Skyrim: Dragonborn - Dragon Shout: Cyclone

The locations for all three Words of Power for the Dragon Shout, Cyclone (VEN GAAR NAS).

Benkongerike - 0:12
White Ridge Barrow - 0:50
Kolbjorn Barrow - 1:08

The solution to the puzzle in Benkongerike Great Hall is from left to right: eagle, whale, whale, snake.

Kolbjorn Barrow and Unearthed quest walkthrough:
  • Richard Sander

    That shout is useless, for this is the shout "fus ro dah"

  • Allan Wong

    Feels like hasagi to me

  • Zay150kV

    second hmm ablino fwaking spiders pukes i quit this game comes back face my fear and disgust done never going back there again

  • GramEr

    cant believe i cleared the cave but passed this shout but thanks dovahkiin

  • GramEr

    i passed all the words wow

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    For anyone who do have the PC edition, is there any way to disable the Dawnguard DLC until the player FELT like playing it at a higher level - as to not get their butts handed back to em' while playing ? Just wondered. (ANY help will be appreciated.)

  • GramEr

    when u have all shouts talk to the greybeards they will do something i was watching someone play on the quest the greybeards said talk to them when u have all shouts some people have passed this

  • Connor Flasker

    I didnt know there was a dragon priest at the end

  • Sara Michael

    Thanks this is my favorite shout

  • Distant Deviant

    Eagle horker horker snake :D

  • Milk Man

    does this shout have a dlc

  • Random TarantulaGuy

    My favourite one! Theres nothing better to blow the fuck out of your enimies with a good ol fashioned tornado lol!

  • Aki Cacciatore

    You see, they dont fucking fly to heaven

  • Devin Cloud

    Is the first word learned by winter hold?

  • Vibexeternity

    You don't have to go in this order...

  • DaFaR guedes

    where can i find that cave?

  • kmsP

    That's a whale? I thought that was a dagger.

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    That Dragon priest at the end of Kolbjorn Barrow.......I found out the hard way about a month ago or so, that if you don't have all of Azzidal's full armor set, you're screwed when you get to the Dragon Priest boss. I wish I could get all the shouts for the slow time shout, then I could do the pressure plate thing and not have to worry about speeding up so darn fast. Then again, I just earlier tonight got the perk that lets me go over pressure plates and it not set off traps......I don't know if that would have anything to do with the pressure plates on the floor area in Kolbjorn Barrow, but I HOPE it won't mess it up. I love having that perk though, because then I won't have to worry with stupid spike traps wanting to freaking kill me. The past few days since my game has been working pretty well with hardly any problems, I hope when I get to the task to get to Blackreach, that the stupid game won't freeze on me when I get to collecting the Crimson Nirnroot. (Speaking of which, I wonder if the CRIMSON ones re-spawn ????? And if so, how long should I "wait" for them to re-spawn" and even if I leave Blackreach then come back, could I still get more Crimson Nirnroot to collect ????) Great video !!! Thank you for the tips.

  • Joseph Johnson

    What daggers were those at the end? Knowing my luck they're DLC too, but either way

  • IceMakerSama

    It should be WEX WEX FUCKING QUAS!

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