The Elder Scrolls Online - All Cinematic Trailers (New 2015 Version)

The 'Confrontation' Cinematic for The Elder Scrolls Online just came out and here it is, an updated verison of my 'The Elder Scrolls - All Cinematic Trailers'.

Trailers Used:
Cinematic Teaser Trailer

'The Alliances' Trailer

'The Arrival' Trailer

'The Siege' Trailer

'The Confrontation' Trailer

Bethesda's Channel:

Official Homepage:

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New Fallout 4 Trailer out now!!!

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence
  • Marcell Davis

    Man könnte Übel gute Filme daraus machen :D

  • Marin Hrabrić

    the nord guy was the most badass of all.

  • Sintel Snow

    My heart breaks for the Breton.

  • underworld4455

    I haven't played this game,so go easy on me.First of all,who is this Viking dude and what happens to him,from this trailer I think he is sent to another realm or something by that elf? Another question: what happens to the elf woman,does she help the Viking or is on the same side with the elf king,against the Viking? Last question: which game in these series is the first one,so that I can start playing them all and is Skyrim the last of the series? Thank you for your time.

  • Mello

    The thief and elf go for the jobbers.The Nord solos the monster.NOBODY fucks with a Nord

  • Sèna Gangbè

    My favorite is the Breton. Unlike the superhuman strength Nord and Magic gifted Elf he had no advantages. The fact that he could compete against both with just pure skill and wits is amazing imo. The moment he would get a superhuman strength or magic aptitude he would trample on the two others. But i have to admit that the Nord is also a badass.

  • Sir Tashington

    Wait a minute, that elf guy on the horse, did he turn into one of the Falmer?

  • The oceans deceit

    and he is not a thief he is an assassin

  • ManiaxcMike

    that Nord has been raised by orcs

  • Jam_ X

    (1:29 this is easy just a few wolf) /moments later/ AAAAAAH WEREWOLFS AHHHHHH

  • Ivan Todorov

    This shows why all pure mages suck balls

  • M Mirlas

    At 6:38 who are those savage looking dudes? Reachmen?

  • lord felniir

    I really wish someone could bring out a mod for skyrim to remodel the imperials armour and make it look as good and the ones in the trailer there might be stuff like that on pc but not xbox

  • Shadow the EDGEhog

    whats happening in this game?

  • Get Em Shauna

    9:35 - Why the fuck Nightblade died here? I know we are a bit underpowered, but that's not the reason that we are gettin killed by stupid Draugh. Zos, please, what the fuck?

  • Mia W

    wait 2017 here seeing the dragon age inquisitor elf woman or is it just a green glowing hand 😯

  • T REX

    too bad the game sucked

  • mic eatah

    The thief is such a badass heneeds an own game and/or movie

  • ComeSweetDeath

    What a load of rubbish, so now the fucking Altmer are faggot tolkien elves?

  • Jack Osborne

    8:31 when mom says dinners ready

  • john doe

    that warrior can dig through the ground have a building fall on him tough fucker

  • Hjalti Early-Beard

    that nord = 1 meter c@ck

  • Madona Abuladze

    what happened to the skald king

  • Phuc Nguyen

    thanh c phan donh tung

  • cole hummel

    Haven't ppl learned by now you don't fuck with Elves in any game or movie? They're just too OP lol

  • RobloxKid

    I'm trying to play Elder Scrolls Online, but this on player keeps kicking my ass. Is it TheDragonborn27?

  • NinthArcher

    I don't care how bad or good ESO was, these Cinematic are great.

  • Pavel Yarmushevich

    Nords are the best in whole Tamriel, that is a proof

  • Xiphos

    I wonder who makes better cinematic trailers, SWTOR or Elder Scrolls

  • Mizoturi

    this series of trailers made me fucking hate the Ebonheart Pact

  • Audrey Harper

    Can anyone tell me who the dead guy with sewn looking lips and icy blue eyes with the staff and daedric armor with the hood is, not the Breton tho. The Breton is bad ass tho

  • EliteDragonGaming

    I want to see that nord fight a krogan so badly

  • AK47 LCOB

    Why didn't they just make Skyrim 2 instead of this!?Just kidding, don't hunt me =D

  • Mad Mike

    so are those the Dunmar wearing the black armor?

  • GrimfrogOfGondor

    All the more reason i want to play ESO

  • Matias Peña

    aguante el elfo mannimarco

  • Mr Minimap

    Mannimarco vs Gul'Dan

  • Kii YT

    Aldmeri Dominion! Long live our Queen!

  • Lightning Fox

    Hola crap that was amazing

  • Elmer fudd

    i fell so bad for the thief

  • Dylan DeBorde

    is this Tiber septum taking cyrodill the first time ? other wise i dont see why nords arent with the empire

  • PixelArrowProductions

    NOOOOOOO! Not the Breton!! Why?!?!?

  • DonkeyMan USA

    These trailers would have made for a great movie, or even a game!

  • Mad Feldor

    This is one of the best cinematics and "stuff" ever. Not the best of course, but close :)Cheers...

  • cole hummel

    Haven't ppl learned by now you don't fuck with Elves in any game or movie? They're just too OP lol

  • Paper Boy Cubing

    I dont understand did the rogue die or is he just being restored.

  • Donald Trump

    People really hate the imperials

  • Umut Çiftçi

    can someone explain why that assassin turned into some kinda evil monster? I think he was ok when he ran with his horse but when he arrived to the İmperial city he was fucked by satan .

  • Seccond Origin

    why was the assassin the only one who had to die?he was the coolest of those three :C

  • angry clair

    i want whatever magic that lady had, damn

  • KitCat Moustache

    It's sad that the thief stone turned ebil. I always choose it. T^T

  • Quiz

    imperial soldiers got fucked

  • Tiger Awoken

    This game sucks horribly. Can't wait for Bethesda to make TES6. This is garbage, I'll stick to TES5 until for now.

  • RaZOR

    You done fuck it up!@ AngryJoe

  • Moisted Bagels

    damn the cinematic trailers are so good but the actual ESO graphics are pure shit

  • dontletmejungle

    there is no real castle sieging in the game.......

  • Abraham Pajaro

    esta en venta para la ps4


    Вот Trailers так Trailers просто Огонь!!!!!! Где все ссаные раки что муть снимают Смотрите как надо

  • Dat Guy

    Too bad the game is totally fuckin different with poo graphics don't make trailers and shitty mmo's just make a movie or a better elder scrolls game

  • Michael Jordan

    Who is Nord, assasin guy or big one?Please answer I am very curious :)

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