5 Cool Mods - Episode 21 - Skyrim: Special Edition Mods (PC/Xbox One)

Back with another episode of 5 Cool Mods, basically the mid week version of Skyrim: Special Edition Mods Weekly. This week I am showing you some of the best mods for consoles released in the near.


Song: Cool J - Andrew Applepie

The Mods:

The Infinity Sword:
PC - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6443/?
Xbox One - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3333887

Dwemer Dogs Companion:
PC - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6542/?
Xbox One - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3346905

Insanity Clause:
PC - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6473/?
Xbox One - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3333357

ESO Skyshards:
PC - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6331/?
Xbox One - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3326557

Draconic Bloodline Armor:
PC - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6448/?
Xbox One - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3325474

Thumbnail: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51401/?
Author: kjj92
  • Leong Mun

    Middle finger to sony i sure know which console to avoid when next gen coming out

  • osvaldo alvarez

    ESO is NOT based on Skyrim

  • Project Scrolls

    damn...the textures on that infinity sword look mouth watering

  • Kylo


  • M3rcier

    ESO is not based around Skyrim. It is based on Elder Scrolls of which Skyrim is based on.........jeez! Love the videos otherwise!

  • DaaaYmeeoN

    Add vent calendar ES O is not based on Skyrim

  • Mekhi Ruelas

    Who's that chick in the thumbnail?

  • MrThehammer171

    i swear if this starts out with him beating the shit outta some random npcs.........

  • Dick Willy

    ESO is pretty damn awesome now

  • Mark Espinoza

    As someone that watches your Fallout and Skyrim mod series, I really appreciate the honesty and thoroughness of your reviews. Keep up the good work! #AdventCalendar

  • Dolph Winter

    I'm leaving a comment here!

  • 立神Tachigami

    something calendar? I can't figure out what you said lol.

  • Galimir Nund

    I I read that you can't use skyrim mods in skyrim se... but the witch elf armor is working in the special edition... are there only certain mods that will work with se??

  • waheed khan

    juicehead any clue on the release date of skse

  • roddy register

    is there a dragon companions?

  • MrVerscharren

    this has been in my watch later for months lol

  • Kaitlyn Buck

    Anyone know how to find the bloodline armor the one I found on my xbox one is like 10 times slootier than the one that's being shown

  • arkham666

    currently sitting in centrair airport awaiting my flight to Hong Kong. It's gonna be a good end of the year.Also advent calendar

  • Chief Hutch

    What is it actually ? Kappa

  • Sam Suphit



    No like or abo, because of clickbait thumbnail...!

  • ok go

    Could you do real life mods

  • Corolox Bleach

    Am I the only one that plays skyrim or fallout as a dude

  • Mobias Joe

    I really Like the Dragconic Bloodline armor. Advent calendar.


    To all ps4 Fallout 4 Skyrim Remastered players who use modshttps://www.change.org/p/allow-external-asset-mods-on-fallout-4-skyrim-on-the-playstation-4

  • Gabriel Avina

    can anyone help me i played with the mods and i put the pevel up faster mod crafted a few things sold a few things and before i knew it i went from level 11 to level 22 when i open uo the skill menu can i go back to my regular level? i dont want to be too high level for the quest it will get boring

  • Marvey

    What is your modlist? (If you have one)

  • Michael Dreamer

    Advent Calendar. PS4: This is NOT for the players.

  • Florian Queisser

    in the First seconds there is a Trident . how do i get this?

  • Nathan Storer

    I don't like Advent calendars. I like normal calendars.

  • Kamir Aurelia (Formerly AeonStaite)

    Draconic Bloodline is partially broken, specifically the armor setup. You have the heavy armor set listed as cloth, minus the arms which are light armor, and some robes are great, but their gloves are light armor as well.

  • Al the CHICKEN

    skyrim noob, eso is not based on skyrim, it's based on the ELDER SCROLLS. honestly have you played anything but skyrim.

  • salvatore alioto

    will there be a frostfall mod?

  • iTzNot JKilla

    Lol anyone else grab the nude Mod off Bethesda net before it got pulled

  • NXavier787

    Advent calendar. We appreciate you, Juice! Keep 'em comin' brother! Merry Christmas :-)

  • NXavier787

    Everyone that gave a shout-out to ESO: I think it'd be fun to make a Juice Guild and run with eachother.

  • ii_recklxss_

    so this is for the xbox one too tho right bro?

  • Mrreddead1011

    A lot of people play ESO

  • Jack Viviere

    1. ESO is really good, and a lot of people play it.2. ESO has some things that are better, or worse, than they were in Skyrim3. ESO IS NOT BASED AROUND SKYRIM! ESO is based around the war between the Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact, and the Daggerfall Covenant. In ESO there are classes (Sorcerer, Templar, etc.) and the player can travel all around Tamriel. The plot is based around Molag Bal in Coldharbour, and trying to get your character's soul back. ESO and Skyrim are two very different games!

  • Ruth Seifert

    What's the armor in thumbnail? And is it on Xbox one?

  • jlamwuzhere

    Dude, I like your videos, but please cut back on the "actually" repetitions.

  • Tauryan Couch

    the insanity Claus is like the darkbrother mission in oblivion i think

  • epicchar2001

    I can't find a good assassin armour that is lore friendly. Any suggestions?

  • Benji Holt

    You sounded disappointed u didn't get into the mod, you know there has been people who has been doing this for 5 years and you've been doing it for maybe a year on Fallout 4 and only Skyrim SE, if DDProduction made it then he got og mod showcasters or people who knew personally, I wouldn't get beat up about it

  • psycho

    A lot of small youtubers like you mostly make crap content I'm glad your not them like them.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  • Kevin Krejca

    love the top 5 premise as well as not wasting time on a cheesy intro

  • James Rodgers

    can someone please make a thor armor mod please.

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