Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Trailer

Take a look at the first trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim new DLC - Dawnguard!

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  • Ca Chow

    "They think they can stop us" lol m8 you didn't say that when I applied an arrow from Auriel's bow to your face

  • Kjetil Iversen

    A movie franchise to the elder scrolls universe would be awesome! XD

  • redfox pw

    This DLC would have been perfect if you could marry Serena.

  • Sully

    What I wouldn't give for another DLC pack 😞

  • Josh JeanJacket Jaeger

    This is what a DLC is. An honest to god addition to something already "complete" (speaking in terms of bugs ;D)

  • Dalton King

    I wish you could side with Harkon, kill Serana and her mom, and make vampires control everything.

  • ZDS

    If you were DRAGONBORN you would save the world so you would join the dawnguard

  • warlock the jawlock

    I only have dragonborn dlc

  • Isaiah Reitan

    You know what would've been an epic DLC? After the civil war quest you go to a new area of skyrim and help fend off the aldmira daminon (know I spelled that wrong)

  • read this comment

    Why does dragonborn always wear that crappy protection instead of deadric or ebony armor

  • TheArtofInternet

    is dawnguard more fun or being a vampire?

  • Darth Reaper

    Harkon is such in idiot. Doesnt he know without the sun plants will die,than humans,than eventually the vampires.

  • Awesomefacecraft

    Best DLC, can't tell me otherwise.

  • That_Azure_Wolf

    I had no choice I randomly turned into a vampire when I went to the casle

  • Azrael

    There is on flaw in ur plan m8 if u block out the sun, the plants will die, then animals can't feed and they will die then so would the humans than no more blood and food for vampires. Boom.

  • Bence Fülöp

    ,,USE ALCOHOL"Oh My God!!!! So 18+illegal!Very bad for childs

  • blood raven

    skyrim made hardly any commercial for the game  cuz they knew it wus gonna blow ppl away

  • Kelin Naidoo

    BEST DLC I have ever played Serana is by far my fab follower! Has amazing story!

  • zMakez

    i would want to be on the vampire's side but when u have to beat up moth priest he dies for me and i don't know why

  • skyrim fan 20018

    i wish you can tern anyone into a vampire and have them as a folower

  • Ayod Attanayake

    what was that dragon diving into the lake about???

  • Robin Freestyler

    its pretty sad that you can't be an vampire lord after getting enchanted crossbow bcs your are an werewolf😑😂

  • The


  • thomas houghton

    you know, even though I normally go for the dawnguard, playing as the vampire lord is really fun

  • The Ascended Saiyan Elite V1TM

    was that karstag 0:56 ?

  • Alisú

    cade os br aki krL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Eberhardt

    Some one reply is it worth the money ?

  • GonnaYouGG

    i played skyrim like meanwhile 10 times (2 times all sidequests :P) to see every decisions but i chose the vampires side just one time xD even so i did pick the stormcloaks just one time :D

  • Meg OCo

    1:15 spot the deathly hallows symbol

  • Zalza Pm

    I didn't get to finish that dlc :\ I got the chalice filled with the blood then the two vampire people discussed about killing me and taking the chalice so I killed them went back to deliver the chalice, but I can't because I keep getting attacked by everyone when I enter the castle :\

  • Jipsy Jeepies

    i just want to download this cuz of the crossbow XD

  • Red Stint

    1:05,это ещё что за х***?Я такого не видел в игре!У меня блин есть это ДЛЦ!

  • Red Stint

    0:56,где можно встретить этого великана?

  • Ritz handles

    elder scrolls & gta only games i will buy full price

  • Nyx Blood Hunter

    Well I will never see the sun again

  • Craig Cameron

    Got it but the trailer still gives me chills

  • Johanny Velasquez

    so this is the new skyrim

  • Len Boated

    Nup dragonborn dlc is going to be much better

  • Happy Rabid Duck

    Only problem is vampires are really quite sucky

  • TheWolfPaladin 1

    wrong pc version lags more

  • Charlie Chance

    I like Xbox bedder than ps3 but I know that pc is really good but I don't really like ps3

  • SerbianMachoMan

    Dawnguard is better :) U get totally new perk tree for werewolf and u have access to crossbows. You keep your transformation,steroid it up and get cool weapon-WINNING. :)

  • Cato Sandvik

    It still doesent say how to start the new downloadeble contents...

  • Legion990

    i still think werewolfs are better

  • Terirev Rawr

    Pc is better than all consoles this isn't news

  • ShhLetItHappen

    I totally agree with you. I have got Skyrim for both xbox and PC aswell. And the only con with the xbox, for me, is that there are no mods :(

  • avatarumbra

    Yah first gtime chose vampires, dawngaurd is pretty cool though

  • militaRee94

    fucking trailer made me choose vampire... dawnguard side was 100x bettwer

  • Zodiark

    Well mine and my friends PSN works, so i think that's a YOU problem.

  • Starwolf479

    There is no reason to hate on other consoles, so stop your fighting and enjoy the game

  • Nihilanth


  • Attery

    favorit trailer, right here.

  • Noah Shenk

    Fucking Xbox Fanboys. Fucking PS3-tards. Fucking PC Elitists. Shut the fuck up and enjoy the DLC, it's out for everyone now.

  • Man Down Under

    It's gonna be one of those days...

  • mxturcotte42

    finally someone who has common sense :)

  • mxturcotte42

    Actually, Morrowind came out for Xbox 360, not PracticalShit3, all of the DLCs come out for Xbox first, heck, I don't even think this ones gonna come out for the worst console ever (PS3) Xbox 360 ftw

  • Beemo696Yikes

    @Below: DF LOLOLOLOLOL This is a dlc,not a game console trailer.

  • Slayer Braunstien

    Ps3 is absolute shit...I would rather play a Wii for the rest of my life than even considering grabbing a Ps3 controller! Go to hell you Nazi loving douchebag!

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