Dark Souls III by COLTrane45 in 1:38:38 - GDQx2018

Runner introduction starts at 1:32.
Run starts at 6:09.

Games Done Quick Express is our new mini-event series, expanding upon GDQ's two main events. GDQx 2018 took place at TwitchCon 2018, benefiting the TwitchCon Charity Plaza, from October 26th-28th.
  • COLTrane45

    I didn't miss any bosses, praise the onion! Way grateful I was able to do this run, we had an awesome time. Thanks again to GDQ

  • n00bfish

    This looks like a nice easy, casual game.

  • Cesferort

    How much flex tape is needed to fix those enemies? That's a LOT OF DAMAGE

  • Jin

    Knowing that even speed runners die to pontiff is actually very reassuring

  • Andrew

    Must say, this is an epic reboot of Shrek!

  • Alessandro de rossi

    the bizzarre adventures of fiona: part 3: green crusaders

  • Games Done Quick

    Runner introduction starts at 1:32. Run starts at 6:09.

  • PsYkOe

    Couch commentary was fantastic, runner personality and commentary was great. Great fun to watch!

  • Mr. Bee

    It's so painful to hear them talk about the lore, they've got no clue about anything, but the run is good tho' :D

  • Vova Sedykh

    Wow, those skips execution!

  • almost 12 dollars

    Who the hell PBs during a GDQ? Amazing.

  • Metal and Gaming Fun

    Props for the respect to Distortion.

  • Ocean Wavelength

    Princess Fiona sherks the land of lorian

  • kotovzky


  • L A S E R M A N

    "Ludex Gundyr"?Yikes

  • Acskir

    I died to the dancer about 500 times. And then I watch him walking through the spin attack. OK.... Instantly mindblown.

  • Zenithar 1

    Should have called it All Bosses, lore% run

  • phantomspaceman

    37:10 Itharyll of the Robeal Llavey.

  • Dai 大

    Pretty good, pretty consistent!

  • Pedro Scoponi

    First try Wilhelm, what a beast of a runnerlate congrats on the PB, holy moly :0

  • DNJN_Panda

    Think I need to get me some sellsword twinblades

  • Martin King

    Is that Big John hosting? That’s awesome.

  • VBandit47

    Shame they didn't have the music for that last fight ;-;

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    1:13:36 You can see the wolf's head from inside its body, and it's hilarious

  • Gravastars1

    I almost thought he missed crystal sage at the end, but nope, it just went by too fast for me to realise.

  • Frost y


  • Arcadia Ash


  • TheUnholyOne

    Damn, I didn't know those starting swords were so crazy. I didn't use them properly my first play through at all.

  • B00mt00b

    This is truly the Dark Souls of Speedruns.

  • Blue Fox

    I will one boss for hours and failWatches him casually beat all the boss in less than 2 hours

  • BL Gonzalez

    As someone who has always wanted to finish Dark Souls 3, this was inspirational.

  • some dude

    Sellsword twinblades overrated Anri's straight sword underrated

  • Farmertate

    Its actually a black blob with a trap. Correct lore only out here xD

  • DedDogeAce

    Thats it , Lets Gooo !!!

  • FallenAngels Servant

    One of my favorite franchises

  • GigidyGigidy234

    Want more on Dark Soul's story? Watch Vaatividya!

  • Thanatos9029

    Lots of first try skips! Great run and great commentary!

  • Video 2

    This was a fantastic run

  • Axtrep

    lmao missed Stray Demon, not sure if they're counting him

  • LetsGameWithShane

    i love it when the coach talks and knows the game makes for a great watch! so many times the coach just sit there silent or repeat the same joke over and over GG:)

  • Alexander Jaramillo

    Why wasn't the Lord of cinder killed, the last boss of the game? Am I missing something here?

  • YokeRoel

    What an awesome guy performing this great run! I think you are a very likeable person and you did a great job! One of the (if not the) most entertaining speedruns I ever saw! :-) best wishes to you!

  • CrackinTeefSkwad

    not using twinblades, already failed...

  • David Croft

    Is it just me or does Slave Knight Gael have attacks that are the same as or that look similar to the ones that Knight Artorias from Dark Souls 1 has?

  • riot650

    Dark souls is a hard game btw Kappa

  • Jackie Skillet

    Man, I've been struggling with Midir for WEEKS and this guy just downs him in one try. But i got a few good tips!

  • Dan DuBois

    did anyone else think of Seven days to die at 29:55

  • WhoEven Kerzennymore

    Those were a lot of deaths :c Poor Colt. But watching this was very entertaining.

  • anxiety

    This is just like DARK SOULS

  • Gikas Dovrisan

    This ain't cuphead

  • emerald

    "hes just looping under her spin which is pretty *e p i c*" - couch

  • mrBorkD

    it's not gael fists only, you hit him with a soul arrow :^)

  • Arshad Ali

    1:46:00 wow the new Monk from Diablo Immortal looks really badass to play

  • ThePsychowizz

    When I see gael movements I can't stop remembering guts in berserk armor...

  • OddF3ll0w

    I just saw on the leaderboards that COLTrane got the world record a couple of days ago on 1h 16m 54s. That is real nice!

  • Iplay Videogames

    I usually skip to the start of the run but then I heard Big John

  • JC Holmanation

    I wasn’t going to watch this as I thought I’d seen every run of DS3, boy am I glad I didn’t miss out.

  • Zero Blackwing

    3:32 Bruh! That is not an "L" it is a capital "i". Iudex means "judge" and gund is "battle". He is the "Judge of Ash Gundyr" in the japanese version. It's literally just a test battle for the ashen one.

  • Crypticexpert

    This dude is actually insane!

  • LIJ4Productions

    is it me or did he not do Soul of Cinder boss? or maybe i just fell aslep. idk.

  • A meme Machine

    Is this the streamer who beat dark souls 3 on stre- wait wrong person sorry

  • slipknotx141

    That dancer fight was perfect

  • smilingindian989

    IGT PB while not doing all the IGT save quits, really nice

  • Guy Lloyd


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