Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • Tyrannicon

    Good to see people still watching my vid!

  • Adam Fitzpatrick

    This is what the battle for Castle Volkihar should have been at the end of the quest for those who joined Dawnguard, if you ask me

  • Devin Belin

    They should have made the companions part of the dlc it just makes sense also theyre fuckin werewolves

  • Claude Alpha

    For Ysgramor! For the Dawnguard! For the glory of the Empire! For Skyrim!


    holy shit, this is a great movie

  • RPG Is Life

    If only you could actually get the Companions to help you destroy the vampires, that would be super cool!

  • Neiko26


  • Autumn Voden

    My Nord Vampire serves Sheogorath, so she sided with the vampires, even thought she hates them, took the bow, shrouded the sun, and laughed at all the people she angered because she new it was temporary. Then she turned the Dawngaurd into sweetrolls and fed them to the members of the Volkihar court. Makes sense? No, did you expect it to? Well, how foolish.

  • Global Saturation

    Is this how the end of the quest line of dawnguard ends ? Looks epic

  • Manu ben canar

    I liked the God of War music in the final battle between Harkon and the Dragonborn xD

  • Gecko Soparla

    Nice BiteFight picture in the Thumbnail

  • Jake B

    Harkon looks like megamind lol

  • Navarro A.


  • WolfHowl Fang

    Poor Aela 😭 R.I.P Aela The Huntress (Died fighting for the Dawnguard)

  • punchthatTHING

    11:28 Really good reference the Harry Potter

  • Dana Ripley

    How do you get the Medieval armor? Or is that a mod? 1:15Oh...But this is pure awesomeness

  • slendy man

    I like how the dragonborn is just watching the fight at the start like meh

  • FranklesDip

    ATTENTIONFor everyone wondering here is a list of mods used in this video.Knightly Armory by Jacko0Crainte Vomir by HentaiHorse Armors for Skyrim by Mystikhybrid and Gabriel GullberghGokstad Sailable Ship by SLuckyDEnhanced Dynamic Weather System by ZappooSkyrim Monster Mod by Dogtown1DT_SayIt by ArtisanixPuppeteer Master by JohnBEnhanced Blood Textures by dDefinderVagabond Armor by hothtrooper44Master The Time And Space by WarriorKeKeMasked Helmets by VefTheVefRemove Slow Time Effect by Lestat ViroRing Of The True Werewolf by TheCh0senOneMidas Magic by XilverReview Studio by KahjiitRajSummon Ball Lightning by VerteironVampire Lord Armor of Harkon by hellstorm102Dawnguard Vampire Races by RaelordBat Travel Vampire Power by Didymus EiVampire Resting Places by kibblesticksVampiric Grip by watcher2030Magic Duel by Seb263

  • Sully The Man

    Now I'm pissed we were cheated out of a Companions vs. Volkihar battle. I mean come on Bethesda you have werewolves and vampires in the same did you not make a scripted scenario where they fight?

  • Hadmen Yadongplease

    1,189 people have no respect for hard work.

  • Patrick Allen Montgomery

    "One bite and you can end up as one of them" So 100% disease resistance as a werewolf means nothing to you?

  • BlueLaguna Z

    The Video is really really great but, Kodlak is unfortunately dead :(

  • SomeoneFancy

    Did anyone else notice the use of the Poseidon Fight Theme from God of War III during the fight? :|

  • Cookiequestplays

    I wish we could of actually transformed to dragons though....

  • Gustavo Rendon

    Aela!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! .... my huntress, my life, my loove :'(

  • Nicholas Chernis

    Just did my fight for the dawnguard where you go to castle volkihar and now i'm so disappointed after watching this.

  • kayla draws to much

    why aren't you working for skyrim game makers ! omg this would had made the game 60 times better!!!

  • Guy Broman

    Some of the characters look fresh out of Oblivion

  • Image Of Creation

    It's a little dissatisfying sorry to say it's great in every aspect but I feel like the vampire were totally demolished like they didn't even put a real fight especially Harkon I feel like he should have been stronger tbh or had some stuff up his sleeve I means he's been alive for thousands of years and has plenty of battle experiment and just experience in the world he should have been crazy cunning and it should have taken some effort to beat him it seemed so effortless but considering he has his power directly from a deadric prince or a god beyond the realms of skyrim I feel like it was way to easy for the dawnguard and them to win that battle.. Like for instance when that arrow was shot a vampire lord has telekinesis in real life knowing what the power of the bow was ho most likely would have grabbed one of those draugr and pulled them infirm to of the arrow which could have intiated a whole new battle sequence

  • Vivien Clausen

    I have a hard time believing Isran would have been okay with werewolves, but hate vampires. I mean a large portion of werewolves are feral and prey on people. Loved the video, though.

  • 66 6

    better than underworld lol :D

  • WantedDOA9MM l

    All of the Companions are not werewolves this isn't accurate. Nah it was still cool to watch.

  • The Unknown Uchiha

    All I want is for the elder scrolls 6 to release 😣


    the vampires are more op than they should be


    the song sounds like it comes from god of war

  • HawKish EnterTainment

    whos PC would be able to handle this?

  • Soul_Reaper1303

    What helmet what that at 3:07 and how do I get it

  • GlassKnightt

    Anyone know the armor that the "dovakiin" was wearing when he faced harkon? I know it's a mod, but what mod?

  • Bryant Stump

    I want to do this but idk how I have this dlc

  • Pomlithe

    Wouldn't this be called the Great Battle of Volkihar?

  • Dr. Virus 129

    This is what Underworld should have been.

  • Vanbel Manik

    Well, Dawnguard in ally with these wolfs? nah, they are quite the same with vampires, eating humans. Why would Dawnguard make them as allies?

  • Wendats

    Makes me think of when the Worgens invaded gilneas x)

  • Crazy Production

    why the hell there is god of war music

  • T Ray

    When I first saw this I was so excited for the final battle. But when I got to that point, there was only like 3 guys that showed up😢

  • Panson Ehfjf

    wtf why does the vampire lord look like pregnant alien

  • Luka Jovanovic

    but this god of war music when harkon and dragon born fight is soo damn cool

  • Christian Lundsgaard

    The Circle doesn't need to worry about becoming vampires... werewolves are immune to disease. Still awesome though.

  • Lol Lol

    I love the thought of dawnguard teaming with werewolves

  • Mikha Chb


  • Potato King

    If only the battle was this great, then again it would cause a lot of lag for some people, and might even crash skyrim. XD

  • Lyphis Sihpyl

    I gotta say that while yes the werewolf is pretty damn good. Vampire is just better. The vampire lord has great ranged and melee. It can easily get around the battle field and looks menacing.

  • casey jones

    The thing about skyrim that I don't like is that you kill Harkon, kill alduin and kill miirak and everyone treats you like a normal person. "Guess what. I killed harkon mirrak aldun ended the civil war and joined the companions! "Do you go to the cloud district very often? " FUSROHDAH!"

  • kaerouse48

    This would make an amazing movie. Screw Twilight.

  • Hahahaahhahahshahbsbsh Heh

    Who's watching this in 2017?

  • Gil Bezarius

    The battle with harkon was not that easy and nobody was standing outside to thank and respect was there was a mod to do that...Recognize the dragonborn and his fking deeds..

  • ThestealthyFridge123

    Can't wait for Skyrim:Special Edition/Remastered

  • mrs. springtrap 1987

    THIS VIDEO WAS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caleb Donovan

    I know I'm late to the channel but ridiculously sweet video

  • Captain Cudds

    Isran had a pickaxe in one shot

  • WhitePony1990

    What armor and sword mod is that?

  • _i _am_trash _

    this was amazing thank you so much for the quality video keep up the good work

  • Croc Gator

    I actually liked the Vampires xD


    ...How did you get the voice actors in on this? I don't remember hearing them give these lines.

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