DOOM Eternal is Too Good to be True?!?

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  • just some randome Nightgaurd

    "demon can be an offensive term, they prefer mortally challenged"

  • Gilded Altar VG

    I didn't think porn was aloud on Youtube. This video is just GamerTron orgasming for 15 mins.

  • Aethadae

    this reboot is just proof that reboots are possible, you just NEED to be sure you have the right people working on it. the current id team obviously has some serious chemistry, this just looks like that really coming into fruition now with doom eternal.

  • noah

    I'll buy this game 5 times just to piss off sjw's

  • MunkeyChips

    Id is back, baby. They knocked DooM's 2016 reboot out of the park and they keep on comin'. I just pray Bethesda doesn't drag Id down with them in the coming years. It worries me greatly.

  • Dv_Rchrq

    13:18 to 13:35That’s basically a Hentai line

  • Roger Cruz

    You talked a little about Halo and I think masterchief is just a mere shadow of inspiration from doom guy. I mean, you can compare them, but it's a lost battle for masterchief, he has nothing on doom guy.

  • Zelimhan95

    this video makes me so mad, im mortally changed, and i want this video down by tommorow. or i will swat you. #DemonsLifeMatter #MortallyChanged #AcceptMortallyChangedDemons #ThisVideoIsPureRacism

  • dominic ewing

    That "Hey" in the begining almost had me convinced for a moment that Michael from Vsauce was about to drop some Doom knowledge.

  • Tex Ericsson

    The only thing that can beat Doom IS DOOM!

  • Ultimate Rosen

    Pff who needs half life 3 now?

  • Rab lablook

    It's interesting how there are articles that are trying to piss on Doom Eternal. Though I did like the part when some articles said that Doom Eternal is SOO masculine, that so many twitter users that identified as "She" had to remove the she label after watching the video.

  • Someblindgirlwhocancontrolrocks

    Gamers these days:Single player games aren’t relevant anymore Me:*shows gameplay of Doom*

  • HellHawX Omega

    I rate Doom Eternal a "Shut up and take my money"/10

  • Lauchsuppe Deluxe

    Is it normal that i want a child of doom guy?

  • KristophShmit

    I love how you started crying at the end, you were so happy and excited. I've never even played a Doom game, but your take on it really makes me want to get into it.

  • 360 TrollScope

    I really hope the game starts with the huge horde of demons at the end game credits.

  • mvd 007

    I also love doom 2016 when I play it I feel like a total badass can't wait till December and shoot the gatling shotgun!

  • Will Reading

    I dont see it being too good to be true, its basically just Doom 2016 with improvements

  • Sylestic Gaurddag

    While we wait I pre ordered the game for $50 and bought the original games for the Xbox 360

  • The Rice Fields

    You killed my rabbit prepare to die

  • Vampyre Prime

    is it weird that when I think of DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal I get a boner?

  • Teh Wolie

    Doom eternal is already getting on trouble with the SJW'SShut up and take my money Bethesda!

  • Orangutan Gang

    Doom 2016 was a stunning game. I also love Doom 1993 and Doom 2, along with Brutal Doom. Overall, I’m very excited for this game!

  • Lil Dexter

    Forget about cyberpunk 2077 or rdr2 this shit finna blow the gaming industry away bruh💯

  • Niklassen

    I finally found someone who understands my shit.

  • James Esteron

    ID truly redeemed themselves as the amazing studio we knew they could be.

  • Tigerstorm 6

    What I find best about Doom Eternal, is that it’s not afraid to poke fun at the SJW’s, especially with the “Mortally challenged” phrase.

  • EpicAlien 454

    He’s just having an orgasm into his mic.

  • Timothy Trevino

    The only flaw "and it is a LARGE ONE" is that apparently there getting rid of snapmap which was essentially 1/3rd of the first game if not more

  • Durkindagurkin

    Got a quake ad on this vid step aside other great id software game cuz doom is back in town

  • oof man

    After completing doom (2016) on nightmare mode I don't even know if I am going to be able to do nightmare mode on eternal

  • Beard_Grizzly

    I didn't need to see another trailer to know it's gonna blow my head off. Nodnod

  • kris

    How to make doom eternal add lots of testosterone to doom 2016

  • Clemente Flores

    I feel like you move to fast compared to the demons and I think that makes it to easy, I think they should buff up the demons somehow like make them faster or something cause it looks like they're movements are about the same as they were in the first doom. Still looks very fun though

  • Frost Gaming

    Titanfall2+Doom 2016= Doom Eternal

  • Animation DuD1415

    The flying ones look like they are from the first one but with arms

  • Connor Ryan

    You sounded like you had a boner the entire video XD

  • Thanos

    13:39 turns to doom guy

  • Dave Peterz

    The lore section of the video omg the locations look like some diablo type stuff. I love it.

  • Morpheus4444

    15 whole minutes ? m8 it was a 45 minute keynote, all around doom eternal smh ..... guy couldnt watch the live version. rip.

  • Jay Pond

    You know its good to hear someone genuinely happy about something for once.

  • Xero Kaiser

    Gatling shotguns! Demonic lightsabers! Shotgun-grappling hooks! Shoulder-mounted flamethrowers!DOOM Eternal isn't even out and it's already giving me things I never knew I needed in my life.

  • EJB9

    The fact the super shotgun has the grappling hook means that no one will use other weapons as it makes the one downside to the super shotgun irrelevant. But that’s fine by me.

  • mr. username

    Maybe it isnt true, but hey, always look on the bright side of the life.

  • Austin Kennedy

    pretty sure you were busting nuts this entire video, but i understand

  • Willie Houle

    it's funny how DOOM was one of the first FPS game and was on every pc and console imaginable back in the 90s and now 20 years later DOOM is back and it's one of the best FPS again

  • nuggistrike

    the last doom blow it out of the sky ! so maby this game companey really do know how to do doom good without feminazi sjw agenda like battlefield feminazi version !


    i want the same stuff as him, but just a tiny bit for the start.Dont want to turn into a mushroom cloud c(@_@)

  • Ryan Maddox

    This guy and his demonic obsession is way scarier than anything you'll encounter in these games

  • the last revenant

    kek yes. im right there with ya gamertron.

  • Agent Iowa86

    Honestly it sounds like this man is spiritually nutting over this game, and I’m right there with ya m8. But honestly how could you forget about the MUSIC???? Mick Gordon is an actual deity, and from what little we’ve heard, I believe he’s gonna surpass the Doom OST, I thought he couldn’t top At Doom’s Gate, but he somehow has made it deeper and grittier than ever!!! #DOOMETERNALGOTY

  • Curtis Luedtke

    Glad to know I'm not the only one waiting with baited breath here. I almost died laughing at the end though.

  • Heavenly Chiyo

    @TheGamertron You didn't like Doom 3? I love that game. It's horror atmosphere was awesome to me.

  • Kay praetor

    Doom Slayer is my spirit animal.

  • Fuck anime and its community

    I'm mortally challenged.


    Watching this gameplay gave me the biggest orgasm in my life

  • Vampiric Monolith88

    Doom Eternal is what got me to get Doom tattooed on my wrist

  • Student Grants-Man

    Jeez, they upped the power on the plasma rifle again.

  • Metrack

    How not to make a Sequel: -Make the sequel literally the previous game but only with a new skin. (AC Odyssey)-Make the sequel have less content than the previous game.(EA's Battlefront compared to OG Battlefront)-Use trends that are already overused. (Battle Royale).How to do a sequel:- Actually improve using the previous game as base.-Make the game have more content. And make useless stuff (like weapons/ weapons attachment etc)-Do not follow trend and/or if you do, do it with your own spin/style.

  • Gaming Seals

    Iron Man: is it better to be feared or respected why not ask for bothDoom guy/doom Slayer/one angry boi: hold my beer

  • Kevin Gallego

    I was super excited when they mentioned how much effort they were going to put into the multiplayer this time around. I loved the campaign but the multiplayer kept meComing back for more, now that it’ll be more legit and worked on, I can’t wait to play this new title in this new universe haha!

  • Isaac Hight

    This guy is having an orgasm

  • Joj0fun32

    The Doom Eternal gameplay IS my proudest fap and it was most definetly worth it

  • The Weird Network

    If I were a strict Christian Parent, Doom is the only game I'd let my child play.


    Thanks to blizzard and Diablo III People started to get bored and thought " killing Demons is a boring practice "Then Bethesda came along and said " hold my beer"

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