Skyrim Mods: Experience - Explore - Achieve - Grow!

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Truly Absorb Dragon Souls


Less Intrusive HUD II



Kynreeve Armor

Fast Travel Overhaul

Holds - Cities Overhaul

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  • Brodual

    Check out Swagbucks:

  • Melyndrome

    No dancing at the end0/10 video

  • TheKingMarker

    Woah woah woah, when did you guys stop putting the dancing at the end? UNWATCHABLE!! /sAnyways great vid as always, love your no bloat and all content vids. I hope to keep seeing you all around even through to the next ES game!

  • James Parker

    Review: 9/10Music: 8/10Dancing: 0/10Overall score: 0/10

  • Arphaxad Basiloña

    MxR for my slooty and joke mods, Bro Dual for my quality mods...Thank you skyrim modding community and the Youtubers who cover their works...Time for playthrough #326

  • Gokou Blacc

    I installed this mod Day 1. Exactly the kind of EXP mod I've been waiting for.

  • Kaidra OE

    i was browsing loverslab and i came across a mod called "dynamic hair growth" i dont wanna continue anymore.

  • Shellhead

    I really, really recommend people use the Experience mod. It truly changes the way you play the game because now you have to do quests and explore the world. More incentive to do side-quests and miscellaneous quests. Progression of power correlates more with how much you've seen and done in Skyrim. It really is one of the best mods you can get.

  • James Wadland

    Somehow I managed to find a mod to use without Brodual showing it off first... can't say that happens often. It's certainly a great experience, and helps spruce up a 500th playthrough (especially for more passive builds like those focusing around travel - you can still get a good amount of skill points to start you off). I dont play Skyrim much now, but you never know when Brodual will upload something that will send you straight back to the Nexus.

  • Rony Blanc

    Finally, a mod that makes Skyrim's terrible leveling system actually worth it.

  • GARHY 908

    Who still addicted to skyrim on 2018?😍❤️

  • Gabriel The Obsessive

    I'm glad you found a mod that finally rounds out my survival/no-fast-travel playthrough. Though I may have to start a new playthrough already to experience it all.

  • Jedy Zichterman

    Over 29 views within 10 seconds... wow

  • Eric Harrison

    I know you guys won't respond to my comment but I'll say it anyway, please please do a mod list up date. I love the way your game looks and appears to play. Loyal as ever.

  • Shaman Jayden

    Well, I guess Swagbucks is a little better than g2a.

  • Asani

    You guys should do an updated Requiem video now that 2.0 has been out for a while now or maybe do a video on BelmontBoy's Ultimate Skyrim

  • Sixth Echelon

    People still play this garbage game?.........................who am I kidding i bought every version of this game.

  • Dylath

    Been waiting for a new Brodual video!

  • T R U T H

    My best friend still plays Skyrim to this day, ON HIS PLAYSTATION I feel like if he played with mods it would ruin his vanilla experience. Ignorance is bliss.


    is the experience mode comparable wite requim and other survival mods like frostfall etc

  • BotanicBubbles

    For a video about mods that change the way your character grows, there's a serious lack of Schlongs of Skyrim.

  • Adam Xei

    This...... this is everything I wanted. I.....I need a minute......

  • smoked buns

    Where's, the dancing ?

  • H1V1

    ANNNND Back to my yearly modding session of skyrim.. As always brodual, you the best :)

  • 1Kelvar

    what mods do you have to make it so smooth and perfect O=? Also the removal of the load time at gates

  • Tien Sama

    Now we just need Fortnite dances mod

  • The Bacon Dragon

    This mod combined with SPERG, ELEGY, and Skytweak setting experience gains down to 15-20% (10% or lower for Alchemy) has so far given me a good slow playthrough where my leveling progress comes from actually making progress in the game.

  • Sybur

    Great video as alwaysWhat is your ENB might i ask?

  • Lupul Alb

    What dependencies do i need for the experience mod to work ?

  • Gaisho

    This is one of the better mods but it's still kind of painful, since you CAN level up your side skills first, but you CAN'T put perks into them because you still need to level up your player to get the perk point. Which brings back the original issue (though not nearly as bad as it is in vanilla) of having to invest perk points into your combat skills to keep up with your own player level. As far as I'm concerned, your player 'level' should only function as the requirement for certain quests to become available and as a meter for how NPCs treat you. Kind of like renown. Say you try and join the Companions but you're level is in the novice range (0-24), they wouldn't know of you. If you were in the apprentice or adept ranges (25-49 and 50-74) they would have heard your name here and there but nothing too fancy, so they will still test you. If you were in the expert range (75-99) they would know who you are but still ask you to take the test just so they can witness your skill. If you were a master (100, or max renown) they'd just let you in. On a side note, it's not all that fleshed out and it'd have to balance with my other ideas about them looking down on magic and not being able to advance as a mage, which would be difficult since you can get to max renown but still only have meagre weapon skill levels. A less bothersome example would be the kids like that snotty cunt from Riverwood, he'd still be nothing but a prick when you're a novice but he'd start respecting you as your fame grows and once you reach max renown he'd downright worship you. The perks points are earned by levelling your skills, but the perks are only earned in that particular skill tree. So if you max out pickpocket for example, you can't spend those perk points in other trees... each tree will grant enough perk points for every perk in that particular tree, meaning you can get them all if you want to but you don't have to.EDIT: I just realised I didn't mention health, magicka and stamina. To be honest I haven't thought it through THAT far, so I have no idea how to implement that just yet.

  • Khajiit

    Finally my modlist is perfect now.Brodual: No it isn't

  • Stefan M.

    Yay, YouTube's back! Now I can continue wasting my life!

  • C. Lett

    Can this mod be installed mid play through? (Experience mod)

  • Daniel Alvarez

    Neat, I was playing through Oblivion recently with Oblivion XP and was passively wondering if anything similar was around for Skyrim.

  • p4g3

    Hey can you make a mod spotlight for Special Edition?

  • Feurolant

    Guys, need your opinion.This, or SXP? And why?

  • tonyds the dark elf

    This mod is my most favorite, finally skyrim is a TRUE rpg

  • Icằŗūs Kūŗøı

    Does anyone know what is Brodual's ENB?

  • xSen_Pai

    @brodual how do you get your game to look that crisp and just beautiful? Would love some tips! Kind of new here!

  • Magus Silveresti

    Not quite the Skyrim version of Oblivion XP I was hoping for, but the way it's implemented does feel nice.I'll definitely have to give it a look!

  • Gopnik Dragonborn


  • YurAv3rageGamer

    Hey, what is the armor you use in your videos (i.e. Archery Gameplay Overhaul)?

  • lyc0h

    Oh, can you make a tutorial to make FNIS + fnis mods work with vortex ? I really fail every time i try to configurate it. (If you use it, but ofc you use it)

  • N E 0 N

    one thing i don't like is that when you absorb a dragon soul, your character just stands there casually, like nothing is happening. i wish there was like a quick animation or something for it.

  • Eugene Solario

    Yo, Brodual! Think we could Get a Beast Race Special? A way to overhaul the Beast races or Something like that?

  • Lz Killer7

    Finally a mod that makes skyrim's levelling system a better Experience

  • i am woman and i hate undertale

    Wait no more alteration glitching to level 200 thank god

  • King Sarathos

    If only TADS had an SE version, my modlist might finally be complete.

  • Wolfgang

    what was the UI mod he was using? the one that lets you see the levels of the enemies you were fighting?

  • ToadWasTaken

    This mod reminds me a TON of Enderal's leveling system, which is great. Ever since I first played Enderal I'd hoped someone would try and replicate its system in vanilla Skyrim.

  • Jade

    Mods I enjoy? Brodual shows the mods I enjoy. Take my thumbs up!

  • Robyn

    Ooh, thank you! Experience will be perfect for my next playthrough (the one with alllllllllllll the perks and a desperate need for more XP sources so I can unlock them :D).

  • Lawrence Lawine

    I actually never got the 5$ on swagbucks... :(

  • Sam Girardin

    It kind of reminds me of the Enderal leveling system.

  • 2FAST 4U

    Can you do an updatead skyrim se mod list.Ps. Thanks gor the great vids and keep up the great work

  • Ayberk Tiras

    Meeeehh.. My playthroughs are focused around eliminating enemies not exploration. I’ll pass the Experience mod entirely.

  • DarK&StormY

    what texture pack is that? looks amazing

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    Considering that I had modded Skyrim for one of my characters in an attempt to recreate a similar experience to the new God of War game (this was done prior to my roommates giving me permission to play their copy), these mods will definitely enhance the experience even more.And since I'm restarting modding completely from scratch (just downloaded Mod Organizer 2), I'm going to have a lot of video rewatching to do on this channel to look for some more ideas.

  • Metodi Mincheff

    You 2 are STILL ALIVE! THANK GOD! :3

  • , I left you a comment.

    Have had ploblems with EXP because I couldn't find the option to activate enemies give XP

  • Q77 Spartan

    Is this available for Xbox One?😲

  • Rage Gamer

    Make more videos! Favorite mod channel by far!

  • Dylon

    So many years later and the game is finally fixed.

  • Gikame

    Thank you for the video BrodualOne thing that always bothered me about Skyrim was the way that you would level up. Leveling stats was fine, but leveling up was so... so... slow :/Slow and unnecessarily badly handled. This might be just because I am used to JRPGs but I think this mod will help me with that.

  • Xcaliburnt

    What's your graphics load order? I see that you go Windsong; I love that mod!

  • Hector99

    How can do my Skyrim look like this? I have Skyrim noble 2k,SMIM and More graphics mods but my game looks so diferent :(

  • Raycheetah

    0:35 Killing giants to go up to lvl 4. Sounds legit. =9[.]9=

  • Za Warudo

    Ayyy, you're back! I love you guys.

  • pedro

    i need the list of texture mods you use, pls

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