Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • Daniel Graff

    wow that was good i am quite impressed


    i like how you used god of wars music because skyrims was shitty and repetitive

  • DevilDog 1999

    How do you get that heavy armor the MC wears

  • 420 King

    Are the giant skeleton spider things and the big headed red eye vampire thing and the red ware wolfs in the game or do u have to hak it or something

  • BATEman420

    A bit too similar to Harry Potter, but a fantastic video nonetheless.

  • Topazline Seven

    I still am amazed at how well done this is after first seeing it a while back. Awesome work!

  • Major Degtyarev

    a true Christian in 9 god

  • Luna Wolf- The Alpha Female Wolf

    I played the Dawn Guard quest and it was not like this. Why did you change the story? And the looks?!?

  • Titain Destroyer

    I wish this was the ending to dawnguard

  • Jacob Dover

    Since when was megamind added to skyrim

  • jurica runac

    7:31 Isran pulled out pickaxe

  • NWABUDIKE bergstein

    I wish serana actually could take on 3 gargoyles by her self with out collapsing

  • Masked Entity

    3:55 sounds like a kid raging

  • MidgetSenpai

    Can I ask how you made this so damn awesome? The cinematic were incredible especially with all the appropriate voice acting and timing. Did you use freecam or something else to make it like this?

  • Brandon Pickerill

    I'm just trying to figure out the armor used in this..

  • Triton 23

    This is the best Skyrim video I have ever seen. And I've subscribed to Fudgemuppet and ESO. I seriously hope you make more form here onwards.

  • johnny crowleygaming

    i like how he added the god of war music on the lord harkon fight

  • .eReN.

    14:12 Paladin armor from gothic 2?? OMFG must have!

  • Andrew Boler

    Too damn cool bro. Must have an awesome pc

  • Manufacturing Dolphins

    " FOR THE DAWN! " *Gets out pickaxe" me: Good luck fighting vampire lords with a weapon that does TWO FRIGGEN DAMAGE

  • Aren Sereathy

    Dislike how this clip overused the michal bay effect has so much going on to distract you from how poor it looks not saying that it's the creator fault it's just the creation engine is fucking shit for animations

  • Mack Reed

    How do you actually become part of the Dawnguard? Do you refuse to be turned into a vampire by Harkon?

  • The 6me9 God

    I like this the potential, Quest : End of ManKind

  • Melanie Turton


  • NarutoStormGames

    how did you made those werewolf transform all at once ?

  • Nikola Petrovic

    Honestly someone should make a mod for this...

  • Christoph Fischer

    Very nicely done. But too many werewolves. Only the inner circle gets to be werewolves.

  • Tiu Pedro

    Amazing!!! Excelent work

  • Eye Ball


  • Rocket Gamer

    Are u useing moonlight tales mod on the werewolfs

  • Jack Of Hearts

    What's the name of the armor the Dragonborn wears in this battle?

  • PupyM0nkyBby

    7:32 he pulled out a pickax

  • Karlismi Roblox and more

    It really depends on what the player chooses.

  • LordV

    Uuuuuuuhh uuuuuh, dawnguard is my balls! Vampires win ever!

  • Black Uchiha

    Hope this was a mission in skyrim.

  • Mr Bubbles

    Ok it's time to play skyrim again

  • welcome to the land of perfectly drawn eyebrows

    dam this is my first time watching this. this is phenomenal.

  • Amie Johnson

    comment if you just joined to get a armored troll


    The temptation to "Fus Ro Dah" all of them off the edge is killing me if I were to be there

  • Ammchy

    OMG! The Skeletons Are Vampires The Have Vampiric Drain! 3:48

  • Noah Shwetzer

    11:27 aaaaaand now its a harry potter film

  • F AND U thanks

    Wish the game was like this .

  • OblivionKing12

    If only it actually happened like this.

  • Tom De Tiger

    This is a mod right xD

  • Brandon Gibs0n

    I saw this a couple of years ago and then about last year I realised that there was a dlc called dawngaurd and fliped out then played the dlc dude u made it about beter

  • Crystal Rodriguez

    does this happen in the game

  • Sheogorath

    goodness...twilight remastered

  • Fabiola Puente

    this was horibly awsome😸

  • Gigi Muse

    Better than the twighlight ending.

  • Timothy Hale

    Slow clap that escalates


    Is it me can anyone else see that vampire with the staff or corruption

  • Jerrone

    I always wonder why the Companions aren't in the DLC... I'm very disappointed... I thought they are part of the modafakin' Dawnguard sht.

  • santo colorado

    Why is he a make with heavy armor, that just sounds stupid.

  • Danny Sharp

    5:44- holy shit he is definitely the dragonborn

  • Dr. Ariel Finch

    That was the most amazing Machinima I've ever seen.Good to see people getting representation.

  • Agnes Rodrigues

    werewolves aren't stronger than us. To the hell with Dawnguard

  • Pew pew

    vampire is coward using magic than hand to hand combat , uhhh :/

  • Bobby Collings

    the 1,345 who don't like this video can all go to fucking hell

  • Melanie Turton


  • Richard Kudelas

    wait werewolf blood cures plagues so when vampire bite u shit happens

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