Skyrim - 5 Unique Followers

Sorry Lydia, but you're just a housecarl. Here, I list 5 Unique Followers in Skyrim. These include some of the best followers, and their locations. All followers have their own special something, whether it shares Skyrim secrets, or lead to secret quests. And certainly follower mods always add some ingenuity.

Now that I have a PC, I can't get enough of Skyrim's best mods - there are so many weapon mods and armor mods. And I really like the quest mods, or things like face mods. They make looking for unique weapons and armor, or unique items a lot more fun. And we know just how many secret locations and quests, or, rather, hidden weapons and armor scatter this world. It's great. I also do other Skyrim Top 5 stuff, if you're interested.

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  • ꧁꧂𓁺Bonnnetwork𓂀꧁꧂

    Excluding her Slave humor. Lydia has been a kind, Gentle, and heartwarming companion ever since you recruit her. Her backstory is that she's a former Whiterun guard and was excited to be positioned as a bodyguard for what she soon finds out is the Dragonborn. I dunno about you guys, but I think Lydia is one of the best of the best so far excluding mods.

  • Moviemac Reviews

    I have a mud crab wearing Dwarven armor...

  • Dialask Isel

    Favorite companion?  Frost Atronach.  Doesn't nag and is otherwise pretty chill.  It's also cool if you want to destroy it if it's in the way, it won't give you the cold shoulder when you summon it again.  A very ice companion, overall.

  • Axelia B.Y.E

    I went to go fight a giant with Serana by my side. Since Serana doesn't care who she fights, i let her try and take on the giant herself. That giant hit the ground where she was standing and shot her to the sky and after a moment of laughing... i never saw her come back down.

  • A Stock Photo Of Spaghetti

    I had a riekling once, I named him Fabio... I brought him home, made him apple dumplings every day, brought him on every mission... he was my best friend... then one day a dragon swooped down and killed my dear child. I tried to reload a previous save, but it was too late, I didn't have a good save to go back to... R.I.P Fabio... I will never forget you.... when he died I put his body in a hole and covered his grave in apple dumplings, I made tons of them in case Fabio got hungry on our journeys... cries NOOO MY POOR FABIO

  • ScribblerDude

    kharjo be like " I have a particular set of skills, or I don't, we'll see"

  • pasta is good

    i always travel with serana and i married her lol

  • BeAz-_Bro

    "I am sworn to carry your burdens"

  • Kazuma - kun

    Want to cry even more? Take notice... it's not that you CAN'T marry Serana. In an immersive sense, the option is still there. The truth is... She doesn't WANT to marry you.

  • Buttfart

    I just realized this:Elesweyr Elsewhere


    i want a sweetroll as a follower

  • Mrs. Spock

    What about Teldryn Sero? The best swordsman in all morrowind? :(

  • Leonard Liandro

    One follower I thought was interesting was Erik the Slayer, not for his character, but why he's in the game. There was a big Elder Scrolls fan named Erik West who went online by the name "Immok the slayer." After he died from cancer, Bethesda put "Erik the Slayer" in as a follower to commemorate him.

  • Screaming Rowlet

    Unique...Lydia: you get thrown into a fight, iether started by you or someone else... And she'll finish it.

  • Maharo Rivomahefa

    How about the immortal dog Barbus?

  • Cody "The Machine"

    Serana Friend-Zone is the best follower in the game.

  • Swen Oyme

    The names, "Bran" and "Sceolang" are a reference to the Irish legends of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, an Irish hero who had two war hounds, Bran and Sceolang.

  • RedNeck Gaming

    How to know your a savage you start smacking a dragon in the face with a hammer like it's an everyday thing

  • Eothorn in MHW

    for me bran was murdered by harkon i went berserk became a werewolf and slaughtered him

  • Renée Skaugen

    Serana is also the only follower whom you can have another companion with afaik, might be a glitch but I'm currently having Eola (Cannibal in one of the cities, not sure which, you can find her in a hall of the dead) and Serana. Which uh helps a lot but god so annoying. Try walking down a small cave corridor with a corpse, two girls and a flame atronach. Because both of them can conjure or raise the dead.... Fun times. Comes in handy though.

  • Jessie

    Kharjo is definitely at the number one spot for my followers (he's tied with Cicero lol) i think it's mainly because my character is also a Khajiit so with him at my side, two Khajiit will conquer the roads of Skyrim!

  • owoHero

    Why does everyone forget Teldryn Sero? He has a lot of unique dialogue and he's pretty OP in most fights. When I bring him along, he tends to beat me to all my kills. And he's the only follower (that I can think of) that gets really excited to fight a dragon. He's super cocky but also witty. I'm usually a theif build so I never bring people with me, but he has such a good personality to me that I have him tag along from time to time. Wish I could marry him ;A;

  • Robert Corbell

    Who else gets the marriable Serana mod and the immersive lover's comfort as well as uncensored characters via the mod we all have if we have PC? :)

  • Whiterun Guard

    I’m gay, I married Kharjo as a man

  • Joseph Smith

    I don't use kharjo I'll tell you why I like trading with the Kijiji Caravan but it's so hard to find them so I collected the moon amulet and then I just keep it as a homing Beacon whenever I need to locate a traveling Caravan

  • jjfajen

    I've always hated Serana with a burning passion. I try to get rid of her during Dawnguard but she's just like "nope, I'm going to keep on following you around." Then on top of that she kept on killing Bran for no reason.

  • psycho zombie productions

    The best companion is Marco he literally breaks the forth wall, and he complains to Bethesda about things and he will complain when you give or take stuff from him

  • Buy me Skittles

    I like the follower that gives away your position when sneaking or gets in the way all the time in doorways or narrow passages.Oh wait, that's all of them.

  • Necrom

    What? Why is Teldryn Sero on this list :( Fkin N'wahs. He is the least annoying follower and pretty badass.

  • DarthBlad Gaming

    Why are you using Volendrung? It isn't even that good

  • TheDerpin'Marky

    Killed Lydia for this, The Jarl sent his apologies for my loss. Hope this was worth it

  • m'aiq the liar

    M'aiq wishes that someone would make M'aiq a follower would anyone like M'aiq as a follower;(

  • There Was An Attempt

    I DIDNT KNOWI COULD GET A DOGGO BRB GETTING BACK ON SKYRIMEdit: I’m back and they’re all dead. ;-;

  • CasualKhajiit

    I always have Cicero with me. 10/10 best jester.

  • Toastedflare :P

    My least favorite thing about Skyrim...You can’t marry Serana.

  • ミキーユトMeKillYouTo

    I once had a Riekling come to me in a cave in skyrim, now that dosnt sound out of the ordinary I could of just had one follow me, but what if I told you I never had any Riekling following me before...

  • Toiletchildre n

    Im so scared of taking on another housecarl. All my housecarls keep dying.

  • Socially Undead

    Don't worry, Cicero. I still love you.

  • Oscar Galindez

    Awww I love Cicero... Sweet sweet Cicero... Oooh he wants a sweet roll... Bonersoup loves tending mother's needs with Cicero

  • Joey C

    Wow no one has mentioned that death hound companion

  • Wiccaleesi Hale

    What about Garmr and Cusith???!!!

  • Nashoba Accalia

    I wish sindling was a follower......or at least if you could marry him....btw I acully have a real life crush on him....and you can marry serana

  • e21big

    her parents always at each other neck? what do you expect? they are vampires

  • Imformed Foxy

    I had number 5 but he died from vampires but he is this imfront of my house forever creeply

  • Jarrod A

    I love huskys but I don't bring them out I don't what them die because of me miss swing or fireball them by mistake

  • Greed 1337

    love the enthusiasm in your voice, makes these videos even better to watch

  • Jay EDJ

    ALSO, also.... Serana is voiced by Laura Bailey.

  • Og Evade

    mans best friend is a dog and that dog is deadly

  • Bethany Kelly

    I was surprised Cicero was not here.

  • tyrrarius

    Need more Khajiit followers. They're just interesting... and can hook you up if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, if you catch my drift.

  • Kristianna Stanley

    Rayya tried to kill me!!!She's a 😈

  • Crispy Roof

    Kharjo is my favorite follower because he is a cool warrior

  • jbabie04

    I had Eola as a follower but then I accidentally killed her in the fight against arch-mage.. I tried to reset but I killed her again..oops.

  • *Gasp

    I have Kharjo, I love him more than Lydia (my wife).

  • Alan Barr


  • Paul Snelling

    Is Bran DLC ; Or Is He Just In The "Remastered" Version?

  • Obi Wan Kenobi

    Kharjo is a dream if your a sneaky character in my opinion, he never talks, and even with heavy armor he's just as if not sneakier than a master thief, plus he's just fun to be around

  • DLAssassin 56

    I have three companions shadowmere, Lydia, vigilance the war hound

  • JoshThePleb 1o1

    Guys what was your first race you played as in skyrim I am generally interested.

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