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Mod list:
  • Isucc The Binding Of Isucc

    Where you using my ENB preset? Looks a lot like it lol. If so I’m flattered lol

  • Josefa Vlogs

    Better than remastered version.

  • The Paranormalist

    You smell that? That smells like a burning GPU...

  • Vavss

    These graphics are better than my real life

  • BakedPotatoYT

    When the modders are better designer than the actual game designer.

  • Froogurt

    Hopefully the new elder scrolls game will look like this.

  • dcanemone43

    Bandits attack PC explodes

  • Seems Good

    >gameplay showcase>just walks

  • skorpionex87

    Didn't know that Witcher came to Skyrim.

  • Moxxito

    Bro, what kind of monster do you call PC?

  • Giulliano Boutiz

    walk towards a campfire in the middle of nowhereBandit: Never should have come... hey you look like a french princess dragonborn, what did you do to be like this beauty? Never notice you before4k benefits be like

  • Daniel Salido

    Should have modded that friggin' chicken as well and put armor on it. lol.

  • Shivan Issa

    wish you made a guide to how to install it :(its not clear which textures you took from which modsas alot of mods ask for overwritting filesi would be extremely grateful if you consider making an install guidebut i guess i am a BIT late xDnevertheless a great video!

  • Shazra Tano

    If they did the remastered version like this, everyone would be happy.

  • Dylan Leroy

    SKYRIM "SEMI REALISTIC" SETUP....What would be Realistic then ?

  • Celestial Dragon

    Reporting and flagging you for inflicting harm against motherboards.

  • S. Z

    And now I am curious about what the dragons look like 😍😍😍


    Sure the graphics and shadows are hellava lot better. But your just adding flattery to this with trees that weren't there, equipment that wasn't present in the base game and higher saturation. The color palette for Skyrim was meant to be greyish, not brighter greens and glazing whites. Please just stick to "GRAPHICS" not "GAMEPLAY".

  • Dr. Nutsack

    Pretty sure his pc is just Kratos running on a hamster wheel.

  • FPR2104

    NASA called, they want their computer back

  • Shpion s Vostoka

    Witcher has left the server

  • Eduardo Avila

    reads descriptionWhat if i'm on a phone and dont have a 4k option, i mean, it aint internet explorer in any way.

  • Fredro

    This is What i jerk off to...Perfection

  • Stefan ST

    Either I'm drunk, or you're naked.Possibly both.

  • sinopluazrail57 dünyanın fatihi

    Whats the name of this game

  • KingJayyzWorld

    It’s like a completely different game

  • Vera Nazarova

    Смотрю и понимаю, что на моём древнем ноутбуке такого никогда не будет😭

  • oneHELLAblunt

    This is what Skyrim would've looked like had CD Project Red made it 😁

  • Thelegend 27

    I love Skyrim ❤By the way what's the name of this song..?This looks better then the one you buy from the store

  • Neil Dodd

    I recognize that I am alone when I say this, but I prefer lower graphics games because that tends to mean more effort went into gameplay and story, and it will also run better.

  • Akatosh

    The new Elder Scrolls game looks great

  • Faby

    I think there's a bit of game in your mods

  • Robo101

    That's a nice insult to IE users in the description.

  • FGM - Full Gaming Motion!

    you forgot to show rivers! xD anyway looks amazing!

  • vinods web

    It's excellent !!!

  • KAN

    I thought it was witcher for a second

  • 100 subs no vids

    When rich kids get bored

  • Wojtuś

    I like the part where he walks.

  • Jasper TV

    X2 2080ti 4 k 60 fps skyrim 😂

  • borncoy

    Whats the point of this video? I didnt see thomas the train even once.

  • Rebelz Goth Wolf

    this video is so beautiful

  • Crazy Seth

    I wish the real game was this goodly animated

  • Makaronnyy Bog

    Maybe this is mode for Witcher 3

  • Luccas Buvolini

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 1Terabyte Edition

  • Venom 吉伊艾勒开

    What mods where you using regarding the nature like the tall grass and beautiful trees?

  • Thieverpedia, Insane Beardo

    Bethesda only used 30% of the game's potential. That's what I'm getting from this video.

  • Cauã Fellipe

    1:43 what is this place?

  • bayusr force

    WTF!! Really good is that in pc?

  • jloae

    This would run at a solid 1fps on my pc

  • PUNCLy

    Oh look at that my monitor melted.

  • doktor chlenosos

    Какая шайтан-машина должна это вывезти???

  • SkyWade

    Woah is this Elder Scrolls 6 Skyrim Edition Part 2?

  • Ekpap

    0:10 When the entire game looks next-gen but the AI is still stupid as bolts.

  • SUNNY ent.

    My pc would have a mental breakdown


    Ну чисто походить потянет, потому что при беге компы взлетают на воздух

  • Ben Smith

    Oh my.... I have a sizeable erection right now

  • meisterじえろ

    My PC was like, Don't even think about it.

  • Andrey Dizel'

    Буду честен, вздрочнул

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