The Elder Scrolls Online - All Cinematic Trailers (New 2015 Version)

The 'Confrontation' Cinematic for The Elder Scrolls Online just came out and here it is, an updated verison of my 'The Elder Scrolls - All Cinematic Trailers'.

Trailers Used:
Cinematic Teaser Trailer

'The Alliances' Trailer

'The Arrival' Trailer

'The Siege' Trailer

'The Confrontation' Trailer

Bethesda's Channel:

Official Homepage:

Buy The Elder Scrolls Online Here:

New Fallout 4 Trailer out now!!!

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence
  • Reichskanzler

    Man könnte Übel gute Filme daraus machen :D

  • ZeroCalBacon

    This just proves Bethesda could make an Elder Scrolls movie like this.

  • Marin Hrabrić

    the nord guy was the most badass of all.

  • Hyakujuu no Kaido (The Beast Emperor)

    Just imagine the badassery of the nord if he was in possession of Wuuthrad.

  • Jacolby Rogers

    18:49 when you finally meet the nigga who been talking shit on twitter

  • ManiaxcMike

    that Nord has been raised by orcs

  • Sir Tashington

    Wait a minute, that elf guy on the horse, did he turn into one of the Falmer?

  • ShaaTheGeek

    Who Else Think That It Will Be awesome and Profitable If They Make An Awesome Elder Scrolls Movie ?

  • Maxime Lapierre

    then is the thief dead ?????? i was my fav one :/

  • VoltNoodles

    Imagine going back to 1995 and showing them this lol.

  • Beerrunner81

    We've come a long way from Pac Man. Wonder how far we can go in the gaming world.

  • NEMESIS1999

    The assasin went straight for the necromancer, all alone, and that was the dumbest decision ever!!!

  • Jade “D” Face

    Lol, spent 97% of its budget on trailers, releases cheap game afterwards.Bethesda thug life.Seriously, with this quality, who the hell needs actors? Just few years and you can make unique computer voices, that would be exactly like real people.Bethesda could've released this as a movie instead...

  • Morgan Price

    The vibe im getting here is Ebonheart - Strength, Covenant - Skill, Dominion - Wisdom

  • Ian Baldacchino

    Waiting for remastered skyrim to Fus Ro Dah once again.

  • Mr. Távlati

    What exactly is happening? Is this canon?

  • Patsuli (Patsuli)

    I think throwing knifes does not work on armored soldiers.

  • Jam- X

    (1:29 this is easy just a few wolf) /moments later/ AAAAAAH WEREWOLFS AHHHHHH

  • Sintel Snow

    My heart breaks for the Breton.

  • Slinky Gaming

    If only elder scrolls did what world of Warcraft did and made a movie

  • The oceans deceit

    and he is not a thief he is an assassin

  • KnifeInToaster

    4:07 assassin's creed skyrim edition

  • Danish Viking


  • Lubinator 666

    Ok at the end is prince arthas elder scrolls edition? :D at end of second trailer

  • lord felniir

    I really wish someone could bring out a mod for skyrim to remodel the imperials armour and make it look as good and the ones in the trailer there might be stuff like that on pc but not xbox

  • Mello

    The thief and elf go for the jobbers.The Nord solos the monster.NOBODY fucks with a Nord

  • elliott “Quality Non-Content” hansen

    Last I checked, in Skyrim, magic of the green variety was basically useless. It didn't do whacky ass shit like what that elf does.


    Nord is the best, kicks the shit out of undead werewolves, get stabbed twice and arrows shot through him, a structure collapse on top of him and still destroys the rouge, and if that wasn't enough he still challenges Manimarco.

  • 5erj

    Аналог Плети,только в мире TES


    these trailers are better than the actual game

  • Ed Eranged

    A sword you say.. ? In my abdomen.. ? Oh, would you look at that..I'll take it out later.

  • STILLET Channel

    Хах)0) Почему нет фосродах ??

  • Erkan Erdem

    The bad Altmer looks like Naarifin, suppose he be him? does anybody know?

  • Storm cloak guard The Mad Titan

    That nords balls dropped to low, his voice is way to deep lol!

  • Dream Big

    I'm in looove with the red head 😍😍😍

  • Nicholas Howard

    that heavily armored dude is a badass

  • Ivan Todorov

    This shows why all pure mages suck balls

  • BurningPillow

    Let's all be honest here... Who likes the Deadric style armour? Even though their "Bad Guy" half of us uses the Deadric style armour.

  • Sèna Gangbè

    My favorite is the Breton. Unlike the superhuman strength Nord and Magic gifted Elf he had no advantages. The fact that he could compete against both with just pure skill and wits is amazing imo. The moment he would get a superhuman strength or magic aptitude he would trample on the two others. But i have to admit that the Nord is also a badass.

  • Echo Troopers

    this shit reminds me of destiny if it was a long time ago big guy titan girl warlock and the hood dude hunter

  • Luiz Felipe

    Wy not have a kajith in this 26 minutes of treiler????? my favorite race is kajith

  • The oceans deceit

    in my opinion assassins are the best magic users cant use magic if they cant catch us and see us same goes with the warrior, every game i play im an assassin

  • Steven Hall

    anybody else getting terrible quality and FPS?

  • Kanye Sweats

    Has nothing to do with dragons Is disappointed

  • Cayo Perez

    skyrim = Game of Thrones

  • Rocksparadox From the blocks

    These are lovely VIDEOS to lure gamers.Unfortunately the game was a cash grab, then the project was all but abandoned after the E.S. fans took a HUGE DUMP on it

  • acrocanthosaurus is best

    i want whatever magic that lady had, damn

  • redmotive

    Anyone know exactly what happened at the end?

  • Michael Jordan

    Who is Nord, assasin guy or big one?Please answer I am very curious :)

  • Malefizia

    does anyone know where to find the music? been searching for months now :(

  • Ivan Cortez

    the nord is probably an ancestor of chuck noris

  • Daedra Warrior

    Its funny xdxd ...the cinematic is op but the game is a trash

  • Mary Lucretia

    13:39 Clever inclusion of molag bal in the clouds. This is what people watch trailers repeatedly for.

  • Ace Jann Tan

    i wish there is a movie of this video

  • Roberto Nunez

    What happened to the nord at the end? was he stuck somewhere?


    I want the Nord to have his own storyline in an elder scrolls game.

  • Bonnie Bear


  • dkasend krono

    what is this movie, bad... the game? $$$

  • shashwat tewari

    why does that breton reminds me of assasins's creed XD

  • Genji 藤原

    the elf doesn't look alien in the trailer but then the game..... damn

  • Peace Maker

    It's nice that they show the three main professions ie. Thief, Warrior and Mage. How ever is they also showcased at least on member of the beast race as more of a main character. You have a Nord Warrior and an Elven Mage. Why not have the Thief as a Khajjit? They are the main sneak race. I dunno that just makes sense to me.

  • Yahk Nassaki

    templars=superior race

  • Ashley Spirit Hawk

    4:01 Wow that reminded me so much of Tai Lung's escape

  • Snockooz

    Look at all these things that don't and cant happen in the Game.

  • Amnesia

    The MageThe WarriorThe RogueSkill Perk Tree /:

  • Austin Rose

    Can somebody tell me or help me on how to make that Argonian from 17:09 please?

  • Sayha Mam

    if oblivion had these graphics

  • Steven Eld

    I think its obvious what happened the breton king or prince whatever was killed by the Skaal king and as the Skaal king went to attack. Mannimarco trasported himself and the Skaal king back to cold harbor where we see him at the end watching as the Aldmeri dominion claims the white gold tower for themselves it has to be there i can think of no other way that the elven leader would be able to walk in the room where the Skaal king attacked Mannimarco and retrieve the Skaal kings helm to throw over the side of the tower.

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