Skyrim: 5 Civil War Facts That You May Have Missed - The Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

Skyrim's civil war quest line is one of my personal favorite story lines in The Elder Scrolls 5. However, despite playing through it numerous time before, there are still a handful of hidden details, secrets and Easter eggs that some of us are only now just uncovering for both the Imperials and Stormcloaks. So, whether it's hidden siege equipment, or secret spies - today we'll be taking a look at 5 Skyrim civil war secrets that you may have missed.

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  • Wolf Warrior

    I dont care who wins the civil war as long as the Thalmor suffer the most in tue end

  • Lloyd Nix

    There is so much cut content that would of made the Civil War so much better.

  • Erynash

    "Civil war is one of the best Skyrim elements"Said nobody except Nate

  • øyvind vego

    what if skyrim had been released 1 year later. think of all the stuff that had been finished and all the extra quests

  • Chef Excellence

    i hate that after the civil war story line ends, npcs still talk and act like it is ongoing. i get that would be 90% of the npcs have to change dialog but still. it's like nothing gets resolved.

  • Adam Case

    The thing I dislike most about the civil war quest line, although I do like most of it, is there are so few tactics used in the battles,most of the time it is just a senseless charge and brawl.

  • Sam Otten

    I wish there was an option to show Ulfric the Thalmor dossier on him to see what he thinks of it.

  • BrosisJK

    Immersive Armors Configuration Has Finished

  • Chris L.

    "It's probably best if we do sexy splits."

  • Hola

    There is enough cut content in Skyrim to make a new game

  • Patrick

    I just realized I've never played the civil war questline...

  • Jeremy Alexander

    Actually, they should have left the necromancer and her quest to destroy the empire and the stormcloaks in as a third faction for evil characters. Leading the armies of the dead against the forts and cities of Skyrim, or defending against them, would have been very cool.

  • General Falco

    Ambarys hasn't been in Skyrim only ''recently'', he came when the Red Mountain erupted, that's 4E 5, some 165 years before the Great War. The Great War, as well as the Umbriel Crisis, and other wars took place post- 4E 5. It's not far fetched to assume that his armor is kept as a reward from his time in the Legion; as that's custom in the Legion, being allowed to keep your armor. No Imperial spy would hold onto Imperial armor, if they'd have it in the first place, as it'd result in being easily recognised as an Imperial.Margret is an Imperial spy, no Imperial armor on her, just records of her mission, which is exactly what a spy would have, not a set of armor.

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I'm no Stormcloak Sympathizer but I'll admit Their Officer's have some fine looking Armour.

  • Noah Edwards

    Guys I've been playing this game since it came out, I found out a week ago you can actually kill the birds that fly around for their feathers, please tell me none of you knew this because I'll feel so foolish if I actually missed this for so long

  • Petra Art

    i always forgot to do Civil War quest

  • NightOwl Podcast Project

    Okay, I didn't know about the jagged crown one.

  • William Rowe

    The civil war in Skyrim SUCKS, it s not fleshed out at all.

  • Ivan Glamdryng

    Thank you for the upload. Now that my daughter has left for college I can get back to my game!

  • Whiterun Guard

    Wait...I know you, you’re the one that murdered High Queen Elisif...anyway, YOU HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST SKYRIM AND HER PEOPLE WHAT SAY YOU IN YOUR DEFENSE?

  • John Blood

    the dark elves of morrowind were a slave trading, incredibly xenophobic and racist (thinking every other race beneath them no better than beasts of burden) and a mortal enemy of the kingdoms of skyrim for millenia. the simple fact that a dunmer could even live in skyrim without being skewered by the populace, let alone in windhelm, is a massive gesture, especially when the dunmer have never and will never extend such a kindness in their entire history.

  • I'mthelime 3

    You deserve way more subscribers for the quality of your videos,Your stuff is amazing,Keep up the amazing work!

  • FusRoDah2

    If you use the mod, jaxonz positioner, you can take those civil war catapults, duplicate them and pack them into your bag and use them anywhere in Skyrim it`s tons of fun.

  • green tea

    The Civil War is easily one of the worst parts of Skyrim. It's a buggy, unpolished mess.

  • MickelJE

    What mod is that to make everything look so good?

  • RjP RjP

    What mods are you using

  • Evan Higgins

    If you visit your house during a city siege your children will be visibly scared and as when it will end

  • matthew west

    sounded like you said "Be sad everybody" at the end.

  • craig

    What's the name of the mods he uses to make the game look better

  • Rumble Roller

    You know, that would have been a nice middle ground. Helping that love-sick necromancer to create a legion of undead to completely topple two opposing armies. Screw the Empire, screw the Stormcloaks. EVERYTHING DIES!

  • Luke Coyle

    Something that always bugged me, the empire who use heavy armour always use one handed swords and the stormcloaks who use light armour use a lot of two handed swords.Logic does not exist.

  • إلياس

    if you play the stormcloaks side to end tullius will say i think something like that : "Dont you know , that the thalmor wanted this? " so the thalmor want that the stormcloaks win but in a letter about the civil war stands it would be not so good if they win ... i dont know what to say i like it more if I play a old nord and the stormcloaks win just for the tradition and so on ... But the imperals are right i think because tullius said at the end of the quest in the imperal side : " im not sure about the peace with the thalmor " and the legat said: talos be with you ulfric ...please make a discussion my dragonborn companion


    I wish there had been a 3rd path in the game that would have allowed the Dovalkin to raise his/her own army, beat the stormcloaks and chase the Imperials and the thalmor out of skyrim. Beat the forsworn, make a peace treaty with them or ally with them.I do not like what I have seen of the Become High King of Skyrim mod.Nothing against the mod author but I don't like the path it follows.After winning you could either execute , exile or marry Elsif or Ulfric. If you marry them they become your prince/princess consort and second to you as High King. If you exile or kill them you still become high King and can choose to marry anyone else included a modded character and make them your consort.

  • Circle Squared

    No one's going to answer this, but what mods does he use to make the game look SO beautiful?

  • Luna Welthbed

    I've found something having to do with the battle borns and gray manes. A love story. A battle borns and a gray manes are in love and they pass letters to one another. I don't remember which 2 it was but the civil war seems to be keeping them apart because of their familys Soo... I was bored and killed all killable NPCs in whiterun and found a love letter on a body about their love.

  • Noveni Othran

    @TheEpicNate315 This is not related to this but you did miss this fact ages ago...That I wanted to make you dance and then tear yourself apart now THATS a fact 😍🤤

  • Alfie Holland Harrington

    Thanks for tell in US that you can kill elsift

  • Just4MTF

    Just to make it clear, because some people seem to be confused: yes, "jung" is german for "young", but Nate is correct, it is a reference to Star Wars. The line Leia says to Luke when they first meet literally translates to: "So young and already a Stormtrooper?" and the mission in Skyrim translates to: "So young and already a Stormcloak?"It's an obvious reference to Star Wars, but I didn't know that this is only in the german version. I've always thought Bethesda would keep a close eye an all translations to get the Lore etc. right.But don't feel bad, the english version has far better voice actors. Compare the german Ulfric to the original one and you know what I mean, lol.

  • Eric_Vidfarne

    Love these vids! Keep'em coming! :)

  • GreenTea

    The only fact i know about this Civil War is that it's the buggiest quest in video game history.. i did more than 10 playthroughs of skyrim since it's release and i only finished it once.

  • Perebynis

    "Civil war is probaly one of the game´s best elements..." No, it isn´t. I found both sides to be equally repulsive, each for their own reasons. That´s why the civil war questline is pretty much the last I questline I play in Skyrim - because I don´t like both of the Legion and the Stormcloaks. - Great video, anyway. ;)

  • Carlos Jiménez

    dude please share your mod list, your skyrim game looks beautiful

  • Ferox

    wouldn't it be amazing to have spin-offs to skyrim, DLC or small game sized?like for example playing the story of that elf who used to be an imperial soldier. following him through the adventures he experienced and then finally meet him again in the main game, knowing so much more about this character.

  • Pedro Mendes

    How the Civil War should have been-We should fight in all holds whether you're with the Imperials or the Stormcloaks-Winning along with the Stormcloaks should allow us to kick the Thalmor out of skyrim at the end of the civil war-Winning along with the Imperials should allow us to make a last deal with the Thalmor so that Skyrim's people could only worship the 8 divines, and those who still worshipped Talos should me arrested or killed. But because the Thalmor are assholes and claim to be superior than everyone else, they would make more and more rules over skyrim, which would lead the Imperials to fight them as well.After all this, if you sided with the Imperials/Stormcloaks AND completed the main questline, you should be allowed to be the Jarl of Windhelm/Whiterun, Jarl Elisif would still have Solitude since she pledged loyalty to Ulfric. You're the dragonborn yet the best title you can get in the holds is being Thane -_

  • David Harris

    Excellent information!

  • Bandesc

    What mod turns the guards/soldiers armor into this?

  • vloging with will nutin

    Lagete rikke looks epic go imperial. Sry bad spelling I'm in a rish

  • Mikeztarp

    Wasn't the eruption 200 years before Skyrim?

  • Khajonsak Jermprapai

    Why would someone operate catapult when Trebuchet could launch 90 kg projectiles over 300 meters.

  • BigPapaDave

    Out of my hundreds of playthrough I have never sided with the imperials 😂

  • Cyynric

    I found this really neat feature of the civil war I'm which the Solitude never leaves seige mode. It's super fun, because now I can't do any quests related to Solitude, and it's also gone from my map.

  • kasper andersen

    What's the walled camp mod? I need that :O

  • Svaden

    whats the vision/texture mod in start?

  • Bexspace

    Building undead army to fight against imperial soldiers. Yeah have fun with the whole Cyrodiil.

  • Genna Bella

    Immuna start a civil war in this comments section.I've always fought for the empire.

  • T. M. Shannon

    6:54 derrrFound that out first stormcloak playthrough.Thats how i know theyre useless

  • Gerben van Egmond

    Fact one: blew my mind :0The other facts: fun facts I enjoy your videos Nate, keep it up! :)

  • Aiden Rhoads

    I discovered the catapult thing during my second play-through of the battle of Whiterun.

  • Andre Gomez

    @TheEpicnate315 Your videos have really rekindled my love and intrigue for one of my favorite games. All the little tips and secrets really make exploring the world of Skyrim something new again!

  • Matthew Beckman

    What mod did you use to make some of the armor and NPCs look so different

  • Trial_Music

    If you kill ulfric he will spawn in sovngarde

  • Charlie Clark

    First, finally, I'm first, hahahahaha, long live the empire, just not the emperor, Hail Sithis

  • LeAaron Cooper

    The first one about switching sides with the jagged crown I've done a couple times

  • Leto85

    What I like about the Civil War is how much it is connected to the main questline, especially with the caunsil part. If you know you're going to be a Stormcloak, you'll better give every hold to the Empire so that you can conquer all these parts back, making the Civil War that much longer. Make sure you're thane of every hold before giving them away so that you can become thane again, and receiving new reward weapons for it. It's a completionist thing mainly, but one to keep in mind nontheless.

  • La Levesque

    What if you sell or keep the jagged crown.

  • Toca Drop

    Hey, new sub here. I would like to know which graphic and texture mods you are using, your game looks amazing

  • David Cairns

    Dude if there was an actual DLC where a necromancer conjured up an undead army and planned on taking over either Nirn or Skyrim, in my opinion it would be an even better game

  • Cerebral Assasn

    All hail Ulfric the true high king

  • Exotic

    not even a minute in, and i feel bad for you for having to walk across all of Skyrim with that much stuff

  • Radioactive Beast


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