Skyrim - Alchemy Poison Guide

How to mix the best poisons in Skyrim, and where to get the ingredients.

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  • Connor, the android sent by Cyberlife

    These are the best presented and narrated guides on YouTube.

  • biggie cheese

    Wow, I never comment on any videos but this blew me away. This was perfectly made, and was not only aesthetically pleasing to watch but also extremely helpful. Thank you! Possibily make another guide on the other poisons? (frenzy, fear, etc)

  • chaosundividedreborn

    Play a drinking game with this video, drink whenever he mentions chillwind depths or hjaalmarch swamp

  • MrDUneven

    Make lingering damage poison, then pickpocket them into enemies pockets and watch them slowly wither away. Feel like a master assassin.

  • Ekkie

    I barely care for the content of your videos anymore (though it's great), I mostly watch your videos for their INSANE production value. People at hollywood couldn't make better tutorials than you!

  • LabTech

    I loved alchemy, but I hated the fact that poisons are a one use thing, and that you had to go into the menu every single time you wanted to apply it.  Future games should have an easier way of using poisons, especially since by the time I abandoned Skyrim I had dozens of self-made poisons that just ate up space in my inventory because it was too inconvenient to apply them.  Also, just out of curiosity, that weakness to poison effect, does it apply to poison damage done in the same attack, or to subsequent poisons?

  • SurferMark777 (Mark)

    human heart jarrin root blister wart GOOD NIGHT

  • Meat Cyclist

    the paralysis-restore health-combination is imp stool + swamp fungal pod. canis root is fine

  • Ashton Hornbeck

    I have a very important question. Can you regrow the root that Astrid gives you to kill the Emperor? If so, wouldn't that be the most effective poison?

  • RootinTootin Pootin

    a good idea is to put a weakness poison on an enchanted weaponfor example: a weakness to shock poison on a shock damage bow

  • drakelord56

    Love all of those M'iaq quotes!Also Paralysis is misspelled "paralsys"

  • ProjectDT88

    Canis root does not restore health!My favorite poison is Canis Root, Imp Stool, and Mora Tapinella. This paralyzes the target and does lingering health damage. So I know for a fact that Imp Stool and Canis root don't heal.

  • Matt Brown

    Great information, thank you for sharing.

  • Richard Peterson

    will note that if you find yellow mountain flower I'd stock pile them. this is one of the few plants you can not plant in a garden. and it is one of the most valuable ingredients in the entire game if you know how to use it.

  • Will Bennett

    William, your production skills are top notch. You clearly put a lot of time, energy, and thought into your videos and it shows. I know, from your previous videos, that it takes a lot of time to produce all your content. I sincerely hope you will do another longer role play video, akin to your Fallout 3, Dragonborn, and Fallout New Vegas play throughs. Those are all amazing.

  • Jagar Alagoria

    Nightsahde. You have a typo, Will

  • Shark Bait

    What I love to do is pickpocket someone and put a frenzy poison on them and guards kill them

  • Luka Podravac

    How can I drink poison

  • Titus

    I just gotta point out that you have excellent pronunciation

  • CrisURace

    OMG o could be viewing for hours the end part of the's so relaxing...

  • the cock wambler

    Clear, decise and with good narration. Great video!

  • Corbin Bishop

    Crimson Nirnroot has an even higher multiplier than river betty if you want to make a very high damage poison.

  • Fallout Night

    Good ole M'iaq, always having some wisdom up those robes of his. Anyway, thank you so much for the Skyrim guides Will, it's good to see some Skyrim content on the channel again. And even teaching a veteran like me a few tricks.

  • Missdevil666

    Wish you could get killed when eat the wrong flower or something makes it much more realistic and fun in my opinion

  • Mr.Omega

    What about a poison to put in someone's pocket and kill them while they're asleep?

  • Trommari

    So will there be more Alchemy tutorials?

  • Blitzcreeper JC

    Isn't the restore health Paralysis poison Swamp Fungal Pod and Imp Stool? Canis Root and either the two may produce a pure Paralysis poison.Imp Stool is also abundant in White River Watch east of Whiterun.

  • Jaded Old Joe

    I've always dug how you could make potions & poisons in Skyrim without a liquid ingredient... Thank god ESO added a level of believability to crafting.

  • IspieWith MYlittleEYE

    I still remember the Oblivion alchemy guide way back.. ah!! that voice of yours! nostalgia..

  • Rambo Pancake

    This helped me a lot because I play a thief/assassin character. Thank you strife!

  • [pǝʇɔɐpǝɹ]

    Deathbell+Giant Lichen+Skeever tail = Damage health, Ravage Health, Weakness to Poison.

  • KevinSui

    awesome video! don't care if it's not exactly timely lol

  • Craig Bennett II

    This is a pretty good video. What did you edit it in? Adobe?

  • Bob Billyson

    falmer ears can b used in poison

  • Chad

    heres a couple of op potionsjarrin root + human heart + blisterwort (can only be made once without exploits)river betty + deathbell + human heart/falmer ear

  • Joshua Jantzen

    4:33 combining imp Stool and Canis Root won 't produce a restore health effect, just a possibility of adding this effect when adding an ingredient which also can make a restore health potion.

  • Lord Behemoth

    This video will help me a lot with the build called the toxicologist that I found on fudgemuppet.

  • DeadStarShade

    Y'know, I just started playing Skyrim again. This is pretty cool. <3

  • CatHostage

    I would love to see you do a let's play of Morrowind because there aren't many great one out there unfortunately, and I think it would be awesome to see your play style

  • william gates

    Thanks, Will!!!  Your guides are very helpful and keep it up!!!

  • Jeirno

    Great video, amazing work with the editing!

  • Austin Hopkins

    Very helpful tutorial!

  • Derrick Miles

    There is a very reliable source of salt piles. All draugr have salt piles.

  • Swaggy101

    One thing I found whilst experimenting with alchemy poisons is if you mix Imp Stools, Orange Dartwings and River Bettys you get both the Lingering Damage poison and the Damage Health poison in one. For example, for the Damage Health poison it would deal 49 damage with the ingredients Will gave, and the Lingering Damage poison would deal 10 damage for 10 seconds with the ingredients Will mentioned. However, with the previously mentioned ingredients, you can create a poison that would deal 49 damage AND 10 damage for 10 seconds. Thought it might help, as I think it’s quite useful and I thought I might help some people out. 😁ADDITIONAL NOTE:If you want to, you can try and experiment with ingredients that have Weakness to Poison effects, Damage Health effects and Lingering Damage effects. If you somehow manage to create a poison with all of those effects combined, you might as well be worshipped in the Alchemy category. Again, I haven’t tried this yet, but seeing as you can have both Damage Health and Lingering Damage in one poison, why not also add another additional useful effect? Good luck in your alchemical endeavours! 😀

  • Cleiber Junnior

    I love your videos, probably the best guides from youtube, that's very good congratulations

  • ultimateninjaboi

    Mora Tapinella, Imp Stool, and Canis Root makes for a good Lingering Health Damage and Paralysis poison. Mora, Imp Stool, and Deathbell gives a one-two-punch of enhanced Damage Health, and a regular Lingering Damage Health. Those are my usual favorite poisons to use. Though, I am playing a non-stealth character, using melee. so I tend to favor the paralysis one to remove folk from battle temporarily, and a good River Betty and Deathbell combo for other combatants.

  • Claves Septem

    1. Your narration is bloody GOOD. Very good.2. My all-time favourite poison can only be made ONCE in-game....unless you exploit console commands (*which I warn, can be risky if you don't know what you're dealing with).3. Wear a set of armour or clothes (Torso piece, foot piece, hand piece, head piece, ring, necklace) enchanted with "Peerless alchemy" and you can make your poison damage count SKYROCKET.


    Lol salt is so hard to find i always keep that shit when i find it hehe not even for potions, i just like cooking haha its cheaper than buying potions & food!

  • fritzfreak

    I love that voice of yours ! YOU are unique on youtube for that, i hope you read this someday

  • Braxton Hudson

    Great vid: informative and helpful as always. Quick side-note, you spelled Paralysis as Paralsys about 3.5 minutes in. It's not overly distracting, so don't stress it, but I'm sure people are saying it in a less friendly and less helpful manner below, so I thought I'd mention the specific instance. Have a good one!

  • basilmagic123

    Truly a well-done guide, Clearly and Coherently spoken, labeled, and, organized, +stock-pilled with useful information, U can easily tell that a great deal of effort was put in this guide which is why I hope more people check this out over the majority of Skyrim guides created by novice Noobs, sorry I used the n-word.

  • Gamefan 144

    Imp Stool + Human Flesh + Scathecraw (Dragonborn DLC) = Astala Vista Baby! (Damage Health+ Lingering Health Damge + Paralysis)

  • Dark Moon Gaming

    U should be a narrator

  • Nii Kojo

    I would be awesome to man your own garden to grow alchemical in ingredients.

  • Papaben

    Canis Root doesn't have ''Restore Health'' effect, Swamp Fungal Pod does. Imp Stool has the ''Damage Health'' effect. So if you mix Canis Root, Imp Stool and Death Bell which is found in abundance around Morthal, you get an excellent Paralyse & Damage Health poison.

  • ReaperGrimm5594

    A favorite poison of mine is Mora Tapinella, Human Flesh, and Imp Stool. Damage Health, Lingering Damage, and Paralysis. Another really nasty one is Deathbell, Skeever tail, and Giant Lichen, for Damage Health, Ravage Health, and Weakness to Poison.

  • Mark95

    There's a little mistake in this video. Canis root + imp stool actually makes a "normal" poison of paralysis (with no beneficial side effects). If for some reason you wish to create a poison of paralysis + restore health you need to combine imp stool + swamp fungal pod.

  • Alex Dagos

    If anyone wants to really go to town with chaurus eggs real fast, there is a lighthouse to the north of skyrim that long story short a giant ass chaurus dug into its basement or something by chance and the place has like 250+eggs

  • General Fluffytummykins

    This is why I subscribed! Great helpful content!

  • Michael Tidwell

    Dude your voice is oddly appeasing

  • ConscriptConspir

    I thought it may be worth mentioning, combining giant's toe, creep cluster, and wheat, is the best possible potion/poison, to level your alchemy skill with as it has the highest base value, and similarly to the smithing tree, experience gain is linked to the value of the item produced.

  • carmelo oquendo

    Lingering poison is better than a poison that deals all damage at once. For example i made a damage poison that did around 250 damage. But i also made a lingering poison that did 75 points of damage per second over 10 seconds equaling 750 damage. Plus its satisfying to hit a dragon with lingering health poison and watch its health drain while its flying over head and unreachable

  • David Scott

    Tip for those with Dragonborn installed: Imp Stool, Red Mountain Flower and Scathecraw, a shrub only found on Solstheim. This makes a KILLER combinatio, as does Red Mountain Flower, Deathbell and Salt Pile.

  • Beti Bup

    I just want to say that you are one of the best youtubers I have ever seen....I love your vids and just want to say when I saw your "village" you made in the episode "The End" is beautiful... Can you do a special episode about how to build beautiful and handy villages??PLSSSSSS...Your buildings are so good....I am trying to do similar village but no luck. ... Pls do it

  • Quinton Craig

    Now the rest of the potions.Please.

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