Skyrim: 5 More Unobtainable Items that you're Not Meant to Use - The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Secrets

Skyrim is packed with thousands of items and spells meant for the Dragonborn to use. However, what about the items - not meant for the player obtain? Today we take a peak at Skyrim's secret arsenal of items only accessible through the in game console, whether it's sleeved Stormcloak armor or the garnets of a legendary Imperial officer, as we show off 5 more unobtainable items in The Elder Scrolls 5.

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  • imlaughing2death

    Can't say I've heard Trans-mog-ri-fy pronounced as "Trans-ma-griffy" before.

  • Jeremy Carnes

    Trans McGriffy, the Irish drag queen.

  • Dan Goldstein

    nate, i love you, but i have never heard someone butcher the pronunciation of a word as badly as you trying to say transmogrify lmao

  • Darthplagueis13

    That first spell explains why the citizes of Skyrim are so sensible about people killing their chicken. They can never know if that wasn´t maybe one of their friends...

  • sonicj Polygon

    i do oove that trans ma griffy spell

  • Hox Fox

    that executioner armor made you looked like a medieval batman...

  • Daniel Gabriel Secară

    ”...the executioner that tries to kill you at the start of the game”WTF? There's no executioner in the prison cell.loading...Oh, you mean the vanilla start? Who the heck plays that?

  • Git Gud

    Transmongriffie, a secret digimon

  • Baloney Pony

    Damn dude might wanna check how words are pronounced before making a video about them.Trans-mog-riff-eye.

  • Andy B

    Transmo-griffy? You mean Trans-mog-riff-eye.

  • Raptorsue Demondrake

    I believe "word chest" is for the dragonborn scene where storn gets killed by hermaeus mora.

  • MemesAreCancer

    its pronounced "trans-maw-grif-eye" not "trans-muh-griffy"

  • Blutige Tränen

    Transmagriffy?Trans. Mog. Riff. I.

  • Shanks

    Word chest is actually when you give the black book to Frea the Skaal's father, that is the texture you are seeing. If you see this, you might wanna pin this.

  • George Barber

    I'm pretty sure the tentacles armor is what kills the skaal Storn by Hermaus Mora

  • Stewart Bates

    Isn't word chest what the skaal leader uses when reading the black book? :S

  • GreenTea

    That book acts as a item for the proper animations to get sucked into the black books from Dragonborn DLC, i take it bethesda's animations are limited to bone movement only and you need to add an armor to simulate an static item.

  • Soviet Wanderer

    So... The best armours Bethesda designed were cut because because they couldn't be bothered to make female versions?

  • Bob is Love

    7:24 ... Here comes... MAN BOOBS

  • soccer madness

    The tentical one is from the dragon born dlc when the skaal leader gives its secrets to hermaus mora

  • _ Cade

    “A quick eggscape” 1:22

  • Aelarr

    Not trying to complain here as I really love those videos ... but man, I've never heard someone fail so epically at pronunciation like you, Nate. XDNo worries, we still love you.

  • TheNitroblade

    I've never heard transmogrify pronounced that way. My soul hurts now

  • Brendon Burns

    Spoiler(If it even matters)I'm pretty sure knowledge chest is the armor equipped on the skall shaman when he reads the black book to sell his seecrets to Hermaous Mora.

  • Throwback Sports

    Fancy Video, are you a wizard or something?

  • Greyleox87450

    You actually can get the executioner stuff through normal means. Just get the perk that let's you pickpocket worn equipment from people then just go to solitude and find the executioner and pickpocket his gear. That's how I got it back on the 360 in the day ayeeee.

  • Reptilians

    Are we just going to let the fact he said "dead corpse" by?

  • Ronan Van Kessel

    Can you do a Top 10 Skyrim Anime Betrayals?sincerely,your bestest fan

  • Adam Thompson

    Never stop making videos your a god damn legend Nate. #Skyrimwillneverdie

  • Saucy Booster

    what enb do u use ur game looks 𝑐𝑟𝑖𝑠𝑝𝑦

  • Derrick Young

    Hello, I have a skyrim detail that I would like to contribute to your series. I have recently subscribed to you because of my love skyrim and the small things that make the experience truly unique. The detail I am pointing is a reference to kids story: The Billy goat's Gruff. Near Hag Rock Redoubt, in the south east (bottom left) corner of the map, just next to Markarth, there is a bridge with a dead troll laying underneath it with up to three goats running on and around the bridge.Last thing: I really Want you to say that this detail was pointed out to you by "a young man named Derrick". If you do, I will proudly show my friends and family, thus also expanding the reach your name and channel.

  • Marius1 DK

    One more power in the files is how much the game crashes

  • So I says to the guy I says to em', I says

    LOL "Trans-mi-griffy" orrr Trans-MOG-RI -FY

  • PlayboyBert

    I love your videos, but you pronounce literally everything wrong

  • Rob M

    Transmegrehffy. Hahahahaha. English man, it is a language!

  • AirHead

    DO you have an ENB installed and if YES WHAT´S the name of it ??? :D

  • Matthew Wong

    Your pronunciation of transmogrify gains you an instant like good sir.

  • JP Yutaka

    who's still playing Skyrim in 2018 ?

  • Yam God

    I bet 90% of you didnt even know how to pronounce that word until you seen the comments and wanted to feel special in the world

  • Shana White

    Modify and transmogrify are pronounced the same way at the end there.

  • Jesper Nielsen

    quick everyone with the dawnguard dlc make haste to the soul carin get you'r 3 reaper gem fragments and kill the reaper in his lair and get your own executioner outfit today 100% legit


    Trans-mog-riff-eyeGeneral Falx Carry-usUsually I wouldn't pick you up on Carius but it is said in the game by the Redoran Guard that you save from the ash spawn (can't remember his name)

  • Matej Rajtar

    The WORD CHEST is used in Dragonborn DLC

  • will hall

    Colovian brandy TEMP.... I think it’s safe to assume that was a TEMP(ORARY) placeholder for the real thing

  • Tiberium10332

    The fire wraith would be an real cool summon. Could be an whole perk branch of the conjuration tree, together with the frost wraith.

  • Sʜᴜɴsᴜɪ Kʏōʀᴀᴋᴜ

    It's Care-e-us for Carius

  • Power Chord Gamer

    the word chest seems to be what is loaded when you read a black book

  • Jack Lamb

    Theres an item called "Do not delete" found out of bounds in the White Vial in Windhelm. It ignores physics and its appearance is just a wooden chest. However you can hold it in your inventory and drop it as a solid platform that never falls or moves.

  • Kidderr Gaming

    That colovian brandy.. Isn't that what Malborn gives you in the Thalmor Embassy? Maybe it had a story line idea, like you had a shipment of it and that's how you sneak in. Just a theory, but that would have been pretty cool.

  • Kazamezo

    1:46 I chuckled, good one.

  • RJ Drive

    What are these graphics!? Do not remember the game looking this good

  • JaxAwesome2006

    Word chest is the thing from when the skall village shamon dies

  • TheOsmodius

    You have some nice textures in your game ;)

  • Punchy Rock

    When in doubt, console commands

  • Nevermore Raven

    the word chest is used in the dragonborn dlc when that old guy reads the book after you cleanse the stones and he gets stabbed by the tentacles. It is weird because he is holding the 2 parts together but your character is not so that explains the weirdness.

  • Fred Lopez

    Dislike due to "Trans-ma-griffy"....

  • Ralph Peterson

    It's Trans-Maw-Greh-Fi my friend lol

  • Manace

    2:50 Looks like Batman

  • Ajavisk

    I think the "word chest" is a trick developers used for when you used a black book having a animation

  • medda redda

    First and first to like good vid

  • RiceyToon

    you didn't say the amour of that guy in sovenguard (i think thats how you say it) i think his name is trun or something

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