Dark Souls III by COLTrane45 in 1:38:38 - GDQx2018

Runner introduction starts at 1:32.
Run starts at 6:09.

Games Done Quick Express is our new mini-event series, expanding upon GDQ's two main events. GDQx 2018 took place at TwitchCon 2018, benefiting the TwitchCon Charity Plaza, from October 26th-28th.
  • Games Done Quick

    Runner introduction starts at 1:32. Run starts at 6:09.

  • n00bfish

    This looks like a nice easy, casual game.

  • Shoelace

    Knowing that even speed runners die to pontiff is actually very reassuring

  • Cesferort

    How much flex tape is needed to fix those enemies? That's a LOT OF DAMAGE

  • PsYkOe

    Couch commentary was fantastic, runner personality and commentary was great. Great fun to watch!

  • Alessandro de rossi

    the bizzarre adventures of fiona: part 3: green crusaders

  • Andrew

    Must say, this is an epic reboot of Shrek!

  • viri

    "LUDEX" i am angry

  • OddF3ll0w

    I just saw on the leaderboards that COLTrane got the world record a couple of days ago on 1h 16m 54s. That is real nice!

  • almost 12 dollars

    Who the hell PBs during a GDQ? Amazing.

  • several punch man

    "Depending on which of the two you kill first, changes the second phase of the boss fight. That's something we've haven't seen in a souls game yet"yup, never seen it before. Especially not in the most famous boss from the first game. Nope, never seen it. Demon prices was the first, totally.

  • Metal and Gaming Fun

    Props for the respect to Distortion.

  • Mr. Bee

    It's so painful to hear them talk about the lore, they've got no clue about anything, but the run is good tho' :D

  • Acskir

    I died to the dancer about 500 times. And then I watch him walking through the spin attack. OK.... Instantly mindblown.

  • phantomspaceman

    37:10 Itharyll of the Robeal Llavey.

  • kotovzky


  • Ocean Wavelength

    Princess Fiona sherks the land of lorian

  • Vova Sedykh

    Wow, those skips execution!

  • Zenithar 1

    Should have called it All Bosses, lore% run

  • L A S E R M A N

    "Ludex Gundyr"?Yikes

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    1:13:36 You can see the wolf's head from inside its body, and it's hilarious

  • B00mt00b

    This is truly the Dark Souls of Speedruns.

  • Iron Tarkus

    The couch boys were kinda casuls, but it's okay, the run was pretty nice

  • Pedro Scoponi

    First try Wilhelm, what a beast of a runnerlate congrats on the PB, holy moly :0

  • DNJN_Panda

    Think I need to get me some sellsword twinblades

  • Martin King

    Is that Big John hosting? That’s awesome.

  • Adam Daniel

    "Loodex Gundyr"Bro.

  • Gravastars1

    I almost thought he missed crystal sage at the end, but nope, it just went by too fast for me to realise.

  • Dai 大

    Pretty good, pretty consistent!

  • mrBorkD

    it's not gael fists only, you hit him with a soul arrow :^)

  • Damien Velazquez

    You know, I wasn't too sure about this run.....and then I saw her face.Now I'm a believer....that this run was going to be a trip from the start

  • Dave G.

    Im sorry but that one dude on the couch kept pissing me off with his mispronunciations:“L”udexItheralRooge

  • K.G.A

    hes 22 minutes in and hes at the same place im at after 45 hours. did i waste my time XD

  • Frost y


  • GigidyGigidy234

    Want more on Dark Soul's story? Watch Vaatividya!

  • Arcadia Ash


  • TheUnholyOne

    Damn, I didn't know those starting swords were so crazy. I didn't use them properly my first play through at all.

  • Jacob Reynolds

    Shrek glanced at the small white flower in his hand. It had been nearly 5 years since Fiona had linked the fire, and her sacrifice had saved Far Far Away from destruction. But the wound still hurt. However, the day was beautiful, and he knew Fiona would want him to enjoy the light she had fought to her last breathe to save. He glanced at the sunset, and let the flower fall to the ground. "What's wrong, daddy?" the little ogre said to her father, clutching his shirt. It was clear to Shrek that she could feel the quiet melancholy that had filled the room."Ah, oh, nothin' chield. Just thanking aboot yar muthar. Say, do you wanna hear a story?"

  • FaZe Libertarian

    Love the dude doing the voice over. Great voice and great personality

  • Blue Fox

    I will one boss for hours and failWatches him casually beat all the boss in less than 2 hours

  • VBandit47

    Shame they didn't have the music for that last fight ;-;

  • BL Gonzalez

    As someone who has always wanted to finish Dark Souls 3, this was inspirational.

  • Crypticexpert

    This dude is actually insane!

  • Barack Obama

    Thats it , Lets Gooo !!!

  • FallenAngels Servant

    One of my favorite franchises

  • Thanatos9029

    Lots of first try skips! Great run and great commentary!

  • Video 2

    This was a fantastic run

  • Farmertate

    Its actually a black blob with a trap. Correct lore only out here xD

  • some dude

    Sellsword twinblades overrated Anri's straight sword underrated

  • Alek Yaw

    Never played before but after watching. I bought it. Seems like a good time

  • smilingindian989

    IGT PB while not doing all the IGT save quits, really nice

  • martin sweeny

    loved the run but the prize guy at the end stole the show for me, went to make a coffee once the run was done and come back to this legend

  • JC Holmanation

    I wasn’t going to watch this as I thought I’d seen every run of DS3, boy am I glad I didn’t miss out.

  • A meme Machine

    Is this the streamer who beat dark souls 3 on stre- wait wrong person sorry

  • YokeRoel

    What an awesome guy performing this great run! I think you are a very likeable person and you did a great job! One of the (if not the) most entertaining speedruns I ever saw! :-) best wishes to you!

  • Jonas Hoffmann

    meanwhile nemz with all weapons xD still a good run

  • slipknotx141

    That dancer fight was perfect

  • David Croft

    Is it just me or does Slave Knight Gael have attacks that are the same as or that look similar to the ones that Knight Artorias from Dark Souls 1 has?

  • Arbiter

    I know some of these glitches are very difficult to pull off and require a lot of practice, but I find speedruns that don't use exploits far more impressive. Honestly just playing the normal way is probably more challenging than pulling off these skips.

  • Axtrep

    lmao missed Stray Demon, not sure if they're counting him

  • Nicholas Steel

    While he's fighting well against the bosses (that he doesn't glitch out), a lot of the reason the boss fights are being completed quickly is because he glitched himself a lot of souls to very quickly level up his weapon and character stats.

  • Egor Klenov

    Runner's casting was better than all casters' combined

  • Da-Ja's Quality Crap

    You know you gotta have a real gamer in the hotseat when they've memorised the stats for what their character looks like and each character is made of like 50 numbers between 0 and 255.

  • Jim Butta

    I died to dancer about 30 times before beating her. I don't know how they make it look so simple. So Impressive

  • Speedrun Fun

    Dark souls supposed to be one of the most difficult games but he make it look easy

  • Hlothwig

    1:49:27 I thought I was imagining it, but if you step through the video frame-by-frame with the comma and period keys you can see Fiona doing something very odd the instant the Gael cutscene ends.

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