Fallout: New Vegas by progamingwithed in 24:00 - AGDQ 2017 - Part 59

Runner introduction starts at 6:37

This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2017, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on AGDQ2017, find us at: https://gamesdonequick.com

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  • McParker

    "Unlike other 3D Fallout games, this one is an open world game" Oof I felt the truth from all the way over here.

  • NoTalentHackJob

    "That's called loading a save. That's not a strat, that's just going backwards in your run."This dude understands jokes.

  • Smurfferdid

    TBH he's awkward but I really dig his dry humor, kind of underappreciated.

  • Cedric Wong

    Speaks with person once "We are now intimately acquainted with their society"Shoots person "We are now intimately acquainted with their society"Looks at rock "We are now intimately acquainted with their society"

  • melancholyhill

    ".. and then we start the Dam, sorry, the heck"did everybody sleep on that joke?

  • Brandon Acosta

    When your parents say you can only play for 30 minutes

  • Brayan martinez

    this is a rock, quest complete

  • A Person

    tfw their speedrun time is LESS than the time I spent exploring vault 11.

  • Jayce Bishop

    Now we are intimately familiar with "___" , quest complete!

  • WackoMcGoose

    "Catch it early, speedrun recovery." That's a good way to put it, and it's actually what GDQ is really all about. Watching speedruns of games (and the semiannual attempt of TASBot to become Skynet) is fun, but donating to stop cancer is what really matters in the end."Kill the Cancer, Save the Frames."

  • AMGwtfBBQsauce

    Frame perfect trick that only loses time and makes you exit the game. LOL

  • Falcon Bleck / Schimnesthai

    nice for his mom to recover, thanks AGDQ!

  • Zachary Perez

    This guy was hilarious, like someone else said his humour is underappreciated but I would've cracked up seeing this.

  • DigitallyEpic

    Fallout New Vegas was the last thing I expected to see on GDQ.

  • Badger McWaffles

    man i hate watching these as i remember just how great New vegas was and just how much of a let down, in the end, fallout 4 was :c

  • Aaron Bratcher

    The choosing of The Final Pam is less an old meme and more an eternal love for those good good McElroy boys.

  • Ryan N

    Yay! I remember when the reload glitch was discovered last year. It's amazing it took so long to discover it. It's literally just reloading that gun while walking, then moving in and out of your pipboy. That glitch took 5 years to discover.

  • 50LightSabersInAPack

    19:45 "Woah there, pal. You better slow down..." lol

  • Elemental Code

    I lost it when he shot the bullet. xD

  • Sardonic

    Obsidian* not Bethesda.

  • Jesse Clark

    His mom did a speedrun for beating cancer. How cool is that?

  • TheBobes

    28:48 ... his face says it all. :D

  • Solar Knight

    There appears to be no stuttering in this one. Just in case you were wondering why they re-uploaded it

  • Micah Brunet

    This guy is the funniest speed runner I've seen at AGDQ

  • Kyle Kuball

    "I talked to that person. It completed the quest. Please clap...."

  • Mad Muffin

    13:35lol,anybody else heard the Falling whistle?

  • Casey Paskel

    "We need to be a lady in this run, so that we can sleep with the final boss"Imagine the confusion of people who haven't played this game.

  • Alex+

    His jokes are so damn dry ... it's awesome :D

  • PaNDaSNiP3R

    i wanna slow play this game again

  • Eric

    Oh man, this runner is super entertaining! Great run!

  • Jeremy

    shots gun ........... no one saw that reloads game

  • Yonkage

    Really rough run with a lot of mistakes, but this is my first time seeing a NV speedrun, and the runner was pretty entertaining, so I can excuse it. I enjoyed watching, money was made for a good cause, nobody should care about the rest.

  • Flutterdrive

    is "the final pam" a monster factory reference?

  • TwixtheWizard

    lol he rekt fo3 and fo4 at the 14 minute mark

  • Joe Siris

    We are now intimately familiar with X. Quest complete.

  • Shawn Erwin

    But you can sleep with the person who shot you if you're a guy too.

  • Humble TreeStump

    A 13 hour cutscene lol that was clever

  • ProjectCampos

    I don’t get it how is he becoming friendly with those tribes in seconds. Why is just instantly happening can someone explain ?

  • ojcorp

    i love this dude. great sense of humor

  • sparrow sparrow

    Bullcrap, Benny swings both ways.

  • Matt Z

    Can't deal with the voice, at all.

  • Casey Paskel

    The screen tearing makes me want to die :(

  • Tor Arne Svingen

    Man I gotta play this again. Loved this game!!

  • DesolatorMagic

    3 seconds. Pffft slow lol

  • Marc Shlyshen

    Damn, that reload glitch is insane.

  • advocatefish d

    This was the best new one this year.

  • Tilen P.

    Entertaining runner; entertaining run. :)

  • Jesus Christ on a bike!

    But you don’t need to be a woman to sleep with Benny.

  • Preston Chandler

    glitch speed runs are boring

  • anton rockoboac

    that commandline kinda ruined it for me

  • ringodooby

    I never did any of the white glove society missions and I’ve played this so many times...

  • satannstuff

    What kind of potato pc was this run on? So much screen tear.

  • Amanda Krueger

    OMG I love New Vegas...I want to play again now.

  • BlackEquinox

    I'd like to enjoy this video but I'm transfixed on what could possibly be the worlds worst comb over.

  • Jake Drought

    Infinity plus 1 is actually just 1I have a math degree

  • FalloutTactics

    wow, speedrunning rpg games, nice one

  • Arto Pekkanen

    If you wanna get early monorail, all you need is some magic ... and The Rock :D cool tricks

  • Ezra

    It's not even a Bethesda game

  • TheGreatNoah

    You're telling me if I donate 75$ I will get a PS4 pro with a VR headset plus TEN GAMES?!?!?

  • Yuki i

    Quest Complete : "clap" "clap" , not a sellout kappa

  • will blizard

    great effing run man,i am still trying to beat this game

  • Electro Jack

    Can Azorbae been more Tsundere !


    wow, watching this guy do quests that took me hours in a matter of seconds is really fascinating, lol.

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