Skyrim: Dragonborn - Dragon Shout: Cyclone

The locations for all three Words of Power for the Dragon Shout, Cyclone (VEN GAAR NAS).

Benkongerike - 0:12
White Ridge Barrow - 0:50
Kolbjorn Barrow - 1:08

The solution to the puzzle in Benkongerike Great Hall is from left to right: eagle, whale, whale, snake.

Kolbjorn Barrow and Unearthed quest walkthrough:
  • Jiren

    when u have all shouts talk to the greybeards they will do something i was watching someone play on the quest the greybeards said talk to them when u have all shouts some people have passed this

  • Allan Wong

    Feels like hasagi to me

  • Connor Flasker

    I didnt know there was a dragon priest at the end

  • DaFaR guedes

    where can i find that cave?

  • Richard Sander

    That shout is useless, for this is the shout "fus ro dah"

  • Jiren

    cant believe i cleared the cave but passed this shout but thanks dovahkiin

  • Phairaoh

    second hmm ablino fwaking spiders pukes i quit this game comes back face my fear and disgust done never going back there again


    There were some environmental clues nearby.

  • zjapp

    Skyrim freezes on ps3 and has lag fix ir bethesda is not going to fix it help plz! I hope that after 2 years it was fixed but no no no

  • mastersoapman45

    I should really buy skyrim since cod sucks :-)

  • Horrid_

    I know right? They complain about the DLC but they get exclusive access to other DLC's like bf3 DLC

  • Joseph Johnson

    What daggers were those at the end? Knowing my luck they're DLC too, but either way

  • xXsilentWAFFLEXx

    Just for example, it took clashtjm like 8 episodes lol

  • xXsilentWAFFLEXx

    Any race can get it :) its like the most famous shout in skyrim FUS..... ROH DAH!!!!!!!

  • xXsilentWAFFLEXx

    I think it's trying to communicate. Can we get a translator over here?

  • Senpai Didn't Notice me

    to falando dragonborn dlc '-' só sai em janeiro

  • we all

    The first week in the ps store the dlc is 50% discounted it counts for all the other dlc to it will come the 13th or something can't wait

  • Jack Frost

    Hey PS3 players, stop complaining. I remember reading somewhere that the reason you guys don't have DLC yet is the fact that they're having software issues or something like that. Bethesda is trying their ass's off to get you guys the DLC and you're just pissing on their shoes. You guys are the the main reason we don't have more DLC already. They've been too busy trying to fix the PS3 problem.

  • Milk Man

    does this shout have a dlc

  • thewheelman222

    It is the dumbest thing. If bethesda wanted us to know ps3 was tons of shit why would they add DLC to fallout 3 or NV which is also made by bethesda. This proves your point invalid.

  • AlchemistOfNirnroot

    How? They both piss me off equally. Gender doesn't effect it.

  • Hide The Chicken

    Guess you're pretty slow then

  • thewheelman222

    That was the dumbest thing I read today.

  • Drug Lord Goucha

    It's just a weaker version of it I'd say.

  • NapalmLightingGod

    its good back you didnt rlly do the shouts one by use the 1st so we can see it then use the 2nd one to so we can see it...not say its not goodddddd >_>.....buuuutttttttt i like the dagger yu was using (right hand)

  • Rexy

    The master water spell would be a mini tsunami :D


    I have a ps3 and I'm not mad at Bethesda I know they were having problems with the other DLC so I'm glad we at least get this one

  • Sebascc100

    Hahaha, this sounds so epic xD

  • Dusty Shane

    Still assuming I see. I've done everything, even the spider thing, didn't see the point or fun in it. The only thing I don't have is The Glass Bow of the Staag Prince, butt hat's only because of my Pickpocket level.

  • Dusty Shane

    Lol no, I'm playing on Xbox. How would I know if it was shitty and short if I didn't play it? The main quest itself was short, but it was decently interesting finding out more about Hermaous Mora, the former most mysterious Daedra. I'm really only upset because I played Bloodmoon in Morrowind and in case you didn't play it, you went to Solstheim as well, but they changed the whole landscape in this DLC for some reason. But the nostalgia is great, I just wish I could actually go on Morrowind.

  • Dusty Shane

    I did, I already told you. I even looked up on the Wiki if there was more.

  • Dusty Shane

    How about quit being an asshole and assuming things. I did all the side quests and got all the items that were worth a damn. It was a good DLC, they could've done more I thought.

  • Dusty Shane

    Also, when you say this is their best DLC yet, I would agree it's the best for Skyrim, not in their entire franchise.

  • Dusty Shane

    Also, if you played the Bloodmoon DLC in Morrowind where you went to Soltheim the first time, you may be disappointed, everything is different, like the landscape, and there are no Ghral, but there are more fucking spiders.

  • Dusty Shane

    Thanks for waiting a month for that comeback.

  • Dusty Shane

    I'm not a PS3 player asshole, I said I played it, how could I fucking play it if I was a PS3 player?

  • Brett Bremer

    Mirraks can only get if after finishing the main quest Dragonborn DLC

  • Darth Vader

    The best base dmg one-handed weapon in the game nbd

  • Danielsousacarvalho Daniel San

    I have daedric armor and azidal boots

  • E U J O

    Well, I think PC is superior because of mods and we get DLC's fairly early. Oh, well, thanks!

  • E U J O

    Screw consoles. PC forever.

  • MultiCoolman125

    How about me?I finished Dark Brotherhood,Thieves Guilds,The werewolf guild forgot how its called,and the Mages Guild.Also the main-story line and almost all the side quests.

  • KrakenCube

    Whenever I see someone Use this shout I hear the tornado Rex song from board James

  • Wade Marley

    This shout is even more fun when you go to cities to fuck around with Infinite Shouting :D I have launched guards clear out of Whiterun (while they run towards me) sometimes the game freezes and when it starts back up the shout becomes 5 times more powerful causes people to just disappear into the sky, but I'm on Ps3 so it gets really laggy, which is why they fly away so far...

  • Nick Wilson

    water would be amazing to lool

  • Gyro Zeppeli

    Yes we get bf3 dlc first that's pretty much it

  • Matthew Bowdler

    We already whined about Battlefield DLC. :P

  • YouBeSonicImTails

    Its the "Dragonborn" DLC. Its a Skyrim Expansion for xbox360. Im not sure if its on PS3 or PC yet if you use either of those platforms.

  • TYLSawadaTsuna

    Nice try , Xfag. Good job bringing your fanboyism here.

  • tbee922

    so it's pretty much a new version of Unrelenting Force?

  • Dusty Shane

    You honestly aren't missing too much, the DLC was short and retarded, you get good items out of it though.

  • Andrew van Baarsen

    Where are these places? Is this for a mod I don't have? I don't recognize the map.

  • Infinite Break

    mad bro? jk jk i know it is horrible, but they are putting these dlcs on xbox first becuase the system does not have any compaibility problems with systems such a the ps3, they are trying to make each game for each system perfect so that they will not have any game breaking bugs, each system has their own problems.

  • BillboardBomber

    I believe but i may have mistranslated that this unknown language is saying Just Do Get His Sword By Killing Him.... but again this is a foreign language

  • Mr.dullmop

    I like how you assume I hate PCs and love xobx when I haven't said anything about which gaming platform I prefer. I actually built a computer and use that for most of my gaming with xbox occasionally.

  • Akantorz12

    Wind magic anyone? That would be amazing

  • Akantorz12

    First they said early in January 2013, now they are pushing it back to Feburary... They better have some things new for PS3 and PC users

  • Psychotic Cinema

    What is your dual wielded weapon? I know Miraak's sword is in the right hand, what about your left hand?

  • Psychotic Cinema

    it honestly did not look like it lol. then again i haven't used the blade of woe for a while.

  • Okami Chibiterasu

    I slightly agree with him, it was short, but the storyline was unique and fun. As for the items, they are AWESOME!

  • Ivan Kofanov

    Заебись Спасибо что показал места с криками ))

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