7 Times Violence Wasn't The Answer: Commenter Edition

Violence never truly solves anything, except in videogames, where it solves everything. Except! For the handful of special occasions that call for non-violent lateral thinking. Hot on the heels of our last video in this topic, here are your suggestions for sneaky ways to resolve a conflict. Subscribe for a video like this one every Thursday!

Take the Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion, for example, in which one quest has you track a gruesome creature known as a spotted wight to its lair, where it has been tormenting locals and also, apparently, hoarding spoons?

You can either leap from the shadows and attack the wight in their own home which, rude, OR choose to sit down and enjoy a meal with them like a civilised Witcher.

Avoid using spoons as you eat, and you lift the curse on your dinner companion, who is magicked back into human form with nary a bloody and impolite swordfight over the dining table. If only all Witching was this easy, eh Geralt?

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  • Yastaav Padia

    "Claudia swallows the fetus to give birth to it herself." That's a sentence I didn't think I'd hear today.

  • Ayan Haider

    I demand to see Andy playing the banjo at the Red Dead 2 stream.

  • Daniel Staples

    Tim Curry might as well work at Outsidexbox at this point

  • ifindyourlackofhumordisturbing _

    "The time you didn't murder Priscilla"Yea, Luke!

  • Beth Bloomer

    "Now pick up your oyster fork. No Jane, that's a salad fork". Clearly Jane was more merciful back then, otherwise that would have ended with "Please don't stab us with the fish fork, Jane."

  • James Tanner

    I'd like to sign up for the Tim Curry Spaaace religion please. To where shall I send my tithes?

  • Nraged Chinchilla

    Andy: “This is a commenter list, so my hands are clean”But how do we know you didn’t just make an account to comment on the list so we got Monkey Island in another video?

  • UnitedWeStand

    Of course Andy has a banjo... You need to record something with said banjo and Luke with his ukulele

  • The CastAway DC


  • tacoman2.147

    Did I just see Tim Curry in a video that has nothing to do with Tim Curry? I've been officially bamboozled.

  • musicaddictor_anniepapaz

    7 times violence wasn't the a1nswer... with Mike presenting... I don't know, I just can't forget that time he bathed in blood in front of the woodcutter in Hitman (no subtitle)

  • Nathan Weeks

    To be fair to the people who failed that QTE in Until Dawn, petting a wolf usually results in "Aww, aren't you a cute little ... AAARGH! MY ARM! WHY DID I PET A WOLF!?"

  • Dapper Horus

    Andy,sure the commenter was the one who wrote the comment,but tell us who chose the comment for the list hmm?

  • Tasze Kodamai

    Farcry 4 Dinner table be like; "Should I stay or should I go?"Ironic

  • seagreen42

    I played Kingdoms of Amalur because of Ellen, I'm starting to think I'm going to have to play Monkey Island. Thanks Andy... ...😕 Wait... Has someone checked these videos for subliminal messaging?

  • M Mitchell

    And I am not a biologist here, but I don't think the digestive track is connected that directly with reproduction.

  • drakocarrion

    Why do I get the feeling Andy only owns a banjo for banjo duelling?

  • Cody Patton

    I want a video thats just 20 minutes of Andy sitting there playing the banjo.

  • Ta-Ho-Mas Williams

    Crabs look like they're always trying to get out of an awkward situation. "Oh crap, I owe that guy money," *walks away sideways

  • Takashiari

    Yes, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Tim Curry?

  • Taylor Barker

    I think Mike's answer to "how do I not die?" is to kill everyone first.

  • agentsanta47

    video idea: 7 freakiest levels in non horror games.

  • Raydeus

    I just wish Far Cry 4 allowed you to side with Pagan as a continuation of that secret ending.I know I'm supposed to think he is pure evil, but he was by far the only realistic choice that country had. When the "good guys" are religious extremists and drug lord slavers suddenly Pagan's methods don't seem so excessive after all*. Heck, considering what Pagan actually wanted to do [Spoilers] you could have even saved Bhadra if you had been allowed to side with him.* He was the only thing keeping the country from falling apart. For a more contemporary real world example just look at Iraq, the CIA put Hussein in power, however he still actually managed to keep all the different groups in check and stopped them from killing each other. And all things considered he was actually (very slowly and very painfully) pushing the country out of the hole.Until he decided to stop selling oil in dollars and tried to switch to the far better (at the time) Euro that is. But since the petrodollar is a thing he got squashed soon after and the country's factions didn't waste time and started killing each other, Golden Path style. And the rest is history. The worst possible timeline kind of history.

  • Matthias Floßmann

    Violence is never the solution...but a good alternative.

  • Andy Mcp

    If Jane thinks crabs are the freakiest spider aliens the ocean has to offer shes clearly never seen a lobster..Think crabs.. but longershudder

  • Jennifer Valentine

    Jane, eat the angry red spider aliens to gain their strength and power and anger. Unless you are allergic, then it'll likely kill you.

  • M Mitchell

    Dear sweet f.... I made a contribution!?

  • UnitedWeStand

    Based on what Ayan Haider commented this is a petition to get Andy to play the banjo for the intro and outro of the RDR2 live stream.Or at the very least to play it for a bit during the stream.Who is with me and Ayan Haider?

  • Raeanne Bedard

    I researched like crazy so I didn’t have to kill Paarthunax

  • NGMonocrom

    I want to watch more of Andy playing the banjo. Where's that video for me to click on?

  • Ironic Dutch Moonshade

    So forcing a doppelganger to throws itself into lava is not violence. Got it! Now what to do with this information?

  • Gunthermation

    What I need is a banjo solo by Andy on Luke's next album, please.

  • Lord Bloodraven

    Yeah, we all know Andy created a duplicate YouTube account to add that "Commenter's Suggestion" from Monkey Island 3.:P

  • Respectable AF

    Not killing Snowflake the Tiger in Dead Rising 2, not only do you get a nice companion, then you get a guarddog (cat) for Katey.


    I can under Jane's spoon identification problem, being a hotel management under-graduate myself. She will manage it just fine after a couple of (million) tries.

  • waterstar86

    I feel like Andy was either the commenter or searched until he found one with Monkey Island. Maybe he paid the commenter to post the suggestion?

  • arcadiagay

    i've put hundreds of hours into the witcher 3 and still when I see clips out of context i think i must be watching a Bad Lip Reading.

  • edallencompassingly

    There are several instances in the Banner Saga trilogy (a series I would recommend to anybody) where it is worth avoiding a battle. There are also a lot of instances where the best solution is to just go to town...and I'm not talking about the village with the non-hostile NPCs and merchants.

  • Nathan Weeks

    Violence is the last refuge of a limited mind, or the first refuge of unlimited ammo.

  • Chris James

    Anyway here's Dueling Wonderwalls...

  • gingercore69

    Literally, the whole thief series can be solved non violently, and the postal 2 game can in theory be solved that way too

  • Caitlin RC

    I went to the Jane Douglas institute of destructive tendencies and we have concluded that violence is always the answer. Cant argue with science!

  • Corvin The Artist

    That's right; violence is never the answer. It's a question, and the answer is yes.

  • lifeincolour09

    00:37 Witcher 3: Blood and Wine (Jane)05:45 Silent Hill 3 (Mike)08:58 Dark Souls (Andy)11:01 Tomb Raider Anniversary (Jane)12:52 The Curse of Monkey Island (Andy)16:40 Until Dawn (Mike)18:37 Outro (Andy)Crab is delicious though ;-).

  • KSSXerxes Channel

    "Contains spoilers for Dark Souls."Press X to doubt

  • A Malone

    the ENTIRE FRIGGING UNDERTALE GAME!!!!!!!!! good vid though =)

  • Timothy McLean

    They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how often does it let you avoid fights to the death? Dinner MVP.

  • Mitch Neu

    Great banjo playing Andy! Never expected that! Keep up the great work, all of you!

  • IZack DusK

    you telleng me that ive spent 120+h playung Far Cry 4 just to have an alternate ending like that one? Seriusly WTF!!!!!!!

  • Eloquently Emma

    I’m not angry that you didn’t save me - just disappointed... furiously disappointed!

  • the meeper

    sees title oh you mean the whole game undertale?

  • NoobGamers4Life

    “Crabs look like angry red sideways spider aliens" that's new 😂

  • Isaac Combs


  • Respectable AF

    Playing the banjo. Is there ANYTHING Andy can't do???

  • tba113

    Of all Andy's talents, banjo-picking was not one I'd suspected he had. Bravo!

  • the kevin

    i see you with the banjo playing skill bro, you better than me

  • Secret Scarlet

    We hope we can see more of the gang playing with instruments and carol foe Christmas. :D

  • Randall Sherrill

    Didn't Jane say she loved Crab Rangoon in a previous vid?

  • Max Flug

    I'd have love to get a story where you fight for pagan min, would have been interesting

  • _Edible_ Flower_

    I'm actually trying the farcry thing. It's been like, 20 minutes.wHy.Edit: it works haha

  • SpongeBob SquareHead

    Far Cry 5 also had the same message, but it was very subtle.

  • Olivia987

    Sorry, where can I find my nearest SPACE church please?

  • Katrina Payne

    I guess the MegaTen games might apply here. As in a fair amount of them, you can just talk all the monsters into submission--and get even more experience as a "Talked to the Monster" bonus. Even then, you generally require monsters onto your side with conversations with them.It should be noted that just smacking the monsters in the face is much easier to accomplish--and talking the monsters into giving you money, items, a cease fire or joining your team is really really tedious and filled with RNG silliness (where some questions give you the same three answers)... but at the same time, some of the best monsters can be handled like this--and you get an insanely large amount of experience from talking than you do from smacking them in their demonic faces a lot.The MegaTen games were including this gameplay long before Undertale... though, their system being as wonky as it is, kind of demonstrates that.

  • Captain Plague

    What about metal gear solid?You could literally mk.22 hush puppy everyone to sleep(Or WU.2 silent pistol)

  • Random Chiroptera

    Skyrim is possible with pacifism. A combination of sneaking, pickpocketing, alchemy, and illusions.

  • Mayowan Kenobi

    Swiss finishing school...I think that might be code for evil agent training academy!?!

  • TheBitchInBlack

    I love angry red sideways spider aliens though.

  • A Rock

    A high speech skill or charisma stat would beat the living crap out of violence anyday.

  • Parth Dave

    We want more Andy playing the Banjo!!(Hey, you started it Oxbox)

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