Skyrim - Great Battle Of Dawnguard

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  • Tyrannicon

    Good to see people still watching my vid!

  • Bonfire Gaming

    this is how the final battle should have gone

  • Devin Belin

    They should have made the companions part of the dlc it just makes sense also theyre fuckin werewolves

  • Nicholas Chernis

    Just did my fight for the dawnguard where you go to castle volkihar and now i'm so disappointed after watching this.

  • Crazyjay666

    holy shit, this is a great movie

  • Cryo

    9:11 Poor Sniper, used to be a vampire...

  • Much Unique Jim

    I miss the old Machinima. These awesome video's, Gamer Poop. etc. It's disappointing they're gone.

  • WhitePony1990

    What armor and sword mod is that?

  • Global Saturation

    Is this how the end of the quest line of dawnguard ends ? Looks epic

  • Rabeharisoa tohavina

    c pas la zic de god of war kratos vs poseidon

  • Rory Shearer

    Why was Harkon speaking Dragon at the end?

  • lily jones

    Amazing video i wish this did happen exept aela dieing i started to get some tears :(

  • EariosRandomness

    Now I want to see the same thing, but if the player had joined the vampires instead of the dawnguard.


    sad god of war music at 13:11 btw that song plays when kratos brother dies 😢😯😕

  • Green Striker19

    They killed my wife aela ... Now i will go rampage on you damn vampires ....

  • alien dragon06

    m werewolf would have killed everyone in that fight (my werewolf is very op)

  • H20Delirium

    11:21 This looks familiar. xDVoldemort and Harry anyone?


    ...How did you get the voice actors in on this? I don't remember hearing them give these lines.

  • Sabi

    What is the armor you are wearing in this?

  • Ondřej Ragnarok

    2:42 name song pls :) :)

  • SkettiDragon

    haha i love the use of Red Alert death cries

  • ZingerBlurrito

    Reply- your crush likes youLike- your crush will ask u outSubscribe- your crush loves u ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Immortal Otaku

    lolz how the underworld movie series should have been like lmao awesome work

  • Dovahkiin HU3BR

    Whatbis the song at 4:21?

  • Knt Delfin

    3:08 In order to win, we should do the Skyrim Shuffle

  • Jacob Briggs

    Is there a mod for the protagonist's armor?

  • Rocky Hamilton

    this was actually really fuckin awesome lol good job

  • Freddy Fazbear

    Werewolves, are the strongest.

  • Viking Lord

    No way is this possible without some other mods

  • Cameron Baird

    cool but hella loud even with volume tured down

  • TheTouhouOrange

    Holy shit this is damn awsome compared to the actual end of Dawngaurd.

  • bob ross

    7:22 skull spiders?!?!

  • James Warden

    thats some harry potter shit right there

  • TheHeroOfMH

    What mod are bone spiders from?

  • Its Hero

    you know i wish this is how dawnguard ended with you having to recruit the companions to finally take down the vampire menace with the companions being important again after its story line and who dosent want to see werewolf v vampire? right

  • Brain Koch

    its very good thanks for this stuff. Good work.

  • WarbanderLasty

    How did you manager having so much shit going on without the game crashing?

  • Akame Deathsword

    Aelas death just ripped my fucking heart out :(

  • Digimon DigitalGamer

    i voted for the werewolves because on the real skyrim game im with the companions

  • Splatter King

    Probably should have put dovahkiin in heavy dawnduard armor

  • Pyromania

    11:25 Reality, Hit him With Warhammer and He's Dead

  • Milton Yarzagaray

    Loved it. Amazing work

  • MJackyboy 1299

    This is what skyrim need these day a war

  • Soul_Reaper1303

    What helmet what that at 3:07 and how do I get it

  • Michel Zöller

    Top video great works.Make more pls.

  • henry maude

    9:31 tf2 sniper scream

  • killer J

    coolest skyrim video ever

  • SomeoneFancy

    Did anyone else notice the use of the Poseidon Fight Theme from God of War III during the fight? :|

  • Doobie Snack

    You killed Aela! NOOooOoOoOoooOo!!!

  • you will never know my name hackers

    I think vampires should have atleast beat the dawnguard

  • Lieutenant Gorobets

    I always feel a shiver down my spine after that intro

  • Skyrim Tutorials and more

    Who's watching this in 2017?

  • Jerrick Ausmus

    what kind of armor is tge dragon born wearing

  • Ayden 808killer

    -_- a whole army of werewolves should've been WAY more effective

  • Night Warrior

    do a battle of five armys

  • enderspyro

    what spell did he used to get out of that cage

  • Chantell Beaton

    The background music/sounds are ... can't explain

  • Joel Wallbank-Hutton

    What a fucking incredible video

  • T Ray

    When I first saw this I was so excited for the final battle. But when I got to that point, there was only like 3 guys that showed up😢

  • TheOneWhoListens

    what mods are you using? i really love this how did you make it seem so cool during Harkon battle. Please get back to me when you can! thanks and have a good one.

  • Dušan Svemirović Dule


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