Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • Tyrannicon

    Good to see people still watching my vid!

  • Devin Belin

    They should have made the companions part of the dlc it just makes sense also theyre fuckin werewolves

  • yoshi lorak

    Good idea Harkon, send the bones gainst the dogs.😒😒😒

  • BoringAhh

    This is much better than the original way

  • Captain Shekel

    Why was Harkon speaking Dragon at the end?

  • Much Unique Jim

    I miss the old Machinima. These awesome video's, Gamer Poop. etc. It's disappointing they're gone.


    ...How did you get the voice actors in on this? I don't remember hearing them give these lines.

  • Andrew Martin

    7:31 ishran has a pickaxe

  • fried_eggs

    Did the dragonborn lend his entire armory of daedric weapons to them?

  • Ortu Ignis

    Pretty decent for a game that never should have had machinimas made for it

  • John Harrison

    The guy with the "T" on his armor, is that for "Talos"?

  • Snow Wolf

    At the werewolves fight bit imagine if you heard "thriller" in the background.

  • Nec Divinos Mori in vitam

    now i know what to do.

  • Sigurd Knade

    Perfektes Video. Richtig gut gemacht :)

  • Benjamin Hill

    I'm putting it lightly when I say they may have gone a little too far... But still great vid

  • T-L ?

    where can I get this Armor??

  • The Super Animated

    anyone notice the epic God Of War soundtrack? :)

  • Dean Kennedy

    what armor mod is he using

  • Jame Graal

    i play skyrim with cheat and modmy player and npc no bra and panties or underwear

  • elijah mathias

    is that an actual armor they guy is wearing if it is where can i find it??

  • Vincent Stover

    what's your PC rig

  • xx xx

    if only they had this battle in the game

  • HazzaPlayz

    1:41 When you're the first one to die in a war..|_ _ ||v v ||----- |

  • Ancient Flames

    I beat the whole Dawnguard DLC in 1 whole day. Can U beat that?

  • Antonio Pisacane

    Harry Potter vs Lord Voldemort! 11:25

  • SomekidWhoMakesMemes ose

    this is some lord of the rings type shit

  • Eli Wilson

    See this? See this? This is how the final battle should've gone

  • Clorox Bleach

    Dafuq is that fat thing when the knight is in Castle Volkihar?

  • Ricky Benitez

    +Machinima What is that bear armor called in this video?

  • Sebastian Muñoz

    God of war theme didn't fit in too well, but it was a cool video!

  • Ruff scruff 101

    Ha vamps u suck wolf 🐺 dick

  • OfficerOryx

    This needs to be a TV show

  • 2398 Robotics

    That engine lag though

  • fried_eggs

    7:30 A pickaxe? really?

  • Advancer Gaming

    Vampires are SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abraham Snow-blood

    what kind of armor was that and what mod is it

  • Faidon Samaroudis

    never ween such an awesome video like this one good job man👍🏿

  • MooCowLord

    Isran: "FOR THE DAWN!" Draws pickaxe

  • Viking Lord

    No way is this possible without some other mods

  • Immortal Otaku

    lolz how the underworld movie series should have been like lmao awesome work

  • Mystical 1053

    that was amazing great job

  • ToxicLizardgaming

    what the hell is that 7:00

  • James Warden

    thats some harry potter shit right there

  • TheHeroOfMH

    What mod are bone spiders from?

  • Jacky Fong

    this is freaking amazing, I hope bethseda sees this

  • Dovahkiin HU3BR

    Whatbis the song at 4:21?

  • Justin_ Gaming16

    7:30 " for dawnguard" pulls out pick axe😂😂

  • Russ Gaming & more

    i love my dog my dog is bosss boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  • Brain Koch

    its very good thanks for this stuff. Good work.

  • Seth Southard

    that armor your werreing what mod is that from

  • SkettiDragon

    haha i love the use of Red Alert death cries

  • Aaron Hart


  • Freddy Fazbear

    Werewolves, are the strongest.

  • PJ God

    Cinematic about 400 people on bridgeMeanwhile in real game 5 people WTF

  • Robert james


  • RocketRedz

    Reply- your crush likes youLike- your crush will ask u outSubscribe- your crush loves u ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jacob Briggs

    Is there a mod for the protagonist's armor?

  • Cameron Baird

    cool but hella loud even with volume tured down

  • henry maude

    9:31 tf2 sniper scream

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