Skyrim - Alchemy Poison Guide

How to mix the best poisons in Skyrim, and where to get the ingredients.

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  • MrDUneven

    Make lingering damage poison, then pickpocket them into enemies pockets and watch them slowly wither away. Feel like a master assassin.

  • I’m better than you

    These are the best presented and narrated guides on YouTube.

  • johnny johnington

    Wow, I never comment on any videos but this blew me away. This was perfectly made, and was not only aesthetically pleasing to watch but also extremely helpful. Thank you! Possibily make another guide on the other poisons? (frenzy, fear, etc)

  • Ekkie

    I barely care for the content of your videos anymore (though it's great), I mostly watch your videos for their INSANE production value. People at hollywood couldn't make better tutorials than you!

  • chaosundividedreborn

    Play a drinking game with this video, drink whenever he mentions chillwind depths or hjaalmarch swamp

  • RootinTootin Pootin

    a good idea is to put a weakness poison on an enchanted weaponfor example: a weakness to shock poison on a shock damage bow

  • Meat Cyclist

    the paralysis-restore health-combination is imp stool + swamp fungal pod. canis root is fine

  • Mercury

    I found a good poison made from imp stool, Skeever tail and scatharcraw

  • Corbin Bishop

    Crimson Nirnroot has an even higher multiplier than river betty if you want to make a very high damage poison.

  • ProjectDT88

    Canis root does not restore health!My favorite poison is Canis Root, Imp Stool, and Mora Tapinella. This paralyzes the target and does lingering health damage. So I know for a fact that Imp Stool and Canis root don't heal.

  • LabTech

    I loved alchemy, but I hated the fact that poisons are a one use thing, and that you had to go into the menu every single time you wanted to apply it.  Future games should have an easier way of using poisons, especially since by the time I abandoned Skyrim I had dozens of self-made poisons that just ate up space in my inventory because it was too inconvenient to apply them.  Also, just out of curiosity, that weakness to poison effect, does it apply to poison damage done in the same attack, or to subsequent poisons?

  • Wes Lo

    You're literally the most high quality Skyrim (or any game for that matter) content creator I've ever seen! Keep up the amazing work!

  • SurferMark777 (Mark)

    human heart jarrin root blister wart GOOD NIGHT

  • Jagar Alagoria

    Nightsahde. You have a typo, Will

  • Will Bennett

    William, your production skills are top notch. You clearly put a lot of time, energy, and thought into your videos and it shows. I know, from your previous videos, that it takes a lot of time to produce all your content. I sincerely hope you will do another longer role play video, akin to your Fallout 3, Dragonborn, and Fallout New Vegas play throughs. Those are all amazing.

  • Shark Bait

    What I love to do is pickpocket someone and put a frenzy poison on them and guards kill them

  • the cock wambler

    Clear, decise and with good narration. Great video!

  • drakelord56

    Love all of those M'iaq quotes!Also Paralysis is misspelled "paralsys"

  • Fallout Night

    Good ole M'iaq, always having some wisdom up those robes of his. Anyway, thank you so much for the Skyrim guides Will, it's good to see some Skyrim content on the channel again. And even teaching a veteran like me a few tricks.

  • i am a gummy wurm

    can you make lotas extract?

  • Matt Brown

    Great information, thank you for sharing.

  • Quinn Sterid

    MORE SKYRIM VIDS NOW!!! please and tankyou :3

  • Ashton Hornbeck

    I have a very important question. Can you regrow the root that Astrid gives you to kill the Emperor? If so, wouldn't that be the most effective poison?

  • Samuel

    Great as always Linkthe... I mean Will! Keep these up, they're your best videos.

  • the knight that say nay!

    great vid! (i've yet to watch it though.... i just wanted first ;.;)

  • bloodmonastery

    thank you!! this was fascinating and helpful c:

  • Richard Peterson

    will note that if you find yellow mountain flower I'd stock pile them. this is one of the few plants you can not plant in a garden. and it is one of the most valuable ingredients in the entire game if you know how to use it.

  • Jamie ack

    This is a fantastic a vid on poisons and gathering, well made

  • Brian Kenney

    my favorite poison is death bell + river betty. Damage and slow

  • Blocky blastoise

    can you do a video about light vs heavy armour pls

  • Fristy vanmij

    2000 + hours of playing never thought me how to brew poison, but this did so welldone m8.

  • Cranespotter

    This fellow is so clear, precise and efficient ! 10/10 !

  • HugeCoffeeAddict

    Canis Root + Imp Stool + Mora Tapinella = Paralyze + Lingering Damage Health. It provides the crowd control of paralyze and kills or severely harms the target to boot! Just try to avoid wasting it on enemies immune to poison or paralyze. Particularly nice as a backup melee weapon's poison for a sneaky archer type, or the melee weapon of a mage or spellblade.

  • That one guy no one notices

    Another good source of Chaurus eggs is in frostflow lighthouse

  • General Fluffytummykins

    This is why I subscribed! Great helpful content!

  • CrisURace

    OMG o could be viewing for hours the end part of the's so relaxing...

  • ElectricCatbug

    Very informative and in depth guide.Keep it up!

  • Cleiber Junnior

    I love your videos, probably the best guides from youtube, that's very good congratulations

  • M. Kelly

    THIEVES OF SKYRIM :if you need a means to non lethally eliminate an enemy for a few seconds, use the tainted paralysis potion and either pickpocket it onto them or apply it to one of the wieldable knives or forks around skyrim to use as an instant blackjack. this is an excellent way to immobilise an opponent while you calmly steal the shit in their house

  • Jon Irenicus

    You have the best Skyrim related guides and videos on YouTube. They are so well done.

  • Josh Thompson

    Would you ever consider doing build guides? Not necessarily in the vein of Fudgemuppet but builds in more of an ESO min/max sort of way could be really cool.

  • Nox210

    Fantastic guide and video Mr Strife, hitting that big red sub' button riiight now. Keep up the good work!

  • Nii Kojo

    I would be awesome to man your own garden to grow alchemical in ingredients.

  • [pǝʇɔɐpǝɹ]

    Deathbell+Giant Lichen+Skeever tail = Damage health, Ravage Health, Weakness to Poison.

  • Craig Bennett II

    This is a pretty good video. What did you edit it in? Adobe?

  • Sparda Kurkov

    So let me get this straight.If Imp Stool, Deathbell, and River Betty are combined, wouldn't that make a poison that damages health immediately, causes lingering damage to health, and slows the target all at the same time?Sounds like a legit way to absolutely wreck anything not resistant to poison.

  • Maxrhen

    If only the one Jarrin root you get could be planted to get more.

  • Sue F

    Really polished looking video, I loved it. Thanks for the guide. Looking forward to the potions one.

  • Sandwhale Gaming

    This was a fantastic guide for poisons. I used to tinker around with poisons but I never knew about the river betty's 2.5x multiplier. I find that to be a common thing with your guides, I always find out something I didn't really know about or think about before. Thanks much, Will!

  • Theo The Great

    I forgot how soothing his voice is. And these skyrim tutorials are great.

  • Kevin223

    awesome video! don't care if it's not exactly timely lol

  • Nibun No Ichi


  • william gates

    Thanks, Will!!!  Your guides are very helpful and keep it up!!!

  • Wendell Tan

    Wil, Canis Root x Imp Stool does not create a restore health side effect when crafting a paralysis potion. You might be thinking of Imp Stool x Swamp Pod.

  • Blitzcreeper JC

    Isn't the restore health Paralysis poison Swamp Fungal Pod and Imp Stool? Canis Root and either the two may produce a pure Paralysis poison.Imp Stool is also abundant in White River Watch east of Whiterun.

  • Perry Perry

    Thank you for your videos, very clear easy to follow, I wish more where like this

  • Cody Mao

    im glad to see the nice well put together guides again :) its what brought me to you in the first place

  • DeadStarShade

    Y'know, I just started playing Skyrim again. This is pretty cool. <3

  • ConscriptConspir

    I thought it may be worth mentioning, combining giant's toe, creep cluster, and wheat, is the best possible potion/poison, to level your alchemy skill with as it has the highest base value, and similarly to the smithing tree, experience gain is linked to the value of the item produced.

  • Steven Silvainus

    North of the rift plateau.

  • JustCallMeBrody

    please keep the subnautica videos coming good sir

  • AC_CORVO Gaming worked really hard on this

  • E_ Inkredible_Z

    Great Alchemy Guide Will...I enjoyed it and it was very informative

  • Gamefan 144

    Imp Stool + Human Flesh + Scathecraw (Dragonborn DLC) = Astala Vista Baby! (Damage Health+ Lingering Health Damge + Paralysis)

  • Phoniex crow

    and there are a lot more damage health ingredients

  • IspieWith MYlittleEYE

    I still remember the Oblivion alchemy guide way back.. ah!! that voice of yours! nostalgia..

  • ragod222

    Top notch production, information, and delivery. Thanks for the effort! Made me want to start brewin :P

  • Brendan Jones

    Don’t even play this game anymore and I watch it for the flawless production lol

  • soopahsoopah

    Worth mentioning is that Imp Stool has both Damage Health AND Lingering Damage Health effects, so with two other ingredients (each with one of those effects) it can make an especially damaging poison. Ouch.

  • Mary Lucretia

    Frenzy is my favorite. I like to pickpocket them onto target's persons to fulfil assassination missions.

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