$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan

"It's like the Tinder of dining."

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  • Violet Silver

    The guys looked so nervous when they went into the last restaurant, I've never seen them like that before. But the way the owner put them at ease was lovely, what a nice man.

  • sophia ishikawa

    “and now for the crew” omg what a pure soul

  • Dan-E Namikaze

    in my opinion this is one the most worth it $$$ in whole seriesno truffle, caviar,gold, no fancy meats just purely high quality of food and service you can enjoy

  • Sophia Wang

    Andrew: "you have a work wife"Steven: "Who?"camera zooms in on Adam

  • Ginger Powder

    Hearing "Obama-san" was more hilarious than i thought

  • Jacob Peters

    I’m just saying, I’m pretty sure the lowest level sushi in Japan tastes just as delicious as the high dollar place in the US. Like don’t get me wrong I live in the middle of Kentucky and I love my futomaki roll (cream cheese, avocado, crab) but I feel like going to the $1 plate place would make me hate my futomaki I get for $5

  • tom mike

    I just find it completely hilarious that a gold covered bagel is almost 10x the price of the Kyubei dinner.

  • That typical Table

    Omg that last guy was the sweetest guy ever he even fed the crew he was so nice, you could see all the effort he puts into his art

  • Jacque Lee

    Omg I just realized the last chef spoke English to them....WOWOOWOW😍😍

  • Asmina Malla

    I can't believe the last place as expensive as that made sushi for the whole crew how sweet is that😭 he was so warm and welcoming, even I felt comfortable and I wasn't even there. Loved this episode!

  • fantakilla 1

    dwa is polish dua is Indonesian and dois is Portuguese all mean 2

  • Eder Ribeiro

    133$ to eat at Kyubey it's mind blowing, honestly

  • Matismaz

    $133 for a meal is a higher price but for how quality it seems it tops what other people offer for more money. Must be the japanese way.

  • E E

    The first place is insanely good for $1 😍😍

  • Valkyron

    The fact that he literally made a platter for the crew on the other side is so cool. Bless this man and his children. lmao

  • Elysia Shamoun

    I love that 2 grown men get excited over a little toy😂

  • EasyTechno

    I like that cameraman called annie? she always put her headphones on. she's very cute

  • emmi hehehe

    the chef from the last restaurant was so kind aww ;(

  • Zio Vela

    Audio: 行きましょうCC: [speaking in foreign language]amazing

  • Sja’iera

    I love how he said ”Obama-san” lmaooo

  • Jonathan Dsouza

    The chef is so humble and sweet... who knew that simplicity can win the hearts of so many people... he is too precious... god bless him

  • Arczero

    Gordon Ramsey: IT’S F*CKING RAW!!!

  • GossipGirl16

    I love that they were so very well-behaved, and nervous the entire time they were at Kyubey. At 12:25 onwards, they're just so adorable and trying their best to be very polite.

  • Fate King

    14:01 the man has had his revenge, in the most subtle, kind, and respectful way

  • Chuck Norris

    I love how he offered the crew, mad respect for the guy

  • Kagome

    The $$$ is the most worth it in this series. It’s of such high quality! And only for $133.

  • Tiffany Core Jaramillo

    I love it when They entered in last part like very quiet and polite but as the time passes by and the way the sushi chef treated them made them feel comfortable. ❤️I would love to bring my mom there someday..... when i get rich. 😂😂😂

  • CrimsonEclipse

    The $133 sushi person apparently not that expensive. I actually spent about the same amount for less at a high end sushi restaurant in the US.

  • notthebrand

    The last chef is the sweetest and most humble! He's such a caring man ❤️

  • Alexis Lee

    next on Worth It; 1$ coffin vs 10,000$ coffin; Stay tuned

  • Aimee Jay

    Watching this again after I was in Tokyo last week...I want real sushi/sashimi again SO bad! 😋🍣 Time to start planning my next trip to Japan!

  • xenowhore

    me: is starving let's watch delicious sushi videos

  • kim hana

    "worth it japan part dua" i thought steven was talking in bahasa lmao (in bahasa dua means two so it still has the same meaning^^)

  • Gwendolyn C.

    It was so sweet to see the most expensive restaurant had the most humble owner and chef.

  • natnightray

    "The squid was... ex-squid-site ," DAMN THAT WAS GENIUS I love that guy. What's his name again that Andrew's man???

  • CoddFish

    Meanwhile im just eatin a nice poptart 👍🏽

  • Skeleton Guy

    Hold on they are sweating when it’s 32 degrees Celsius? Man it’s like 50 for me and I’m barely sweating.ADAPTATION 100

  • RyICEY :::

    I swear there ain’t no bromance like these too

  • Nae Nae'd

    If I was a fish, I wouldn't mind getting caught to be treated this respectfully.

  • TheFriedBaconGuy

    I speak French and in the intro you literally started it by saying finger in French

  • brittney mojica

    I loved seeing Andrew's soft side as he is being so polite to the last chef... he's/its adorable

  • Zolar Side

    Steven:how do I get a work wifeAndrew:you have a work wifeSteven:who?!Camera:ADAM Me:XD

  • Jared Rube

    I knew the minute he said “yeah no” he was from Ohio

  • Mel Mendoza

    The last chef was fantastic and he was so sweet. He actually really enjoyed talking to them and was so genuine. Was def worth it

  • Spicy Artisan Hipster Salami

    Conveyer belt sushi? We just call’em roundy-rounds but we’s fancy

  • Liku Playz

    And iam here fasting for 18 hours

  • SHI

    is that Rie from the Tasty channel?? i LOVE her

  • Meriusul

    Sushi eating in my opinion is all about the experience,you wanna feel like an ancient shogun with your boiiiiz!

  • Rusty Sky

    How can I subscribe to worth it but not buzfeeed?

  • Tomatoes Suck

    You know how Steven is Malaysian? Well dua is 2 in malay(a language in Malaysia)

  • sinyora noor

    In the last restaurant Andrew was smiling a LOT and that was soooo weird

  • Ottmah F. Neal

    who else went and bought to much sushi after this? 🍣

  • Colten Nowak

    “And now for the crew”Great person, hope he’s doing well

  • Craft with me

    $133 seems really inexpensive for the experience they had. But a buck a plate is pretty awesome too.

  • Thishan Reddy

    I made a mistake of watching this while i was hungry. Anyone else with me?

  • mint 08

    The translater is not gooooood...............

  • MLGDatBoi1738

    "Our white fleshed fish were alive until this morning" damn that's HELLA fresh. Wish my burgers were also that fresh.

  • Igarashi Satsuki


  • jill marquez

    "Conveyor belt me."😂

  • Jaketsu

    I don't even like sushi but I'm still watch this video for some reason lol

  • lawrencetheboyy

    "Dua" is two in Malay/Indonesian! 😂

  • mohammed hridoy

    I don't mind spending money if it's worth it. $1000 for golds,truffles and fisheggs? That's the lamest way to spend money cuz it's just another meal with not so good taste as well. But $133 for such high quality regular ingredients and such a humble and royal treatment? Count me in.

  • Rowena Ravenclaw

    Duwa is actually the Bikolano word for 2

  • Theressa z

    Fun fact : dua is two in indonesian :)

  • vincetumimbang

    35 degrees is nothing here in the Philippines.

  • Daniel Hoe

    Dua is 2 in Malay Steven

  • Ghaida H

    $133 for such an expert chef and a top quality sushi is actually cheap!

  • Daan

    Whenever I know I'm gonna eat sushi I watch this video to get in the mood

  • Josephine yap

    Isn’t that girl from “you draw I cook!?”

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