The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM All Easter Eggs And Secrets HD

Collection of All Easter Eggs, Secrets and Best References found in The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM (Special Edition).

I can't believe I didn't upload it earlier!

Music: Skyrim Ambient OST

The List:
01. GLaDOS (Portal 2)
02. Castlevania II
03. Lady Of The Lake (King Arthur's Excalibur Sword)
04. Notched Pickaxe (Minecraft)
05. Lord Darth Vader (Star Wars)
06. Poltergeist
07. Santa's Hat
08. Ghostbusters
09. The Ring
10. Weeping Angels (Dr Who)
11. Charon's Obol
12. Pac Man
13. Tea Party (Alice In Wonderland)
14. Snow White
15. Sword In Stone
16. Luke Skywalker
17. Blind Book
18. Ripping a Heart Out (Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom)
19. Three Goats
20. Leap of Faith
21. 300 Scene
22. M'aiq The Liar
23. The Lusty Argonian Maid
24. Wilhelm Tell
25. Beauty And The Beast
26. Secret Dragon Boss
27. Potion of True Shot
28. The Hangover Quest
29. Choose Your Own Adventure
30. The Ebony Warrior
31. Dead Body Cleanup Cell

Ofcourse this game is full of references to pop culture, music, games, films and television, but I only chose the best ones!

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!
  • TrollForce

    "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee."29,000,000th Overused joke comment

  • Dalekov

    17:08 "one handed increased to 69"

  • 1ShepardCZ

    Good job, Kacpi! Next time: TES IV: Oblivion!!Btw. Skyrim is my favourite game ^_^ And I finally find Easter egg video without commentary.. Great job!

  • Gameplay Com Coisas

    "Cleaning eh? I have something for you, here, polish my spear.""But it is huge! It could take me all night!"But we don't have spears in Skyrim...Think about it

  • Bonnet [FNAF: SL - kind - crush: ???]

    I found another one.“So many contracts, so little time...” -Nazir, Dark Brotherhood“So many souls, so little time...” -Sonic.exe

  • Arnaviir the Crusader

    Also the name of Farkas means wolf in hungarian and he is the first person you see turn into a werewolf it kinda surprised me xd

  • whiteshadowdemo 666

    14:41 he just got rekt

  • Davis Briones

    Te faltó el de recordatorio de almas a mano izquierda donde encuentras a valerica verás un cristal esta un poco lejos en ese cristal esta una fantasma encima de él también está un cofre abajo y un fantasma encerrado entre dos barras que no se pueden abrir

  • Jack Woodham

    When the video said pac man did anyone catch the face on the Dragonborn? I did :)

  • Wolfy the pirate wolf

    i see dhe dopefish at 7:02 :D

  • Greg Putnam

    I thought you place two coins over the eyes a means of providing the deceased with a way to pay Charon the Ferryman of Hades

  • Drift

    Do 10 easter eggs on fallout4

  • Melwin Lewis

    Im early for once :D. Top 10 viewers :D

  • LUKA

    That's really not all easter eggs, and secrets.

  • FatDJPanda 420

    he destroyed like half of the easter eggs 😂😂😂

  • Sans The Skeleton

    Best Easter Eggs Hunter

  • ShadowKiller 9084

    Właśnie miałem pobrać skyrima

  • Thsmy life

    Make A WAY OUT easter eggs please

  • Anthony Botello

    I watched the hangover its funny as hell 😂😂

  • Darkkiller ZONE

    That refrenc at the end XD

  • Death Wish

    Do all games have a easter eggs and secrets??

  • Aden Dedo

    I think m'aiq ia not an easter egg, because i'm a beginner.

  • Kostas Spirou

    I used to be an adventurer like you.... ok I stop.

  • Shadowy182

    Kacpi, how did you get a fancy lockpick when u were lockpicking the second easter egg display case. Normal lockpicks look more like metal sticks, do u have a mod or what cus ur lockpick seems fancy

  • N n T

    Third, but seriously, no one cares.

  • chekdat

    Can you do next time please gears of war 3 (when possible)

  • Roy Smith

    I find lots of goodies like using the do not delete chests to climb the water fall like at begining of hags end temple and end of the battle grounds with all them forsworn clans the Pretators boots are on ground next to big chest

  • BlackBleckWhitePL

    ej slyszeliscie o broni która jest wielką kością ? gdzie ja moge znalesc?

  • Emanuel Diniz Vieira

    Absolutamente o melhor jogo já feito!!

  • Acridity Gaming

    Lmao the Google eyes on the pacman one

  • LukitasxD

    13:33 when i saw him, I tried to kill him, but he didn't die, so I torture him many times, lol

  • She took the kids

    Came for gladosStayed because i t j u s t w o r k sIm sorry

  • SkySora’s Retreat

    Bound bow?(Can be found in fort amol prison inside a bucket of stuff in the first room)

  • AyBoB dutreize

    15:30 is two french namebelle:beautyfort:strong

  • XxTeamwolfRulesxX

    M'aiq is done talking

  • king harlequin seven deadly sins

    Best game ever its so fantastic and musics are 10/10 and aaaah ITS SO PERFECT but my dads skyrim is broken and i cant play it anymore :(

  • n1ckJ11

    Its already something to be level 80 jeez at 50 i kinda got bored

  • Sérgio David

    Cool vídeo. Best of the YouTube easter eggs skyrim

  • Antonio Moran

    The best list of easter eggs that i have ever seen.

  • elo

    masterpiece. game and this video


    Kacpi26 pliz made Ghost Recon Wildlands easter eggs

  • Igi122

    Jedna z moich ulubionych gierek.

  • Kevin ennis

    17:27 is an easter egg, its a line from Galaxy Quest

  • greasycheese24 the III

    at first i thought that the seven graves could also be a reference to undertale but undertale came out after skyrim

  • the pixelguner

    My clean up room is full

  • dima suharev

    The best video about Easter Eggs. Next time TES IV: Oblivion

  • Ale xios

    Hey Kacpi are u forgot to make GTA LCS & VCS Easter Eggs

  • ardiansyah melayu pusako

    kacpi please make far cry 5 easter egg and secret video!!

  • someone

    thank you to say this things, now im gonna use that hints

  • N_A_J_M_I

    FORTNITE easter egg and secert please

  • Tonio's Other Channel cards,gameplay,and more

    Why did he put quotation marks around Minecraft lol

  • Abucketoffriedchicken _

    do elder scrolls oblivion next

  • Doctor Explosions

    Polaki polaki polaki kozaki

  • Graceq Liseq

    kacpi i got questionare you polish?

  • Glory to Russia

    12:27 *freemason logo, the company might be a puppet to them if it is.

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