ESO V14 Sorcerer Vampire-Vampire Hunter/Blade Build 1.6 PVP/PVE LIVE

Hey guys here is my sorcerer build for 1.6 This builld will grow and if i change anything in the future i will be sure to Update everyone on the changes. Also i will upload a better quality version overnight. This video also has some fights of the build in action towards the end. Enjoy Like subscribe and comment!!!

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Build focus: PvP 1v1, 1vX, Small Scale

Playstyle: Sustain/Defensive Burst
Race: Red Guard
Class: Sorcerer
Armor Types: 5 Light 1 Medium, 1 Heavy
Armor Sets: 5 Piece Warlock 5 Piece White Strakes
Weapon Types: Destruction/Restoration Staffs

Attribute Points: 62 MP, 0 HP, 0 Stamina

Destro Bar: Crushing Shock, deadric Minefield, Crystal Fragments, Rune Cage, Velocious Curse, Soul Assault

Resto Bar: Boundless Storm, Ball Of Lightning, Healing Ward, Shuffle, Hardened Ward, Power Overload

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Bae Comeback
  • James Cromer

    Subscribed.  "So, that DK pretty much is trying to figure out what to do with his light armor build... but as you can see, that didn't work on me.  But back to the build video..."  Funniest 55 seconds I've ever seen in an ESO video.  Absolute Beast Mode.

  • zhenia zhadeeva

    +1 for the sheer fact that you were able to back yourself up from an interruption, staying composed, then resuming the tutorial.Confidence, confidence, confidence!

  • Auri El

    Face it, you guys thought he was a dark elf at first

  • Pablo Escobar

    Can we all bow our heads and take a moment of silence for brother Valus Gravius..................I hope you found your way young man and aren't still struggling LMAO! Great video!

  • Charlie Edwards

    i wish the people that hated this video would give a reason as to why. this seems like some pretty good logic to me. makes me want to restart my character actually

  • eljuancho2

    fantastic build,i can see the love you put into your build XD

  • Moreno D'Alfonso

    crushing shock is now spell dmg based so flawless dawnbreaker doesn't bust your dmg and now the curse is blockable.

  • Casey Fessenden

    I thumbs up'd as soon as you were like" ill just kill this dude" and did indeed kill him. that was so funny.

  • Kellon Dowridge

    do you think a high elf can roll with the same bill

  • Mr Mwombeezee

    19:42 if you look to the right of the dragon knight he is fighting u see a purple glowing skeleton pop out of nowhere.......WHATS THAT?

  • Garvin P

    Does anyone know his armor motif?

  • KG

    Was it dumb to make a Orc sorcerer ?

  • David Flicker

    i startet playing eso with magica sorc in april 2015 and i saw this video and was so impressed and wanted to become good in pvp so bad... and i did, and i played every class stam and magica, but if i look at the pvp clips here i feel so bad, what pvp is now. it is a completely diffrent thing, the dmg is way too high and many other things are wrong with it. and the more videos i watch from these times the more i hate pvp today... do u get what i want to say?

  • Deszerien

    Good explanations, not overly complicated. Liked and subbed. Recently started a sorc and I've been tearing through levels and mobs without thinking

  • Sixrambo180

    Can someone summarize this for me please

  • Poppa Zeedo

    I love how your so chill , like "oh i guess ill just kill him and put that in the build video"

  • Nick Eversole

    What are your champion points in? I've checked a few of your videos and can't find them.

  • Makaio Kalahama

    What's your take on Dampen Magic/Harness Magicka as a shield? Not worth using? Vs using healing ward..

  • Silovani Mungos

    how is it possible to have 400 spell crit please explain

  • Pyro

    can you disable those messages that pop up?

  • Xinthisis

    Whitestrakes op! Lol Awesome build man, hopefully +Time Warner Cable gets off their ass and hooks up my Internet soon so I can hop on.

  • ch4y

    how do you get spell crit > 200%?

  • ChrisBreezy

    amazing videos brother keep it up

  • FasterZone

    whats the difference between the build in the desc and the one in the video, which one is better

  • Robert House

    I like your build have you ever considered using silver bolts from fighters guild or did you use that while leveling, i thoroughly enjoy hunting daedra and vampires and all that lingers not in the light

  • The Tusk Gaming

    So Mr.Richard I was traveling today (7/24/15) in cyrodill, minding my own business, when out of the kill me. 2 hits 15k each......Thank you

  • Grxtify HD

    What skill makes your health bar purple

  • Dizguized Ninja

    Kick ass build dude!!:) thanks fir the tips :) liked faved and subbed:)

  • DatB Rejectz

    Quality video.. Subbed! :D

  • Cesar Mattos

    Nice buid. Do you have a sorcerer high elf vampire build? Could you publish something like that?

  • Jace

    Thanks for the video, been really struggling with my Sorc after the patch. In fact I'm a little lost, I can't seem to get anywhere close to your health/stamina/magika stats.

  • Unkn0wn xXx3

    What style is that armour

  • Lazerbear MK II

    really nice, giving me some good ideas for the sorcerer i'm leveling

  • Gianfranco Mossa

    How the hell you have so much spell crit and weapon crit???

  • TheNathanGarrett

    You're getting a sub from me, just because you offed a DK then went back to the tutorial like he wasn't shit LMAO

  • Keltfire

    Why don't you use inner light? I thought it was almost essential for any sorc. I'm a bit new to ESO so please let me know if I'm wrong.

  • Magister Tremere

    Totally impressed with your build and your explanations for "why"! I'm playing as a Redguard Sorcerer as well (newb), so this video gives me something to work towards and to look forward to. Thanks from a newb to ESO!

  • Magister Tremere

    Talk... Whup ass... Ownage... Resume Talking! *damn* X0D *hahahaha!*

  • michael phillips

    i wish people would stop saying sork you pronounce it as if you stomped saying sorcerer in the middle of the word, you wouldn't say sorkerer ,..sorry, after the 4th video i am done with the pronunciation

  • xiruhvengex

    How can you have the buffs only on 1 bar cuz when i switch to my second bar for dps the buffs go away

  • Maxx Harrington

    This build is Makin me want to leave me do for sorc!

  • TemplarbladeDK

    any eta on your updated build ?

  • dreadcorp1

    could you share a list or screenshot of the Addons you are using?thanks in advance

  • Rico M

    Hey King Richard awesome video! I was wondering if you could provide me with a bite I'm also red guard and Daggerfall covenant. I would be grateful. Thanks

  • RossVon86

    Richard made a mage file running a build very similar to you its amasing

  • CombatMedicOps123

    Nicely done, keep making sorcs look good!

  • Michael Knowles

    busy ur emp that build is garb lol

  • John T

    Very nice vid, u r tanky af, ever think bout maybe using the bound armour in ur build? That got a buff in 1.6

  • Lutz s

    thank you brothes build work with Race :High elf  good or not

  • iReezL

    Will you make a pvp video with this build? And maybe explain what you're doing? Great video though! Subbed

  • BonzoBeast78

    Great video..great build..will definatly be utilizing this. 'ppreciate ya!

  • Steve Childs

    If you can't get warlock gear what would you recommend?

  • Handsome Hustler

    You're the reason I play Sorc and I know you switched to WW but I love Vamp too much to change haha :P

  • Marz Red

    What race is your head?... btw amazing video, really good description of your build, I just started a sorcerer yesterday dark elf cause I'm going to do vampirism

  • Bradley Adams

    does this build still work for update 7 ? for pvp

  • Δ LogicHD

    What racial motif style is your armor? Or is it like primal or something? Wanted to know because armor looks super badass.

  • x ID 3 A TH o 0

    this was amazing to watch, I'm new love pvp but hate being spammed down by fear, having that stamina would do alot

  • MrLiiso

    Interesting build, I love the Resto bar. Those shields are undeniable, gives me some things to think about on how to counter!

  • YungMook

    Do u knew if the vampire still spawn in the same places on xb1 as it did on pc

  • Luke Conran

    Got a new ultimate in place of dawn breaker?

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