$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan

"It's like the Tinder of dining."

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  • Izzy

    I love that last dude. I could FEEL the passion he has for his creations. The Japanese can make anything art. Everything can be art.

  • Peter Kelly

    Including drinks, $133 / person seems pretty damn reasonable for that grade of sushi.

  • mohammed hridoy

    I don't mind spending money if it's worth it. $1000 for golds,truffles and fisheggs? That's the lamest way to spend money cuz it's just another meal with not so good taste as well. But $133 for such high quality regular ingredients and such a humble and royal treatment? Count me in.

  • Sja’iera

    I love how he said ”Obama-san” lmaooo

  • Emma Hansen

    i love how sweet that last guy was. he really did care about what he was doing. also, he gave the crew their own plate of sushi something no one else did

  • Simon James

    The last place was definitely Worth the price! What an amazing Sushi Chef. He was so kind and welcoming.

  • Kosuke SASAKI

    First of all, I was so surprised that Mr.Kyubey could speak English. Normally such generation cannot speak English at all. Now I understand sushi is so famous in the world and lots of guys from abroad come to fancy sushi bar. I'm so glad as Japanese.

  • Alex Amphonephong

    Steven when there is hot water: “Sometimes my shower doesn’t do that...”Me: Me too bud

  • Satsukii


  • AIsvb Flex

    I'm eating sushi while watching this video to enhance the flavor.

  • Zach Choi ASMR

    Sushi I can afford vs Sushi I can never afford

  • gucci gang

    The last dude is adorable 😁😁 old people are adorable

  • Nae Nae'd

    If I was a fish, I wouldn't mind getting caught to be treated this respectfully.

  • Jimmy maraj

    DUA = TWO in indonesian btw hehe

  • Marcus Feynman

    Is this the first episode where the most expensive restaurant wins?

  • NyanCat1907

    You had me at $1 sushi

  • Violet Silver

    The guys looked so nervous when they went into the last restaurant, I've never seen them like that before. But the way the owner put them at ease was lovely, what a nice man.

  • Aesthtic Unicorn

    Everyone is complimenting Japanese cuisine and I totally agree. But that one picture of Rie in a crap costume was too much for me to handle

  • flybyboy77

    I have been to Kyubey it really is that amazing. The show can barely do it justice. If you get the opportunity do it. It’s amazing. It’s not only delicious it’s an experience. The textures are incredible.

  • Happy VLOG

    133 dollar with this high quality of meal and passionate chef 👨‍🍳 I would spend more than that for this incredible chef 👨‍🍳..

  • Science with Katie

    I wanna go to Japan so bad! The food looks so amazing! 🍣🇯🇵

  • Carol Hastings

    steven: how do i get a work wife? andrew: you already have a work wife...

  • theChillChanneL

    11:05 KYUBEY ?!? /人◕‿‿◕人\  Contract ?

  • Zachary Wilson

    0:58 We have a large restaurant chain like that in the U.K. called Yo Sushi. They have restaurants with tables designed around a central conveyor belt where you just take food off and pay for it later. Unlike this one though there is a very open-plan kitchen on the other side of the conveyor belt where you can see them making the food, and to save on plastic they just place bowls on the conveyor belts and you take the bowls themselves off. The bowls have different colours on that equate to different prices and they’re counted at the end.

  • Mel Mendoza

    The last chef was fantastic and he was so sweet. He actually really enjoyed talking to them and was so genuine. Was def worth it

  • Chelsea & Franz

    Andrew’s analogies are ridiculous LOL “the lazy river of sushi”

  • mohd fakhrur razi

    DUA is two in malay,indonesian and philliphine.

  • Angelina KSJ

    Steven don't even recognise his own country's language 😂 Dua is "2" in Bahasa Melayu !!!!! Dammit Steven

  • Bailey Caudill

    bruh steven picks the expensive one every time because it tastes the best and doesn’t even think about the money because he doesn’t pay for it

  • Em Radford

    I so want to go to the conveyor belt sushi place!!!!

  • RoadRunner Storm Chasers

    Do an episode with just Adam eating food.

  • Panda

    If there was no $133 dollar sushi in Japan...Just buy a bunch of sushi

  • natnightray

    "The squid was... ex-squid-site ," DAMN THAT WAS GENIUS I love that guy. What's his name again that Andrew's man???

  • Get_RektBoi

    Andrew looks like a 40 yr old stock trader

  • Ian Mcgough

    It’s a lot better without Keith

  • Brig McMullin

    Why do I only get halotop ice cream ads?

  • jonah's reviews

    who else immediately thought of drake and josh when they heard sushi on a conveyer belt

  • Brage Alv

    Sushi looks so simple, but it tastes amazing

  • Ramos Janoah


  • Karson Maurice

    Where’s the “Customer Service is amazing”

  • Sugar and Spice

    I'm just going to keep commenting this until they actually do it: please do a biryani episode!

  • Blah Blah

    I really want to go to the first one on a date

  • Michael Mongas

    The secret of getting sushi twiceSay you cant feel the wasabi

  • Guyon Perez

    Okay but 4:00 was the CUTEST thing EVER

  • Amateur Eater - Mukbang & Travel

    The amount of dedication and intricacy in Japanese cuisine just baffles me everytime


    12:14Famous guests like Jesus?Damn I wanna go there now.

  • Galactic Slave Trader

    my saliva is flowing wildly in this episode

  • Shoto Todoroki

    The first kind they have in my old home China also my other old home California, and my new home New York

  • Ghaida H

    $133 for such an expert chef and a top quality sushi is actually cheap!

  • Ahmad Hanif

    Dua is a indonesian language for two 🇮🇩

  • Blank

    I feel bad for that living shrimp

  • Tanvi Kejriwal

    I live in Osaka. The cheap sushi place is so close yet so far away. 😭

  • Nadine Felice

    this was a beautiful episode wowmy heart is so warm

  • sempervirent

    dwa = two in polish! :)

  • X27 Gaming

    Dva is two in Ukrainian, s/o to the fellow ukies <3

  • PotSticker Hax

    13:56 he was like hah I’ll torture you

  • SerGregorr

    *DUA means two in indonesia..

  • Chelsea & Franz

    Bruh after watching this video I gotta get some sushi now why y’all gotta do this to me every Sunday

  • Jacob Peters

    I’m just saying, I’m pretty sure the lowest level sushi in Japan tastes just as delicious as the high dollar place in the US. Like don’t get me wrong I live in the middle of Kentucky and I love my futomaki roll (cream cheese, avocado, crab) but I feel like going to the $1 plate place would make me hate my futomaki I get for $5

  • Ray 24

    I like SUSHI.Anyone like SUSHI

  • potaeto bwi

    kudos to the last dude! he's so nice, God bless him and his family💓

  • Sheldon Gunby

    I hope this series and those guys never change

  • William Wiest

    I used to live in Japan, and now I remember how loud the cicadas were

  • Daniela Dion

    One thing I don’t understand is I don’t like sushi at all but it looks so good.

  • Timothy Lok

    6:23 Adam:"Nani?!"

  • Atiqah Syafiqa

    Dua is 2 in malay(dua)

  • Unthiccc

    The fact that he literally made a platter for the crew on the other side is so cool. Bless this man and his children. lmao

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