7 Cheaty Bosses Who Didn't Fight Fair: Commenter Edition

We recently recalled cheaty videogame bosses, who used tactics such as deleting your save file, learning from their mistakes, or being from Bloodborne. The comments on that video revealed you had suffered similarly unjust encounters, so here are yet more times you folks were bested by a bent boss. Subscribe for a video like this every Thursday on Outside Xbox.

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  • Patrick Long

    Pokemon trainers who use full restores. Solving my problems with money is MY tactic dammit

  • Dies1r4e

    You didn't mention Pyscho Mantis because he didn't want you to mention him, puppet.

  • Jack Cullen

    You forgot about Kyle's cousin from South Park fractured but whole who makes turns for himself, steals your turns,makes a barrier of objects for you to go around, does all this Jewish stuff to boost himself even though he is supposed to be a alien and when he gets beaten he calls his aunt to help him

  • Natqevalhi in disguise

    Octo Expansion DLC for Splatoon 2's final boss is hellno, not Agent 3, not NILSTHREE WORDSINNERAGENTTHREETHE SECRET FINAL BOSS, UNLOCKED AFTER COMPLETING EVERY LEVEL LEGIT WITH NO SKIPdodge rolls despite the choice in weaponry, nonstop Autobombs, and of course the ENDLESS SPECIAL ATTACKSand did I mention your only reward, the reason you're doing thisis all for a toothpick

  • Ignis Umbra

    i actually beat the fractured but whole.. i HATED mitch conner

  • RainWelsh

    Don’t worry, Andy. Yes, the skeleton has infiltrated your meat. HOWEVER, your brain has pulled a double-bluff and infiltrated the skeleton in turn. All is well.

  • Iain Cade

    The final boss of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness has 7 Pokémon.And they’re the strongest Pokémon at that time.

  • Boomblox5896

    Let's be fair here. Any boss from Bloodborne or Dark Souls is actually fair. You just have to take into consideration that Gascoigne has personal problems according to his lore. Also you can basically "cheat" the fight yourself if you use the Music Box during Gascoigne's fight. So it's really not a cheaty boss at all.

  • Super Nova

    Sans is a really cheaty boss yet he is still one of the most liked characters in that game. Hmmmmmmm

  • Wholesome Nuggets

    Well, to be fair, Sans is trying to save everyone, and after sleeping all the time, and hardly ever doing anything, he not only saved his power, but definetly felt determined to kill you. Also, the best part about sans is the character is able to dodge because when the game resets, he dosen’t. Much more lore.

  • nudgificator

    "We didn't mention Psycho Mantis because literally everyone knows about Psycho Mantis".nods sagelysurreptitiously googles Psycho Mantis

  • Kay W

    ppff... hilarious that Sans is on this list. i wouldn't call his fight unfair considering how it was "unfair" how despite the monsters being mostly friendly the player just slaughters them... on purpose... so yeah... get dunked on you blood happy gamers.

  • Cody Mathis

    I hate how you guys only focus on like the same 20 games

  • Exu

    Darkest Dungeon?gitting gud in 2d

  • Herowebcomics

    OMG!All of those cheating bosses ended the video before he finished speaking!

  • Blinsky Goth

    DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED RDR2You forgot to mention Micah Bell: he fights a sick Arthur and when he kills you and meets John in 8 years he acts like it was a fair fight. If only you had the choice to let him hang

  • Miimo

    Really? I thought in a way Photoshop flowey was breaking the rules more

  • Andrew McCleary

    The Mega Satan fake death in the binding of Isaac was also pretty cheat-y.

  • Plasma

    Hey, you forgot Mysterious Figure from KH Birth By Sleep. Good luck ever beating him with Terra.

  • ifindyourlackofhumordisturbing _

    I feel so sorry for Mike! But still, thanks for the tuxedo and car keys.

  • Arkodex116

    What about psycho mantis from mgs? He predicted your moves, and to win you had to connect another controler!

  • Chocodemondog

    Nitrous Oxide is easy, after you learn how to drift , and even that’s hard

  • Anakin2020 Playzs

    When I saw the word Undertale Me: $4n$ c0nf1rm3d

  • Senpai Zarif

    There was this one boss in Mario and Luigi dream team that kept sleeping to get infinite health. It was an annoying ass of a boss cuz it took too long and the first time trying him I had no idea how to beat him.

  • Max Littlewood

    Kai Leng from Mass Effect 3 had the most cunning tactic of all: defeating you in cutscenes

  • ReallyJustBlue99

    You know this list is gonna be great when it starts with Undertale

  • Nick Porritt

    No tau from dawn of war?They get both sides of their tech tree when the ai has themBut you only get one side when you play them

  • Jason Lance

    I would say Brainiac in Injustice 2. He can instantly kill you in only 2 hits.

  • Uriel238

    Zinyak cheats a ton but ultimately lets the Boss win. There are so many times in that game I thought Why did Zinyak just let me get away with that?He was toying with the Boss until the end, and then conveniently underestimated him.This is how we do it.

  • Mini_Squatch

    the video cut off early for anyone else?

  • Jinx Dragon

    Darkest Dungeon broke me a little. I have this elite team, with all unique items and I don't want to play any more... knowing the game will just drive them insane or kill them with some bullshit move!

  • Deany Goode

    How was zinyak hard? I can speed run the game in about 15 hours and now I can beat him on normal mode

  • PIE Files of the Paranormal

    One more with overboss colter from Fallout 4 nuka world

  • Aaron

    Yes. I DID know about psyco mantis and have never even played that specific game.

  • Assasin Decidueye

    also the elite four from pokemon. STOP USING YOUR DAMN FULL RESTORES

  • uriumau

    As a platinum vet in Bloodborne, most bosses's attacks can be safely dodged by dodging left. Especially Ludwig...

  • Doc. Fatal-Dragon

    Wow, at this time people still thought sans's fight was Hard.Jevil changed it all honestly.

  • Logan Adams

    CAN WE TALK ABOUT PROMETHEUS IN JUMP FORCE FOR A SECOND OR WHAT?! Strips you of all your powers dodges everything perfectly, and does 50% health damage with ONE GRAB

  • James Frankenwheenie

    But Andy, we don't have a skeleton inside us. We are the brain, so we are inside the skeleton. Is that scarier?Yes it's scarier

  • eretminec

    Inner agent 3 Has infinite EVERYTHING and those STUPID AUTOBOMBS.

  • gustian putra

    2 arm?4 leg?no morals?idk squidward tentacle has a brother

  • Death by Konami

    Uh General Raam and his damned kryll barrier

  • Percius388

    It saddens me you killed the highwayman in the heart of darkness fight. If it was Dismas and Reynauld who survive the heart, you get an achievement not many have.

  • Sol Anima Network

    Bosses that cheat are the worst. Extra bosses that cheat are the devil...

  • Brad Mcgowan

    What about snatcher from a hat in timeHe fights like sans being the only way you can attack him is by tricking him into attacking him

  • luke gameplays

    You forgot: Omega Flowey From Undertale, Ink Bendy From Bendy And The Ink machine, GLaDOS from Portal, and The Summoner from DOOM.

  • ethan chang

    Excuse me flowey loads save files abuses them to kill u over and over in undertale!!!Edit: oh Btws inner agent 3 and controlled agent 3 are bosses that cheated

  • sir lancealot

    May I point out that you dodge everyone's attacksSo why can't Sans dodge yours

  • outsidexbox

    There were so many excellent suggestions on the original video, this had to happen (what up Undertale) so please enjoy ↑↑↑OXOX

  • The Worst Bounty Hunter

    Now I know this game is pretty unknown but...... EVO SEARCH FOR EDEN FEMALE YETI

  • Sambo Crumpet

    Needs to include inner agent 3...splatoon 2

  • Temmie Friend138

    Yes sans is the last boss, BUT asgor is the real last boss I'VE SEEN ALL EASTER EGGS, ROUTES, AND CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • master of despair

    Sees darkest dungeon and ctr on intro. Aneurysms intesify

  • Frodo Baggins

    12:00 Andy: "I told you we can't hire any assistants!"Surely that's what Luke and Ellen are for?

  • William H. Thorsen

    You played megalovania.. Thank you.

  • Gameboynitro 9

    Travis takes a laser to the face from Destroy Man and lives without a scratch.Dies from a wooden bat

  • FoxGamez

    11:00 Jesus! Ow..And no he didn't recover 11:22

  • Mrbuck832 Idk

    I thought it was the initial "boss fight" with zinyak

  • András Fogarasi

    The Heart Of Darkness can't kill your heroes if you one shot it.If.It requires a crit and like every single damage buff in in the game.

  • Aiden Amely

    Wait. What About Omega Flowey?

  • Randizer

    Behemoth? the Monster Hunter: World version?

  • mario JML

    You frogot end Gannon at the end of the legend of zelda

  • Lily James

    Oh oh oh, in Skyrim, due to a glitch, if you interrupt Alduin with a dragonrend during the mountain battle, it has the opposite effect that makes him immortal and the fight goes on eternally.

  • Fem GamR


  • FragingInsane

    I was playing saints row 4 when zinyak came up and I was like wtf!

  • // AzakiPlayz \\

    "The Undertale one should be flowey."

  • non-existent person

    The final boss from Crash Nitro Kart: He has his goons on his team, great speed, acceleration and handling.

  • The Legendary Shitposter

    In no more heroes you can survive multiple missiles hitting you but you can't survive a few hits from a bat

  • Michael Marlar

    Sans' "First Attack" is easy...There I said it!

  • Arceus 101

    Sans' 'skull lasers' are called GASTER BLASTERS

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