15 Dragons vs 100 Giants, 50 Mammoths, 100 Archers, 200 Wolves / Bears?, 30 Spirit Trolls On Skyrim

- 15 Dragons vs 100 Giants, 50 Mammoths, 100 Archers, 200 Wolves / Bears? and 30 Spirit Trolls -

- Skyrim Spawning Loads Of Monsters - (FOR THE PC)

Featuring Smorrelli & Enok

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  • Neo Fallujah

    This is taking place outside of Whiterun. I wonder what that guard in the watchtower is thinking while watching this. lol

  • wabbawu1

    Okay, many people think you have a slow computer. I think you have a NASA computer, because most computers would most likely crash if someone did that.

  • dong

    Wow you're getting about 1 frame per decade

  • BobbyHil

    upgrade your computer from a SNES and it may work

  • V.T.O.L. Fried Chicken

    so u have all that high end gear yet you dont even know the second word to unrelenting force...

  • Steve Blease

    LOL, reminds me of when I was a kid putting ants, wasps, worms and shit in a jar then shaking it up hoping they would fight.

  • Antone Williams

    The dragons breathing in sync sounds like dubstep

  • the goat says BÉÉÉH

    1:54 so that's what dragon orgasm sounds like

  • James Pyle

    Try pressing the UP ARROW in the console dude (when you mess up)

  • Ollie A

    The most awesome thing happened to me on xbox skyrim! I was on a mountain and two giants and a mammoth came out and just stare at me. And wherever I went, they went!

  • Gingah Ninjah

    If this guy says "They're not even doin anything they're just chillin" one more time...

  • Emily White

    OK sooo.......picture yourself a whiterun guard just doin your thang and then out of nowhere THIS happens

  • Young Caillou

    the sad thing for me is that I crash when it is a 20v20 stormcloak vs imperial

  • BurnedPlantain

    1:04 Who else was thinking, FUS RO DAH the giants? o.O

  • No biting the packagerino Kripperino

    1:00 you, there you forgot... U know??? The e?? ... Do.. Do not press enter, wait, no, Nooo!I told u

  • Henry Gray

    try using storm call shout while in that messed xD

  • Shadowreeper213

    They're just standing there because their programming codes are getting all confused on what to do by all the stuff going on. They were all cramped into one spot for one.

  • Rafal Fulawka

    4:16 Giant: Okey guys 1 Dragon is dead we've completed our mission back to the camp!

  • dragon greek

    welcome to lag sumlater here we are going to lag and crash

  • Mattdylan101

    uhhhh his voice kills me

  • Tatiano Granillo

    someone tell me  WHY THE DISLIKES??????  O.o

  • nt

    0:58 to 1:00 thirteh thirteh

  • WulvTheActivistVlogs

    That base doe (when you spawned the dragons)

  • Lawrence D.

    "Thirt-ey, Thirt-ey" Cringes

  • DJ Sickey

    where's the fun in watching 2fps combat ?

  • Emily Sandly

    "they're just chillin'"

  • lala gogo

    is that his favorite line''There not doing anything their just chilling''  

  • LeoDaBest 180

    I don't understand , why on Team Fortress 2 I cannot spawn as many bots like for example : 100 heavyweapons vs 150 engineers - like this : tf_bot_add 130 engineer red - something like that ?

  • Nora

    Imagine the town guards watching the fight from the city...

  • Harold G.

    you could've just pressed the arrow up button.

  • Wamasu Jack

    Must be playing it on Telatran (Transformers Ultra mega planet computer)

  • Sophie Fox

    The 'walruses' are called horkers

  • talltanstud

    In my opinion I think the dragons won. They fought the most and killed the most

  • Renae

    The dragons have a nice beat ;)

  • Zako

    What are those tusks called, the little whales? A walrus? Yeah yeah a walrus

  • Colin Parsons

    Lol "how many dragons? Firhey fifhey"

  • Ass Man

    set it up before you start recording. no one wants to watch you type codes.

  • sal colpitts

    Your accent is charming

  • callum wallace

    Can you please do another video.... without speaking

  • RAGEINGChiken

    They were called Hoorkers. the Walruses.

  • Brandi Perry

    there were also some saber cats within the pile of bears and wolves

  • 1972njr

    I haven't gotten bored enough for this yet but I wonder if having 16GB od RAM will help. I'll get around to checking that out

  • Nameless Hero

    Skyrim - Imperial Oblivion Armors and Weapons

  • ud73jdidie Id jrmmdid

    all about scouse power

  • Chico Viana


  • Death Of Deus

    This party is getting CRAZY!!!!

  • AndiotiZ

    You don't need to retype everything mate, just press the up arrow to automatically retype what you did previously.

  • BrokeN

    eeee what pc setup do you got

  • Mr. 8 Bit

    NASA called, they want their pc back

  • Joe Schafer

    I smell a crazy person

  • Brynn

    This is so stupid but it still made me laugh.

  • Deletion Network

    Small Whiterun vs Stormcloak battle on the throat of the world here. Check my channel to watch it. Tell me what to do next

  • William Laird

    I don't generally feel the need to leave negative comments on youtube, but god damn you speak and sound like a retard.

  • TankofReach

    You need FusRoDa to push ppl

  • TankofReach

    You need FusRoDa to push ppl

  • Michael Morelli

    when you have an expensive computer...

  • Nonprophet

    Now do this in Solitude.

  • Eòs Dubhglas

    no just not an alienware laptop like this spesh

  • Cicero V.

    Hey genius, you need 3 dragon words to use the full unrelenting force.

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