Skyrim Mod: Moonlight Tales - Werewolf & Werebear Overhaul

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Moonlight Tales - Werewolf & Werebear Overhaul

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  • NovaCaneKills11

    Werewolves should have been able to sneak. Being able to stalk a foe on all fours and then pounce with a stealth kill would have awesome. Someone should make a mod of that.

  • Jack Smith

    I can finally roleplay as Winnie the Pooh!

  • jodark54

    I remember the full moon. I was in witherun and suddently is started shaking and is was like: What is going on? Then i remembered that it was full moon and i hid behind a house after i transformed i ran straight trough the guards and out of Witherun. I found a cave not so far away and i killed all the bandits and waited until i became normal again.

  • ZacharyM

    Werebears, men that are bears? were?

  • Adam Hamilton

    So.....wouldnt all of skyrim eventually become were wolves? That would be kinda cool though. :P An entire provice of were wolves!!!

  • TheGreenYax321

    how do you enter the mod menu??

  • Azrael Selvmord

    I hope this comes to Skyrim SE... I miss it...

  • Mythix the Dragon

    Keep getting jumped by werebeasts at the strangest times. The Elite Silver Hand and Vigilants of Stendarr also appear randomly but do nothing since I am not a werewolf. I was attacked by a dragon and they just stood there saying generic npc phrases.

  • Connor Perfect

    Sounds cool :)Always prefered the werewolf class opposed to vampire lord. 

  • C Bradley

    Time to play as BEORN!!!!!!!!!!

  • WickedUmai

    the customization isnt working for me. I'm adjusting the colors and forms and eyes,and when it changes on my character, it keeps reverting me back to the grey color with green eyes. Anybody have an idea why this is or have experienced it before?

  • Rick Koning

    I need this for Skyrim SE!

  • lars 7500

    I like you way better than the MXR perv I gotta say.

  • Ben Boden

    will this mod be coming to xbox one?

  • AmazingRaptor

    can someone help me i can't find the shrine or hircine

  • MyPchacker

    should i use moonlight tales or tales of lycanthropy?

  • Marcelo Sada

    how do you access the mod menu?

  • Just Justin


  • India Jones

    they should make a werewolf mod that if your character a werewolf you can change your fur and eye color on a spell or a reading book on console version and if your followers a werewolf can it be a tweak for followers like talk to your follower and go to a werewolf abilities and change they fur color and eyes color that would be cool on a console version.

  • Mike h

    can you make a follower from a mod like vilja into a werewolf

  • Sal Monaco

    Can someone help me? Whenever I transform into a werewolf, the werewolf doesn't move. It doesn't attack or any animations occur. When I try to move it just stands still but still moves. Sorry if it's not detailed enough it's hard to explain.

  • Moonlight Heart

    How can i open the moonlight tales menu??

  • Waterside 3

    How do you get in the configuration menu?

  • M4R1JN

    Werebears are terrible. Just got slain by a pack of 'em at Solstheim...

  • Dovahkiin1701

    It sucks how you can't mod on 360 and skyrim won't run on my computer because it requires 4gb ram and I have 2gb 😟

  • anuschka amara

    the werwolf is the moust beautiful the other weranimals look uggly

  • SardonicHawk

    LOL he danced off a hill and as soon as he was gone a deformed Werebear showed up lel

  • German111 0

    question, how do you edit this stuff from the mod menu? I installed moonlight tales and stuff but i can't figure out how to get it work. And at mod menu, how do you edit each character?

  • Ninja Stinger

    Can't turn into werebear wtf is this???

  • rhubarb’s corner

    i hope this is compatible with the new xbox one edition

  • Strasser Gang

    Is there a ps4 mod that allows werebear transformation?

  • Jolly Jester

    Will this be on remastered

  • Harley Quinn

    could any kind soul please tell me how to open the mod menu

  • shhfiftyfive

    my companion vilja got infected, then she bugged out some days later where she won't go back to human form ever. so i need to find a cure for her.

  • schaefer marty

    somebody should totally make a teen wolf mod

  • DJ Green

    Cant wait until this mod comes to skyrim special edition. Looks amazing

  • Wassim Belaiba

    Followers wouldn't get infected by drinking werebeast blood potion

  • Ye Kira

    how do i obtain werebear form???

  • Eli Mcguire

    will were bear transformation be a mood on ps4?

  • Samuel Gandolfo

    The beastblood not functional please help

  • acrobatic alpaca

    Erm pause the vid just after 2:03

  • Brandon Vortex

    yeah and one thing for sure that if any player try to infect any NPC around skyrim with werewolf and werebear disease then you got yourself a big time trouble NPC that got infected will turn and will attack upon on you even you didnt infected on them

  • NarutoStormGames

    Hey i have a problem when i transform into a werewolf i can't do anything it looks like it's paralyzed i can just walk and jump but this affect the regular werewolfs and werebears too so PLS HELP ME !and yes i used FNIS !

  • L.O.C. Corporation

    When I infect my companions, they transform and become human again, but the option "transform by yourself" is not there, can someone help me please?:(

  • Noble Spectre

    To those having trouble seeing the mod install in MCM, I have a solution. For some reason, using the Nexus Mods Manager, can make it buggy so you will have to install in manually. I did this and it worked. Give it a try

  • Alex

    The really cool part about being a vampire with a werewolf form is the fact that in legends vampires were accopmanied by wolves. In Coppola's "Dracula" movie the count could change his appearance to that of an old or young man, mist, giant bat creature (where Bethesda got the inspiration for the vampire lord) and a horny werewolf (that likes to run around at night and make his way with women in the forest).

  • dissapointment manifested

    Anyone know of a faster way to get to play as Werewolf? I already did it on another playthrough but want to play as one in a new playethrough. Problem is that unless you've gone through the quest line it doesn't recognize you as a werewolf even if you used mods or cheats to get beast form. It would kinda suck to be forced so far into the game in order to enjoy the mod.

  • Breno

    I play on the xbox and the moon phases don't seem to have any order at all (I looked up the order on a wiki). Is there the correct order utilized in the game and my game is just broken or is it normally random phases until you get the mod?

  • Lord Saladin

    I'm on PS4 so we have to use a mod were it just changes you into a werebear instead of letting you customize your were. Better than nothing tho

  • Roboboy2710

    The only problem I see with the player to NPC and NPC to NPC is that eventually all of skyrim (the part that hasn't been slain by random werewolves, or been slain as a werewolf) will be werewolves. Also if an NPC that is part of a quest were to become a werewolf, he may transform and be slain, possibly messing up quest lines.

  • MrShadowMan

    is there a way to change your followers looks as a werebeast?

  • Misael silva

    apesar de nao entender nada gostei do seu video mais um like e um inscrito 

  • Deadshilz

    could some one try n make this mod compatible with ps4, really want the alpha werewolf howl and shout asweel as the red eyes

  • Gregory Trippe

    And Can you please let people with Xbox one for Skyrim to be able to use this mod and Know you made this mod Please

  • Megan Tracy

    Why can't I activate the werebears??? I've been in the menu and it won't let me click on any of the werebear stuff! :( Please help!

  • Keslea Wessel

    Can anyone tell me how I eat corpses in this mod? All I can do is open enemy inventories and no option to eat them. Help?

  • Michael O'Malley

    This mod looks really badass! I just started modding skyrim today, because it happened. I got bored. Now I am not bored!

  • Andrés Pizarro

    Is there an option to make the power work like in vanilla option? I mean, i can transform a lot of times a day with this mod. can i make it work just once a day?

  • EmptyShell

    I was playing moonlight tales and I can't even use the ri g of Hircine only when I uninstall the game I can. The when I do install it it makes the ring of Hircine black for me in the powers menu. Is that part of the mod?

  • Wagner Nogueira

    Talk about the Werewolf Perks Expanded - Dawnguard mod.

  • Mathias Pettersson

    Is there a hotkey for feeding on corpses? Can just loot them while in werewolf form. (Have no other overhauls installed)

  • Snewt

    Is this compatible with Dark Maneuvers?

  • DarkDragon267

    The fur at 1:09 somehow looks much better than in my game.... is this because of the viewing angle or light or did you do something else (do you have the HighResTexturePack's in Skyrim-launcher activated or do you have some kind of texture mod for the fur or whatsoever)?

  • AC_ Gamer

    I've run into a little problem to, when I go esc/settings/mod configuration, I only see SkyUi no moonlight tales I've tried waiting 5 minutes but still nothing. I think that it is installed because in the top left corner it shows what type of moon and when the moon is full I shift. But I cant edit my werewolf. Please help!

  • roguerunner14

    curing yourself is already possible in vanilla, just use another glenmoriel witch head on the brazier where you cure Kodlak at the end of the companions questline and it'll give you the option to cure yourself by destroying your inner beast

  • Scott Stewart

    If your a werebear will it still have the howling noises or will that change?

  • SadisticJester

    For some reason NPC's don't use skin system and i don't get the option "Transform by yourself" and so on, help?

  • DL Youtube

    how to open menu I mean what button?

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