Mod Recommendations for Skyrim Special Edition

This is a video designed for viewers that are looking for some basic mods to include in their Skyrim Special Edition load order. The categories include combat, immersion, items, sound, visuals, alternate start, and graphics. I would consider the majority of these mods universally enjoyable.

All music from The Witcher 3 by Marcin Przybyłowicz

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Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch:

QD Inventory:




Combat Evolved:


Wet and Cold:




Immersive Citizens:

Immersive Armors:

Unique Uniques:

Immersive Sound Compendium:

Reverb and Ambience Overhaul:

True Storms:

Alternate Start - Live Another Life:

Static Mesh Improvement Mod:

A Quality World Map:

Total Character Makeover:

NobleSkyrimMod HD-2k:

aMidianborn Book of Silence:

Enhanced Blood Textures:

Rustic Clothing:

Realistic Waters Two:

Realistic Lighting Overhaul:
  • Xobile the Boi

    In Skyrim, anyone else takes damage when stepping on bones? Or is it just me...

  • CptWinters

    The unofficial patch is necessary, there's no reason at all not to install it. It doesn't just fix a few bugs, it obliterates hundreds of thousands of big and small errors that will make your gameplay worse. Honestly the fact that Bethesda didn't work directly with the unofficial patch creators to integrate it into the special edition's release is beyond me.. Maybe they don't want to validate the idea that modders always have to finish their games.

  • Koubitz

    Thank you all so much for watching! I really appreciate all of your kind comments on each video! :) And thank you for 20k subscribers! I said this before on twitter, but it really is such a meaningful milestone to me. Without the Kouties there would be no Koubitz!EDIT: People complaining about linking NobleSkyrimMod from the oldrim nexus clearly didn't watch the video, lol. Guys, please watch videos before you complain because you confused yourself.

  • Kiyoshi Kirishima

    I'm so pissed off with Bethesda. They release a remastered version of Skyrim after 5 years and it has the same quest breaking bugs and glitches as the original, fixes that have long since been made in the unofficial patch. I'm on PS4 and the modding experience is terrible.I'm not talking about the lack of external assets in mods - that's Sony's fault. I'm talking about the god awful mod browser and loader that's slow as sh*t, glitchy and actually cashes regularly. This is before mods are even loaded.And to add further insult, using any mod disables all trophies. So installing a mod that fixes a bug that Bethesda refused to fix, prevents me from earning trophies.Thanks Bethesda.

  • OG Gaming

    Gotta love American society. She's talking about Skyrim, a game that starts off with a beheading scene, but she feels obligated to say that there is no nudity in a specific mod; so its child friendly.Heads dropping, no problem. Booty dropping, no in my country.Meanwhile, in every single modern music video...XD lol

  • Tiki Torchs

    Frostfall is a funny mod. Dies of the cold while in a swamp. What?!

  • 8sfg8

    I love that there's the Witcher 3 music in this video haha. Witcher <3

  • shaggy

    this video of mods is the only video of mod ive been able to sit through all the way through... i dont know why. maybe its the fact your voice doesnt sound like some pre-pubescent child or maybe its because its stuff that people could actually need in Skyrim, but either way you've got yourself a subscriber.

  • quazzie1

    Every time that bird's shadow fell on anyone in this video, I shit my pants for half a second thinking a dragon was over my head.It's unreal how much better this game looks on PC. Jealous.

  • Zynchro

    Jesus Christ... this channel is enormously satisfying to watch in some way, can't be explained with words, but it's satisfying in a weird way. Great GREAT content, incredibly informative and useful. Not too much talking nor to little, just perfect. You're so good at explaining things in a way which is understandable for everyone. I'm really glad i found this channel. I hope you're going to have a great time on YouTube, cause you really derserve it!

  • Dinis Nascimento

    this was helpfull for a guy who never instaled a mod before thanks

  • VideoFanatic13

    Don't bother with Realistic Lighting overhaul.Enhanced Lights and FX is much better

  • Enforcer

    "kid friendly"? This game is rated 18 for a reason...

  • Amanda Percival

    Real lifeNever heard of that server

  • Barky Von Schnauzer

    Quality video. The extra effort you put in really shows.

  • Romulus Paradise

    Dear Koubitz, Thank you. Your recommendations are quite good, and for me, clearly explained and sensible. Your list is balanced and made for a very playable and enjoyable game. Well done.

  • Zac Long

    best mod recommendation list out there

  • Caddis

    The only problem i have is as soon as you install a mod the achievements are disabled. I have the original modded up, i got SE to try it out an i like it it just meens i have to play through unmodded first for the achievements THEN i can get ready to mod it i guess. Great vid btw. Static mesh mos is a must imo.

  • Maracachucho

    How am I supposed to know what 'realistic' looks like if I haven't left my house in years?

  • Daniel Brown

    Are all of these mods compatible with each other, or do some of the texture mods conflict?

  • George Yates

    Thanks for this, never did try "Oldrim" just got SE yesterday. I have like 1/4 of these mods already. I like the way you explained these. I was getting a headache from all the "slooty" mods and very specific weapon/armor mods I kept finding on YouTube.

  • Not-a -Hardcore-Gamer

    I pretty much downloaded all of these. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • FlipSide208

    tbh I would recommend SkyUI over QD inventory, well aware that 2.2 works only and that some things are unavailable without the script extender, however SkyUI does affect both weapons and Magic something that QD does not, Personal preference sure, but it does make the entire select screen a bit more user friendly for PC.

  • Sam B

    How many of these are available for Xbox, thanks

  • Fang Qu

    20K subs face reveal ? 😝

  • Mæko

    The alternate start is such a blessing. I hate being forced into the main quest.

  • DOSsector

    This is are definitely not "must have' mods. Except Inventory and world map mods, if you are playing on PC. All other mods are for players who bored with Skyrim.

  • ChildishJesse

    I personally prefer Windsong Character Overhaul over the Total Character Makeover

  • Kumar Animesh

    Really appreciate the great lengths you probably go in creating these compilations, covering so many aspects, putting in those disclaimers in the beginning for whom would this compilation would be suited, how much it'll affect system performance, and of course your taste for mods itself and attention to detail (which I personally am a fan of).. It's really incredible and it shows how much effort you put in. Just incredible incredible work. Kudos girl :)

  • oriental

    Thanks for having a super clean intro that actually described perfectly what was going to be showcased in the video. Props!

  • Pedro

    Good selection, only big changes with very compatible mods, well done Koubitz

  • Noah Shue

    Love the Witcher music!

  • unit138

    I have been playing Skyrim SE vanilla since it released. I have a decent gaming rig, so the game settings are cranked all the way to 11 and it looks great. But I have been getting the itch again, that drive to make it even better. I still have the original Skyrim installed, with 100GB of mods, so SE will be getting a similar treatment soon This video has been great, when I start modding I will definitely be referring back to your suggestions. Thanks Koubitz!

  • Foxy.Boi12VEVO lollygaggin'

  • BumbleBerry Animations

    Alternate Start - Live Another Life "you can start by being left to die in a forest"Me:...OMFG THIS IS PERFECT FOR THE INIGO MOD

  • Will Liang

    Hey... I recognize that amazing Witcher III music in the background

  • FAMOUS Crazed

    I love how you play Hunt or be Hunted in the background. It's one of those soundtracks that won't fail to give me chills every time I hear it.Also, were you nervous while making this videos? Your voice sounds a tiny bit shaky at times. Great video regardless. :)

  • Johnny Rivera

    I don't have a PC. I don't even have Skyrim, but your videos are always so entertaining and I could listen to your voice for days. Keep up the solid work Koubz.

  • Sunrunner663

    Found your videos a few weeks ago when I started playing Skyrim (again). Really appreciate the work you put into them! Keep it up!

  • radzio2k

    11:59 first I through this is headless guy xD

  • Liam Wyssling

    Your voice keeps cracking and changing pitches suddenly lol. But still great video keep on the good work

  • Adeptus Astartes

    Thanks for this Koubitz, just moved over from the original skyrim struggling to find good mods and such. Great list. I probably wont be able to use realistic lighting though as its probably going to effect the surreal lighting mod. Does the mod actually have a install option to just install the darker dungeons aspect?Keep up the great vids :)

  • cheeselord sheogorath

    can you do a ps4 version of this video

  • Liam Hubbert

    Much prefer ELFX to RLO. It just feels warmer, and when I've been trekking across half the country to find an inn just as I'm freezing to death, the warmness is exactly the immersive feeling I'm looking for.

  • Celestial Aeon Project celtic music & epic music

    Nice list! There is also one new music mod released for Skyrim on nexus which might be of interest. It has gained good response since release.

  • Sarithius

    Love how organized and easy to follow this video is and the commentary is great! One of the few smaller YouTubers that does these guides that I actually liked watching and followed most of the suggestions! Earned a sub from me!

  • Darth Sidious

    If anyone is a fan of the civil war but finds it a little repetitive and boring at times then you should 100% download civil war overhaul it completely makes the civil war feel like a war adding more battles more politics more quests and you can actually lose battles and if you lose too much battles you lose the war adds a lot more too the civil war

  • TheJellyfish800

    Great video, extremely professional and vary informative.

  • rat

    If any of you want a ported version of Immersive Weapons, you can message me and I will send it to you. (All rights go to Hothtrooper and I do not own or have created this mod)

  • Kouya Sakurada

    I feel like you are way more respectable as a mod enthusiast over a lot of the dudes in the community.

  • Master CyberNinja

    I CAN'T wait to get my Gaming Laptop or Desktop next year im so SICK of not having a lot of these AWESOME Mods

  • normal6969

    Considering Immersive Citizens and Wet and Cold re-routes NPCs in harsh weather, wouldn't it be good to de-activate W'n'C feature if both mods are in?

  • Panzer

    I'm honestly surprised you don't use Immersive Music since it adds the Witcher OST.

  • Jhan919

    Anyone getting a problem with the breaths on Wet and Cold not working? I've tried several fixes but no one shows their breath

  • alex123hil

    As a person who only started getting into Skyrim modding when special edition came out, I really appreciate the recommendations your videos provide.

  • Hyeon Goo Hwang

    idk how long you have been uploading videos on youtube but i like your concise and brief style of announcing!


    Just hearing that witcher 3 music made me go and play it all over again

  • Bread wiz Jam

    Thank you! Very good video and straight to the point

  • ratty 398

    just wondering are you ever going to do another frost playthrough

  • Bambuzzsprosse

    SKSE 64bit has been put into the future without a fix time = ( I'd really like to play the SE but without SKSE it's just a waste of time = (

  • Jared Fitzsimmons

    Great video. Very informational.

  • John Wreed

    Really great list of suggestions here.

  • Cutoff - Hip Hop Beats -

    Thank you for this amazing video, i have to give you props for the quality of it. Even though i already had most of these mods your commentary and cinematic shots kept me stuck and made me want to keep watching. Keep it up :)

  • TheGrayFox

    so any of these on xbone?

  • TheLookingGlass

    Great recommendations and showcase. I'm a veteran with the skyrim modding but SSE feels a bit like hitting the reset button; it's nice to have videos like this to give us an idea of what's available so far.

  • Jon Williams

    Great vid, had to watch a half dozen other ones and read multiple articles to get the well consolidated information in here.

  • Tim H.

    thank you very much :D

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