All The Best Stuff From Dragonborn DLC For Skyrim


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  • Sam Murphy

    "Ash Guardian, its pretty much like an astronaut, but probably now the best astronaut in the game."Can't wait for this new space exploration DLC.

  • lennyMc jayPop

    hearthfire is definitely worth it its cooler than it looks trust me

  • Mark Richardson

    I don't think there's anything that looks more "bad ass" than a full set daedric armor. ;P

  • m9gam

    I think he's trying to say the dlc is pretty dope.

  • U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum il shank ya ootsid tesco

    "It's pretty dope" jumpinproductions - 2012

  • Cryslxpt •

    with the dragon aspect shout you were about to say 'badass', but an ad played and you just said it looks bad lmao

  • i scream


  • Leah MacDonald

    The house in Solstheim is my favourite too and if you're playing as a vampire it feels immersive af because there's no sunlight

  • Octavian Otto

    Pretty funny. I always watched all your DS2 videos. Looked up a skyrim vid and you popped up. Not even mad.

  • damon marshall

    shutup stormcloaks are amazing and badass

  • The Chase and Parker Ghost hunting show

    When he talked about the barrel I thought he was being sarcastic but he wasn't LOL

  • Tony

    I will 'sus-cryb' to you...

  • Seabiscuit

    I love this barrel just like, I LOVE THIS BARREL!!! I can put all my stuff in it, and well, I didn't even know you could do that! Lol

  • Lil Wang

    "Its like an ASTRONAUT, but probably the best ASTRONAUT in the game"sigh

  • tcanada17

    Heartgard house is much nicer ... it can help build up wealth fast .. worth the $5.   I bought Skyrim Legendary that has all 3 addons and Skyrim for $19.99 on  .. thanks for sharing video .. Ive been putting off playing the dawnguard, but after seeing all the cool things I will need to check it out.


    This dude has a fetish for barrels

  • Rhagos, King of Flames

    I got the severin manor but did not use it because the mannequins scared the shit out of me... walking around and shit.

  • Exotic Excision

    So many Barrels! Pewdiepie would have a heart attack

  • Jason Miller

    Black Market is much better it's a shop keeper you can summon any time, any where and it makes getting the 100,000 gold trophy/achievement possible because you can summon another one thirty seconds after the first one it's a shop keeper that never runs out of gold

  • Isaiah Bonecutter

    This video was dope yo

  • Fart Party

    He really likes barrels...

  • dragon greek

    At 6:33 the Ewoks from Star Wars are back run

  • David Nordholm

    ash atronach more like ashtronach ;)

  • John Rundhaug

    Actually stalrum is stronger than daedric armor, but dragon has the best weapons.

  • Aaron Mcgurn

    Cyclone is awesome and its damage...

  • CutThroat

    You don't have hearthfire because you are broke af

  • Bloodyrayne downed

    does skyrim have an armor cap?

  • Jacob Parsons

    This is dope, that is dope. oh its so dope everything is dope!

  • Ramxisxawesome

    Stalhrim is better than deadric

  • Cole the cool kid

    I am not a hater, but my OCD drives me crazy when someone says Heartfire instead of hearthfire. I am not trying to be mean, I am giving constructive criticism. :)

  • Jeremiah Rothwell

    use the fortify restoration potion glitch

  • Robert Sumner

    okay so the personal servant is cool and all but I would argue that the black market is is a better choice out of the three choices you get in the black book that allows you to get your personal servant why simple he gets a thousand or two thousand pretty sure it's 2000 gold for instant trade anywhere he also buy stolen items as well I'm not exact but I'm pretty sure the week tap for the serving is like 150 which is ridiculously not good for the players out there who like to armor or weapon hog to sell for gold outside of that the spectral drum is actually really cool the stamina replenishment ray is pretty ridiculous and the drum set sticks around for awhile but out of those 3 I would still say the black market is the best

  • Aaron Mcgurn

    Cyclone is awesome and its damage...

  • K-shard central

    Stop youtubing and see if u can get a job were you can get paid for sayin dope

  • Ces Wuz Here

    why does the stahlrim light armor look like the deathbrand armor

  • Sav Leek

    how are you wearing aela's armor?

  • Lachlan White

    at 10:04 its artronach not astronaut lol

  • Paul Hallas

    Dang this guy thinks barrels are dope yo

  • Squawk

    I love summoning astronauts

  • justin rios

    You say "badass" too much

  • Tezca •. ° *

    I keep strollin around, an i cant help but notice.... WTF IS A DLC?? D;

  • DethMagnetik

    I love al the things you pointed out, 80% of them i didnt know about. I might say, you may should have mentioned the acquiring of Miraaks awesome armor and weapons (especially since you were wearing his robes). still, awesome vid

  • Tycho Pickard

    Cyclone does more damage than unrelenting force and it flings then up into the air 

  • Martin Pug

    can you not say dope every sentence lmao

  • Fostralian

    stop saying dope it's freaking annoying

  • Slade Alan 41

    I have all 3 DLCs I got them when I got the game I didn't even play the game until I got the DLCs and then when I got the DLCs I played the game Skyrim it's amazing because I figured why play the game without having all the DLC

  • YazmanianDevil

    i can't seem to find all the East Empire pendants. This may get deleted once I've watched this whole thing. LOL. I totally agree with the lookin cool bit and just smithing. I also prefer light armor. I'm so weird about putting stuff in barrells, i prefer chests. hehe. omg i need to play skyrim now. i have the Hearthfire dlc. It's bad ass

  • YazmanianDevil

    and what armor is your character wearing???

  • Waylon Chaos

    Barrels barrels barrels Tommy was molested by barrels

  • Kristofer Richardson

    I wanted to be a werebear such a letdown man.

  • MaddieDoesMC

    The things he says that are EXTREMELY useful I say they are EXTREMELY I'm not saying the dragon born dlc is not good at all I actually love it withe new dragon priest masks and and new lands to discover. When I first did the quest I barely survived but when I go through it again with ebony armour and the 10th legendary(secret) dragon priest mask and a razor that has a chance to instently kill it was easy.. If your still not sold on the things he says and the things I say try it for yourself I now you'll love atleast the bend will shout it's fun, plus there an achievement for riding 5 dragons! Anyway sorry it was long and maybe boring but if you're STILL not sold then you're a lost cause cuz this dlc is my second favorite 1(my first favorite is heart fire cuz I love the houses) you should stop reading this comment if you still aren't sold go watch someone else's video if u don't want to buy this cuz this would be useless if u plan on not buying it so go....

  • BlueRose covers

    This guy really likes barrels.

  • Piers Spicer

    This video in a nutshell: Pretty dope Pretty dope Pretty dope Pretty dope Pretty dope Pretty dope Pretty dope Pretty dope

  • turboninja92

    you can make potions with up to an INFINITE AMOUNT of percentage. find out how on YouTube.

  • dequinox

    Stahlrim armor makes you look like the look like the lead skater in Alduin On Ice.

  • Resign

    lol to poor to buy a 5 dollar dlc which is way better

  • Deep Penetration

    Hearthfire houses are win. No it is not "Heart Fire" It is Hearthfire. And the dlc is definitely worth it. As well as the fact... What is paying money? #PCMASTERRACE Torrent and get legendary edition for free. Suckers.

  • EveryDaySlacker

    I wanna name my barrels.

  • Cringiest LeifBlower420

    mmmm luv me dem barrelsssss

  • Brady Migel

    I like how you say dope. i say it too, but you say it cool. I don't really like Ahzidal's Helm. I mainly use conjuration and with the increase of 25%, its annoying. But it is a cool armor set. I already bought the DLC but I'm just making sure I am not missing anything :P Good Video

  • Dakota Chester

    you said you didn't think it was worth the money but i noticed you are on xbox, and i have an xbox and got all three DLC's for free because my friend has them b ut she downloaded them from the xbox live marketplace, and after discussing it with her she agreed to give me her password and email address and i signed in as her, then i did an xbox live transfer and "redownloaded" the DLCs as her and got them for free XD so that is one way for anybody who has that one friend who got them from the marketplace... and me personally feel that i would have paid for them if i had to! 

  • SuperGalaxyDaiGurren

    Restoration loop says I dont give a flying fu... I use the loop just enough to make the any weapon I want strong enough. I like how the ancient nord greatsword looks so I made it 250 just enough to have interesting battles, one hit kills arent fun unless if you're playing a stealthy archer or assassin.

  • Leto85

    The Hearthfire houses are great to actually live (both children and spouses give boosts and sometimes unique items) and store your collectable stuff in as well as to growth your ingredients but the Dragonborn mansion us best for casting since everything needed for that (alchemy, enchanting and smiting) is within reach but mostly because the book The Shallow Regent can only ever activated on Solstheim which means you can quickly switch powers of boost your crafting.Every Hearthfire and Dragonborn house can have their unique functions.

  • VaultRaider09 Gaming

    the hearth fire is fun because it allows you to build a couple new houses that are mansions its worth it

  • Guidobot Surname

    You didn't cover the spider 'scrolls', one of my favorite new items. Or crafting staffs. Or the giant. Or goblin followers

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