Resident Evil 7 Biohazard by Carcinogen in 1:49:28 - AGDQ 2018 - Part 56

Run starts at 26:49

This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on AGDQ2018, find us at:

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  • NintendoCapriSun

    Mega props to Aprilcake for the donation reading and for helping keep all our blood pressure down with your soothing voice!

  • Laezar

    This run is super cool. I love speedruns that require the runner to actually know the game and not just their run. It's often that I see runners getting destabilized when their routing is disturbed because they have no idea how to do things normally. Seeing a run that require you to adapt on the fly is really nice.

  • Harry Baskets

    Carcinogen running games to combat cancer is like a homeopathic remedy, except in this case it's actually effective.

  • Dalmnolk Ukans

    "time-"stops time"-will be on fadeout"resumes time

  • Jordan Hollins

    1:14:05 LouisianaGuy, whoever you are. You’re more Louisiana than me. I never would have thought about those facts and a recipe.

  • Ignacio Nadeo

    Well, Madhouse runs are apparently very tight on resources, EXCEPT SHOTGUN SHELLS. It's the first time I've seen anyone actually getting screwed by too many shotgun shells.

  • Wilburious

    Some people would call the events in this house disturbing.In Finland we call it tuesday.

  • Superbeta

    This was such an amazing and fun run, both the runner and the couch were so active and they were on point with the commentary

  • The king of legend

    Is This Luigi's Mansion 3?

  • Zachary Skyrimhouse

    1:53:50 for the best part of this run :D

  • Gerardo Garza García

    Carci is still a champ to me, although this run was pretty tough for him...I know he's done better but glad he had fun, especially the Evelyn spook 🤣

  • TheClownsAreThere

    Sorry, bioshock infinite called. Bird or cage takes the cake for binary choices that matter the least in a video game.

  • David Hillman

    "US Marine Corpse" lmao

  • Hobus Tobu

    For those who haven't yet, go check out Carcinogen's channel. He does runs of almost every RE title, and he does commentary and no commentary runs pretty regularly.Plus, totally willing to answer questions in the comments. One of the best runners in terms of personality for sure.

  • Valanway

    Carci runs are always great, even they they don't go super well. Normally his runs on stream go mostly perfect other than the occasional Jack-N-G

  • Minoru Leonardo

    Louisiana Facts: #1: 32:27 - 44:58 / #2: 01:04:40 - 1:14:03 / #3: 01:51:51Closeups: 37:01 - 01:53:50Others: 55:15 - 57:35 - 01:03:52 - 01:44:12 - 02:00:08 - 02:14:26

  • Wyatt Wilson

    i feel like the guy running this is jon from garfield

  • Kohlton Miller

    A runner who isn't afraid to be himself. His name is also amazing considering what the money is being donated to.

  • Black Harvester of Entertainment

    I'm new to the speedrunning community but watching this was really fun?

  • metalsnake27

    "Optimization #3: NO HAND!" Who needs hands? Make you go faster.

  • Throwaway Account

    Watching this live was so hype. Carci is one cool dude

  • ComfyBluePants

    Amazing run by my boy Carci. Amazing commentary by my boiz on the couch. Seriously entertaining. Who needs TV anymore?

  • Alucard .Tepes

    1:44:19Top 10 anime betreyals

  • victikirby15

    1:13:32Shoutout to that tweet

  • nikosxi

    I wish the names of the people sitting on the couch would be also written somewhere. Even in the description of the video.I can't make them out just by audio...Guy on the left SomethingSomethingPunchy is (in my opinion) by far the best "coucher" and yet I can't even look for him since I can't make out his name.

  • PoDH

    1:44:10 is my favourite part.

  • Blazi Ken

    god those donations are such a moodkiller

  • BLK retro3

    My friend played the game to the end without knowing you can run. You have to run to get past a certain point. My other friend figured it out in two seconds.

  • PorcusLentus

    best run this year imo

  • Fly Guy Jamie

    This stream broke my neck that logo on the left had me thinking agdq was sponsored by backwoods

  • Matt Rebeiro

    This was so good! Wish I caught it live. Commentary was both helpful and funny, and the runner's adaptations made it seem very fluid and not mechanical. THANKS!!

  • Lucas Of Tazmily

    AGDQ should have a VR Speedrun. That would be hella cool.

  • TrueGreed

    Damn I always love watching Carci play, it's always eventful. I wish I were able to see him stream more often. Need to get back to the Spooder men.

  • HoodieSticks

    If anyone's making any GDQ highlights videos, 1:44:13 should definitely be in it.

  • Ludovicoluka

    I am not a Resident Evil's fan but this run make me to respect a little more this franchise... AND ALSO BECAUSE CARCINOGEN IS SO COOL AAAAAAAAA <3 (A new fanboy here?)

  • Sam Brown

    This game looks way too realistic for my comfort

  • Vicarious Monarch

    "please not my illegal cats, I worked hard for those"

  • PartyTime4life

    That Geoff the hero cameo at 59:50 😂😂😂

  • The Walrus

    “This is a long ladder, but we only have to do it once”Re7: sucker punch

  • Pleasant Leech

    It's so ironic that a carcinogen is actually helping with cancer

  • Jacob S

    This run was so great to watch! Was anyone else annoyed by the guy on the couch that wouldn’t stop talking? Or was that just me?

  • Noel Crist

    Love the fact they do a new game and not newgame+

  • Titus titus

    The accent guy is so annoying.

  • Captain Jaber

    This guy runs through the game making every step look easy. This game really requires attention to detail to be able to speed run. Major credit Carci.

  • Dweebenheim

    To me it seems a little strange that "Carcinogen" does speed runs at AGDQ seeing as his name is literally a cause for cancer lol

  • Akuspizza

    This runner, commentary couch and even announcer were all a delight to watch and listen too. Fantastic commentary and seemingly kind and wholesome people, I love it

  • ItsLesp

    the woman that reads the donations voice is so memeable

  • PK Zoz

    Best run of the marathon.

  • Intoxicated Wombat

    Amazing runner,host,audience & couch.

  • RustyHarper Drumming

    10 bucks for each time i get hit... Does the first mia stabbing sensation count? Lol

  • Ljacfl

    I really wish they linked the runners channels if they have them

  • Michael

    I hate how easy these guys make these speedruns look. Lol

  • RBG Warrior

    38:57 $30 51:59 $5055:21 $701:05:57 $150 1:06:11 $1701:06:23 $1801:10:16 $1901:10:57 $2001:12:59 $2101:25:41 $2201:27:10 $2301:34:08 $2401:34:22 $2501:34:36 $2601:44:05 $2701:44:27 $2801:48:00 $2901:55:47 $3002:00:02 $3102:00:15 $3202:01:16 $3302:10:09 $3402:14:48 $350

  • Nightcoremoon


  • TheJackal917

    You mentioned that Evie looks like Eddie from Silent Hill 2. I think that was done intentional by Capcom to show sort of a dominance over Konami which buried it's horror legacy and will never make another Silent Hill game just by making accidental reference to one of most iconic villians (?) from one of the best survival horror games ever which is obviously Silent Hill 2.Also I think RE7 being right now the best new survival horror kinda waves goodbye to Silent Hill series here - it's only sort of a "competitor", if I may say that. REst in peace, Silent Hill. We will always remember you and play first four games (yes, The Room is also good) as long as we can.

  • slipknotx141

    This run had me on the edge of my seat the whole time

  • Ra El Music

    It is traditional in Louisiana to open boxes with a handgun

  • jb111082

    Nice Dune reference at 43:30

  • The00virgola

    "Fear is the mind killer, fear is the run killer"My man

  • Miya

    Masterful run. Carci is truly Real Police Dude

  • Gikame

    "Its a beehive on her crotch, what do you want from me?"Best line of the entire run

  • Bowen Zientek

    The boat is the shittiest level in this whole game.

  • deathscreton

    "I think if more Escape the Rooms games tried to literally kill you, I'd play them more."Me too m8. Me too.

  • Leo Stephan

    We need Carcinogen back, this run and him were glorious.

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