Skyrim Mod: Moonlight Tales - Werewolf & Werebear Overhaul

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Moonlight Tales - Werewolf & Werebear Overhaul

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  • NovaCaneKills11

    Werewolves should have been able to sneak. Being able to stalk a foe on all fours and then pounce with a stealth kill would have awesome. Someone should make a mod of that.

  • Jack Smith

    I can finally roleplay as Winnie the Pooh!

  • jodark54

    I remember the full moon. I was in witherun and suddently is started shaking and is was like: What is going on? Then i remembered that it was full moon and i hid behind a house after i transformed i ran straight trough the guards and out of Witherun. I found a cave not so far away and i killed all the bandits and waited until i became normal again.

  • ZacharyM

    Werebears, men that are bears? were?

  • Adam Hamilton

    So.....wouldnt all of skyrim eventually become were wolves? That would be kinda cool though. :P An entire provice of were wolves!!!

  • C Bradley

    Time to play as BEORN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Azrael Selvmord

    I hope this comes to Skyrim SE... I miss it...

  • TheGreenYax321

    how do you enter the mod menu??

  • Mythix the Dragon

    Keep getting jumped by werebeasts at the strangest times. The Elite Silver Hand and Vigilants of Stendarr also appear randomly but do nothing since I am not a werewolf. I was attacked by a dragon and they just stood there saying generic npc phrases.

  • Connor

    Sounds cool :)Always prefered the werewolf class opposed to vampire lord. 

  • Lord Karasu

    Just got this this mod playing my pure white red Gaurd werewolf named fenrir when my first forced full moon shift happens just as a thief showed up robbing me saying “you picked a bad time to get lost friend” no, you did...(I have a photo for proof lol)

  • Mike h

    can you make a follower from a mod like vilja into a werewolf

  • dhcastle81

    Leaven with the ring of hircine I can't be a vamp wolf combo HELP

  • Moonlight Heart

    How can i open the moonlight tales menu??

  • Kenpachirin

    Yes moonlight tales fixes that, there's an option called "post-combat requipper"

  • debra brown


  • M. New York

    I fond a big bug.Alwase when I am a werewolf or bear I cannot scream, holw. Can The make of this mod make a fix sorry for my English

  • Arts Nick

    I have mixed feelings about this mod... 1) the gibbering lunatics that run around are too common... 2) one of the new bad guys are immortal the have about 40% health and are immune to everything (including the kill command) 4) that stendarr and silver hand wouldn't leave me alone... and I wasn't a werewolf or werebear... and I don't think burning skies caused that immortal glitch

  • iCake

    So I was also having problems with the MCM menu not showing, then I think (hopefully) fixed it. Here's what I did: Open up the console help mcm *Then moonlight tales would probably be there* startquest (ID of the moonlight tales QUST) I'm not sure if this is really the right way, but is starting the quest similar to first time installing the mod?

  • Perspektive77

    i think it was skyUI away. google it

  • Ryan BurnsRed

    Really!? What is it called and where is it?

  • Perspektive77

    there is a mod for skyUI wich doesnt change the interface, but gives you the MCM

  • Ryan BurnsRed

    For me, the default UI is fine, and I actually like it. But it's fine. I won't be playing Skyrim for a while now anyway.

  • Ryan BurnsRed

    I don't like SkyUI..

  • Perspektive77

    you need to download and install SKSE(skyrim script extender). then u always start your game over the SKSE shortcut. Start the game and pause it, in the lower left corner now stands your skyrim version and SKSE. then install skyUI. after that start your game again, wait a minute and look to the pause menu. now ther is the ModCongirationMenu. if you have trouble to install, i recommend to watch a tutorial from Gopher about SKSE and skyUI.

  • dankdari69

    How so? It doesn't take long to download and install skyUI.

  • Brody Jones

    what command do i use to open up the mod menu i have skyUI downloaded

  • Brody Jones

    how do i open up the mod menu, i have skyUI

  • Cassidy Hall

    The mcm for this mod won't work

  • Marcelo Sada

    is there a way to pass them on steam?

  • Paul Oteng

    Ive been having a glitch with this where i get the warning red screen and the howl and transform, but the red screen does not go away that red howling screen always stays ive tried sleeping and turning off the warning sections, but it still doesnt work, please help me this is also affecting my ability to save

  • Rene' Descartes

    Did you check his dialogue? Does he have the "transform by yourself" or "transform when I do" option? I infected my follower with a scratch and it worked well.

  • Rick Koning

    I need this for Skyrim SE!

  • Rene' Descartes

    Seems ok on mine. The power given is still "Beast Form". Werebears are just the skin. Everyone still shouts "WEREWOLF!" as I approach.

  • TheLordpeanuts

    Werebears don't work on this mod. Werewolves work just fine but whenever I want to be a Werebear it gives me Wolf Form instead of bear form and in the debug menu I tell it to infect me with the werebear disease but that doesn't work either. Anyone know what's up?

  • Aliens218

    k. Let's see your thumbs up build up.

  • Jet Noob

    I knock him down and claw the shit out of his face :D

  • WickedUmai

    the customization isnt working for me. I'm adjusting the colors and forms and eyes,and when it changes on my character, it keeps reverting me back to the grey color with green eyes. Anybody have an idea why this is or have experienced it before?

  • Alexandra McLennan

    The ending is priceless. My life has officially been completed.

  • coolhi90

    does this mod require dragonborn?

  • Khornedevotee

    Lol! Anyone else noticed the glitched werebears at the end? XD Especialy the one that hit the werewolf which in turn hit the Dovahkiin. XP

  • James Christie

    @pzmwyvt for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there and dude! if your bored check this good time waster! =>\l84k3w

  • Black Hoody

    Please someone put this mod on for xbox1...

  • LoqRedentor10

    My followers drink the werewolf blood but they can't transform themselves and I can't give them those orders.

  • Darth Vanic

    This mod Makes Werewolves BADASS

  • IDrowseBritI

    this is not compatible with deadly mutilation

  • lars 7500

    I like you way better than the MXR perv I gotta say.

  • kabban

    how do you open mod menu?

  • emil linnebjerg

    when you are a werewolf your health only regenetate when eating

  • Ahmet Koçak

    How the fck do you open the menu answer we cant get it open

  • emil linnebjerg

    to open the mod menu you need to downlode skyUI

  • Ben Boden

    will this mod be coming to xbox one?

  • Sedna Bold

    How do you open the mod menu?

  • Dathien

    Ok thanks for the info

  • Eurasian Pride

    oh then that makes sense I was talking about werewolves but since you don't have dawguard but yes this mod puts wild werebears and werewolves through out skyrim and solstheim

  • Dathien

    Dovah Kin is it an honor..

  • Dathien

    No there isnt you dont know what I mean does this add wild werebears to ALL of skyrim and solstheim not just snowclad ruins and other places but all places can spawn werebears also wild werewolves were introduced in the DLC Dawnguard which i dont have only dragonborne

  • Michael

    dose anyone know hoe i can get to the mod menu i have the ring of hircine and i put it on but nothing happens please help

  • Adrian Gatell Angela Cabello

    how do you access to the monlight tales menu?

  • mrbannasplit72

    0:33 damn that werewolf looks scary

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