Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion by BubblesDelFuego in 48:27 - Summer Games Done Quick 2015 - Part 129

This is a speedrun of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion by BubblesDelFuego from Summer Games Done Quick 2015. The run starts at 2:05.

SGDQ2015 raised over $1,200,000 for Doctors Without Borders, and is just one of the many charity marathons from Games Done Quick.

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  • Dekkren Kain

    None of the history books in Skyrim mentioned a glowing white blur blazing across the country side leaving a trail of skooma bottles behind it as the savior of the empire...

  • Iceman

    finishes the run not much of an applause. throws a skull at a cup the whole room erupts.

  • Quill Quickcard

    Of note. The adventure begins on the morning of the 27 of Last Seed. Run ends on the afternoon of the 30th. THE OBLIVION CRISIS WAS 3 DAYS.

  • TheMeaningsOfLives AsACat

    "Hey remember when that guy, trippin on skooma, saved the entire empire all alone ? ""Aww no , i was fishing that day .. "

  • Misharu

    I like this canon that the Champion of Cyrodill is this drug addict altmer who psychotically speeds around the province to save the world. Leaving discarded bottles everywhere and jamming metal into keyholes to unlock doors at blinding speeds.

  • Whoimiz 412

    That was a really HIGH-elf...

  • Prince Lothar

    These types of speed runs are so funny. You got speedruns like Super Mario 64 where a commentator says "We do it this way because it saves at least half a second" Then you have Oblivion, where they are all "Did the dead bodies teleport? Did they? Yay! They did."

  • Baronvladdy

    the idea of some cracked out high elf strung out on skooma 24/7 saving Tamriel in a couple of days is very amusing

  • Thomas Rowlands

    see even a crazy cracked out high elf can save the world :D

  • MrSmexy702

    sucks a softlock ruined the run.

  • Wicky

    Hehe "I'm over Cucumber so I need more Skooma."

  • Higgins2001

    31:06 "Would 9:11 be a good time?" That's the 9/11 of SGDQ commentary

  • Jam Z

    i heard...but this isnt confirmed...that you cannot escape his vigilance...ahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahand the way theyre all yelling while he runs past ahahahahahahaha

  • Grocktoczar

    Skooma... maybe just once...

  • The Stern Dragoon

    I'd love to see a Robot Chicken-esque parody of this where the player drinks a bunch of Skooma and THINKS he's running around saving the world from the gates of Hell, when the whole time he was just lying in a drug-induced hallucination coma, grinning, drooling and mumbling incoherently as he lies on the floor.

  • boppo_skrew

    That explains why khajit move faster than other characters it's cause they're always hopped up on skooma and moon sugar

  • Garrett Wilson

    Saw the bowling, though to my self "That's it, nothing is going to be better."

  • MegaJotie

    I really liked the followers yelling "jump on my sword while you can" if they're stuck in an AI loop and holding a bow. Good times.

  • Crispy Baked

    The character you created looks exactly like Conan O'brien.

  • Bubbadoo

    Albino ex-convict skooma addict steals a ton of books then saves the world in less than an hour.

  • Rosetta Stoned

    "Sean Bean had to die in Oblivion too." So happy somebody else also thought the same thing as i did too about Sean Bean.

  • Harrison Wall

    high elf living up to his name

  • Sho Yo rite

    The run was not void because of the clip... It was void because it was all a skuma trip and never actually happened at all.

  • unfairlight

    Okay, a skooma addict will become the scribe of the next Elder Scroll.

  • toastydick

    Your Intelligence has been damaged.

  • Handsome Kiddo

    31:06 "Would 9/11 be a good time?"

  • Quill Quickcard

    This is my new headcanon for Oblivion.

  • monkeynut000

    im glad im not the only one that says "over cucumbered"

  • NEONSTAR 2000

    lol damn back in the day i stored millions and millions of skooma in the secret room of the castle dlc!

  • HaroldTheSeaOddur

    Buys skooma "This is where things get fun"

  • Michael Fitzgerald

    31:00 "would nine-eleven be a good time?"I was like "wait... WHAT?"

  • demilung

    No OOB runs are the best runs.

  • Haruhiro Grimgar

    God imagine the hangover the protagonist must have after this is over.

  • Knight and Crow


  • rusPiglets

    3:59-You immediately bind heal minor wounds and ... heal minor wounds.I don't even know, I have been laughing for 10 minutes already.

  • olpdragon

    GASP! Evil Shadex! You are evil, but join me. Robotex is your slaver!I become super form, GOMEX ! ! !

  • LeviathanLP

    Surprising no-one, a triple-blind study conducted by ancestor moth priests reveals that the fastest way to save Tamriel is to drink an ungodly amount of skooma.

  • Edwin Cheesecake

    The runner's demeanour completely changed after the softlock forced him to tcl. Went from happy and fun to depressive vocal tone and a quiet couch. Gotta feel bad man.

  • reagan miller

    You made your character look like Michael Jackson😂

  • AlanPharaohs

    I've been on a major GDQ kick the past two weeks. And I'm living every moment of it.

  • Neves7561

    tmw you save an entire continent from a demonic invasion in a drug-fuelled haze

  • Wayne Yooktz

    I'm demanding a new category: bowling%.

  • Max Moko

    Looking at this speedrun just squeezed my mind.Nostalgic.

  • TeeJaaY

    Damn I didn't know a time like 52 seconds was possible...

  • Scott Lazich

    1:41 the silence is real

  • TheNosScarFace

    "9/11 Would that be a good time?" "Yeah, theyre all in the same house at the same time so we can murder them all". That sounds so wrong :´D

  • BP Lup

    Moon sugar is a hell of a drug

  • Paule Bert

    looks like i have to install oblivion again... :D

  • Punchweasel

    Bubbles of Fire is a kickass name, and this is a kickass run.

  • LyingTuna

    I just had the exact same glitch during the tomb for Tiber Septim's armor happen yesterday when playing casually. No idea what triggers it, but yeah, thank god for console commands. No idea what a console player would do though lol

  • xcaliber316

    the skill and mastery of this game is amazing the timing and delicate jumps shows true commitment to your craft!

  • James Dean

    I can just hear the character going woooooooooooooooo throughout the entire speedrun

  • k

    this run is so slow compared to the 6 min one xD

  • Michael Harrison


  • jonathan4055

    You can be even quicker with spells it usually crashes the game.

  • Isaac Rumley

    His character went from Lord Farquaad to Satan to Michael Jackson 😂😂

  • TheAngryGamer 360

    They should've named the first character Michael Jackson

  • shingshongshamalama

    This is a No Out Of Bounds run. 100% pure NOOB.

  • SirBrittanicvs

    Fear and Loathing in Cyrodill

  • ryn lanty

    Its pronounced..."ja-furry" lol

  • Orin Slythe

    Run ACTUALLY starts at 3:55 then REALLY ACTUALLY starts at 5:40 Not even joking....

  • APNT H

    "This is your brain, and this is your brain on Skooma." and "Top 5 drug dealers I've ever met" are two of the funniest statements I've heard in a speedrun. Love when the runners are so good with commentary lol

  • Jeremiah Hix

    i love these non cringy commentaries

  • sicario

    The games like 'no plz why you key so much'

  • j3s0n

    You can fire spells in faster succession if you hold the block button. The runner could do this to speed up mistakes when he misses a target, no?

  • Jim Panse

    "they just run faster because bethesda"

  • James

    That dupe glitch is why I can’t go to skingrad on my Xbox save any more.

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