluid in apocrypha is ink. You know, because of the books.

  • Maverick Crow

    Honestly, i expected the Seekers to be the followers Neloth mentioned that went mad over their desire of knowledge, walking his endless realms of books and information, also it makes sense when Herma Mora says "If you are not, leave, before Apocrypha consumes you."

  • Kev Outman

    I think the orb is a lost dwemer soul and it seems to like you

  • Adam Case

    I think that dragonwall in sovengard, had the create fog shout alduin uses, as that is the only shout the player can't get, and Alduin doesn't want anyone else getting it, so he destroyed it.

  • Grape Juice

    I would probably had watched this sooner if I literally wasn't playing The Elder Scrolls 5 when this was posted 😂😂

  • hatsjer

    Nate! A tiny detail I think you may have missed: If you unlock 1 or 2 whirlwind shouts before meeting the greybeards, will they mention this when they teach you their word of whirlwind.

  • Dreamer Dawn

    That Last Vigil scene reminded me of Dyatlov Pass incident where several college students died of mysterious circumstances and their bodies were discovered mutilated and they appear to have been fleeing from something.

  • Alpha Deathclaw

    Oh great, now the seekers will haunt my dreams again, thanks!!!

  • Koirakasvo TM

    Biggest mystery of the game is Why my khajiit character always say "Don Cuddles! " when he uses the cyclone shout

  • normal6969

    Dragons and dragonborns seem to be the only non-native lifeform in Apocrypha.If I would be the daedra of memory and knowledge, my plane slowly would take away exactly those. ;)

  • Handsome Jack

    It's amazing how these videos are still being made 7 YEARS after its release

  • Child Of God

    A word wall in Sovngarde, probably holding the ULTIMATE shout and some idiot somehow smashes it...

  • Tree Of Life

    I've also seen the buried wordwall in Sovengarde and thought, "what kind of shout would be buried beneath 😕, so I used toggle no clip to see below it and its just buried like the video says.😥, would've been cool though if it really had a hidden shout that's accessible only through console command.😁

  • sskyuubi1

    Reposting my discovery hope it gets featured: Theres a watering hole between Bthardamz and Drudach redoubt with a pretty interesting unmarked but sad story there 😂

  • Ioane Kordzadze

    7 years later and there's still some mysteries that alot of people dont know about. amazing..

  • FanmaR

    The word-wall in Sovngarde was probably a leftover of an earlier script where the Dragonborn was supposed to learn the final words for "Dragonrend" or "meteor rain" right before or after the finale.Meteor Rain was cut while Dragonrend's 3 words are now instantly taught after the elder scroll cutscene. They simply covered up the wall in case plans changed again, which they didn't.

  • Stewart Bates

    The real mystery is - What happened to Jyggalag? We freed him from the curse in the Shivering Isles DLC during the events of Oblivion and heard nothing from him since, despite him being a Daedric Prince who was considerably more powerful than any other.

  • Austin Baerncopf

    I think the word wall in Soverndgurd is call of valor

  • Nickolas Veselov

    When I first entered Apocrypha, Hermaeus Mora warned me about being able to find my way out.When I encountered Seekers my first initial thought was that these were people who didn't manage to find their way out in time (because Apocrypha is a maze of oily tentacles black seas and creepy book walls) but they wanted to continue looking for the knowledge they were seeking at the time (hence Seekers)When I encountered Lurkers I just thought they were people that had managed to get there by accident or in some other unwilling way

  • Little Chungus

    Plot twist, the seekers actually went mad with the knowledge of ten secret locations

  • Blemished Nicely

    Morian's name sounds AWEFULLY close to nomenclature that would indicate "being of" or "having to do with" or "coming from" you think it's at all possible he mantled to be Hermaeus Mora himself (like the player does Sheogorath in Shivering Isles)?I mean...if he wanted ULTIMATE knowledge, I figure that would likely qualify as an upper-tier option~

  • WarTaco

    Morian got ate by Hermaus Mora... turns out all that bookwriting makes for a truely Daedric appetite

  • calvin cosplay

    "and murdered DEATH!!!"like um id love to see some one survive getting murdered o 3o lmao i just thought this funny xp

  • RamenOtaku 149

    For the last vigil mystery it was ABVIOUSLY AN AVALANCHE

  • DocWhisky

    Me: "Does Nate have enough things to cover before TES VI releases?"Probably Nate: "I got you, mate."

  • VaciliNikoMavich

    Perhaps at Last Vigil, someone got a bit too eager with the Destruction Spell, and caused an avalanche.That us a lot of force, it may have ripped that guy's arm off, and they all paerished -with the exception of some items surviving, because Ice CAN preserve things.Then who knows how much later, the winter winds uncovered it by bit, and then its discovered by the Dovahkin.

  • Charlie Chaps

    Let me just confirm: This is Skyrim, right? Not Skyrim: Special Edition?I'm quite amazed at the mods you're using. Can you give me a list of the ones that you installed?

  • Jonathan Rhodes

    Hey, the Withershins tower! That's where I found my Daedric Reaper crafting manual . . .Also, when the cage comes down, what happens if you've ordered a companion to use the podium?

  • TheHighPhobia

    The first idea I had when you talked about the miner-skeletons was that they probably tried a different way of mining:The book about destruction magic most likely has some stuff about explosion spells. So they tried if they can mine that way and save a lot of time and strength. Sadly, that kind of... blew up in their faces. (I'll see myself out.)

  • Morning Song Stewart-Rabbit


  • Williss360 Neighborhood Crusader

    Yeah that orb had me so confused for years

  • Alice McNeil - ZOCOM Raider Captain

    "Something very fishy is going on in Apocrypha"> realm in question is filled with fish-like creatures.I see what you did there. xD

  • Abraham Lincon

    It's 3:30 and I just finished a 1 hour spooky story and I'm on this video now and there's a light outside of my "window" that keeps flashing. It's very bright and there's no pattern to it. I live in a basement and my "window" is one of those half circle holes at the side of a house. It's lightly raining but only rain, no lightning. The best way I could describe it is if you get one of those apps that has soothing noises that are supposed to help you sleep and choose soft rain this is very similar to that.Also right as I was typing this comment an owl is outside my house going crazy and the light started "double flashing". At first I thought the light was lightning, but then I realized if it was lightning then wouldn't I hear thunder, and lightning doesn't happen that often, even during a thunder storm. (The light is happening about every minute or so.(it was less frequent but once it started going every minute or so. Before I was about every five minutes.)) I don't belive in ghosts or the supernatural but I don't know how to explain it. I don't think it's ghosts But if anyone knows what it might be please tell me.

  • hassan ahmad

    Please make a video about The Elder Scroller Vi

  • Ice Jandre

    3:11 murdered them to death 😂-EpicNate 2018

  • CoffeePoweredKatie

    You know when you hear a word so many times it loses it's meaning?Yup, pretty much how I feel about Daedra now.

  • Kacper Mielnik

    1. Create alot of skyrim videos about easter eggs and Mysteries and Hidden Things You May Have Missed2. Throw all of the Things and Mysteries from one serie to other3. Money MoneyJokin' ofc, great video Nate, keep it up :D

  • ML Smith

    Apocrypha=Tentacle galore, every hentai lovers greatest fantasy confirmed. Also books. Lots and lots of books.

  • GruffKibbles89

    Orb kills bandits but let's the dragon born leader of the dark brotherhood, thieves guild, archmage, and more pass... I must know about blackreach and the unspeakable thing there!

  • Trexalex213

    Morian=Mora=Hermaeus Mora?The word wall in sovengarde could be Alduin's or something deeper (Tsun dragonborn,who did he learn from?)

  • Conor Dyer

    hows it going guys, heres another 10 minutes of a fake accent!

  • Sir Reynolds

    Dragonborn to orb: i killed nazeem, is that a bad deed?Orb: noOrb: its a miracle

  • Gurt McDirt

    God, the voice! Watch the peaks, bro! You're red-lining!

  • DaConnaTwuk

    "This is all more of a theory"MatPat bursts through the door

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