INSANE SKYRIM THEORY - An Elder Scrolls Secret You May Not Know!

Hey everyone! Today I'm coming at you with an Elder Scrolls theory on The Last Dragonborn and his (or her) relationship to Shor, Lorkhan, Talos, and other important figure in the Elder Scrolls. Hope you all enjoy the video! :D

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  • Joe M

    A Bethesda dev is probably watching this thinking... "Oops, I forgot to add Shor to Sovngarde!"

  • Not Your Crony

    Dragonborn: "You know, no one has ever seen me and Shor in the same room before..."

  • FirmSoul4

    See, I like this theory, but I'm not quite Shor about it...

  • Childeater

    better question do you have coin for khajiit wares

  • Conner Kline

    Man, I gotta say, all those Deadra I made deals with to serve in the afterlife are going to have a really rude awakening when I die.

  • Toby Sweetman

    If you're Shor, and I believe you are a shezzerine, that means Sithis is your dad, in a much more literal sense than the title of dread father.

  • Eltacore

    i wanna beleive this theory beacuse it will make me feel like a FCKING GOD

  • Eric

    This is an interesting theory. If true, Bethesda could use the events of Skyrim as the return of Talos in TES VI, culminating in a war with the Aldmeri Dominion.

  • Baroka Obama

    In conclusion the dragonborn is a mud crab

  • Schreider Scud

    Also, Tullius gives you a hint that you're Shor's avatar when you first meet him in Castle Dour by saying:"I'm SHOR you're imprisonment was just a misunderstanding."hehehe... hehe... he... FML

  • Willy_Th3_ Walrus

    Idk if the last dragonborn is that strong, he gets killed by draugr sometimes

  • The Singing Patriot

    I hope that you are all SHOR of the Truth, now: I AM THE Dragonborn.  They asked me, "Are You Shor?"Of Course, I told them, "Yes, I AM Shor."

  • Tonberry Queen

    LOL My dragonborn is a high elf...

  • Greywall

    Hmmm... Also, The Dragonborn is also able to somehow hold onto Keening without using the Wraithguard, could that possibly add a bit to this theory as well?

  • Expecto Patronum

    Wouldn't it make since not to see Shor. If he is the embodiment of death, you wouldn't see him cause you are not dead nor close to dying. When you go to Sovngarde as the dragonborn in game. You are still alive.

  • Disabler

    I have a theory. Skyrim is actually a game inside another game. Most likely Fallout 4. The adventures you have in Skyrim is all a dream you had inside the freezing pod!

  • mastercng

    are you Shor about all this?

  • akuroku1996

    I know I'm way late to the party in the comments here but I'd like to give my two cents on what I think is up with the Dragonborn you play as. I always thought that since you are technically a part of Akatosh's being, as all dragons are from my understanding, that each dragon soul being absorbed into you over time is just part of the same original soul returning to itself, that the more dragons you kill and of course Alduin himself and Miraak, (unless you modded the game to save his dumb dragonborn ass), you become closer and closer to straight up becoming a god yourself .. you have the soul of a god that just keeps adding on to itself each time you recover a part of it. I feel like a tribunal style event where the Dragonborn essentially becomes like a demigod or god in their own right could happen, possibly even becoming a daedra seeing as they themselves didn't have a direct hand in the creation of Mundus despite the origins of their soul, and of course with mortals in the series being flawed and fickle by nature compared to most god like beings whom encompass more specific traits. But that's just what I thought based off of the most basic stuff you're told in Skyrim and some of the lore discussions and videos I've been binge watching. You could become an ironic/accidental antagonist kind of like the champion becoming sheogorath at the end of shivering isles.. it always seems to me that the writers for this series' lore almost always write a tragic or unfortunate end for the protagonists being tied to some kind of inescapable fate. They imply it with Mora at the end of Dragonborn where he's under the impression you're his minion like Miraak was no matter what you say/do. So you could become a morally grey or evil being by the time elder scrolls 6 happens if set in the future, unless you're definitively killed off by the writers of course to tie that loose end up (achieving chim maybe as a way of acending??)(I hope this doesn't offend anyone more into the lore than I am ! These are just my observations, that are likely somehow missing something that makes them unlikely ! I know people are protective of the lore in this series especially, and I know that these ideas aren't flawless, as I said before, just personal observations).

  • Angery React

    > Is a God.> Can be killed for accidentally bumping a chicken

  • Hermann Fegelein

    About Hjalti. I like how you pronounce it wrong seconds after it has been pronounced correctly in-game.

  • BeaztBrozInc

    I'm not very well versed in the deeper aspects of the lore, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. But you mentioned that Shor is the Nordic representation or Lorkhan. Are the gods of the different pantheons separate entities? And if not, I was under the impression that Lorkhan was the missing god. That he had disappeared after some event in the past? I want to say the destruction of the Heart of Lorkhan, but I don't remember. Would that not explain Shor's absence in the Hall of the Dead? The destruction of the Heart happened after the existence of Ysgramor, yeah? That might also explain why Ysgramor mentions that they were forbidden from leaving, but the three tongues were able to leave with the Dragonborn. Because they hadn't been ordered by Shor before the disappearance. Unless the Dragon Wars also took place before the disappearance of Lorkhan. Like I said, I'm not an all knowing lore buff. So if someone has answers for this, that'd be rad.

  • Raymond Karl Veasey

    No, No, No... According To Nazeem, Dragonborn Hasn't Even Been To The Cloud District... Just Joking. Great Theory. Wouldn't Be Much Fun For The Creator If The Creator Didn't Participate In His Works.

  • M Squared

    I can debunk this theory in one word: CHIM.

  • Vanir Florentine

    I wonder if Hermaeus Mora would know about you being Shor (assuming this theory is correct). I would assume he does, but what if by some slim chance he doesn't know that the Last Dragonborn is a Shezzarine (Did I even spell that right)?That would be awkward for Mr. Stuck-up, pompous, annoying Cthulhu-impersonating McGlobbidyglob-glob of tentacles wouldn't it? XD I swear he was the only thing I hated about the Dragonborn DLC...

  • Slick Serpent

    Tiber Septim actually was born in Atmora, and since he was a child, he was entrusted with a magic stone. The stone could hold with it the fate of the mortal realm. While conquering Tamriel, he kept the stone close at his side. Before he ascended to godhood, he passed on the stone to his unknown heir, and the stone was passed on for generations in a family in a secret village on Atmora that has been able to survive the harsh climate. However, knowledge of the family's epic heritage was lost over time. Eventually, the village's barriers against the raging cold deteriorated, and a ship was set off towards Tamriel. On this ship was a descendant of Tiber Septim, who did not know it. He was carrying the stone. The ship was bound for Morrowind. However, an unnatural storm attacked the ship, and sunk it off the coast of Solitude. A fisherman found the wreck, and found the boy floating on wreckage, the stone still in his pocket. The boy couldn't remember where this stone was from, but he called it a Rune, and the fisherman named him after it.The Rune is one of three keys needed to open The Black Gate. The Black Gate sits in the frigid, barren regions of northern Atmora. No one can survive there anymore, and thus, no one else has seen the gate. The Rune is the most powerful key of them all; it radiates magic that transcends to the reaches beyond Aetherius. The second key is the mystical Elder Scroll Moon, located in Starlight Tower, a historical monument located on the legendary, elusive continent of Aldmeris, among the incredible canyons. The third and final key is the Heart of Lorkhan, which, after it was severed from it's ties with divinity by the Nerevarine, it was lost among the lands of Tamriel, and no one can seem to pinpoint it's exact location. The hearth actually lies in the undersea ruins of Thras, where it sits among the coral towers, in a now underwater kingdom where the Sload still thrive. These three keys would open the Black Gate, and would lead to a malevolent demonic entity; the Unheard. Azura could sense that the Unheard's prison was weakening, and someone mortal needed to defeat it. This was the birth of the Unsung Hero, who was destined to travel across Nirn, gather the keys, open the Black Gate, and defeat the Unheard. Guided by Azura, the Unsung Hero traveled from Summerset to Morrowind, from Akavir to Lyg, from Thras to Aldmeris, and from Skyrim to Atmora, in search of the three keys. The Unsung Hero collected them, over many years, and opened the Black Gate. He discovered that the portal led to somewhere where no mortal had ever been; beyond the planet Nirn, in another place within Mundus; the moon of Masser. In a structure built by Daedric Princes, he descended down, deep within Masser, to the Unheard's prison. The Unheard had been imprisoned, and transported to Masser long ago by Tiber Septim. Now the time has come for the Unsung Hero to kill the Unheard, so that the beast cannot devour all of existence!........I just made that all up, on the spot. I think I'll write an Elder Scrolls book about that now......

  • NoobsNitro

    well it looks like its really true i mean all the daedric princes are literally wanting the dragonborn to be their champion and then when i did the quest "a deadra's best friend" Clavicus Vile(daedric prince) does says that i m almost a powerful as him at the moment( half ik but still) and i did that quest way in the begining so yeah dragonborn might be(no i guess truly is)most powerful being in the whole elder scrolls universe.

  • Preußens Gloria

    What many people in the comments dont seem to understand is that the dragonborn in your playthrough isnt necessarily the same dragonborn as in the canon lore. If you roleplay as an elf who grew up in valenwood, thats fine, but the canon dragonborn will probably be much like the dragonborn that we saw in trailers.

  • dorgesh

    Is the Elder Scrolls just a big fight to steal Lorkhan's power? Auriel ripped his heart out and shot it across Tamriel in the Dawn era. The whole of Morrowind's plot was about how the tribunal and Dagoth-Ur used the heart of Lorkhan to become gods. Pelinal Whitestrike is thought to have had the amulet of Kings as his heart, which is literally made of the solidified blood of Lorkhan. King Wulfharth waged war in Morrowind to regain the heart of Lorkhan from the Dwemer. Pelinal Whitestrike, Zurin Arctus, Hjalti Early-beard, Ysmir and king Wulfharth were all Shezzarines, and it's believed that many of them joined together to form new mixed beings. E.g. it's believed that Zurin Arctus, Hjalti Early-beard and Wulfharth all combined together to make the enantiomorph (mixed soul) Talos, which was so similar to Lorkhan (because it was made of three Shezzarines) that this new soul was able to mantle the place of Lorkhan and become the god talos. I.e Talos was a mixture of Shezzarines that took the place of Lorkhan, which is why some think that the statues of talos in Skyrim shows this, Talos is standing over the snake (a symbol of lorkhan). And then in Skyrim it looks like Dohvakiin has taken the place of Lorkhan too! Basically people have tried to steal lorkhan's power way too fucking often for it to just be a coincidence, either that or Bethesda just use it as a plot point far too often.

  • Blade Curtin

    I'm sure that I am shor , I felt this on the shore so I am pretty sure

  • Mattofcolumbia1783

    Here's a thought:If Alduin is an incarnation/creation of Akatosh and the Dragonborn is a Shezzarine, but the Greybeards seem to think that Akatosh is responsible for the power of the Dragonborn, could there be a hint of Shor v. Akatosh here? Especially since Kyne is responsible for the gift of the thu'um to man, and she is Shor's husband... I think that the events of Skyrim are part of a long drawn out dichotomy between Lorkhan/Shor, and by extension Kynareth/Kyne, and Akatosh. Akatosh never like the mortal realm that Lorkan made and felt tricked. So who has a better motivation to have the whole world be eaten? Also, what if Akatosh is responsible for why Alduin's soul wasn't absorbed? Akatosh must have zapped him into Aetherius at the last minute so he still had his secret weapon. Even better, this plays into the Thalmor; they worship Auriel/Akatosh, hate Talos, who mantled Shor, and show up at the same time as Alduin. Lastly, many times that the Dragonborn has come to be throughout history, he has either been fighting elves, like Ysmir, or Dragons, like Miraak and the Last Dragonborn. But at the same time, Dragonborns have fought against daedra based enemies too, like the Septims or Saint Alessia (Ayelieds were daedra worshipers). This to me looks like Akatosh fighting Daedra as he always would, and Shor fighting Akatosh by STEALING AKATOSH'S OWN WEAPON. After all, isnt Shor supposed to be a trickster god? I say that the entirety of Skyrim was caused by an all out attack on Shor by Akatosh himself, with Shor saving his work by stealing Akatosh's power (the Dragonborn), AGAIN. Afterwords, Akatosh quits while he's ahead against Shor, but sends the Dragonborn against Harkon, because Harkon is in league with the Daedra Molag Bal, and he wants to defile Auriel's Bow. He also sends you against Miraak, because Miraak abuses Akatosh's Dragons and he is in League with Hermaeus Mora, A DAEDRA.How is that for a theory?

  • Brixegael

    Mantling.More like being able to shapeshift and literally be someone...Character creation and roleplaying lore confirmed?

  • Alfred Dente

    so..... if I, The Dragonborn, am the strongest and most powerful mortal, then every bandit that has killed me should really be the most powerful mortal. but hey, that's just a theory! A ga........ I'm done

  • Noah Jensen

    If tiber septim is an incarnation of shor, then why did he become a God?

  • Miscellaneous Mind

    General Talos backed some dude (I forgot his name?) as well before eventually founding the Empire. The Dragonborn can choose to back Ulfric and probably do the same?

  • Rafael Sornillo

    Is it possible for out Dragonborn to achieve Chim? Also, is it possible for the Dragonborn to become emperor?

  • Jacob Hood

    Are you Shor about this theory?

  • SorryaaahhhGaming

    sounds good but when you face miraak who is also dragonborn are you facing yourself?

  • Ptolemy

    im afraid this is likely not true :(,since it is explained in the game that you cannot see Lorkhan(shor) in the sovengarde because you are not in fact dead. Also the ghost might not be able to recognize talos original appearance but he can feel that you are dragonborn so he might instanly think that you are talos himself.

  • Kiran Patel

    I always knew, He might be the Strongest in ES Universe, thanks for this theory :)

  • The Psychic Psycho μZ

    I am not sure the dragonborn grew up in Skyrim. There are multiple points where it's stated they are not originally from there. At the beginning of the game for example it's stated that you were caught crossing the border. The other evidence I came across is a spoiler so...When you get put into Cidhna Mine in Markarth you have the option to talk to the other prisoners. One asks if you have any family giving you the option to say you do, but they live far from here.

  • McDonalds_Reject

    3:23 what helmet is the guy wearing? i know the armor and stuff is from the stormlord armor mod but i cannot find that helmet anywhere!! HELPP

  • RustyCastle

    I am so convinced, you really did your research on this video. We're did you get your information? I'm really curious

  • Bruno AgSs

    That's a really good theory! Your videos are pretty good! Nice work

  • Kevin pissoff

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks all the protagonists of each Elder Scrolls game is a reincarnation of an Aedra. You go a bit more in depth than I can go, since I've only played Oblivion and Skyrim.

  • Aron Johansson

    Not only was the underking (Wultharth) shezzarine. But also a dragonborn

  • Sebastiaan De Bruyn

    Shor's bones, a handsome man in falkreath

  • Rogue Raven

    All the more reason to make the dragonborn Emperor

  • Laynard Kitchens

    So would this mean that if the shzzarine died he/she would just become shor?So theoretically the character you play is immortal O.o

  • aden arrington

    What if his mum was just into some really kinky stuff and this lead to that and a dragon wound up in the bed, thats my theory

  • narfle

    You convinced me, the dragonborn is Tiber Septim!

  • Angel Cortez

    I will say this:If this theory is true, the epicness of this game just reached insane levels of greatness. I could even say that this is the greatest story ever told in a fantasy game. Ever.

  • Christian Sarmiento

    well you're the most powerful when using tgm console command lol

  • Last Resort

    The Dragonborn can also hold one of the artifacts of Lorkan without the gauntlet

  • Eli Nations

    The Dragonborn; one of the strongest mortal beings of all time, yet still dies to a drop from two stories up.

  • doger944

    Dovakin has a dragon's soul. That's kind of the point.


    Earned my sub when i saw those art credits in the desc, keep up the good work

  • Whatthehec

    Don't mean to be all that mean, but you sound perfect forvsuch a topic.

  • Jiah

    are you shor about this theory

  • Ricardo PenaMcKnight

    It would also make sense because you fight Alduin who is an aspect of Akatosh. Alduin and the Dragonborn always appear together.

  • Mehrunes Dagon

    Even though i love fallout, the elder scrolls will allways be my true waifu 😛

  • Ash

    This theory is kinda doubtful... Are you Shor? ;D

  • Daniel S

    Great video. But could you imagine what the world would be like if we put an equal amount of effort and consideration into figuring out the mysteries of our own history as people do with that of a couple of video games?

  • jack mayhoff

    you can really hear the nerd embedded in his voice.

  • ThE RoBy

    me listening to this while playing: "the last dragonbourn might be eaven more powerfull the we all first taught" * falls of mountain and dies *

  • Raggeird 076

    That moment when you decide to name your Skyrim character Hjalti.

  • Vulkin72

    I doubt that the dragon born would be the most powerful being ever, given the sheer number of times ive gotten him killed

  • Roshank Redemption

    Some Clarifications1) I misspoke when I said the Dragonborn grew up in Skyrim. What I wanted to say is he learned how to fight and hone his powers in Skyrim. Both of them transitioned from normal mortal to full fledged Dragonborn in Skyrim.2) My explanation of Talos and Shezzarine was way oversimplified. A Shezzarine is a bit more complicated than an avatar of Shor, but for the purposes of this video that definition suffices. And I'm not even going to get started on Talos. If you're not familiar with the lore behind the Talos oversoul, look it up and you'll get what I mean.3) (In advance my memory is a bit rusty on this. Sorry if I get something wrong) A lot of people are saying that Shor was absent because no mortal can bear his glory. I find this extremely suspicious. You're telling me that when Alduin is invading Sovngarde and threatening the very nature of Shor (as the embodiment of afterlife in Sovngarde) he's not there because he's afraid of some mortal not being able to bear his glory? The dude is a GOD and as a subgradient of Lorkhan one of the most powerful beings in the verse. That explanation is complete bullshit imo. Either Bethesda is getting really lazy with their lore (possible) or the Dragonborn is actually a Shezzarine (more possible).I just feel like the situation in Sovngarde makes no sense. There's something deeper going on, I'm Shor of it.4) I want to clarify again that Im not saying this is a confirmed theory (especially the mantling Talos part). Obviously I believe in it, but I also advise treating it with reasonable skepticism (which many of you have done).Alright well that's pretty much it. If there's anything else I missed let me know and I'll update this comment. Thanks so much for the support on his vid btw! :)5) AWESOME Insight from +Jonas Smith:"Would make sense in a story standpoint too. Aldiun usually being paired with destruction, the dragon born being the mortal manifestation of the god of creation. 'T would go full circle with this."

  • ChBrahm

    On PCOpen the consoleType: TGM (Trigger God Mode)You are now a God

  • darkroadsahead

    I always thought you were the reincarnation of talos because of that quest

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