Skyrim - Top 10 Shields

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  • MistyEyedDragon

    SpellBreaker and Dawnbreaker. Put them together, it just makes sense!

  • kaner Vid

    I hate how you use fake thumbnails it really pisses me off

  • jayden pires

    why y'all hating on smike? he is just trying to help people play a video game and a have a good time doing it. it's not cool to make fun of how someone talks, i hardly notice it. no need to be so fuckin critical.

  • Hinotsuj Warrior

    How do you obtain shields #1 and #2?

  • Hobo Joe

    top ten strongest enemies please

  • William Bishop

    My favourite shield is... Screw that noise, TWO HANDED!!!!!!!

  • Alan Burke

    The one in the thumbnail is what I want

  • Max Gazur

    Awesome keep up the good work and could you please do top 10 weird people in skyrim please

  • A Knight With A Piglet

    I prefer Auriel's Shield just because of the Fus Ro Dah effect it does when you power bash,

  • Sun Bro

    Could you do Top 10 One-Handed swords please? :D Would be awesome

  • Edward Grant

    You shoold only use unike stuff, not the stuff you can make yourself.

  • Nicy30941

    Many shields I had not seen after 500+ hours of gameplay!

  • Rodrigo Sotomayor

    Top 10 Two-Handed Weapons

  • Drake Zealot

    It doesn't matter how much your armor rating is when you look at it... the cap by default is 567 rating...

  • Tom B/aka bones

    what is the shield in the picture for the video

  • HipHopopotamus

    is the shield in the thumb-nail a mod?

  • Bram 045

    Awesome vid man! keep doing this :D

  • Dovah Orc

    I got the solitude shield at level 16. Just complete all the quests from solitude

  • CQKhro

    Did anyone else just know what Nr.1 was gonna be?

  • GumGum User56

    Top 10 most difficult enemies including bosses

  • Catholic Thunder

    Great content lately keep up the good work!

  • Declan Cronin

    The thumbnail for this video is very misleading!

  • TheMinerpvp

    spellbreaker and dawnbreaker is  my loadout

  • Blaine Stevenson

    just a little hint. Ebony shield can be FOUND at level one at hevnoraks (not sure now to spell) dragon priest ruins. it takes a bit of jumping to get to it, but early on ITS GODLY

  • Ragonrock _

    spellbreakers has better base armour than daedric

  • ein clark

    the misleading thumbnails on these vids though

  • ArunPlaysPiano

    Hello, I have a quick question - when you refer on your videos to "base" armour and "base" damage, howcome these are less than the damage value as shown on the screen for the item?

  • Pickle Rick


  • MisterJonesification

    I love these skyrim vids, keep it up.

  • Azureus

    Please get a new narrator

  • Pavendaw Lego

    Thanks for doing my request

  • big guy with dog as his profile picture

    Top ten rings please and thank you

  • Dom Downey

    i played all thru skyrim and never even considered using a shield

  • 48

    2:20 Ethe-real ? xD...

  • Marc DiLeonardo

    can you make a top 10 videos without dlc's???? PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ?!

  • AluminumBaby

    Top 10 one handed weapons

  • Lucas Adams

    i like Ysgramor's shield more because of how big it is

  • Tyrannic

    The daedric shield does not have the highest base armor of any shield the spell breaker does

  • Anne Frank the 2nd

    Spellbreaker has the highest base rating not Daedric

  • DrakeZealot

    Remember everybody... the Armor cap is set to 567 so if you have an armor rating of 975 you are being decieved

  • JakesNation98

    The only reason I clicked this video was because I thought he would show the one in the thumb nail. These lists are pointless because he just talks about what he thinks are the best based on their stats.. as if skyrim players don't know every single thing about it by now...

  • Brütal Kush ∞

    Auriel's bow and shield come from the paragon portals in dawngaurd DLC

  • RASTAgangsta_17 CZ

    Nice video your videos are awesome

  • TheWhiteWolf

    i really want this game to be remastered for ps4, i never got a last gen console to play this game, and i cant afford a good gaming pc

  • NerdyNightingale


  • Ynohta Anarillas

    The Shield of Solitude made me laugh XD

  • MrSoaptaco

    since when do you have to be level 40 to equip the shield of solitude i received it at level 21 and used it for awhile 

  • SniBzHD

    How dare u speak in ur videos when playing skyrim? be ashamed.

  • Shadowwolf TD5000

    Can you do a top ten hardest dungeons?

  • Alduin1996

    What is the shield in the Thumbnail called?

  • Faisal Abdul-Majid

    Nice vid smike! Top ten armour sets could be one maybe?

  • Pietje Bell


  • Fenrir Wolfclaw

    You actually don't need to be 40 I'm a level 38 and I can equip the shield of solitude

  • Erick Garrido

    I hate when he makes a video but then use a thumbnail that yo can't get in game with no mods

  • Tsvetelin Angelov

    You should make top 10 daggers.

  • jamie sharp

    i have the halows shield, It has over 100 def, best i have found in game so far

  • I like dank memes

    ░░░█▀░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀███████░░░░ ░░█▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀██████░░░ ░█▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░███████▌░░ ░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████████░░ ▐▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀██████▌░░ ░▌▄███▌░░░░▀████▄░░░░▀████▌░░ Ha I made you read more XD. You are SO gullible. Now you are haunted by Obama's forehead for all eternity.

  • TheMuffintopHD

    why do you make videos with mods and or dlcs' and almost never say what you are using 

  • wolfy boy

    #1 is actually my LEAST favorite shield. But maybe because i was a WARRIOR and not a MAGE or anything like that.

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