6 Choices We Regretted Immediately

Nobody can get *every* key decision in a game right! And the Outside Xtra and Outside Xbox team are no different. Here are six choices that, for various reasons, we immediately regretted.


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  • Outside Xtra

    Here are the choices, decisions or key moments in games that the Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra team TOTALLY fluffed, and will regret forever. What do you think you got wrong? Let us know in the comments and enjoy!

  • Madrigal

    Undertale. Killing. Toriel. Before. You. Realise. You. Don't. Need. To. Fight. Her.

  • CritGemHero

    Actually, I'm pretty sure that fight with your mom in Night in the Woods would have happened no matter what. I visited her every day in the game lol.

  • Supernova Kasprzak

    Papers, Please leaves you with all kinds of choices that you'll immediately regret, no matter what you choose. For example, there's a spy who wants to get someone through your post and leaves you cryptic messages so you can figure out who the person is that you're meant to let through illegally. If you choose to help the spy, you'll get rewarded for betraying your country by being corrupt at your job. If you don't help, the spy keeps harassing you over and over again with new targets, expressing disappointment in you every time and never rewarding you though you're on the edge of homelessness and starvation.

  • Fab912

    Actually, in Night in the Woods that specific conversation happens regardless of you visiting your mother or not at the church. That specific dialogue has repercussions later in the game that build upon Mae and her mother's relationship. So yes, it's meant to happen. And yes, regardless of you not talking to her or talking to her it makes you feel bad. I just can't go through this game without talking to her, i feel bad if i don't...even if she is mad at me

  • mitchtherevolution

    Anyone who let Wrex die in the first game should go back and start the whole Trilogy over.

  • Your friendly neighborhood Keyboard warrior ninja

    Great I came here to laugh internally, maybe awkwardly chuckle at the screen. I didn't realize I would end up in a great philosophical debate with my internal mind and thoughts, know I feel bad. Thanks Jane!

  • Mr. Negative

    Why couldn't you realistically release the vault people then shut down the reactor

  • Mavericktravo

    Fable IIIn the end, you make a choice between "The Needs of the Many" which resurrects all of the townspeople and they build you a statue, "The Needs of the Few" which resurrects your family and your dog, and "The Needs of the One" which nets you a lot of gold. In my first play through, I selected the Needs of the Many. It was not an immediate regret, but when I found the grave of the dog at the top of that hill where he died? i lost it. Ugly cried myself to sleep that night.I miss you, Shoehorn.

  • Vechs

    8:00 How do you even know what the computer entry said about him was true?

  • W.仁尤

    I hated Ashley. Leaving the racist Ashley behind is the only right choice.

  • Max Littlewood

    I remember playing mass effect and loving Wrex so much and then I got all the dialogue options wrong and Ashley shot him...insta reloaded a save, even though it was an hour before

  • Wecoc1

    Two words: Picking Bulbasaur.

  • James Clark

    I'm sorry, but Catwoman abandoning Batman is NOT the "canonically correct choice"! Selina cares for Batman, and is a good person deep down. That's why if you make the WRONG choice, the game rewinds so you can make the CORRECT choice.

  • Ebony Stark

    Completionist me siding with Teryn Loghain over Alistair in DA:O. They really beat you over the head with the guilt and it is worse in DA:2 when you see what happens to Alistair. Ugh.

  • Daniel Glean

    Don't you ever disrespect Alfred like that again

  • EveryPixelCounts

    Letting Tali down...and watching her jump off a cliff.

  • The Real Disco

    1 choice I regretted immediately- Trying out Fortnite

  • martinwettig

    I like how the whole team suddenly goes all personal and insecure when discussing difficult decision. A big compliment for the quest designers.

  • cj Hunter

    The last one brought back some memories.Always call your mom.My mom passed away and I wish I had called her more.

  • NGMonocrom

    Oh, you didn't know you still got a reward if you spared the Little Sisters. Here's an idea, Luke.... Maybe don't harvest each and every single one you encounter, and that way you'd find out what the deal is; you monster!

  • Muhair Productions

    Me ratting my friend out in Persona 5 which lead to me being assassinated by a high school student and getting the bad ending

  • Caleb Truesdale

    The whole Crossbreed Priscilla thing sort of happened with me in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning with the Maid of Windmere. When I finally fought her after a long line of quests involving dispelling enchantments that hypnotize people and killing those who couldn't be saved from the enchantments (because they would then try to kill me and other people) I had the option to spare her or murder her face off. I chose the latter because she had tried to do so to me and many other people. A few days later I was bored and looked up the other option and if I chose to spare her she would've had a moral re-alignment and become a fantastic npc, so a lot guilt there. There was also a bit of lore I missed in a conversation with her somewhere where she says that she's doing what she does because her fate repeats itself over and over, and had been doing so for thousands of years, and that it was torture, and that she was trying to change that. THE FLOODGATES OF GUILT HAVE OPENED AND STILL HAVEN'T SHUT.

  • b Lab

    One of my biggest regrets was in knights of the old republic when Bastia tries to turn you to the dark side. I went along with it and had to kill Jolee and Juhani straight way that was fine but afterwards to find the rest of your party on the beach and Zalbaar the Wookiee reluctantly sides with you because of his life debt, then when mission attacks you he has some absolutely heart breaking dialogue, and I actually really upset me that my character was making this big kindhearted teddy bear kill his best friend..... I ended up reloading and playing light side because I couldn’t deal.

  • Lunar Pixie

    In correct Mike. Killing Ashley is the only option.

  • Throttle Kitty

    > Become Raider in Fallout 4 Nuka World> Preston Garvey stops talking to me> Immediately regret not becoming a raider sooner

  • Dakar12

    Yea, kaiden's not the right choice. Ashley's a racist and I'll never respect anything she does or says.

  • MovieJunkie ForLife

    Playing Heavy Rain: When I shot the religious guy to save that asshat of a partner I had. He was only reaching for his crucifix. I literally froze afterwards and felt so bad about what I had done, but I honestly thought he was reaching for a weapon. It's still one of the 'realest' moments I've ever had playing a video game.

  • SlewedBoot25934

    Number 1: doing the deal with Dimitri in Gta 4

  • The legend

    Is that... Is that a D20 on a necklace???Holly shit, that's awesome.

  • Mocityspirit

    A Night in the Woods came out on my birthday in 2017. It also happened to be nearly the first anniversary of losing my own mother. So, as you can guess, this game is incredibly special to me. I did everything my virtual cat mom asked me to do and spent AS MUCH of the game having those conversations as possible. A Night in the Woods is an incredible game.

  • Csúb - Az Űrmedve

    I killed Priscilla after she said the land is peaceful and its inhabitants kind. I was enraged.I did not know if I interact with the painting, it will take me to the painted world. No way to fast travel from there. You are trapped.When you arrive, things that greet you are me are hollows, puking hollows, hostile bird people, an NPC invasion, a group of phalanx biomass or whatever they are, an undead puking dragon, bodies impaled and frozen like popsicles, bodies hang on a rope, and last but not least... wheel skeletons!After all that hospitality, this thing says that this land is peaceful and its inhabitants kind.So I showed her peace and kindness.Screw her.

  • renato trotta

    I know it might be an unpopular confession, but i kinda felt bad getting my revenge over agent Ross in RDR. Ok he killed me, but he got away from all that, apart from thinking that killing Marston would have been the right thing to do, and maybe there might have been redemption for him too. Or maybe i softned a bit cause i accidentally shot my horse while auto-aiming for a goddamn rabbit and then went all Dalai-Lama in the west.

  • Sandy

    Getting everyone killed in Until Dawn.

  • Joeon Ren

    I reallly REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE this format. Watching you guys talk without script is really fun to watch

  • Jordan Brown

    You know if you want to go back to an old save file in Dark Souls you could just always have a 2nd copy of your save file on a USB.... That's what I do with the Way of the Samurai games. Heck, making a copy of your save file is the easiest way to fix most permadeath scenarios (if the option to not have permadeath is not available). This severely speeds up play time in these types of games.

  • Man Drake

    One of the things with Prey is that you know that some of the people are falsely accused (Not some of them cough the kitchen) but yeah. So maybe he was innocent? There is always that question.

  • Panzer Man

    Playing through Black Ops 2, there's side missions that can be ignored but must be completed for the best ending. If you're like me, you ignored them because you didn't know their importance. If you didn't do them, then the game ends with Chloe Lynch dead (and no one to stop the Celerium virus), Menendez breaks out of prison and kills Woods, and the Second Cold War is presumably still ongoing. I'll always remember how stupid I felt for getting this ending, so I went back and did it all again to get the best one.

  • Caitlyn Coble SFM

    Literally. Every. Choice. In Detroit Become Human. Because I swear they designed it to where EVERYTHING has a consequence! Think you did good by saving Hank instead of shooting the Deviant? Well guess what, Connor's relationship with hank STILL goes down and they argue in the next chapter.

  • Kitty Kat

    that one about a night in the woods actually made me cry so thanks for that

  • phil wilson

    Dragon Age origins. Choosing to sleep with Morrigan after starting a relationship with Leliana

  • Zedekiah Stephens

    You can keep Rex alive and destroy the cure.

  • Dave Brohman

    The decision I regret most was in Fable 1, having to choose whether to kill Whisper or not. I normally play maximum-good but after much debate I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and off her. I then spent the rest of the game having people ask me why I did it. A little stab of guilt every time.

  • Floobsie ̇

    The witch's house.Finishing the game.Especially with Ellen's knife.

  • Rocky Productions

    "Not Whatshisname!" Lol

  • 2la84me1

    The batman choice was the opposite for me. I regretted helping me/him once he goes all like "Oh I didnt need any help but thanks anyway babe". Then I do the game all over again and suddenly when I make the opposite choice its "OH NOES EVERYTHING'S FUCKED. WHY DIDNT ANYONE HELP BATMAN. WHYYYYYYYYYY." I agree that the choice was super canonical to Catwoman's character. There are very few stories I've read where she isnt looking out for herself mainly AND THEN explains that she is no hero and neither does she want to be one.Then adding insult to injury. It was a non choice in the first place. Rocksteady couldnt even give me the piece of mind that even though Batman is BATMAN he is weaker without allies and when he loses even one he is easily overtaken. Then let that decision stick. Not even booting me out to the title screen. It just left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Brian Dupuis

    I read ahead so I knew to not let down wrex I needed persuasion maxed, and thank god for that. also I hate ashley, was happy the game let me kill her

  • Nathan Weeks

    Wait, there were people trapped in Vault 34? I just turned off the reactor ... I didn't ... I need to go, um, check on something.

  • Satanas Luciferi

    It might be just me but i killed Priscilla just cuz i thought, sweet a boss to kill

  • Just chill

    where's executing kyoko in danganronpa THH?

  • Zarothose

    Fallout New Vegas was way better than Fallout 3 after all the patches and way better DLC.

  • FOertel

    Yeah, trying to be diplomatic with a krogan was the mistake, just be straight to his Face And wrex will understand that a cured genophage isnt worth it when you have to be slaves for it, he will Not only didnt interfere, he will even think himself that destroying it Is the right decision :p

  • Za'chary Westbrook

    Worst video game decision I ever made was in 'Superman 64'. I chose "New Game" instead of turning off the console.

  • Thomas Parker

    In Mass Effect, there were a few decisions that I regretted, but not immediately. They were the Renegade choices that were too cool not to make, but then later on IN THE TALI LOYALTY MISSION I didn't have enough Paragon points to persuade the admiral guys to think tali's dad was good and it was become i headbutted the krogan and shot the pipes and tasered the other guy.

  • Jonathan Garcia

    I definitely didn't regret abandoning Batman.

  • Frost Wolf

    fun fact: saving the little sisters in bio-shock gets you more ADAM in the long run from the gifts only by a small amount.Harvest: 3x160 = 480 ADAM. Rescue: 3x80+200+gift-tonic = 440 ADAM plus a gift tonic worth 60 ADAMS, total 500.

  • Chris bromley-west

    putting harrowmont on the throne in my "make fereldan the best it can be" run of Dragon Age Origins. whilst it's true that bhelen rules somewhat trynnically. and it's also true that he killed his brother and framed his other brother for it. and it's also true that if he seizes the throne he'll kill every member of harrowmont's family. with Harrowmont on the throne, all that happens is the relationship between the surface and orzamar weakens. orzamar gets even more seggregated and the caste restrictions get tighter. with bhelen you may be putting a tyrant in the throne. but it's only one generation of tyranny for many, many generations of good. like if you could kill 100 african naitives before africa was discovered by europeans in order to ensure that african slavery never happened. it's horrible at the time but the amount of potential pain and suffering that could be avoided by it (after all we're still experiencing a lot of suffering, seggregation fallout and just general racism as a direct result of old seggregation laws, as a direct result of slavery) imagine if all that was totally erased and any future harm fallout from slavery can cause too. but it came with a blood price of 100 africans. potentially infinate good, in excange for a very finite evil. and that's the exact same as putting bhelen on the throne. his rule is finite, but the laws he change and the improved relationship with the surface will have potentially infinately good consequences. and all it costs is one tyrant and an entire family tree. the ends justify the means in my opinion, and would have truely made fereldan much more united, along with making life better for the Brands.

  • Anna Gül

    Killing papyrus in undertale he still believs in you

  • South Downie

    I had lost my mother a few years ago and now whenever there is a motherly figure in a piece of media I always become extremely attached to her and in games I always make sure that she is always happy and stuff because I didn't do that all that well to my mom and I feel like anything even a character feeling well makes me a bit happier I'm seventeen now and I wouldn't even be ashamed to have my mother sing me to sleep or to be tucked in or anything like that idk. Just make sure to tell your mom you lover her every chance you get even when you are mad at her cause you never know when you are gonna lose her

  • Words Are Hard

    This might sounds crazy, but: Animal Crossing. Whenever I build up a friendship with one of my villagers and then I get busy with real world stuff, and I come back and they’re either super upset that I’ve been gone for so long or they’ve moved away and I never got the chance to say goodbye T.T

  • Gr1mHunt3r

    Vault 34's experiment was that the vault door wasn't closed correctly so radiation was leaking into the vault, that's why it's so irradiated

  • Jon Watson

    3. Great, being wishy washy has doomed the galaxy! If Wrex dies his brother Wreave takes over in his place so if you cure the genophague he'll go on to try and conquer the galaxy. Especially if the diplomatic sort of cured female Krogan Eve dies because you delete the nasty horrible research done on desperate Krogan women sick of having hundreds of miscarriages by a krogan scientist in ME2.

  • James Herb

    finally someone else understands how boring kaden is a character. i always disliked him the most out of all character across all four games, and its not because he's a bad guy, he's just freaking bland. i can't wrap my head around why so many people romance him as fem shep. i mean yeah there aren't a lot of options by the end of the game for fem shep, but you have both liara and garus, who are both infinitely more interesting characters

  • BabyKrogan

    Those vault 34 people bullied Chris Haversam so much that he thought he was a ghoul and ran away. He was the only one keeping that reactor stable so they got what was coming to them.

  • Sargon

    #3 You can talk Wrex down and not shoot him if you retrieve his family's armor. I swear nobody ever does any exploring or side quests.

  • Phillip Alcorn

    Really enjoyed this more personal side of your commentary this time around, hope to see more of it in future content

  • PotatoRune

    The hardest video game choice in my opinion is whether to save Louis or Violet in The Walking Dead Season 4 tbh. Why can't I just save them both? 😥😥😥

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