All The Best Stuff From Dragonborn DLC For Skyrim


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  • Octavian Otto

    Pretty funny. I always watched all your DS2 videos. Looked up a skyrim vid and you popped up. Not even mad.

  • Zac Jones

    I subscribed just because you played mass eff-no Mass Effect needs proper respect.

  • Joshua Werner

    dragon aspect feels op to me but then again I only have a few shouts to compare it to.

  • Joe Manning

    I'm heading to the "Bee Stone" so I can cast "DragonS Rend" and then "Bend Wheel"

  • David Nordholm

    ash atronach more like ashtronach ;)

  • VelocityMist

    at first I thought you said Wack Books instead of Black Books xD lol Great Vids

  • Alexis Cain

    This is mostly dawngaurd dlc, not dragonborn. I hv dragonborn, not dawngaurd, and i cant get 80% of this. Its just not in my game.

  • TC Williams

    bro, can you say smiffing one more time?

  • Jeremiah Rothwell

    use the fortify restoration potion glitch

  • Clorox bleach

    well time to go back to solstime

  • Irene SquatPump

    Death brand is the strongest light armor even stronger than deadric

  • Raider56 Fitz75

    You put stuff in a barrel too I am not alone

  • WARZONE /Babybonez

    Death brand and the two weapons are better then deadrix

  • Charimvvtic

    Lol. All this time watching the vid, and I didn't notice it is Jumpin.

  • Irene SquatPump

    "Sniffing area"

  • game gossip

    i think you can turn in to a werebaer you have to get hurt by one you can see a tempele up on a mountain where the werebears are protectng it so ya by

  • Ayden Hall

    Hearth fire houses are better because you can have it without feeling like a scaie like game or area plus you can have your own bard your own horse carrier and a reason for stone queries and saw mills

  • zachary nelson

    What about Deathbrand Armor

  • Not meme Master

    with the dragon aspect shout you were about to say 'badass', but an ad played and you just said it looks bad lmao

  • Brian Miller

    The new manor is to Dark..wish you can light it up more.

  • Leto85

    The Hearthfire houses are great to actually live (both children and spouses give boosts and sometimes unique items) and store your collectable stuff in as well as to growth your ingredients but the Dragonborn mansion us best for casting since everything needed for that (alchemy, enchanting and smiting) is within reach but mostly because the book The Shallow Regent can only ever activated on Solstheim which means you can quickly switch powers of boost your crafting.Every Hearthfire and Dragonborn house can have their unique functions.

  • michael wilson

    I hope everybody knows that in order to get the 10% enchanting bonus you must wear 4 pieces of Ahzidals armor you wont get the bonus for just wearing the boots

  • Tim-Noah Hilse

    i dont understand how u coule lvl ur char up thet much xD everytime i played almost all the sidequests with one of my chars i make a new one to do it all again with different tactics :D

  • Nevermind

    This guy really likes barrels.

  • Leah MacDonald

    The house in Solstheim is my favourite too and if you're playing as a vampire it feels immersive af because there's no sunlight

  • lennyMc jayPop

    hearthfire is definitely worth it its cooler than it looks trust me

  • Alonzo Turner

    what armor is he wearing in this video? ?

  • Triatan Torr

    dude, you could make a skill Legendary since it's better in every way, 1. Costs no dragon souls and 2, gives you all the Skill Perks you spent back

  • dariusblack 1224

    what robes are you wearing

  • dragon greek

    At 6:33 the Ewoks from Star Wars are back run

  • Ces Tano

    why does the stahlrim light armor look like the deathbrand armor

  • seanie russell

    Bro what build was this character?And what's ur fav play style ?

  • ed champagne

    how much you get payed for this shit vid

  • declan killen

    I have glass armor that's better than dragon bone

  • Bloodyrayne downed

    does skyrim have an armor cap?

  • Brady Migel

    I like how you say dope. i say it too, but you say it cool. I don't really like Ahzidal's Helm. I mainly use conjuration and with the increase of 25%, its annoying. But it is a cool armor set. I already bought the DLC but I'm just making sure I am not missing anything :P Good Video

  • WickedLefa

    Can you get this dlc on ps3? pls tell me

  • Warmachine711

    You don't have hearthfire because you are broke af

  • deadcancermage

    Does he say "sniffing" instead of "smithing" ?

  • Guidobot Surname

    You didn't cover the spider 'scrolls', one of my favorite new items. Or crafting staffs. Or the giant. Or goblin followers

  • Q Skyshark

    Personal i love stalhrim and chitin the most ^~^

  • Mark Kelly

    Can you explain this whole necromage vampire thing, I really want to gain them high enchantments!

  • Skyrim nerd101

    the hearth fire is fun because it allows you to build a couple new houses that are mansions its worth it

  • justin rios

    You say "badass" too much

  • Zac Jones

    I always get the heavy chitten helm for Mass Effect

  • Jason Miller

    Black Market is much better it's a shop keeper you can summon any time, any where and it makes getting the 100,000 gold trophy/achievement possible because you can summon another one thirty seconds after the first one it's a shop keeper that never runs out of gold

  • sirblockepic mcswaggins

    I got hearthfire for 20p on steam. summer sale ftw

  • Andrew Gibson

    ok i am sold. i just want badass armor swords and Smithing

  • MsTTTess

    If I have the legendary edition with all the dlcs, should I download all of them?

  • CokeAndSprite 00

    I T S P R E T T Y M U C H L I K E A N A S T R O N A U T

  • TGB -Gaming

    The death brand armor is better armor rating then deadric and it is light.

  • Toufik Abdelkamel

    "As long as I look badass, thats all that matters to me." -Every kid that thinks they're a pro gamer

  • turbo turret

    full heavy stalhrim is actually better than full daedric

  • Kai Thompson

    woh is that a level 100 legendary barrel

  • FlamingWolfGaming

    Nothing is better than dragonbone/ daedric? Did dis boi forget about Deathbrand armor?

  • J0krswy1d

    video was good, but too dopey.

  • Andrew Summers

    Boy thats a hella nice barrel XD

  • Darian LaPierre

    I may be years late, but you are actually wrong, there is a weapon better than daedric and tied with dragonbone. if you are level 60+ when you beat miraak, you get an amazing version of his sword

  • kai smith

    I had all smithing perks and their was no stalhirm I even went to solstiem and tried the forge there

  • Koen Koopman

    conclusion: everything in solstheim is dope xP

  • Champagel The Valiant

    I love summoning astronauts

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