Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Trailer

Take a look at the first trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim new DLC - Dawnguard!

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  • Ca Chow

    "They think they can stop us" lol m8 you didn't say that when I applied an arrow from Auriel's bow to your face

  • Kjetil Iversen

    A movie franchise to the elder scrolls universe would be awesome! XD

  • redfox pw

    This DLC would have been perfect if you could marry Serena.

  • Sully of 300

    What I wouldn't give for another DLC pack 😞

  • Josh JeanJacket Jaeger

    This is what a DLC is. An honest to god addition to something already "complete" (speaking in terms of bugs ;D)

  • Dalton King

    I wish you could side with Harkon, kill Serana and her mom, and make vampires control everything.

  • ZDS

    If you were DRAGONBORN you would save the world so you would join the dawnguard

  • warlock the jawlock

    I only have dragonborn dlc

  • Joe Seaver


  • Isaiah Reitan

    You know what would've been an epic DLC? After the civil war quest you go to a new area of skyrim and help fend off the aldmira daminon (know I spelled that wrong)

  • read this comment

    Why does dragonborn always wear that crappy protection instead of deadric or ebony armor

  • Darth Reaper

    Harkon is such in idiot. Doesnt he know without the sun plants will die,than humans,than eventually the vampires.

  • Awesomefacecraft

    Best DLC, can't tell me otherwise.

  • TheArtofInternet

    is dawnguard more fun or being a vampire?

  • That_Azure_Wolf

    I had no choice I randomly turned into a vampire when I went to the casle

  • Meg OCo

    1:15 spot the deathly hallows symbol

  • The


  • Azrael

    There is on flaw in ur plan m8 if u block out the sun, the plants will die, then animals can't feed and they will die then so would the humans than no more blood and food for vampires. Boom.

  • Jipsy Jeepies

    i just want to download this cuz of the crossbow XD

  • Bence Fülöp

    ,,USE ALCOHOL"Oh My God!!!! So 18+illegal!Very bad for childs

  • blood raven

    skyrim made hardly any commercial for the game  cuz they knew it wus gonna blow ppl away

  • HB

    Im all cool with picking the vampire unless its like the storys vampire and i cant do shit during the day

  • Tonykeke

    This , plus Battle Of The Heroes theme = EPIC!

  • Kaiser

    Its a DLC man..calm down..

  • HowsItHangingSWE

    I would kill my parents ust to hoold that beatiful DLC

  • Outlaw Vlogs

    This game is gonna be amazing I better be able do change my appearance!!

  • 208xx

    Don't bother man.... we can't help it if he's an idiot

  • a Zeppelin fan

    do u need to have xbox live to download dlc? cuz i have the ms points but i only have a silver membership at the moment...

  • MrAsh1417

    Looks like some dracula stuff. Cant wait

  • Roger Freeman

    its their game they can do what they want on it why should anyone care

  • Aussie Manny

    Both give immunity to diseases (including werewolf and vampirism diseases), so it's one or the other. I guess that means us werewolf Companions will be slaying some vampires. TWILIGHT CAN SUCK IT!

  • Undamagedaddyk

    Nah, that looks more like a troll.Ogre, maybe?

  • Undamagedaddyk

    No, I mean a new monster.

  • Roman†icism

    1:10 that's Dragonsreach. And I get the feeling we'll be able to travel to cyrodill, or at least the white-gold tower

  • spartaneg

    Shit! I gave the Elder Scroll away to an old grumpy Ork.... I dont think he can face this guy :/

  • Arcadiez

    no, it's for all types. But they create DLC for consoles first becouse they don't have to change the texture and effects between 360 and ps3. Then it will come to PC when they change the texture and effects becouse PC have the option of choose between diffrent of graphic settinngs =)

  • Mmmorshu

    PS3 Owner = Fucked over.. again

  • MrObviousJester

    What makes you think that?

  • Cyborg Rox

    -Watches 30 second advertisement- -Video crashes 2 seconds in- FFFFFFFFFFF-

  • Cyborg Rox

    Yeeeaaah...I'm pretty sure DLCs are free...

  • mplsmnpi

    I'll be the first to post walkthrough

  • Aaron18Cvx

    Idk if this is unfair but why does PS3 and PC have to wait for this DLC and XBOx GETS IT THIS SUMMER and what month are the PS3 and PC players gonna get it?

  • Jayli0

    So when is this DLC coming out?

  • Xenosdrako

    *spits coffee on screen. AWESOME!

  • Tom Edwards

    We wants it! We wants it now! We wants the precious...

  • Quingu89

    Highly recommend to try Tales of Lycanthropy mod for PC version it gives more sense for Werewolfes. Find it on Skyrim Nexus. I still look forward to try Vampire Lord it looks so awesome.

  • DrunkNikolai666

    zenimax online is working on the mmo version not bethesa game studios and bethesda softworks is publishing it

  • DrunkNikolai666

    its in the knee listen to the guards they say in the knee not to the knee

  • thomas houghton

    you know, even though I normally go for the dawnguard, playing as the vampire lord is really fun

  • Pride A.

    So, do I have to be a vampire to play this DLC or no?

  • 92JoseR

    I can't stop jizzing.

  • Kirillian Amurawr

    i will kill all vampires as a werewolf.

  • Cris K


  • TheWolfPaladin 1

    wrong pc version lags more

  • Chungy


  • AceConquererChampion

    Oh shit, if regular vampires weren't bad enough, now we got(have) super vampires.

  • Chris Orekoya

    looks pretty beast to me.

  • sketchykitten


  • Ian Collins

    im gona be a dawngaurd

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