6 Choices We Regretted Immediately

Nobody can get *every* key decision in a game right! And the Outside Xtra and Outside Xbox team are no different. Here are six choices that, for various reasons, we immediately regretted.


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  • Outside Xtra

    Here are the choices, decisions or key moments in games that the Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra team TOTALLY fluffed, and will regret forever. What do you think you got wrong? Let us know in the comments and enjoy!

  • Joeon Ren

    I reallly REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE this format. Watching you guys talk without script is really fun to watch

  • Mocityspirit

    A Night in the Woods came out on my birthday in 2017. It also happened to be nearly the first anniversary of losing my own mother. So, as you can guess, this game is incredibly special to me. I did everything my virtual cat mom asked me to do and spent AS MUCH of the game having those conversations as possible. A Night in the Woods is an incredible game.

  • Supernova Kasprzak

    Papers, Please leaves you with all kinds of choices that you'll immediately regret, no matter what you choose. For example, there's a spy who wants to get someone through your post and leaves you cryptic messages so you can figure out who the person is that you're meant to let through illegally. If you choose to help the spy, you'll get rewarded for betraying your country by being corrupt at your job. If you don't help, the spy keeps harassing you over and over again with new targets, expressing disappointment in you every time and never rewarding you though you're on the edge of homelessness and starvation.

  • BabyKrogan

    Those vault 34 people bullied Chris Haversam so much that he thought he was a ghoul and ran away. He was the only one keeping that reactor stable so they got what was coming to them.

  • cj Hunter

    The last one brought back some memories.Always call your mom.My mom passed away and I wish I had called her more.

  • Throttle Kitty

    > Become Raider in Fallout 4 Nuka World> Preston Garvey stops talking to me> Immediately regret not becoming a raider sooner

  • Jonathan Smith

    Not hugging Leonardo Da Vinci in Assassin's Creed 2

  • Frost Wolf

    fun fact: saving the little sisters in bio-shock gets you more ADAM in the long run from the gifts only by a small amount.Harvest: 3x160 = 480 ADAM. Rescue: 3x80+200+gift-tonic = 440 ADAM plus a gift tonic worth 60 ADAMS, total 500.

  • TheVergile

    "yeah, she knows that - she is up on the lingo"...meanwhile said character:"what seekest thou?"

  • Kitty Kat

    that one about a night in the woods actually made me cry so thanks for that

  • Nathan Weeks

    Wait, there were people trapped in Vault 34? I just turned off the reactor ... I didn't ... I need to go, um, check on something.

  • MovieJunkie ForLife

    Playing Heavy Rain: When I shot the religious guy to save that asshat of a partner I had. He was only reaching for his crucifix. I literally froze afterwards and felt so bad about what I had done, but I honestly thought he was reaching for a weapon. It's still one of the 'realest' moments I've ever had playing a video game.

  • Niall Pointing

    I regret killing parthanax in skyrim. Such a sad moment 😓😰

  • Caleb Truesdale

    The whole Crossbreed Priscilla thing sort of happened with me in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning with the Maid of Windmere. When I finally fought her after a long line of quests involving dispelling enchantments that hypnotize people and killing those who couldn't be saved from the enchantments (because they would then try to kill me and other people) I had the option to spare her or murder her face off. I chose the latter because she had tried to do so to me and many other people. A few days later I was bored and looked up the other option and if I chose to spare her she would've had a moral re-alignment and become a fantastic npc, so a lot guilt there. There was also a bit of lore I missed in a conversation with her somewhere where she says that she's doing what she does because her fate repeats itself over and over, and had been doing so for thousands of years, and that it was torture, and that she was trying to change that. THE FLOODGATES OF GUILT HAVE OPENED AND STILL HAVEN'T SHUT.

  • b Lab

    One of my biggest regrets was in knights of the old republic when Bastia tries to turn you to the dark side. I went along with it and had to kill Jolee and Juhani straight way that was fine but afterwards to find the rest of your party on the beach and Zalbaar the Wookiee reluctantly sides with you because of his life debt, then when mission attacks you he has some absolutely heart breaking dialogue, and I actually really upset me that my character was making this big kindhearted teddy bear kill his best friend..... I ended up reloading and playing light side because I couldn’t deal.

  • Max Littlewood

    I remember playing mass effect and loving Wrex so much and then I got all the dialogue options wrong and Ashley shot him...insta reloaded a save, even though it was an hour before

  • m o i s t b o i

    "They're fools, you should eat them." Thanks for the great advice.

  • Santiago Ahumada

    You only came here because of Night In The Woods didn't you?No worrys I came here for that too

  • phil wilson

    Dragon Age origins. Choosing to sleep with Morrigan after starting a relationship with Leliana


    Moments you regreat.......GENOCIDE IN UNDERTALE

  • Za'chary Westbrook

    Worst video game decision I ever made was in 'Superman 64'. I chose "New Game" instead of turning off the console.

  • Wyatt Adams

    I hated doing the genocide run in undertale and not being able to save my favorite character sans

  • JMV JR

    Canonically Selina wouldn't hesitate on saving Bruce. They even kind of got married recently, but Bane orchestrated some convoluted plan to not let than happen.She was willing to fight Thalia to the death for Bruce.

  • Bizzy Bee

    The Witcher 3: Wild HuntMaking the decisions that led to the Baron hanging himself will forever haunt me

  • θηρίο

    In hollow knight when the nail smith upgrades your weapon to the pure nail, he asks you to kill him. He dream was to create the perfect blade, and now that he’s done it he realizes that he has no purpose to live anymore. He asks you hit him with the pure nail. You have two options: leave him, or fulfill his request. If you kill him, you’ll just find his corpse floating in a lake below his home. If you leave him, and go and visit Nail Master sheo (a warrior converted to artist) you’ll find that the master and smith had become good friends, and the nail smith has found purpose in his life again. Killing the smith once I find this opposing ending made me instantly regret it.

  • Mavericktravo

    Fable IIIn the end, you make a choice between "The Needs of the Many" which resurrects all of the townspeople and they build you a statue, "The Needs of the Few" which resurrects your family and your dog, and "The Needs of the One" which nets you a lot of gold. In my first play through, I selected the Needs of the Many. It was not an immediate regret, but when I found the grave of the dog at the top of that hill where he died? i lost it. Ugly cried myself to sleep that night.I miss you, Shoehorn.

  • Sakai A

    Not aiming for the headOh wait, thats movie choise, not a game choiseStill...

  • jacob sutton

    I hated not going with John in RDR2 at the end where you last play as Arthur

  • Man Drake

    One of the things with Prey is that you know that some of the people are falsely accused (Not some of them cough the kitchen) but yeah. So maybe he was innocent? There is always that question.

  • Duygu Ecem Ertan

    Doing genocide in Undertale. Trust me. I never did it, but I know enough to know that it's a choice that you'll regret forever.

  • Argishti Stepanian

    Here's an unusual one: Taking the offer to join the company in the first act of Bandersnatch ;)

  • IDontKnowWhatToCallThis

    I've had to redo Detroit become human several times just so I had the right ending

  • Zedekiah Stephens

    You can keep Rex alive and destroy the cure.

  • South Downie

    I had lost my mother a few years ago and now whenever there is a motherly figure in a piece of media I always become extremely attached to her and in games I always make sure that she is always happy and stuff because I didn't do that all that well to my mom and I feel like anything even a character feeling well makes me a bit happier I'm seventeen now and I wouldn't even be ashamed to have my mother sing me to sleep or to be tucked in or anything like that idk. Just make sure to tell your mom you lover her every chance you get even when you are mad at her cause you never know when you are gonna lose her

  • Your friendly neighborhood Keyboard warrior ninja

    Great I came here to laugh internally, maybe awkwardly chuckle at the screen. I didn't realize I would end up in a great philosophical debate with my internal mind and thoughts, know I feel bad. Thanks Jane!

  • SirMan McDude

    Selecting "Veteran" when playing World at War...So many grenades...

  • Brian Dupuis

    I read ahead so I knew to not let down wrex I needed persuasion maxed, and thank god for that. also I hate ashley, was happy the game let me kill her

  • Rocky Productions

    "Not Whatshisname!" Lol

  • David Henry

    A choice you'll regret in Sonic 06 is starting the game.

  • StutterMaple

    This might sounds crazy, but: Animal Crossing. Whenever I build up a friendship with one of my villagers and then I get busy with real world stuff, and I come back and they’re either super upset that I’ve been gone for so long or they’ve moved away and I never got the chance to say goodbye T.T

  • mystic leo gamer second channel

    If you wondered what game the cat in the thumbnail is from its Night In The Woods

  • Wombocombo28 I play horrible games

    The first mistake was trying to play darksouls

  • Quillette Reader

    "Are we still talking about a night in the woods?"

  • Alex Rodriguez


  • Madrigal

    Undertale. Killing. Toriel. Before. You. Realise. You. Don't. Need. To. Fight. Her.

  • Nickanj

    Biggest regret: Letting Alistair kill the Archdemon in Dragon Age: Origins without the, um, "protection" from Morrigan. Oooof.

  • UrAverageQueenPreteen 08

    Shoot my hardest gaming decision was who I'm marrying in harvest moon😂

  • Arcradire

    My biggest regret was in Assassin's Creed Odyssey when I refused to fight the leader of the Daughter of Artemis.

  • Alexander Bahn

    Spock: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

  • martinwettig

    I like how the whole team suddenly goes all personal and insecure when discussing difficult decision. A big compliment for the quest designers.

  • TrashiiAnxiety Sucks

    Me:I regret killing Goat mommy ;-;

  • Iris Rossi

    I regret rewriting my pokemon games :D i want my original files back gosh darn it

  • This name triggers you

    I'm a simple man. When I see Night in the Woods, I click.

  • Russell Morgan

    GTA 5 : Trevor killing Floyd Herbert in order to progress the game. I opted to kill Trevor at the end because of it.

  • RecklessRex

    Chooses a dialogue option"Nick Valentine disliked that"Oh god no I'm sorry oh my god I'm a terrible person please forgive me Nicky I'm sorry!

  • Anthony M Sweat

    You played mass effect without wrex? You need to play them again. That’s awful

  • bjchit

    Crawling into a vent in Alien: Isolation with xenomorph nearby.

  • King Treedede

    Myla from hollow knight: looks away from this video

  • Moriatti

    Hard agree with Jane on Night in the Woods (amazing game btw)The Fallout choice seemed neat, maybe I'll give the series a try.

  • DanceLeigh

    It's hard to see the play button with the white background. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Darkjeremy1992

    Killing whisper and my sister my first play through of Fable. I wanted the gold and then i wanted the best sword in the game. Felt bad about doing both.

  • AtlasYT-_-

    I still regret that I didn't tell Robin that Barbara (Oracle/Batgirl) was actually alive in Batman: Arkham knigt :(

  • David James

    Night In The Woods needed some more appreciation, thanks!

  • Silver Forge

    Wait did you say NIGHT IN THE WOODS

  • Space Fiend

    That mass effect one when I messed up and couldn't save wrex cuz I didn't have enough paragon points I literally started the whole game over lol

  • Dima666Air

    give Zevran in Dragon age Origins make masageRegretted Immediately

  • Zarothose

    Fallout New Vegas was way better than Fallout 3 after all the patches and way better DLC.

  • Jetpack Cthulhu

    Leaving the barn in Red dead redemption is one for sure.

  • Jack Huntsman

    "Like Luke did" "I TOLD YOU THAT IN CONFIENCE"

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