Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • Tyrannicon

    Good to see people still watching my vid!

  • Bonfire Gaming

    this is how the final battle should have gone

  • Devin Belin

    They should have made the companions part of the dlc it just makes sense also theyre fuckin werewolves

  • Nicholas Chernis

    Just did my fight for the dawnguard where you go to castle volkihar and now i'm so disappointed after watching this.

  • Crazyjay666

    holy shit, this is a great movie

  • Cryo

    9:11 Poor Sniper, used to be a vampire...

  • Much Unique Jim

    I miss the old Machinima. These awesome video's, Gamer Poop. etc. It's disappointing they're gone.

  • Global Saturation

    Is this how the end of the quest line of dawnguard ends ? Looks epic

  • WhitePony1990

    What armor and sword mod is that?

  • Alan Holland

    3:11 "One bite and you could end up as one of them." Umm you're a werewolf. You can't contract diseases.


    ...How did you get the voice actors in on this? I don't remember hearing them give these lines.

  • Besim Baraka

    So thousands of years old vampires get fucking owned in 2 minutes

  • H20Delirium

    11:21 This looks familiar. xDVoldemort and Harry anyone?

  • alien dragon06

    m werewolf would have killed everyone in that fight (my werewolf is very op)

  • lily jones

    Amazing video i wish this did happen exept aela dieing i started to get some tears :(

  • Rory Shearer

    Why was Harkon speaking Dragon at the end?

  • Super saiyan Lord

    its in my reccomendations so, what the hell

  • Hadmen Yadongplease

    1,189 people have no respect for hard work.

  • Caleb Donovan

    I know I'm late to the channel but ridiculously sweet video

  • alien dragon06

    just one werewolf would kill nearly all the vampires so only 2 werewolfs and the dawngaurd win

  • Sabi

    What is the armor you are wearing in this?

  • Mclovin Mitchell


  • Potato King

    If only the battle was this great, then again it would cause a lot of lag for some people, and might even crash skyrim. XD


    sad god of war music at 13:11 btw that song plays when kratos brother dies 😢😯😕

  • Dana Ripley

    How do you get the Medieval armor? Or is that a mod? 1:15Oh...But this is pure awesomeness

  • T Ray

    When I first saw this I was so excited for the final battle. But when I got to that point, there was only like 3 guys that showed up😢

  • Ondřej Ragnarok

    2:42 name song pls :) :)

  • Michael Greico

    Why were the Companions there?

  • Night Warrior

    do a battle of five armys

  • Lieutenant Gorobets

    I always feel a shiver down my spine after that intro

  • Jerrick Ausmus

    what kind of armor is tge dragon born wearing

  • Soul_Reaper1303

    What helmet what that at 3:07 and how do I get it

  • Ayden 808killer

    -_- a whole army of werewolves should've been WAY more effective

  • SomeoneFancy

    Did anyone else notice the use of the Poseidon Fight Theme from God of War III during the fight? :|

  • Knt Delfin

    3:08 In order to win, we should do the Skyrim Shuffle

  • ninjakid146 Gaming

    epic.........sooo good

  • Joel Wallbank-Hutton

    What a fucking incredible video

  • Dovahkiin HU3BR

    Whatbis the song at 4:21?

  • Tristan van Zyl

    This deserves more likes

  • Splatter King

    Probably should have put dovahkiin in heavy dawnduard armor

  • you will never know my name hackers

    I think vampires should have atleast beat the dawnguard

  • Jame Graal

    i play skyrim with cheat and mod

  • WolfHowl Fang

    Poor Aela 😭 R.I.P Aela The Huntress (Died fighting for the Dawnguard)

  • Milton Yarzagaray

    Loved it. Amazing work

  • JakeCoin

    This is the most badass Skyrim battle ever

  • Nathan Beales

    Can you list me the mods you use with this video

  • BlankEquinox

    Underworld: Blood Wars

  • Chantell Beaton

    The background music/sounds are ... can't explain

  • Doobie Snack

    You killed Aela! NOOooOoOoOoooOo!!!

  • killer J

    coolest skyrim video ever

  • brandon cheong

    11:39 that is like kamehameha vs galick gun stuff

  • Commander1991NOR

    why would dawnguard align themselves with werewolves?

  • Jada Linda

    How did you do this? I love it❤️

  • Galith20

    What armor mod is the Dragonborn using??

  • Mikha Chb


  • Robert Pippin

    what armor mod is that

  • TheOneWhoListens

    what mods are you using? i really love this how did you make it seem so cool during Harkon battle. Please get back to me when you can! thanks and have a good one.

  • K R

    I hope skyrim battle must be like this

  • Mongoose MJ

    Is that armor that the DB is wearing a modded armor or standard? if it's standard, what armor is it?

  • Splitzerx Bøi

    If this would actually happen in game it would be epic

  • BlueLaguna Z

    The Video is really really great but, Kodlak is unfortunately dead :(

  • Kenneth Heaivilin

    All that spellcasting would cause my PC to crash lol

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