7 Cheaty Bosses Who Didn't Fight Fair: Commenter Edition

We recently recalled cheaty videogame bosses, who used tactics such as deleting your save file, learning from their mistakes, or being from Bloodborne. The comments on that video revealed you had suffered similarly unjust encounters, so here are yet more times you folks were bested by a bent boss. Subscribe for a video like this every Thursday on Outside Xbox.

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  • Sol Anima Network

    Bosses that cheat are the worst. Extra bosses that cheat are the devil...

  • Dies1r4e

    You didn't mention Pyscho Mantis because he didn't want you to mention him, puppet.

  • Jack Cullen

    You forgot about Kyle's cousin from South Park fractured but whole who makes turns for himself, steals your turns,makes a barrier of objects for you to go around, does all this Jewish stuff to boost himself even though he is supposed to be a alien and when he gets beaten he calls his aunt to help him

  • WhoIsAtlas802

    Does anyone else look away when they list the games with spoilers because the list itself is a spoiler for the upcoming video?

  • Boomblox5896

    Let's be fair here. Any boss from Bloodborne or Dark Souls is actually fair. You just have to take into consideration that Gascoigne has personal problems according to his lore. Also you can basically "cheat" the fight yourself if you use the Music Box during Gascoigne's fight. So it's really not a cheaty boss at all.

  • outsidexbox

    There were so many excellent suggestions on the original video, this had to happen (what up Undertale) so please enjoy ↑↑↑OXOX

  • Laurasaur XD

    Be honest, how long did it take you to get that capture fighting sans?

  • Limebattery

    Octo Expansion DLC for Splatoon 2's final boss is hellno, not Agent 3, not NILSTHREE WORDSINNERAGENTTHREETHE SECRET FINAL BOSS, UNLOCKED AFTER COMPLETING EVERY LEVEL LEGIT WITH NO SKIPdodge rolls despite the choice in weaponry, nonstop Autobombs, and of course the ENDLESS SPECIAL ATTACKSand did I mention your only reward, the reason you're doing thisis all for a toothpick

  • Tiwaking Tiwaking


  • Exu

    Darkest Dungeon?gitting gud in 2d

  • nudgificator

    "We didn't mention Psycho Mantis because literally everyone knows about Psycho Mantis".nods sagelysurreptitiously googles Psycho Mantis

  • Senpai Zarif

    There was this one boss in Mario and Luigi dream team that kept sleeping to get infinite health. It was an annoying ass of a boss cuz it took too long and the first time trying him I had no idea how to beat him.

  • Princesslycake RBLX

    I'm a bit late, but I think agent 3 in the octo expansion deserves a place here

  • Muggy Mugs

    Sans is not a cheater, just because he goes first means YOUR the monster here, not him.Also he is the only smart enemy in the game and he even said “do you wanna have a bad time”So it’s not unfair.

  • last cubone from Lavender Town

    I know it alittle late but what about Darkrai from pokemon Mystery Dungeons explorers of darkness You cant even uses your attacks other then basic attack and you have to fight through a dungeon just to get to the fight

  • Daniel Morkel

    In battle royal games every player is a cheaty boss

  • Brock Liegeois

    Omega flowey? I’m surprised he wasn’t on here.

  • Andrew McCleary

    The Mega Satan fake death in the binding of Isaac was also pretty cheat-y.

  • Iain Cade

    The final boss of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness has 7 Pokémon.And they’re the strongest Pokémon at that time.

  • Luke Tuffnell

    Another unfair fight is Silver the hedgehog in Sonic'06. I know that Sonic'06 sucks, but attacking him to get thrown around until you die which is hard to do because you'll usually collect the rings that you drop, giving you infinite hits and infinitely being thrown around.

  • RainWelsh

    Don’t worry, Andy. Yes, the skeleton has infiltrated your meat. HOWEVER, your brain has pulled a double-bluff and infiltrated the skeleton in turn. All is well.

  • Wholesome Nuggets

    Well, to be fair, Sans is trying to save everyone, and after sleeping all the time, and hardly ever doing anything, he not only saved his power, but definetly felt determined to kill you. Also, the best part about sans is the character is able to dodge because when the game resets, he dosen’t. Much more lore.

  • manaphylv100

    Ultra Necrozma from Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon. He starts the fight with all stats doubled except HP, and has enough speed and type coverage to one-shot almost anything before you can make a move. (Yes, you can cheese the fight with Endeavor or Leech Seed, but you can do the same in any other fight, so it doesn't make him any less unfair.)Machina of God from Atelier Meruru is up there, too, with her infinite spam of recurring attacks that delay your turn. But at least you have a fair chance of winning against her if you've been crafting proper items and gear as you should, whereas Ultra Necrozma doesn't even give you a chance unless you bring specialized counters or do an obscene amount of grinding.

  • Ignis Umbra

    i actually beat the fractured but whole.. i HATED mitch conner

  • // AsianPersuasian

    Sand blight Ganon from Zelda breath of the wild. He's the boss for vah Naboris

  • Patrick Long

    Pokemon trainers who use full restores. Solving my problems with money is MY tactic dammit

  • The Goodras

    As soon as i saw this video's title, i was like "yup. Sans is gonna be on here."

  • Obvious Bear

    If you got to the point where you get to fight Sans in the first place, you deserve everything coming your way.

  • Lv. 35 boss

    How about K. Round from Deltarune? He always drink almond milk everytime his HP is low to max his HP

  • Stephanie Northcutt

    Christopher Robin in Whinnie the Pooh Baseball game. How could we forget God?

  • ifindyourlackofhumordisturbing _

    I feel so sorry for Mike! But still, thanks for the tuxedo and car keys.

  • Lentil

    Wilhelm in borderlands 2, he can create drones to heal him, and give him shield. I would only recommend fighting him, if you have a 200+ dmg sniper, a 1250+ dmg Rpg and a bloody good shotgun.

  • Thrythlind One-Shot Games

    I’ve heard rumors that someone killed the Darkest Dungeon quick enough not to lose anybody. I find that hard to believe.

  • Weaponized Pizza

    Okay this is missing two things. The van from hotline miami, and Christopher Robin. Attempting to defeat Christopher Robin is an exercise in futility.

  • dimintri samuls

    The whole time watching the last cheating boss video, I was thinking of Mitch Conner

  • Blue Core77

    Ah i remember oxide the cause of my many broken ps1 controllers 😊😊😊,good times,good times

  • Shiela Villegas

    I expected undertale to be on here.

  • Kokomushroom 13

    The start of the games for spoiler alert its well created 😊

  • Max Littlewood

    Kai Leng from Mass Effect 3 had the most cunning tactic of all: defeating you in cutscenes

  • Randizer

    Behemoth? the Monster Hunter: World version?

  • Mint Might

    Where's aran ryan from punch out Wii?

  • S1n_er

    What about colter in fo4 nuka world, although a person called gauge helps you, the odds are stacked against you as colter is INVINSABLE!! in the end you shoot water and turn off his electric shields, but still, unfair....

  • principal nezu

    Sees undertale sans. It's sans

  • James Frankenwheenie

    But Andy, we don't have a skeleton inside us. We are the brain, so we are inside the skeleton. Is that scarier?Yes it's scarier

  • mechatech 1

    What about omega flowey from undertale

  • PersonaFan

    No nyx? Fam she be stealing my party members left and right.

  • [CTS] Lemon Phobia

    Nesz frum undertall iz hax

  • Life Theorist

    There is another song that plays during you’re fight with sans that isn’t Megalomania it’s called Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans, search it up.

  • Sedd

    Sans is actually a fair fight.Like what, you're there dodging attacks too so..

  • Marcus Downing

    You forgot mutant Kite from an alternate universe and basically all alternate universe kite fight

  • Mini_Squatch

    the video cut off early for anyone else?

  • Muizzudd Gamer

    Although Zinyak cheat it still ez to beat him,i beat 2 times :I

  • StormGamer555 Vsøş

    Corrupted shinnok spams sh¡t allot

  • SarcasticNerdGaming

    I preferplaystationConvince me Xbox is better

  • Justafan IV

    Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion spoilers .....Inner Agent 3 hands down.

  • Frodo Baggins

    12:00 Andy: "I told you we can't hire any assistants!"Surely that's what Luke and Ellen are for?

  • Inkboy !

    "Or just being from bloodborne"I know that feeling

  • Roozbeh Kasila

    Devs that make cheaty bosses dont understand their own game mechanics good enough to make something challenging.

  • SYCO 77

    I don’t see wolfenstien the new order

  • Altoryu

    Personally I'd like to call out the Chainsaw guys in any Resident Evil game ever. They aren't even really a boss and they still can kill you with one hit if you aren't paying attention. Some people get scared of the sounds of the regenerators from RE4? When I hear a chainsaw revving in any RE game that's when I started to get scared shitless.

  • Geo Dash Busboy

    After watching the whole video and looking at when it was posted, I noticed something wrong: you kinda forgot to put Inner Agent 3 from Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion. First off, she has 5 phases instead of the typical 3. Second off, this girl constatly switches specials, so if you haven't been studying what she does in which orders, she could pull anything out of her ass and catch you completely off guard. Thirdly, she uses seeker bombs, the cheapest type of bomb. Fourth, she can ROLL! In the game, you can roll with the dualies, but if u look at her gun, it is clearly a splattershot! Finally, in one of the phases, she literally flies around on a ufo and you either have to throw bombs on a constantly moving target with almost nowhere to recharge your ink, or you can try to shoot her down with a relatively short-lived weapon with an arc! And, if you so much as slip a finger, you'll lose your armor and get splatter before you have time to say, "It's time to swim away!" Additionally, if you did at ANY POINT, you have to go B A C K T O T H E B E G I N N I N G!!!!!!!!

  • my different channel

    Splatoon 2 octo expantion inner agent 3

  • ultra fresh gamer

    there's another boss that you didn't mention, Viper from titanfall 2 has a habit of shooting you from a distance, hiding underneath the ship your fighting on, blasting you with the flight core every ten seconds, being completly randomised AND did I mention that this is only on easy mode.

  • Damian Farnworth

    Enough bitching about Bloodborne. Especially Father Gascoigne. He is stunnable throughout the ENTIRE Fight and can be just completely annihilated throughout the fight. You want a cheating Bloodborne boss, look at Lawrence the First Vicar.

  • Brandon Michael Heimbach

    Jane’s right. If the lightsaber attack was realistic it would have instantly cauterized the wound, leaving a bifurcated but bloodless guard corpse by the door.

  • Mia Ishata

    Nitros Oxide? :v He is so easy you can lap him once if you get a hang of the game.

  • rathtain 123

    Both fights with Shao-khan in mortal kombat 9 he repeat his projectiles so much basicaly just spams alot

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