$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan

"It's like the Tinder of dining."

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  • Zach Choi ASMR

    Sushi I can afford vs Sushi I can never afford

  • Amateur Eater - Mukbang & Travel

    The amount of dedication and intricacy in Japanese cuisine just baffles me everytime

  • Unthiccc

    The fact that he literally made a platter for the crew on the other side is so cool. Bless this man and his children. lmao

  • Emily Young

    This is why I love japan. With the $133 sushi you’re getting amazing sushi and absolutely incredible experience, but you can also get delicious $3 ramen, amazing value either way.

  • Justine Padilla

    Name a better person than that last sushi chef, I’ll wait.Edit: Whoa, 400 likes?! Thanks guys!

  • Izzy

    I love that last dude. I could FEEL the passion he has for his creations. The Japanese can make anything art. Everything can be art.

  • tia rose

    Haha Actually Andrew, "dua" does mean two in the Malaysian language. Maybe Steven subconsciously remembers it because of his Malaysian heritage. xD

  • capo regime

    Luckily I had the pleasure of eating at Kyubey last year when I was in Tokyo. My Japanese language teacher mentioned it to me and was able to secure reservations for my fiancee and me. Let me just say, their facial expressions, their minds being blown by the taste, and welcoming nature of the restaurant were accurately depicted in this video. Definitely worth the price

  • Kylie K.

    Include Rie in all Worth it videos, perfect trio

  • Jaydn W

    That last one was like a 7 or more course meal...for $133 and to get that experience...I call that a bargain!!

  • RoadRunner Storm Chasers

    Do an episode with just Adam eating food.

  • Benjamin Kanoza

    I really can't believe they got Kyubey Restaurant either! That is high end, like really HIGH END! (at least according to my dad). You don't go to this restaurant unless you are meeting with business executives or directors, it's THAT exquisite! Personally I think other middle sushi creators are good but I do understand there is a "taste"(who, what,when,where,why, how) that has to be experienced to appreciate the kind of a restaurant that Kyubey is, and it's a little sad we don't have that type of thing here in the Midwest of the United States of America.If the Midwest states of the United States of America had a little more cultural acceptance then I'd be pleased, and I honestly believe a lot of northerner and southerners would be too. We'd be able to bridge that "gap" or confusion. Music and food ALWAYS bring others together!

  • ᄆ ᄋᄇ

    i love the last sushi chef. he was so sweet and humble.

  • Andriani Despina

    As a Norwegian person, I feel really proud that norway actually got mentioned in a buzzfeed video lol

  • migl3 31673

    Honestly, the cutest episode I've ever seen. ..... ever.

  • Simon James

    The last place was definitely Worth the price! What an amazing Sushi Chef. He was so kind and welcoming.

  • Deuxforever

    one of the best worth it episodes yet. who doesn't love nigiri?

  • A Very Ugly Gato

    I remember when I didn’t know who rie wasFoolish me

  • MoeJR

    Yes Andrew, Dua is Two in Bahasa :D

  • Alex

    The only time when the most expensive choice won from all 3, seriously there could be a standalone season of Japanese food itself

  • 500 subs with no video?

    Why do I only get halotop ice cream ads?

  • Zachary Wilson

    0:58 We have a large restaurant chain like that in the U.K. called Yo Sushi. They have restaurants with tables designed around a central conveyor belt where you just take food off and pay for it later. Unlike this one though there is a very open-plan kitchen on the other side of the conveyor belt where you can see them making the food, and to save on plastic they just place bowls on the conveyor belts and you take the bowls themselves off. The bowls have different colours on that equate to different prices and they’re counted at the end.

  • Kylie K.

    “Why does he tap it with a knife” Steve and Andrew laughs 13:39 😂😂😂😂

  • Bailey Caudill

    bruh steven picks the expensive one every time because it tastes the best and doesn’t even think about the money because he doesn’t pay for it

  • Ashleigh Perry

    I love the conversations they have with the chefs. It really gives you a feel of the atmosphere.

  • Chelsea & Franz

    Andrew’s analogies are ridiculous LOL “the lazy river of sushi”

  • Sofia Perez

    Now I want sushi and I want to go to Japan!!! 🇯🇵 🍣

  • Pam Jack

    Most of these Tokyo buzzfeed editions seem familiar .. Wait Mark Weins anyone??!

  • paradoxlite

    *DUA means two in indonesia..

  • kyle harindah

    The way Steven sen two(dua)at the intro sounds like the two in Indonesian

  • NyanCat1907

    You had me at $1 sushi

  • mohd fakhrur razi

    DUA is two in malay,indonesian and philliphine.

  • Cardinal Nova

    Dang $133 for all that sushi yeah I’d definitely get that and the chef is great!

  • Alex Amphonephong

    Steven when there is hot water: “Sometimes my shower doesn’t do that...”Me: Me too bud

  • Dominique Newton

    Sushi is everything to me.....especially when it's done so meticulously....kyubey is my fave for the experience and food like the omurice in JapanI still love tamagoyaki when I want a snack though

  • Sugar and Spice

    I'm just going to keep commenting this until they actually do it: please do a biryani episode!

  • Jehzay GAMING

    Has adam ever said a word?

  • Tyler Naidoo

    Sushi is my favorite food.👍❤️💕🥰😍

  • BTS_SUGA Lover

    I feel like eating su-sea 😂 that was a punny joke (ok I’ll stop with the puns) XD

  • Athari Darvesh

    ''Dua'' is ''Two/2'' in indonesia... so u nailed it lol

  • Ghaida H

    $133 for such an expert chef and a top quality sushi is actually cheap!

  • B.T Gaming

    Is dua to in any language?Me: Raging YESS IT IS INDONESIAN (MY COUNTRY) AND IT MEANS TWO *anyway who else is Indonesian here?

  • zidan lubis

    0:04 when steven saids “dua” its indonesian language

  • Camilia Resta

    dua is actually two in bahasa Indonesia

  • Nicole Martinez

    The chef was so kind and hospitable

  • Nadine Felice

    this was a beautiful episode wowmy heart is so warm

  • Rainbow Cat

    Found them.. cicadas...

  • RJ Pingol

    Is it me the chef on the first kaiten sushi looks like the porn star of japanese (guilty)

  • theChillChanneL

    11:05 KYUBEY ?!? /人◕‿‿◕人\  Contract ?

  • Science with Katie

    I wanna go to Japan so bad! The food looks so amazing! 🍣🇯🇵

  • Ryan Sentinos

    Dua is 2 in Indonesian :)

  • Agija Goča

    it's two in russian

  • Chelsea & Franz

    Bruh after watching this video I gotta get some sushi now why y’all gotta do this to me every Sunday

  • Hanif Z

    i mean in indonesia two is dua... but you say it like "du-a" not "dwa"

  • T E

    I once had a dream about conveyer belt sushiI woke upThere was no sushiI was sad


    Sushi is always worth it.

  • Haiva Ashia Qonita

    The last dude is adorable 😁😁 old people are adorable

  • Hyper Fruit

    ''Dua'' is two in Malay.

  • Rem Esquel

    0:08 Dwa is Two in Russian language

  • Skintel N.Keychain

    $$$ finally won? What, is the world ending?

  • Reignhart Emmanuel

    dua is indonesian for 2

  • BBB

    Sushi is kinda something you always get what you pay for.

  • Daniela Dion

    One thing I don’t understand is I don’t like sushi at all but it looks so good.

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