Skyrim - How To Get SHADOWMERE

This is a video showing you how and where to find Shadowmere (the famous Black Horse with Red Eyes). All you have to do is play through the Dark Brotherhood storyline and he will automatically be available. Here is the link for the tutorial on how to find and join the Dark Brotherhood.

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    I call him rainbow dash

  • Zenyd

    I came here because I have a shadowmere right in front of me and he's running away.

  • SuperPlush BrosStudio

    I call him nightmare instead of shadowmere

  • Randy Tran

    I killed the dark brother hood when I was lvl 12 :3

  • Metro.Boomin

    Ummm Ummm I killed shadow err can anyone donate one to me please?!

  • Dark Claw

    Don't waste your time, shadowmere is bugged, u will love this horse and it will randomly dissappear and u will try everything to get it back, I have spent countless hours trying everything and nothing works, but my crappy horse I bought and personally killed respawned back at the stables after so long, so I find it very odd

  • Jaqen H'ghar

    A horse must become no horse

  • Lyra Moore

    This person only has a few quests and I have 14 how does he even do that without getting another one

  • Jasta the Boss Bob

    I love Shadowmere because his name isn't "J'nazi's Horse" XD


    Shadow meres not coming out for me

  • Lokina Odinson

    When I was on like level 14 I was in the abandoned shack ...killed Astrid and let the people go ... Worst decision ever :c and now I'm on level 45 and its too far to go back :c Now I have another account and have finnished the brotherhood quests and now only just became a nightingle in the guild quest !!!

  • The perky Pickle

    I'm only on the 4 mission but have dedric armor

  • Vinnie ChickNugz

    Whos needs horses theyre so overrated why dont you just walk? :P

  • Marc R6

    i call him black tinkerbell

  • EnemyTurns

    My shadowmere didnt spawn!!!! HELP!

  • Shanmaree Walker

    Im sorry about this comment but I'm confused about your gender are you a girl or boy :P

  • D. R.

    Skyrim is a reference to all my favorite TV shows. Except Harry Potter. Nobody likes Harry.Anyway, Shadowmare is a reference to Twin Peaks, season 2-20. There's a scene where are disembodied right arm appears from the air and a puddle of what looks like black goo is on the ground. A cave is also nearby that is destroyed by a serial killer.Its a great reference. I just think they could have expanded the dark brotherhood a bit more. More connecting with all the members and getting to care about them before the treachery occurs and then in true killer form, make you choose who dies. That would have been a great irony.

  • Juci Shockwave

    I would love such an immortal horse who can kill dragons. I would name him Lord Voldemort. ... or better yet He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. XD

  • victor bruun

    Shadowfax, show me the meaning of haste!

  • ScottNite

    Arvak is still better in my opinion...1. You Can summon him whenever you want even if you kill him or he dies naturally.2. If you get off of Arvak he will disappear after a few seconds waiting for you to re-summon him.3. He just looks flat out way cooler, he has fricking purple flames comin out from his eyes and his tail, PLUS he’s a skeleton so he doesn’t look like a normal plain old horse.

  • Bleachin

    Shadowmere is strong, launched 8 markarth guards towards him and he came out alive.

  • TheMothSniper11

    I got it today and dat boi/gurl fast

  • The green umbreon

    uh in oblivion shadowmeres a girl so uhh........

  • Sky Talks

    So does this work for Skyrim Vanilla?

  • C Linden

    Now for the rest of us who would prefer NOT to obtain Shadowmere, among many reasons; two being he never dies and can become a nuisance when facing encounters and battles especially when sneaking. Do not mount on the horse! Completely ignore him when he spawns from the water. You're welcome

  • Morgan Trousdale

    I dont get it how can u get it if you're already a part of the thieves guild

  • Shy Fry

    Lol you do realize you could have gotten shdowmere at a east lower level right??? I got my shadowmere at level 8 all you have to do is job n dark brotherhood and follow the quest lines until you get shadowmere

  • lone ranger

    killed shadowmere HAHAHA

  • Iqbal Zahid

    I want to get the horse

  • oj2323

    this pisses me off I did this and I got to ride the horse but I forgot to ask the girl if I could keep the horse but nooooo I forgot to ugh

  • Blazerflare

    ummmmm... problem.... when i first saw Cicero, i didnt help him with his wagon wheel.. does that effect anything??

  • PolarSlushyPaw AJ

    wanna know something wolfs suck

  • Savannah Hitney

    I don't know why I even watched this I had shadowmare for so long I forgot that's how I got him

  • Zhelyaz Uzunov

    is that deadric sword?

  • Illuminati04666

    Can I be in the dark brother hood and another faction

  • DEATH 666

    even I know that name shadowmere he is the horse that belongs to shadow

  • Keyser94

    I have an issue with this, there is a glitch with Shadowmere that her legs shakes violently and don't let me mount her, I try everything and never the less, I cant still mount her, and I wonder that this glitch is causing that the game crash, because before it, all worked dandy and now I can not even travel great distance without the game crashing.

  • Evil Mindz

    could I get him back if I bought a horse for my dawnguard house and lost him?

  • GoatCountry AJ

    I heard that u have to be on lvl 50 to get it.. Is it true? Can i just go and go where u do? If u get what im saying lol... I'm only on lvl 30 PLZ PLZ write back D: 

  • Zhelyaz Uzunov

    What kind of sword is that sword

  • Jareth The Goblin King

    After Ive killed the dark brotherhood on some files I always go to the pond where I ususally meet him if I took the other path, sometimes the pond reacts strangely to the black sacrament...

  • XxspringtrapxX 21

    omg my Nick name is mere

  • JM

    arvak is better he is a spell so you can spawn him and if you fall of a cliff you won't take damage it'll die but just spawn it lol

  • Jamklanson

    Don't need Shadowmere. I've got Arvak ;)

  • Mustela Stellar

    You're character is so much stronger than mine even though I've been playing Skyrim for years

  • Mikey97

    LOL I got Shadowmere without even doing the mission

  • Pheonix Minecraft

    I can't find the place, is there a certain mod for this?

  • PEEZY 510

    why is my shadow mere brown

  • derek green

    8 Can't Even Get IN THE Door it asked me what the music of life is

  • Jordan Petrosky

    I'm getting a 360 soon and this is the first game I'm gonna get so can someone tell me when do I get shadowmere I mean what stage do I get shadowmere

  • Muhammad Sajjad

    from where i can find this this astrid

  • Theducklord

    What's so special about shadowmere

  • Rokas Kavaliauskas

    yo what's that dagger's name? look cool and op af

  • BrandMuffin

    if you finish the quest do you still keep the horse

  • Whiterun Guard

    Astrid Is sending assassins to kill me😣😣😣😤😣

  • Mauro Moens

    I killed the dark brotherhood. Can i still get the horse? I just thought they were a bunch of arogant beings. Its after the act i watched video's and i regreted the decision but oh well

  • phil valencia

    hi. what if you don't have the dark brotherhood quest and you killed em all? can you still get shadowmere?

  • Georgian crusader

    if i already have another horse can i get shadowmere?


    is this xbox or computer?

  • Zira 3706

    Shadowmere is gorgeous

  • Robert Williams

    do you get to keep shadowmere after this quest is over?

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