The Elder Scrolls Online - All Cinematic Trailers (New 2015 Version)

The 'Confrontation' Cinematic for The Elder Scrolls Online just came out and here it is, an updated verison of my 'The Elder Scrolls - All Cinematic Trailers'.

Trailers Used:
Cinematic Teaser Trailer

'The Alliances' Trailer

'The Arrival' Trailer

'The Siege' Trailer

'The Confrontation' Trailer

Bethesda's Channel:

Official Homepage:

Buy The Elder Scrolls Online Here:

New Fallout 4 Trailer out now!!!

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence
  • Marcell Davis

    Man könnte Übel gute Filme daraus machen :D

  • Marin Hrabrić

    the nord guy was the most badass of all.

  • underworld4455

    I haven't played this game,so go easy on me.First of all,who is this Viking dude and what happens to him,from this trailer I think he is sent to another realm or something by that elf? Another question: what happens to the elf woman,does she help the Viking or is on the same side with the elf king,against the Viking? Last question: which game in these series is the first one,so that I can start playing them all and is Skyrim the last of the series? Thank you for your time.

  • Sèna Gangbè

    My favorite is the Breton. Unlike the superhuman strength Nord and Magic gifted Elf he had no advantages. The fact that he could compete against both with just pure skill and wits is amazing imo. The moment he would get a superhuman strength or magic aptitude he would trample on the two others. But i have to admit that the Nord is also a badass.

  • ManiaxcMike

    that Nord has been raised by orcs

  • Very fast Lució skating at incredibly high speeds

    Was the game really deserving of all these trailers?

  • Neill Holloman

    They need to put some voice lines to these trailers

  • Switch the Lord

    I love how the elf girl gives absolutely no fucks

  • Revi Panic

    Where are you dragonborn skyrim where are you the hero of kvatch and where are you character morrowind!???

  • Mello

    The thief and elf go for the jobbers.The Nord solos the monster.NOBODY fucks with a Nord

  • Joshua Owens

    Mannimarco was a lil bitch that nord couldve easily killed him lol

  • Melissa Dechant

    if they make a movie and get rich I deserve 10% of 💰 because I cam up with the idea

  • simão bravo

    20:38 if the dude was a proper nord he would just say the words: fus roh dah

  • Meir Assis

    nord guy was soooooooo badass

  • Queen Ginger

    The graphics are so fucking good look like real people

  • Craintér el matareyes

    Nord: My name is Dovahkiin!

  • Christina Daquis

    Requiscat in pace Assassinó 😔

  • such Doggo

    I'm sure the rogue would have fought better if he wasn't a undead slave of molag bar

  • bob tony

    any more recent cinematics, or game ded now?

  • rebel knight

    So, did the assassin control the dead?

  • Stephen Blackmore

    I'll assume they represent the three lead races in the factions Nord, Altmer and Breton

  • Alvaro Zorzi

    Can someone tell me what is the place where they fight in the firsts trailers?

  • Ares

    How did the ninja not kill the brute guy like he should of 1000 times

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    Imperials getting murdered? SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Dante López

    Who is the king daedra?.. Dagon?

  • sackbutt retard

    a breton thiefshoulda been a mage he wouldve kicked some ass by casting shite like lightning storm

  • Kelly Hart

    who is thr red head elf in ESO trailer please?

  • Queen's Knight

    Does anyone know the Nords name?

  • Argon

    Could be much better if they added bugs and glitches in their cinematics.

  • Farmer Mcmahn

    can anyone tell me if the elf at 7:37 is mannimarco from the order of the black worm

  • Essex Class

    Ah, the Empire of Cyrodiil, almost, if not as problematic as the Empire of Sigmar

  • Sibirskiy Has'

    This is attack on Cyrodil?

  • Nikita Filippov

    Ебать Эльфийка красивая.

  • Kayra BlacKBuRNeR

    I wanna now what class is that aldmeri hero sword and spells

  • Tyr

    Maybe it is Ysgramor ? That nord is just unkillable.

  • Its a-me

    We all know that a Breton is not a good choice for a Nightblade, choose Redguard or Bosmer

  • Yuki Terumi

    I wonder if that Breton assassin bro was seeing his wife in his last moments or something.

  • Veritox

    Dang it, I liked the gold assassin guy.

  • Alfie Webb

    Whats up with that thief's blue piece of cloth

  • Homie RedHead

    The ranger/hunter/thief was the coolest

  • firehair4d

    At 5:14 the monster was like save me the nord is to strong it was just a prank bro

  • Dylan Kincaid

    *Trailer looks amazing *Actual game looks/plays like a pile of ass

  • Marlon Garcia

    these game is the elder scrolls V?????

  • George Smith

    When you realize the nord has a handlebar mustache

  • Frost Tall-Bear

    yo was the Nord actually Talos. and this was just the great war, and at the end Talos was sent to Join the God's

  • Aleksey Radion

    Я хочу 6 часть Скайрима! Я здесь один русский?

  • herecastle

    I felt i was watching a movie not a trailer #bethesdashouldmakeamovie

  • Matt Allen

    05:24 Nord: sup, nerds?

  • scruffles 383

    it's cool but the elves don't quite look like the cool and alien looking elves I'm used to from the elder scrolls, which made it hard to tell the difference between them.

  • Prometheus

    The assassin(idk what is he's name) he could kill him at 21:25 but he didn't not like that big guy

  • mic eatah

    The thief is such a badass heneeds an own game and/or movie

  • Aleksey Vlasov

    Воин на наркоте что ли? Стрелы и 2 клинка и пофигу... Лучник реально крут! Воин не человек как минимум.

  • ComeSweetDeath

    What a load of rubbish, so now the fucking Altmer are faggot tolkien elves?

  • Hjalti Early-Beard aka Tiber Septim

    that nord = 1 meter c@ck

  • john doe

    that warrior can dig through the ground have a building fall on him tough fucker

  • Madona Abuladze

    what happened to the skald king

  • Phuc Nguyen

    thanh c phan donh tung

  • RobloxKidYT

    I'm trying to play Elder Scrolls Online, but this on player keeps kicking my ass. Is it TheDragonborn27?

  • cole hummel

    Haven't ppl learned by now you don't fuck with Elves in any game or movie? They're just too OP lol

  • Pavel Yarmushevich

    Nords are the best in whole Tamriel, that is a proof

  • Matias Peña

    aguante el elfo mannimarco

  • AK47 LCOB

    Why didn't they just make Skyrim 2 instead of this!?Just kidding, don't hunt me =D

  • Elmer fudd

    i fell so bad for the thief

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