Skyrim Level 100 Smithing in 3 Minutes + Make Money FAST!

Skyrim Level 100 Smithing in 3 Minutes + Make Money FAST!
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  • Krešimir Cindrić

    How to get to level 100 smithing in 3 minutes:Step 1: spend 10 hours mining iron.

  • AverageDoggo

    "In three minutes"10 minute video"This process will take 5-10 minutes"

  • lolHiyoko

    These are the longest 3 minutes ever

  • Matthew Tucker

    It takes 3 minutes of Dragonball Z time to get to 100 smithing using this method.

  • Phtb13

    Level 100 smithing in three minutes.Video has ten minutes.Something is wrong

  • Mr Urquhart

    BLACKSMITHS HATE HIM! lean how to get from level 1 to 100 smithing with this one simple trick!

  • Patrick Star

    How to upgrade smithing to level 100 in 3 minutes.-Install a mod which allows smelting to upgrade it as well

  • ShakedownDreams

    "Go sleep in bed you get a well rested bonus and get some extra XP boost"Actually Megan I cant, I have werewolfism.

  • Sheo The Mad God

    This takes like a whole day not 3 minutes.

  • MaxUniverse

    "use that gold you just made, to make gold with it!"

  • Ventusumbra

    So..Gather 1300 iron oreCast transmute 2600 timesSmelt 650 gold ingotsUse the forge 650 times to make 1300 gold ringsSell them 20 at a time to 65 different merchants...And you have 3 minutes starting... Now, GO!

  • Brengilson is the Name

    Mom: Great news kids! Dinner will only take 30 minutes to makeKids: Hoorayyyy!kids come back 30 minutes laterKids: Is it done?Mom: Oh, I haven’t started cooking yet.Kids: WHY!?Mom: Prep takes a couple hours.Kids flip the dinner table

  • Warren Gouldthorpe

    This does not take 3 minutes, it takes 3 hours and smelting does not increase the smithing skill

  • Falcrist

    "You can do this in 3 minutes at level 1" Dude... WTFYou have to go get transmute, mine like 1300 ore, transmute it all, smelt it, and smith it. And lets not forget that you're not going to have cost reduction for alteration when you're level 1.That's literally 10s of hours of work... not 3 minutes. You're not even going to be level 1 when you START smithing.

  • chancegoondavis

    It takes way longer than 3 mins if you include the time to get the iron and transmuting it clickbait lol

  • Aquarius

    This is just like GTA, you can do this method in 1 MINUTE! (after 8 hours of gathering what you need to start it) 😑

  • Matt Butcher

    5:57Still waiting on that Enchanting Guide in 2019!

  • DEATHMAN1651

    So you can do it at level 1 guys: Step 1 - get an adept alteration spell XD

  • 5,000 subscribers with no videos?

    Says in three minutesSays casting the spell takes 10 minutes

  • Pixeltrix

    I had to switch to 1.75x playback speed, I couldnt take it anymore...

  • Mariosam100

    I doing my first playthrough completely vanilla, but these graphics are just so damn good I’m struggling to keep myself from doing mods

  • Contessa Adella

    Um’ you do NOT get a smithing rise from smelting the ore. No way does making like 5 rings get you a whole skill level once the skill gets up a bit...I suspect there’s some kind of mod booster going on here. Plus...btw...that 600 gold ingots he mentions requires 1200 silver to transmute and those require 2400 iron ingots to transmute. Good luck getting 2400 iron ore without cheats in any reasonable time.

  • Capt Grovesy

    Nice clickbait bro. Strange how you're getting Smithing leveled up by Smelting.


    Um... Ive never seen a mechant buy things for their actual value. Correct me if there is a merchant that does. ( leveling up the speech skill dosent count)

  • Damien Webb

    Went to every iron, silver and gold mine in Skyrim and still not 100 3 minutes my *ss

  • LaserLance

    How to get smithing on 100 in 3 minutes and get richStep 1: watch this 10 min videoStep 2: level speech to 100 to prove the calculations of this videoStep 3: follow the instructions but hurry tf up

  • Wouter de vries

    It takes 3 minutes once you have all the materials to make the golden rings. Y'all grasping at straws. Otherwise it'd just be 3 minutes of him spamming the A button and you'd be complaining about how he didn't explain how he did it xD Always something to complain about.

  • Jeremy Dalilak

    I like the dragonsreach dresser to clean the stolen items so anyone can buy them. I've pickpocketed even the Jarl.

  • Izaac Goudreau Reloaded


  • Matyas Frydrych

    I am loving ESO's videos, but, is it even possible to have level 1 at smiting?(Honestly, I am your big fan ESO, keep it coming)

  • Matthew Lafferty

    Quick fact, Fortify Sneak is the most valuable enchantment for apparel.

  • Amy Carter

    Explained in three minutes.Well, sort of.Time it takes to do this?Probably about thirty-six hours of game time.

  • Nathan Szpakowski

    "depending on how much magic you have this will probably take 5-10 minutes"

  • Makimi Mki

    Skyrim is the best game

  • Russian Ivan

    A >WAY< easier way to level up blacksmith,learn pickpocket skill high enough or join thieves guildJoin companionsGo to whiterun sky forge,right of dragonsreach Pay blacksmith to train you each time you pay him pickpocket him rinse and repeat Find another blacksmith and do the same lol

  • Artjoms Pugacovs

    Secondary this not original Skyrim.Ita some kinda edited versio

  • TheSpookyMacaw

    Actually the ring will sell less than 75 gold if you havent upgraded your speach especially at level 1. But if you have then you would get 75 or more gold depending on how many perks you put in the skill tree.

  • Aquarius

    After 6 hours of collecting everything you need around the world......

  • Jared Hardegree

    Also, the leveling from smelting is a mod.

  • Windows Error 1495

    Don’t forget that if you have a surplus of gemstones like me, you can bolster the value of your rings even more!

  • tiberius staicu

    congrats ! you (probably) got : 10175 gold from watching this video

  • dark souls salty

    you have level 15 enchanting but still you have the and yet you have double effect!

  • 3rdCoast Bourbon

    Lol so just do everything you already do in smithing just be able to freeze time irl👍🏽

  • Whitefang 73005

    lol I can't rest well. I'm a werewolf XDEdit: in skyrim obviously

  • Umbisol Overdrive

    “You can even do this if your level one”Me: okay...“First thing you will need is transmute”Me: I’m level 37 with a daedric sword, most Daedric artifacts, and full ebony armor. BUT I DONT HAVE THAT SPELL!

  • PrimalPhatMan

    🤔 are there specific places to specifically mine iron or gold?

  • chevyeater2

    I have been with you since your first video and the guide's work

  • AxeHelix

    "Level 100 Smithing in Three Minutes."video is ten minutes long

  • writx12

    Actually 3 skills at once speech, smithing and alteration

  • Logan Beckman

    Title: lvl 100 smithing in 3 minutesVideo length: 10 minutesMe: HMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Austin Murphy


  • Pixelmaster99

    Mining it manually only gets 1 vs animation giving 2

  • thatGuy 86

    1-100 smithing in 3 minutes. In a 10 minute video🤔

  • Acesnick

    Smelting doesn't level up smelting. At least on ps3

  • Aaron Lawson

    Keep on what you doing you're doing a great job thank you

  • Daniel Arvidsson

    Very misleading title as usual but yes, this is probably the fastest way.

  • Rophie Monroy

    7:41 above/below"Me: 12.02 FPS"

  • Perry Perry

    ESO, love your videos man, you have made skyrim so much more fun for me, I love the game anyway but now its awesome ! ! !

  • CrimsonWolf219 CrimsonWolf219

    I use the atherial crown to have both the Warrior stone and the Lover stone get the" ancient knowledge" effect from the unfashionable depths quest and sleep in an owned bed to get the well rested effect.Warrior Stone- + 20%Lover Stone- +15%Ancient Knowledge- +15%Well rested- +10% (or 15% if you sleep in your bed with your wife/husband) This equals +60/65% boost to smithing levelingFun fact: dwarven Bows are cheap to make and give precious good xp.

  • KawwPlays

    Or, you can install the mod named Free Crafting and everything except modded armor & weaponry are free to craft, even gold. You also level up your blacksmith skills even faster.

  • LBLACK1969

    Don't forget to travel to Markarth, and visit the nearby Kolskegger mine. 17 gold deposits, just gotta kill the foresworn off.

  • Tiffany Ulloa

    I only watch ur how to guides cause I know there legit so thanks for the amazing guides and keep up the great work 👍

  • Elmo

    Press: ~Step 1: player.additem f 100000Step 2: repeat & ProfitStep 3: don’t watch a 10 minute video on how to do it the hard way.

  • David Mulyk

    Level 100 Smithing in 3 minutes.Takes 11 minutes in the video to tell us how to do it.

  • Fredrick Brueshaber

    lvl 100 took me 3 days of making arrows ;-;

  • Ege T

    A classic ESO video: farm 10 hours+spam buttons to make something in 3mins=worthy thumnail

  • odianegros

    you literally tried everything to make the video 10 minutes long

  • SpaceCows!

    You already m is that you doing be able to do a certain amount of stuff because ESO USES MODS!!!

  • Highlander

    I have found a little glitch while experimenting. If you go to a vendor who sells iron ore (or gold and silver if you can find one in decent quantity) you can buy the ore, quicksave, punch them, then reload and their stock will be reset. You can repeat the process to get infinite ore without needing to mine.I just discovered it at warmaidens, so I have been clearing out his iron and silver, saving, punching him and reloading for a while now and should be able to level smithing to 100 much easier this way. Works with the unofficial patch too.Come to think of it.. It may be even quicker to buy the materials, and reload, to make whatever the most expensive armor you can make is, provided you have a lot of gold.-Update. This works incredibly well and I have never seen it anywhere else on the web. You can make your money back by selling the items you create and hitting the vendor to make his money restock too. Find the item on your smithing perk tree which uses the least buyable resources and sells for the highest price, I have been able to get up to 90 in a very short time with this method.

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