Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • Tyrannicon

    Good to see people still watching my vid!

  • Bonfire Gaming

    this is how the final battle should have gone

  • Nicholas Chernis

    Just did my fight for the dawnguard where you go to castle volkihar and now i'm so disappointed after watching this.

  • Devin Belin

    They should have made the companions part of the dlc it just makes sense also theyre fuckin werewolves

  • Croc Gator

    I actually liked the Vampires xD

  • Crazyjay666

    holy shit, this is a great movie

  • Much Unique Jim

    I miss the old Machinima. These awesome video's, Gamer Poop. etc. It's disappointing they're gone.

  • jacob groves

    The companions really should have been used in this DLC.

  • Alan Holland

    3:11 "One bite and you could end up as one of them." Umm you're a werewolf. You can't contract diseases.

  • Cryo

    9:11 Poor Sniper, used to be a vampire...

  • WhitePony1990

    What armor and sword mod is that?

  • Hadmen Yadongplease

    1,189 people have no respect for hard work.

  • Dana Ripley

    How do you get the Medieval armor? Or is that a mod? 1:15Oh...But this is pure awesomeness

  • Caleb Donovan

    I know I'm late to the channel but ridiculously sweet video

  • Rory Shearer

    Why was Harkon speaking Dragon at the end?

  • Mclovin Mitchell


  • Besim Baraka

    So thousands of years old vampires get fucking owned in 2 minutes

  • Global Saturation

    Is this how the end of the quest line of dawnguard ends ? Looks epic

  • Potato “The Second” King

    If only the battle was this great, then again it would cause a lot of lag for some people, and might even crash skyrim. XD

  • Dante Smythe

    Woo I wonder if machinima is still screwing people with their contracts. :D

  • Soul_Reaper1303

    What helmet what that at 3:07 and how do I get it

  • Messy Doge

    9:21 YouTube glitches and it goes back to Lord Harkon coming out the hallway

  • Ondřej Ragnarok

    2:42 name song pls :) :)

  • SomeoneFancy

    Did anyone else notice the use of the Poseidon Fight Theme from God of War III during the fight? :|

  • Sabi

    What is the armor you are wearing in this?


    sad god of war music at 13:11 btw that song plays when kratos brother dies 😢😯😕

  • Braeden Griffitt

    What was the armor and weapon mod? If you know please tell me. :)

  • WolfHowl Fang

    Poor Aela 😭 R.I.P Aela The Huntress (Died fighting for the Dawnguard)

  • Patrick Allen Montgomery

    "One bite and you can end up as one of them" So 100% disease resistance as a werewolf means nothing to you?

  • JakeCoin

    This is the most badass Skyrim battle ever

  • Splatt3rKing 545

    Probably should have put dovahkiin in heavy dawnduard armor

  • Jame Graal

    i play skyrim with cheat and mod

  • Nathan Beales

    Can you list me the mods you use with this video

  • K R

    I hope skyrim battle must be like this

  • Dovahkiin HU3BR

    Whatbis the song at 4:21?

  • T Ray

    When I first saw this I was so excited for the final battle. But when I got to that point, there was only like 3 guys that showed up😢

  • Splitzerx Bøi

    If this would actually happen in game it would be epic

  • Jada Linda

    How did you do this? I love it❤️

  • Bryant Stump

    I want to do this but idk how I have this dlc

  • Kenneth Heaivilin

    All that spellcasting would cause my PC to crash lol

  • supernova582

    vampires make me sick it's time to purge kill the vampires! my warewolf pack shall paint your castle with your own blood!

  • WaterMeat Gamer

    Is the armor on the main good guy (Not Isran) a modded outfit

  • SlantedEyes

    That's why the dragonborn fucks up the vampires

  • Greninja

    I heard that sniper voice line! You can't hide any TF2 from me!

  • enderspyro

    what spell did he used to get out of that cage

  • Michael Greico

    Why were the Companions there?

  • BlueLaguna Z

    The Video is really really great but, Kodlak is unfortunately dead :(

  • Raging Raven

    why does the dragonborn look like a templar from DA: Origins? the music was good!


    What name is that armor I like to get that armor and the sword

  • Sr_Seksy

    9:31 oh no I hope sniper died

  • Sotero Rivera

    he used sniper death scream at the part when the vampires caught in fire. lol

  • CordaeCrimson

    If only everything really did end like this lol. The Dawnstar end up hating you for forever for joining the Vampires in order to retrieve Auriel's Bow. And even if you revert back to a Human from being a Vampire, the Dawnstar will still pull up on you and attack you wherever you are lmao

  • Dark Listener

    I feel like Isran saying "We should keep it small" was thrown out the window here. Not to mention that the Companions really don't care about vampires that much

  • Joe Smith

    I think they could have eased up, on the amount of people. It was a big cluster fuck


    Tyrannicon you should make another video which is this battle except the vampires win.

  • Kyler Buican

    OMG that vampire edidting sucks

  • Mikha Chb


  • TomahawkTiger

    WAIT A SECOND..... Kodlak is dead

  • Wiki

    That..... was fucking epic.

  • TheWhiteTigre

    9:30 omg sniper was a vampire lol

  • Evan Frasier

    What got the companions involved in that. Also werewolves can't turn into vampires.

  • Konarhik

    And those are just the volkihair vampires imagine the sanguine vampires?

  • chris moose

    whats that armor set?

  • Wrafl Dovah

    I hate vampires I mean who the fuck likes random vampires attacks in towns?!!

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