Skyrim: 5 Secret and Unique Weapons You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim (Part 3)

Skyrim is a game that doesn’t hesitate to offer the player a vast array of items for the Dragonborn to use against their enemies. Indeed, The Elder Scrolls 5 has what feels like a never-ending supply of swords, axes and other weapons scattered across its world. While most are somewhat generic, a few items in Skyrim are especially unique and worth discussing. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more secret and unique weapons you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • malgold88

    Bethesda "We know all about this game.."Nate "did you know about this weapon?"Bethesda "we refuse to answer that..."

  • Kristion Brown

    When elder scrolls 6 comes out Nate finna be a busy boi

  • OldFannyPackLady

    Nate- “BATTLE AXES!” Also Nate- shows picture of war hammer

  • Baal3033

    Guard: "Is that a weapon you have there?"Me: "Uhm... noo... It's a special device of Dwemer damage delivery"

  • TheSarcasmSquid

    The greatest weapon is Nate's unending knowledge of Skyrim facts

  • she took the kids

    "this bow is great; it absorbs health and stamina or magika"shows every enemy resisting the absorb effect

  • myneighbortania

    "have saadia bring you some mead" me, watching her paralyzed on the ground: uhhhh....

  • The Great and Mighty Goddess Aqua

    0:37, "Have Saadia bring over a nice cool glass of mead, and relax."Ehh, Nate, are you sure about that?

  • MatthewPlayzYT

    Hidden Weapons: Sneak 100

  • ZapAtomic

    I always carry the "Gloves of the Pugilist" on me just in case i find someone who wants to brawl. Always be prepared.

  • Ansel Sneddon

    I was actually in the middle of a 10 tiny details when this was uploaded lol

  • Dwaze Kloot

    >Glass of mead>GlassHah! Milk drinker!

  • Joshua Bowles

    The man that owned "The Woodsman's Friend" may have died of alcohol poisoning... I wonder if Vilod gave him mead with juniper Berry's mixed in.

  • Kai Wolny

    Stormfang isn't really a Unique Sword since the Enemy wielding it will respawn and you can obtain as many Stormfangs as you want

  • Square Grapefruit

    Plot twist: what if Nate is actually Todd Howard and the Todd who gives all the interviews and announcements is some random person that works at Bethesda and that's how "Nate knows so much about the small and hidden details.

  • Cynthia Elil

    Wait what?! Goloves of the Pugilist can be desenchanted?! Hohoho, it's on now! Time to creat Little Mac the Khajiit!

  • M Alexander

    First play through: hoard everything, collect unique itemsFifth play through: leave legendary items where you found them because you craft more impressive gear

  • Michael Butler

    That joke was really drawwwwwwnnn out....I'll see myself out.

  • Michael Harrison

    Nate: Finally all secrets have been found in skyrimUs: yaaaa-Nate: Now elder scrolls 6 secretsUs: Here we go again

  • Tizzandor

    a nice cool glass of mead? MATE a HORN full of WARM Mead

  • M'aiq The Liar

    M'aiq would not want to be pinned, it would hurt badly.

  • Voicer MMI

    0:10Uhh...Nate...?That's a hammer.Not a battle axe.That's for smashy smashy, not choppy choppy.

  • Mark Ogdon

    Oh no no no they added a letter C to the name of this staff. It's not the staff of charming it's the staff of harming. Harming oneself by pissing on everything around you

  • Noc Fox

    Nate: “Bows, Blades, battles axes”Shows One. Big. Hammer.

  • Mike Coxlong

    The most unique weapon in the game is my trusty enchanted fork that I used to kill Alduin, Harkon, and Miraak.None can oppose my mighty Soup Spoon

  • Doctor Fate

    Any weapon is effective against Nazeem.

  • Rasari Soare

    damn i really missed a lot of those weapons

  • conFuseDxWolF

    also, using a full set of nightengale armor with the dwarven black bow of fate, and using ebony arrows is my favourite look in the game, it's a really dark op look lmao

  • Nicholas Farrell

    I did not know that Argonians had higher unarmed damage.Excuse me, I have to go do . . . things.

  • Lucent Lulu

    Little known fact: Stormfang isn't a claymore, but a zweihander

  • AuJ

    2:33Nate laughing at his own jokes made my day

  • Wanderingwalker 1990

    I remember finding the “zephyr bow” during the dawnguard DLC, that draw speed.. 👍🏻

  • Serahpin

    Has he covered "woodsman's friend axe" yet?edit:nvm

  • DareWolf

    Mead is served at ambient temperature (or warm if mulled) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Great vid as always, Nate. You the real MVP

  • Stoney ya Blazed Homie

    Ulfgar = WulfgarStormfang = Aegis-FangFrom the Legend of Drizzt series... but then it should be a hammer if that was a reference towards that...

  • krudmonger

    I consider Gloves Of The Pugilist armor for the simple reason that I have to remove my high-armor gloves to use them." well as rings..."D'OH! Why didn't I think of that?

  • LeiaIsCute

    nate what did you expect from be3 2019?

  • Corbin Barron

    Standard playthrough:dual wielding ebony swordKhajit playthrough: Wearing heavy gauntlets with the perk that boosts your punching power with heavy gauntlets while said gauntlets are enchanted with punch boost

  • Shmee _

    Love you stuff Nate. Keep up the great work

  • When The Music's Over

    5:05 Actually, that'd be a 250% increase, not 150.

  • Niina H

    What about the Ebony Blade from the whispering lady in Dragonsreach? One of my favourites as it absorbs health from enemies and it is strengthened by the blood of deceit!

  • The_Argonian_Gamer

    Unique weaponshas gauntlets on list

  • Julia Heschmeyer

    11:20 Not so friendly furry friends. Teacher: -Class, who can tell me the irony of this statement?

  • Artemis Arrow

    Who else tuned out of E3 once there was no TES6 news?

  • Prebuilt

    Volendrung is officially an honorary Battle Axe!!

  • Erin Murtaugh

    If you disenchant the gauntlets, put it on heavy armour gloves, get the perk and run Khajit you do, if I remember correctly, close to 200 damage


    How's everyone doing today? I hope you're doing great!!I love your videos Nate! Have a great day.

  • BDM

    I like to think Enthir sold the staff as a staff of charming when asked if he had one. "oh, yeah sure, I have one lying around but it is going to cost you."

  • Evilerskull 88

    3:22 what iron bow???Long bow is for the hide/fur stuffInperial bow is for the iron/imperial/steel stuffI guess the ancient nordic bow could go with steel.And so on.. atleast thats how i look at it..

  • IEatPainHUN3

    Dude its 2019, how do you keep finding new stuff

  • roma

    0:09 "....battle axes..."shows a warhammer

  • William Lang

    Device of Dwemer Damage DeliverySay that 3 times fast. ;)

  • Jacob Strang

    Omg watching with captions on and it says "territorial Italians" instead of automonotrons

  • 10,000 subscribers without a single video

    You should do a unique armors series.Also, my Khajiit had 15 unarmed damage.

  • J. Lee Tillery

    Uploaded 6 min before this comment, and I haven't gotten the notif yet. YouTube...

  • Beeg Yoshi

    Cyberpunk 2077 has a release date but Bethesda hasn’t even made an actual trailer for TES:6, it’s bound to be a while longer.

  • Al

    Imagine how much content the next Elder Scrolls game will give all these YouTubers

  • Edward Stephenson

    When you talked about Stormfang i kept getting Highlander vibes, plus the lightning damage ties into that.

  • Kevin Nash

    Nate: "Unique weapons anyone"? Us Hardcore Skyrim Players: "No thanks mate, we got duplicates to all of them thanks to Lydia picking them up from the floor, just outside Whiterun". 😉

  • Blade Writer

    Next to Stormfang, you could witness the four companions reunite in the Bloodmoon dlc. If I'm remembering correctly. Been a while since I played it.

  • Lelzo

    Love this series. Currently in one of my, at this point yearly, playthroughs and I'm just getting more excited with all of the things I never found through the years, that you show off. Keep it up

  • Owen Ratliff

    Hey Nate! What is your favorite race and Weapon in the game?

  • Random Me

    Khajit role-playing requires Puglist Gloves.BEAT THEM UP!

  • Soviet Doge

    Gloves of the Pugilist. Is it Unique? Yes , Is it a weapon? No . So if a armor says that " Bows do more damage" would we classify that armor as a Weapon?

  • Mohamed Abukar - Beryl Ford PS (1415)

    I love how you can keep vanilla skyrim the elder scrolls V alive till this day. This is probably the best game of my childhood ever

  • Relic King

    The Gloves are among my favourite items in the game, I'm really annoyed that there isn't a unarmed tree, I'm hoping TES 6 has one, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Ba Vo

    Saadia is probably being beheaded somewhere right now.

  • Captain Padraig

    0:10 but that's a warhammer you silliam William!

  • Sir Honorbound

    "Nate there couldnt possible be anything else we can discover about skyrim you should stop!" Nate: No, I don't think I will

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