Skyrim: Another 5 Still Unsolved Mysteries you May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim sends us to a vast land loaded with opportunity, however in such a rich environment, there’s bound to be a few things in Skyrim that just don’t add up. Unexplained phenomons are commen place In the world of The Elder Scrolls 5 and today we’ll be taking another look at just a few more of them as we go over 5 more still unexplained mysteries in The Elder Scrolls 5.
  • Greykas

    Seems like the temple of Mara does divorces too...

  • Lucas Johnson

    Picture this:It’s 2037 every one in the country is hiding in bunkers from radiation from nukes. In one bunker everyone is silent but then there is a voice of hope: Hey guys Nate here, with another 10 things you missed in Skyrim.

  • Brett

    Yes you did scare me JESUS

  • Rob Jordan

    Minor spoilers for ESO's Grahtwood quests ahead, but I think I may be able to shed some light on the last mystery.In Grahtwood, there's a quest line called "The Keeper of Bones" in a place known as the Bone Orchard. The entire quest like basically tells the backstory about how long before civilization was really a thing in Nirn, giant creatures called the Ehlnofey roamed the land--and we're talking absolutely massive monsters that could mold and shape the land just by moving around. (One in particular, Dringoth, was so massive that his ribcage becomes a tomb for quite a few other Ehlnofey.)

  • TempleAmarok

    More people are being "murdered to death" again, eh?

  • Marius1 DK

    6 how the mailman can find you in all of skyrim

  • Aino H

    awfully bold of you to assume todd howard is a mortal

  • Roozbeh Kasila

    the most unexplained thing ive encountered while playing skyrim is the fact that every town guard used to be an adventurer like me .

  • Austin Slaughter

    Cicero stayed at Mara's temple in Riften , read his journals.

  • Halla95

    That last one, ruins of Kagrenzel, if you have the main quest active (you probably dont need to have it active, been a while since i played) and after fighting alduin for the first time (at Kynesgrove i believe, right where you go with Delfine to investigate the resurrections of dead dragons), you can find him flying around just that ruin and ive spent some time trying to kill him but never managed to even damage or make him angry.. only times he wasnt there was when he was busy running (flying) around Skyrim and resurrecting dragons.. not sure if its a tiny detail but it still scared the life out of me when i went there cause i was exploring for new dungeons and suddenly saw Alduin just circling around behind that ruin. My theory is that Alduin lives in Kagrenzel, its his summer vacation home thingymajiggle place to stay and sleep at when hes not busy murdering people to death.

  • La Levesque

    I think the copy of “a kiss sweet mother” belonged to that kid in windhelm that tells you kill Grelod the kind . After escaping the orphanage I assume the kindhearted priests let him stay for a little after hearing what she did to the children.

  • Serduin De Lagon 9th

    2:13 now thats a REALLY nice polished Altmer

  • Macestrongarm

    We do not actually know if the Dwemer died, we only know they disappeared.

  • Zyklon B

    1:17 murder people to death

  • Eduardo Santos

    Maybe when someone dies without an explanation, it's because of sickness? Since they are bandits they have bounties so they can't go to the city to cure themselves

  • Stewart Bates

    Hey Nate, For the last mystery - are you familiar with Discworld books? In particular the Novel titled "The Fifth Elephant". The whole thing seems like a huge reference to it. The basic plot of the book is the dwarves are mining in an area where they believe the fifth elephant that is supposed to hold up the world crash landed after it fell from underneath (Yeah doesn't make sense unless you know the lore of the book series but there is four elephants holding up the world while standing on a gigantic turtle which in itself is swimming through space).So in this case we have dwemer (dwarves) digging a mine around a gigantic mammoth like creature.

  • Fantano's Red Flannel

    The bones are most likely Snow whales that are actually canon. They fly too.

  • Eternalhuntress

    THIEF O R I E N T A T E D LITERATURENate, bud, it’s oriented.Pffffft who am I to talk about mispronunciation? I have a mini stroke every time I try to say a word with more than three syllables.

  • Don't Subscribe

    I come from 2089 and still have tiny details.


    Maybe it's possible that (like in the real world) some creatures/animals once had a much different size. An ancient mammoth might have been bigger than the ones that you can kill in the game.

  • Brandon Etheridge

    1:18 the dark brother hood exists to murder people to death

  • Douglas Lopes

    do 5 RESOLVED mysteries ;)

  • Oliver Cane

    The fact that you can marry an Altmer. That's a mystery

  • • OfficialEvan •

    the giant bridge in sovengard looks simmilar to those bones in number 1

  • Jessica - Rae

    Those creatures at the end with the skeletons, could they be related at all to the giant rib cage in Sovngarde that poses as a bridge leading to Shors Hall?

  • Clément Blandin

    Bones in Kagrenzel are Snow Whales bones

  • Skeletorskittles

    The Akulakhan from Morrowind had a massive rib cage so maybe they could be other attempts at recreating the Numidium. Also the ruin is called Kagrenzel which is close to Kagrenac who created Keening, Sunder and Wraithguard to harness the power of Lorkhan to make the Numidium function. Probably not but it’s good enough for me.

  • Jay Blaho

    These videos highlight my day tbh, they make me wanna play Skyrim all over again and look for these secrets. It’s so interesting and has so many secrets I miss. Thanks Nate you point out all the hidden details and mysteries making the game fun all over again, so thanks again!!

  • John Harrison

    The greatest mystery is you can kill the Emperor with no bounty but break into a house and a chicken sees you.... every guard in the hold knows you, even if wearing a mask!!!

  • King Marshmallow

    Love your vids and you did scare me

  • CaughtHerEyes

    Nate: Boo!Me on the public bus: (/o-0)/ aah

  • Max Dunham

    For the book in the could belong to Maven Blackbriar. Maybe? Granted, I have no idea what she would be doing in the temple in the first place, but she is the only one in Riften, that I know of, who has ties to the Dark Brotherhood. Hell, she even has a place prepped to perform the Black Sacrament behind a locked door in her basement. So, I don't know, maybe she attended a wedding while she was simultaneously researching on how to contact the Brotherhood one day, did a bit of reading in that room for privacy and left the book behind when she left? Either accidentally or because circumstance stopped her from getting it back without awkward questions being asked. And because she'd rather that the priests not know or suspect what she might be up to she simply just left it there and got another copy somewhere else.It's a weak theory, I'll admit, but somewhat plausible.

  • DeGamez

    It wouldn’t be an Epic Nate video without a “murder to death”

  • Uriel Garcia

    When you don't want to admit you were 45th so you say first

  • Kyle The Celt

    The Dark Brotherhood boom in the Temple of Mara probably belonged to Adventus Arentino. The priests likely allowed him to stay the night because they are good people and he left it there before heading to Windhelm.

  • Thomas Williams

    In all my time playing Skyrim, I don't think I've ever been Kagrenzel!

  • Asti

    You really spooked me with that intro Nate.

  • X-mangamer 42

    May be the bones are dragon bones, since the 'dragons' in skyrim are wyverns.

  • Jason H

    There are several ruined/inconsequential Dwemer bits and pieces in the Reach. Look into them as a whole...

  • Lunestia Crescent

    @7:20 perhaps they are whale skeletons? They look similar to the whale bone bridge in Sovengard.

  • Mohenjo Daro

    Maybe the books are part of new member initiation that you can't do and was never mentioned? Thieves should be good at finding things, after all

  • Bible Man

    Maybe the remains in kagrenzel belongs to the numidium?It is also near to vvardenfell sooooo..

  • ThisIsAUser Name


  • ShaDow KiLLer

    another unsolved mystery is why this comment not gonna get pinned

  • SyluxV

    For the last one, could it be the Deep ones?

  • shadow in the void

    Watching this after a quiet video,thanks for the heart attack.😱

  • Kanelle88

    OR during the quest to kill the bride one of the members of the guild scouted out the temple hoping to gather some vital details. Yes the wedding wasn't there but since weddings are the 'bread and butter' of the temple they probably knew all the details from other people planning a wedding. It would be the perfect location to scout for information. And maybe they leave a copy of that book wherever they've been. Sort of like advertising services.

  • Venom

    Has anyone ever thought why Septimus once all the blood of every elf are the Dwemer secretly gods

  • Guano

    I always just thought the giant ribcages were meant to be dinosaur bones. I know there were no dinosaurs in elder scrolls lore, so I took it as more of an Easter egg.

  • Manslayer

    I thought you said "The Whore of Castle Xyr"...

  • Ginger Richie

    What if the dwemmer went threw that portal like thing cuz they where very smart and they may have found some safe place to stay cuz they knew the dragons where coming back or they just didn't want fight anyone or anything??🙃 Just a theory tho.

  • thedarknesscallingme

    Some say that when Nate finally runs out of "Another X you may have missed in ES5" the Elder Scrolls will be relased...We may be here for a while

  • Tim Powell

    What if the Dwemer arch is a failed attempt at an Oblivion Gate? Or maybe, it didn't fail, and that's what happened to them. In fact, Falion (the guy who cures vampirism in Morthal) says "I have traveled the Oblivion planes. I have met Daedra, and Dwemer, and everything in between."

  • toonybooper

    Dammit! That actually did scare me. I almost dropped my milkshake.

  • Gabe knotts

    Hey many the bones are Godzilla’s bones or a very big legendary dragon

  • Chris Trevino

    First off yes you scared meSecond I have a theory about #5 leading back to the giant nirnroot plants,so its still a mystery why they are that big and even went back to previous elder scrolls games so perhaps what caused the nirnroot to he that big could have affected living animals?

  • Portland Griz

    0:00 so scary I shit myself

  • Dr Jackalope

    I always thought the bones were the Deep Ones.

  • Jti .i

    You hospitalized my grandpa from that scare you did

  • That Random Pug


  • Kolljak Gaming&Music

    Astrid left the book when she married her werewolf husband.

  • Immanis

    Nah, I think the Thalmor are evil. Racial Purity, Secret Business and they invite Maven Black-Briar to their parties. There is definitely something wrong with their organisation.

  • February is Short

    You actually did scare me tbh hahaha

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