The Elder Scrolls Online - All Cinematic Trailers (New 2015 Version)

The 'Confrontation' Cinematic for The Elder Scrolls Online just came out and here it is, an updated verison of my 'The Elder Scrolls - All Cinematic Trailers'.

Trailers Used:
Cinematic Teaser Trailer

'The Alliances' Trailer

'The Arrival' Trailer

'The Siege' Trailer

'The Confrontation' Trailer

Bethesda's Channel:

Official Homepage:

Buy The Elder Scrolls Online Here:

New Fallout 4 Trailer out now!!!

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence
  • Marcell Davis

    Man könnte Übel gute Filme daraus machen :D

  • Miles Frost

    3 factions, 3 heroes, and whole shit load of daedras

  • Bodom Knockout

    Back when eso was the shit.

  • Stephen Lyon

    Could someone please explain to me what happens to the rogue throughout this? Like he's alive and badass, then kneeling in front of the Daedra dude then he's undead then alive then human?

  • SlimJG

    there should be an Elder Scrolls Movie soon

  • Void Exile

    i got a couple things out of this.first of, the rougue like class is the worst, the warrior just leaves people to suffering without killing them and ... i dunno

  • Toby Slivka

    I wonder how many complaints there would be if it met everyone's expectations and didn't have the money ties

  • sonic hedgehog

    is it just me or did i see cock nibbler from skyrim for pimps. or a guy similar

  • Max Wolf

    wonderful videos! but the game is a shit.

  • Sam Garcia

    Tell me you guys saw that shit?😐

  • Z4rrow

    I'm more into the Assassin style, but that Nord is badass.

  • Tarponpet Secord

    What even are the creatures in the trailers...

  • Duarte Silva

    Imagine if Bethesda and Blizzard worked together on a movie or a game.

  • veranya2074

    If only this is a real movie

  • Arzakem Aldrin Leonidas

    wait dovakin is old!?!?! and there are undead daedric soldiers!?!?!?

  • Nicholas White

    Imagine how strong Ysgramor was that nord killed it

  • Praetorian Tiberius

    Okay so a warrior, a mage and a thief walk into a bar...

  • Harrison Wall

    who knew argonions could be so badass

  • 4 juan rodriguez

    " 23:54, Im in love with that sorcerer girl,I love her,😎"

  • Neill Holloman

    They need to put some voice lines to these trailers

  • Very fast Lució skating at incredibly high speeds

    Was the game really deserving of all these trailers?

  • 1.2.3_9aser nope

    deserve a goddamn applau$e!

  • Addict with a Pen

    I love how the elf girl gives absolutely no fucks

  • E Vlogs

    I'm just sad the assasin was the one to die... I wish it was the heavy tanky guy

  • Joshua Owens

    Mannimarco was a lil bitch that nord couldve easily killed him lol

  • burgijator

    point of all this=dont make an angry norn as ur target :)

  • Lil Zaretsky

    Was so sad to see the undead rogue die when I first saw this -.- he was my favorite out of the 3 lol. I have the elf woman's outfit but dyed it white and brown to match my ice wolf mount ^.^ eso for the win

  • Mavery M

    Everyone is talking about how they liked the assassin and warrior.. The mage was certainly my favorite.

  • gugu reis

    se é doido trailer simplesmente fantástico além de te deixar aquela real vontade de jogar cara !!

  • Revi Panic

    Where are you dragonborn skyrim where are you the hero of kvatch and where are you character morrowind!???

  • simão bravo

    20:38 if the dude was a proper nord he would just say the words: fus roh dah

  • Melissa Dechant

    if they make a movie and get rich I deserve 10% of 💰 because I cam up with the idea

  • ondracekivo

    Two arrows to chest, two blades through guts, multiple cut wounds and he does not care. That nord is one tough bastard indeed. They should show him using some healing spell. Nobody could survive wounds like these. Except if you are supercool cupertough superhard barbarian. It is pretty possible Death was too afraid to come for him...

  • Sam Garcia

    Is it me or was there something between the Brenton(Breton however it is spelled) and the High Elf? That vision he had of her 23:40. That's definitely her, but why???

  • Sabine Jelic

    13:36 I have that horse in witcher 3 and I have a hoody it looks just like this guy!

  • Paguo

    Sad ending for the Rogue

  • ZainTMM

    Where are the FUS RO DAH!

  • Queen Ginger

    The graphics are so fucking good look like real people

  • Meir Assis

    nord guy was soooooooo badass

  • Craintér el matareyes

    Nord: My name is Dovahkiin!

  • Kless Arkein

    So, I'm the only one who pay attention to argonian feet? They are barefoot in the middle of battle! Ebonheart don't care about their feet?

  • Christina Daquis

    Requiscat in pace Assassinó 😔

  • Nigel Foster

    Hey guys this looks so epic. But is the game worth it?

  • rebel knight

    So, did the assassin control the dead?

  • bob tony

    any more recent cinematics, or game ded now?

  • such Doggo

    I'm sure the rogue would have fought better if he wasn't a undead slave of molag bar

  • Hunter

    i really hope the reason they havent realesed elder scrolls 6 is cause they're making a movie. shit would be lit

  • Stephen Blackmore

    I'll assume they represent the three lead races in the factions Nord, Altmer and Breton

  • Ajlis Bajlis


  • Alvaro Zorzi

    Can someone tell me what is the place where they fight in the firsts trailers?

  • sackbutt retard

    a breton thiefshoulda been a mage he wouldve kicked some ass by casting shite like lightning storm

  • Kelly Hart

    who is thr red head elf in ESO trailer please?

  • Ares

    How did the ninja not kill the brute guy like he should of 1000 times

  • Dante López

    Who is the king daedra?.. Dagon?

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    Imperials getting murdered? SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • InSiTeGhOsT

    15:40 goodbye my brother...

  • Antonia Ramos

    Is asessin creed o Skyrim? XD

  • Queen's Knight

    Does anyone know the Nords name?

  • Kayra BlacKBuRNeR

    I wanna now what class is that aldmeri hero sword and spells

  • Farmer Mcmahn

    can anyone tell me if the elf at 7:37 is mannimarco from the order of the black worm

  • Elyon

    el mejor trailer de todos los tiempos, por su puesto...el peor juego de tes, obvio...

  • Nikita Filippov

    Ебать Эльфийка красивая.

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