5 MODS to make Skyrim feel like a NEW GAME! - Skyrim Special Edition

5 Mods to make your Skyrim Special Edition feel like a completely new game!

1. Alternative Start - Live Another Life
http://bit.ly/2fPnQwd http://bit.ly/2eYcbfL

2. iNeed - Food, Water, Sleep
http://bit.ly/2gq9oNA http://bit.ly/2eWvTbS

3. Campfire - Complete Camping System
http://bit.ly/2ftmCtZ http://bit.ly/2fzMWAs

4. Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival
http://bit.ly/2ebZkTa http://bit.ly/2g0BSNA

5. No Fast Travel
http://bit.ly/2gdHIIY http://bit.ly/2gp9C49
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  • Grantasaur

    Dammit Clare, I'm trying to resist buying the game until it's cheap, but you're videos make me want it so bad 😩 jokes aside, love your videos, keep it up!

  • HRV Gaming

    Mods are Awesome like if you agree!

  • I Never Said I Didn't Have a Dance Partner

    1 mod to make Skyrim look like a new game 1: Enderal

  • pc master race

    Can you play any of the dlc

  • dean erl

    early enough for an reply?

  • Squirrel

    It's a good list of mods. I run them all myself. I don't agree with your character model mod though. Making the characters look like they are from the Shannara Chronicles takes away from the immersion. There are many better mods that improve the models without making everyone look like they've had plastic surgery.

  • SnipingHunt01

    I have literally made like 50 different builds. Help

  • Ice Wire

    I wanna use all the mods but I'm a PS4 player ;-; #RIPMyModDreams

  • Danny_dan92

    I could stare at her eyes all days 😆

  • ZephrusPrime

    The only downside to no fast travel is the Dawnguard DLC. It has you going back and forth across the whole map constantly. However no fast travel is a great way to play.

  • Javier Sanchez

    I've never been a big fan of the whole "naked and afriad" start to Skyrim or any other game for that matter. Walking around, in your underwear, with no money, weapons or any kind of past experience prior to your start of the game neer made sense to me. That's why I love Alternate Start! It makes sense! You have a life and the start of the game and, more importantly, you have clothes XDI would add the "Dwemer Storage Cube" from the Bethesda site. They have a "cheat" version of the mod, where you have access to every article of gear as well as all the crafting station and chest filled with crafting materials. This gives you the ability to give your character specific and much better gear from the very beginning as well as accessories and other periphials to match the build you wish to attain. Also, with all the crafting staion at your disposal in one area, you can craft the weapons and armor, if you've added weapon and armor mods, from level one ...adding further to the customization of your character and completing your character build much easier.

  • cesar vali

    dang it Clare, you should've put "no ps4" on the title :'v

  • Thetoken Won

    Live another life is the truth love that mod.

  • Cytaris

    More Skyrim Videos would be great.

  • Don Grantham

    Wish I had a girlfriend like you. Actually , I do... in Skyrim.

  • colasmulot

    Video should've been called how to transform skyrim into a survival, but it's still great ! I've got a bit bored of skyrim after so many hours and playing all quests multiple times, I'll ive these mods a try to play again !

  • Mad Man

    am I the only one who likes Claire's videos but dosent like skyrim

  • CJThorn

    Frostfall gives you the option to disable fast travel, this is a list of 4 mods and 1 feature of a mod made into its own mod...

  • Jason Calvo

    Tbh. I didn't even know skyrim had fast travel 😂👌 now I can use it 👍

  • Abby Lizipo

    I really really wish I just got an Xbox one I got a PS4 and I can't even get any of these amazing mods :(

  • Screech500

    wish ps4 had all of the same mods :(

  • Lord Vader

    iNeed isn't really that good because of the fast travel mechanic

  • Derek Conte

    so, i need you.. now what

  • Trey Holton

    Th thumbnail had me thinking someone modded Skyrim to look like Barbie or Frozen..

  • zerophyte

    okay.. and what are the mods called for her pretty character ? Normally the stock vanilla Skyrim character models are ugly as...

  • TrooperBoot

    Very bad stutter. 9:14 Also, what is a NCP? 3:21

  • swingbean

    Hey Clare I'm also doing skyrim videos over on my channel, maybe we could collaborate in the future 😬

  • Clorox Bleach

    The sad thing is, that the Thomas the Tank Engine mod that replaces dragons with Thomas... ...is real...

  • BloodShank

    is she using a green screen? That guy has not moved at all during the video. That's not her real room.

  • Smeared

    I'm thinking of making a mage class should I be a high elf or breton

  • OGVuLTz

    it sucks i have a ps4 skyrim..

  • Bigboss

    More makeup maybe you hit 1M subs.

  • Max !

    Dark Brotherhood??? Plz Play Again I miss #support-Lydia

  • EXOtic Seventeen

    Some one I beg of you. If you create an account in Bethesda, will they charge you money? Please answer me someone, I need to know.

  • NightTigirl 992

    Thank u sooooooooo much CLARE luv u

  • Scorpion 09

    do a series where u hunt down every Dragon priest

  • Emmanuel Rayas

    dam, this girl its gorgeus :o---

  • Snapdragon 9600

    Most of these id agree with, but id take armour and weapons mods like the seraphim body ones and the ninja weapons ones ect, over wearing light furs, freezing to death, then encountering badass monsters that fur offers little defence against! And why walk when you can have Arvak undead horse mod, at 5k, or 3 megabytes gets you a pegasus.

  • FanatcQuill 250

    The Dark side is behind you lol dark Picka-vather

  • 17 is me

    which enb is being used in this vedio??

  • DeenKidzTV

    can you tell us how to download skyrim special edition

  • Joshua P.


  • Mark Bishop

    I am a casual gamer. Fast travel helps this a bit

  • Nathan Shabdolt

    you should play more games like youtuber's life i really liked watching you play them :)

  • Anton Fowler

    you forgot "cold and wet" which gives you the visual cues that your cold or wet it has options to slow you down and impare your vision during storms it includes weather gear as well

  • Ron Hutchcraft

    Another worthless video from the girl who can't stop talking. Your BF must get sick of hearing you.

  • Braiven

    No fast travel? I always play withou fasttravel. The world is the mainfeature for me. Thats why I only play Survival Mode in Fallout 4.


    HEY YOU AMAZING PEOPLE, 2 likes and I'll upload a video called the FEEDING THE HOMELESS IN DOWNTOWN LA. ] It will be up ANY SECOND UPDATE: ITS UP YOU AMAZING PEOPLE! It's a really good video and stay positive you amazing people!

  • Velvetue K-Pop

    Roses are redThe normandy is greyReport to the shipWe'll bang okay

  • Bruce Lee

    do you have botox mod?

  • California Girls

    Your such a great youtuber I love you please never stop youtube your soo awsome

  • Sherri Oliver

    The first mod just starts me in the middle of no where

  • josh nicholas gaming

    alli a was in the backround XD

  • BoTheBaller

    Clare does the Alternative Start work for the PS4?

  • Trevias Colton

    Yea ur awesome i only watched 2 videos and wanna subscribe

  • Dimensional Gamer

    I found the mods but they are all in Russian what do I do?


    I figured out that it turnes out in alternative start mod ur actually in the abandoned prison

  • Limitless Beast

    boo, weak list. All generic well known mods... SMH, every time I give this channel a chance it fails me. Done with that, I hope you all enjoy her videos but they are not enough for me.

  • Single light

    Sadly no fast travel isn't on xbox or at least not anymore, there is one that makes it so you can only do it every 36 hours though.

  • TomahawkTiger

    what grass mod is that?

  • Megyer Meng

    This mod is not good for me. A lot problem and animation broke make my mod list .

  • Kaden

    Dang girl you’ve earned yourself a sub

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