Hitman: Blood Money speedrun - SGU 2018

Hitman Blood Money Pro difficulty, Silent Assassin rating speedrun from Speed Games United 2018. The SA part might be a bit questionable at times.
  • TheKotti

    Hitman Contracts speedrun from SGU Summer 2018:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNztoBPquqM

  • ITechno Gaming

    SGU, also known as *The Better Less Cringy More fun AGDQ*.

  • The Illuminati

    Holy shit, an event speedrun where the video actually starts at the beginning of the run... its a goddamn miracle...

  • DashNothing

    I like how the estimated time is 47 minutes

  • ind0ctr1n3

    SGU is way better than GDQ.For one they don't prohibits jokes that 'might offend someone'.


    10 years later.... "Hitman Blood Money by Kotti" Could watch this run forever

  • Irrapture

    love the guy in the background on the right enjoying it all and laughing really loud :D


    Good job blood money is best hitman

  • Lozzy Opino

    I could watch for hours (actually I do) because the way you improvise and entratainment

  • Lashazior

    "The SA part might be a bit questionable at times." - Wouldn't be a Hitman marathon run without it lol

  • 246trinitrotoluene

    The guy rolling his wheelchair down the stairs (on his own) and dying in that glitched fashion had me laughing harder than I should have.

  • OnlyFails

    9:47 - "I don't have that kind of money".Spat my drink out and chocked on it that was so funny!

  • Sock

    Wait, a new GDQ? Maybe one that isn't hyper cringy and a platform for politics?Baby, I'm so in.

  • Buruk47

    Shhh, silent assassin. 34:20

  • Fleon Uchiha

    This game never gets old. Love it. Pretty good and funny run^^


    27:46 counter-terrorists win

  • Equinox

    Never clicked faster before

  • Georg Oliveri

    Played this game on xbox as a teen. bought it again on steam after I saw a speedrun by kotti and was just amazed how differend you can play this game

  • Game Vault Guides

    "Look at the coin Mister Clarence..."

  • etozevol4ok

    27:45 counter terrorists win

  • Kali Ma Shakti De

    10:40 Damn, i played this game an infinite amount of times and i'm still discovering new ways of completing a level. This game is full of surprises...

  • Wrp Beater

    take a shot every time kotti says "hello"

  • xX_360SMOKER_Appl3_Jack_Xx W33D

    Also side question: are all finnish guys look exactly the same? Glasses, short blonde hair, weird beards (not yours Kotti :3)

  • A S K

    Love the run, absolutely hilarious look at one of my favourite games!

  • Georg Oliveri

    Love the subtle saintmillion bashing

  • lolizorz

    wow,a speedrun that's actually entertaining to watch.

  • Scandalous Scar

    while i respect what you have done here, i feel like i ned to say that the hitman series is the only game series where i do not agree with the speedrun aspect OR the rules of a speedrun. the whole point is to be a well balanced assassin. the best in the world. but still. kudos for the achievement.

  • Fazri Gading

    10:40 best game humor i've ever seen

  • Awad k

    the laughs were real on this one xD

  • Happy Tribe

    9:43 hahaha the guy is a legend

  • Aaran Howell

    Clicking on YouTube and seeing the thumbnail made me happy

  • Ben M

    This is fucken awesome. Ah the memories!

  • Morty C-137

    Easily one of my favorite speedrunners. Always A+ Gameplay and commentary.

  • KurosCloud

    7:57 Adapt, Overcome...

  • sigurdtheblue

    Funny how everyone is commending this for not being AGDQ when it feels exactly the same as watching their videos, just without the donations. Anyway, fun speedrun, although Hitman is always fun to watch and since I am not familiar with the game at all, it doesn't feel that special.

  • Mysteerimies

    Meinasitko joskus leikata nuo pallikarvat leuastas?......(joke)

  • Limimin

    entertaining as always kotti!

  • Nonii 92

    Where the SGU is held?

  • WolfTco

    nice run gg ;D 20:00 lol

  • CrazyChaos

    Really enjoyed this! :D

  • Georg Oliveri

    Really never clicked so fast on a video

  • erenozturk666 \m/

    but that goatee tho O.O

  • Daniel

    Wow! I never knew the wheelchair was a witness

  • Karlostoven

    Thank you Kotti for all this amazing runs you always keep me entertain. You are my favorite speedruner.

  • Sagara Sousuke

    The cringe of them trying to be funny on all these kind of speed runs, is too much.

  • xX_360SMOKER_Appl3_Jack_Xx W33D

    HOLY MOLLY FINALLY SOME GOOD STUFF. I was waiting for a hitman speedrun so long Kotti, thanks buddy

  • Lozzy Opino

    I was waiting for this upload! You the man

  • MrAlexbreak

    Usually I hate Speed walkers, its not what gaming is about. But this is my favorite game and this player was hilarious

  • Stashek 06

    Pozdrawiam mojego Pana z histy

  • Azrael

    The dude's beard is just...no

  • Shadow Bladekiss

    I really like how enemies in Hitman Blood Money, spot you and runs all the way to your location with not a single witness in sight, just to tell you "Don't do that" and you get a free kill. Lol.

  • dalton tracy

    This game is racist against wheelchairs 😂 stairs my worst enemy you win again gravity😂

  • Ali Nadem

    You're very entertaining bro love the blood money content

  • OG lumipyry

    suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  • Jordan Barrett

    These guys are actually entertaining unlike GDQ

  • Danila Milyutin

    Hello, TheKotti.I wonder if you ever tried to speedrun (or playthrough) HMBM or other games in series as FP game?AFAIK, noone tried that. Maybe there are reasons for that...Sorry, if it is FAQ.

  • SnowyTrash

    This seems like such a place filled with nerds with strange hair. A place where i'll fit right in.

  • SnowyTrash

    My favourite part of this run is that dude on the couch to the right, he's just having genuine fun

  • pepe7777777

    This is such a great game brings back so many memories watching this vid, the new hitman game doesnt stand a chanse compared to blood money, imo. Thanks for the upload :)

  • Angh balahr

    And here they said money doesn´t kill anyone.

  • MuDDy BLooDy

    I am so glad, that IO-Interective really tried hard to make new HITMAN pleasing to any true hitman fan. But i still miss Jesper Kyd's monumental music, which is enjoying enough without playing the game and i also miss that serious killer's atmosphere, like when you kill a target in Blood Money this orchestra replaces total silence and you are starting to feel like spme kind of Satan's soldier, that was epic. New Hitman is just Bond's and Mission Impossible rip-off, i don't really like it.

  • OG lumipyry

    you get new sub nice work:D

  • Yolodrol

    really entertaining, love the commentary lol

  • Inner Voice

    Dude seriously i usually hate speedruns but this is very entertaining to watch. Good job.

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