All The Best Stuff From Dragonborn DLC For Skyrim


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  • Sam Murphy

    "Ash Guardian, its pretty much like an astronaut, but probably now the best astronaut in the game."Can't wait for this new space exploration DLC.

  • U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum il shank ya ootsid tesco

    "It's pretty dope" jumpinproductions - 2012

  • lennyMc jayPop

    hearthfire is definitely worth it its cooler than it looks trust me

  • Cryslxpt •

    with the dragon aspect shout you were about to say 'badass', but an ad played and you just said it looks bad lmao

  • m9gam

    I think he's trying to say the dlc is pretty dope.

  • The Chase and Parker Ghost hunting show

    When he talked about the barrel I thought he was being sarcastic but he wasn't LOL

  • Isaiah Bonecutter

    This video was dope yo

  • Octavian Otto

    Pretty funny. I always watched all your DS2 videos. Looked up a skyrim vid and you popped up. Not even mad.

  • Lil Wang

    "Its like an ASTRONAUT, but probably the best ASTRONAUT in the game"sigh

  • Tony

    I will 'sus-cryb' to you...

  • Seabiscuit

    I love this barrel just like, I LOVE THIS BARREL!!! I can put all my stuff in it, and well, I didn't even know you could do that! Lol

  • Mark Richardson

    I don't think there's anything that looks more "bad ass" than a full set daedric armor. ;P

  • Fart Party

    He really likes barrels...


    This dude has a fetish for barrels

  • i scream


  • dragon greek

    At 6:33 the Ewoks from Star Wars are back run

  • Ethan Dobson

    I T S P R E T T Y M U C H L I K E A N A S T R O N A U T

  • Paul Hallas

    Dang this guy thinks barrels are dope yo

  • David Nordholm

    ash atronach more like ashtronach ;)

  • tcanada17

    Heartgard house is much nicer ... it can help build up wealth fast .. worth the $5.   I bought Skyrim Legendary that has all 3 addons and Skyrim for $19.99 on  .. thanks for sharing video .. Ive been putting off playing the dawnguard, but after seeing all the cool things I will need to check it out.

  • Sava Nebitno04

    pc port of this dlc is poorly done because of the dragon soul not absorbin.

  • Sean Russell

    Bro what build was this character?And what's ur fav play style ?

  • DethMagnetik

    I love al the things you pointed out, 80% of them i didnt know about. I might say, you may should have mentioned the acquiring of Miraaks awesome armor and weapons (especially since you were wearing his robes). still, awesome vid

  • JappaMegumin

    Stalhrim with enchantments is better than daedric and about Dragonbone level because stalhrim makes Frost and chaos enchantments 25% stronger.

  • Aaron Mcgurn

    Cyclone is awesome and its damage...

  • Liger Taco

    OMG thank u! Now I know what dlc to get, THANK YOU! 1+ sub!

  • The Universal Raid

    "I don't know if it's worth the money it's five dollars"No the game plus the dlcs costs $10Until January 4 2016

  • Jacob Parsons

    This is dope, that is dope. oh its so dope everything is dope!

  • reachthroughreality

    Whirlwind Cloak = "oh shit, run!" button

  • justin addison

    I subcribe awsome vid I just got the dlc keep up the good work man

  • Mordor's Morlord

    The root of power becones basically useless if u choose the secret of arcana instead of the secret of protection (secret of arcana makes spells cost no magicka for 30 seconds)

  • Perry MGS [Stealth]

    one thing ive noticed is that every guy who i see playing a woman in skyrim is american 

  • Lenny Summers

    wow. you are JUST like me dude. i LOVE to store my stuff close to where i can get the needed like crafting materials and stuff. love man.

  • Lainy Wallace

    i think you should get hearth fire ._. its pretty cool :) ... i know in that house you get in Solstim has a smithing room ,but with hearth fire you get kitchens, trophy rooms, Enchanting rooms, Alchemy room, a Garden room, Stables, Fishing Docks, Library, and KIDS!! i need that DLC because it has so many storage areas and i get OCD once i get into the game :/ ... i see you Play xbox you should friend me GT Lainy x Galaxy

  • Asmodeus

    how many time did u say dope :I

  • paul dark

    5:20 wait what is that 36,36,36,36

  • Val Martinez

    What is ur armour ur wearing

  • Daniel Fraser

    Your profile picture made me pregnant. I'm a guy.

  • Jani SIr

    The respec option is mostly for those who invest in lockpicking.

  • Austin555661

    no there isn't with the legendary edition of skyrim im level 207

  • Hayden Gadberry

    The hearthfire doc gives you dragonbone weapons

  • TempZz

    Get the game and level pass 81 and then come tell us....

  • Arsenal125Foward

    is there a level cap on the xbox now? Because I thought I read somewhere there is not a level cap anymore.

  • DRock1042

    the only thing that stops me from using the Raven Rock house as my primary base is the excess travel. Otherwise it's pretty good.

  • Ramxisxawesome

    I got the merchant one i like to sell stuff and i dont have problems with carrying

  • Danny Hart

    "its pretty dope"

  • andy frost

    What 0s with dope all the time

  • andy frost

    When he says smith it sounds like snif

  • Tony Panuccio

    If you don't wanna bye dragonborn dlc i recommend getting Syria legendary edition

  • Barrett Avey

    Pewdiepie HATES BARRELS!!!!

  • Patricia Horoszewski

    heart fire is my faviort

  • Patricia Horoszewski

    have you got star rim it is better than daedric armor I hate daedric it is gay ass hell

  • Sebastian De Jong

    Its an expension, right?

  • Micheal Stewart

    You should show the spider imbuing chamber.

  • MrM0j018

    Astronaut do you mean atronach 10:10


    auriel's shield from dawnguard dlc :3 *-*

  • theiceman105 ESO

    Anyones freezing? They need to fix it now.

  • Nick Castle

    All of those barrels make this DLC looks prettttttyyyyy awesome.

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