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oh and stop asking if this is Xbox one or ps4, it's not funny anymore...
  • Isucc The Binding Of Isucc

    Where you using my ENB preset? Looks a lot like it lol. If so I’m flattered lol

  • Faby

    I think there's a bit of game in your mods

  • Dr. Nutsack

    Pretty sure his pc is just Kratos running on a hamster wheel.

  • ClassicFun

    My PC will run 1 frames per year

  • CiğerciHakan

    NASA called.They want their PC back.

  • UniversalCerealBus

    Modders doing this in 2017 when bethesda cant even make a game look half decent in 2018 with fallout 76 lmao

  • Gorge Food

    At this point Skyrim is just there for modders to show tech demos.

  • Ya Boi B-Kun

    My PC had trouble running this video smh

  • KingJayyzWorld

    It’s like a completely different game

  • Delicious Bread

    Mmm! You smell that? Smells like fresh flaming CPUs. Now that is a nice grill.

  • dcanemone43

    Bandits attack PC explodes

  • Animemes

    It's just so insane even now how insanely better the modding community is then any company.

  • Christian Scearce

    crashes this is crashes the on- crashes the only good way to play crashes Skyrim.

  • The Gaming Duck

    PS3: I CAN'T I JUST CAN'T... DIESXBOX360: MY EYES AHHH!! DIESXboxone: Oh dear i think im-DIESPS4: Its okay guys, i think i got-DIESPC: Where did everyone go?

  • Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear]

    Compare this to Fallout 76...

  • Wojtuś

    I like the part where he walks.

  • Safak Kandemir

    The music in the background is "The Wolf and The Moon". Listen to it, beautiful song.

  • FusRoDah Daily

    If he talks to anyone the game would crash.

  • MakoRuu

    I'm going to laugh when TES6 doesn't even look this good. lol

  • Sauron

    Meanwhile i struggle to run skyrim on 60fps on the lowest settings

  • The Paranormalist

    You smell that? That smells like a burning GPU...

  • X Snake

    My PC can run classic super Mario on websites around 5 fpsCan I run this one

  • Scotty Short

    I saw a comment the other day about how games have reached a peak with realistic graphics. Im so glad that's not true, ive been playing AC odyssey, and the difference between this and that is unreal. Im so excited for the future of gaming.

  • Unknown Dimension

    "I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee..." (Pc melts)

  • Jakub Leško

    I do not need Elder Scrolls VI.. I have mods!

  • corn_ow

    Whats the point of this video? I didnt see thomas the train even once.

  • neoasura

    This is incredible, this is why I play video games, the worlds are so immersive and a great form of escapism from the dregs of reality. In the winter I can't go anywhere due to my job...I get cabin fever, but stuff like this is a great way to go on vacation.


    So guys we did it...We made skyrim look like it was released in 2018

  • Turi Smo

    Watch these and imagine it's an updated EverQuest reskinned, Qeynos/Freeport Kithikor forest, Everfrost... /swoon

  • Danil Germanovich

    4к, 120 фпс и привкус члена во рту

  • Tom Swift

    Absolutely amazing. Back to shitty Xbox for me then...

  • Roberto Pereira

    Essa musica é incrível .

  • ForzXken

    this aint gameplay this is you walking through areas.


    Can my gtx 550 paired with my celeron run this on max 4k 60 fps?

  • FPR2104

    NASA called, they want their computer back

  • Zach

    perks of working at NASA:pc can run this

  • Darklight

    Is it the 2011 one or Special Edition?

  • RobbyPlays

    Nice Graphics Looks So Realistic almost Real Life XD

  • Vavss

    These graphics are better than my real life

  • Steve Parker

    I fucking loved Skyrim, such an in depth detailed game, brimming with quests multiple storyline's and enemy's, there hasn't been a better role playing game since.Dragons Dogma was also great for its mythology and monster fights, also it's combat, Elder Scrolls online 😂WTF was that a pale shadow of Skyrim.Gimme a new Skyrim game or Dragons Dogma 2 and I'll play those until my eyes fall out.

  • Andrew Harris

    Watched this video in 144p.My computer almost couldn't handle it.

  • YouTube Games

    Ахренеть красота лайк тебе!

  • Reaper

    Will my pc burn if I try to run this on my 1070 and i5-7600k? xD

  • Diesel

    How are you able to get such a good frame rate???????

  • BigJazzyBill

    Ever notice how big the hands are in this game?

  • Joey Scheets

    This would break my pc

  • Johan Jacobs

    It’s hard for me to find a balance between graphics mods and mods that actually add stuff. I’d like the game to look good but in the end I usually only get a few texture mods and denser forests, then get a hundred or so immersion mods or mods that add something new. It sucks to not have a game that looks nearly this nice but in the end I like the added features, more than playing the vanilla game but really good looking.

  • Tahm Kench Mestre Cuca

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 1Terabyte Edition

  • Nirvana One

    WTF 😎Looks like a beastly Dragonborn version Lol the hoodie reminds me of Assassins creed.Well done 👍

  • The Anime Box

    Ah well, i'm satisfied with my RealVision default preset. This will not only drop the framerate to an absolute 1 at best, it'll also fry my GPU from the looks of it lmao

  • thegreatcalvinio

    Legend has it, his graphics card burned down the entire neighborhood...

  • Plazma Plazmitch

    is 4k worth it if i dont have 4k monitor XD

  • Jack Rae

    The year is 2037 and Todd Howard has converted all of humanity into the world of Skyrim

  • Fallofduty

    sadly bethesda game will never look like this

  • ghostryder 11

    This looks amazing!!!!!!

  • BLUE ASE got elder scrolls vi

  • jloae

    This would run at a solid 1fps on my pc

  • roKoi

    I must play on low all optision and have 30-40 :(

  • The Ice Queen

    Share the mods please. I want it.

  • Miguel Zino

    Almost inspires me to go outside.

  • Gio Vini

    What a computer you must have....Considering the vanilla game literally has pixels the size of potatoes

  • McC Double

    Skyrim looks beautiful

  • Dayleai The One

    PEOPLE I tell you: Horizon Zero Dawn istheshitSooo much better

  • Dank Gaming Highlights

    1:17this is why you clicked this videothank me laterLUL

  • Josefa Vlogs

    Better than remastered version.

  • Captainlonate

    Now if you could just get that to run on my Switch.

  • jyrjy tjyuky

    is it normal that when watching a video my CPU is 70 percent loaded?)  AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

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