Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 7)

Skyrim is game with so much to keep the player busy. Even after defeating Alduin The Elder Scrolls 5 will keep the player for quite some time. But six years after Skyrim’s release, one may finally be looking for something new. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you probably didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Andrew R

    Inb4 there was video quality higher than 360p lol.

  • Unruly Crow

    Immediately goes try the last one

  • TheEpicNate315

    Let's hope we get the audio right this time ;)

  • Jesse H.

    maybe the Bounty is less because the bribe was basically extortion, and the guard was going to pocket the extra 40, whereas the Bounty itself was an actual legally-binding bureaucratic thing.

  • ViJoker1

    -binge watch Nate's videos-take a shot every time he says "plethora" or "murder to death"-murder your liver to death

  • Jose Julio Rosa

    0:21 Looks like that deer just pulled off the the most epic robbery and is making a run for his life

  • Laura James

    So, does this mean I can make Serana activate a shrine of Mara, so she will recieve the godesses' blessing and agree to marry me?Also, Talos is a god, he is a Divine. Oblivions' Knights of the Nine DLC is proof of this.

  • TheFreak

    "murdering people to death" is music to my ears

  • PaWeloWi GAMING

    I have a little fun fact you haven't mentioned in your videos yet. In the lake Illinalta, south from Whiterun, there are some nordic tomb things buried underwater guarded by slaughterfish. There's also a shipwreck somewhere.

  • Maiq The Liar

    Warning: Rampant deer spotted in Riften.Approach with caution.

  • Matthew Hilliker

    I believe that Bard's Leap is also a reference to the Assassin's Creed games. as nearby there is a eagle that will fly round the platform just as eagles do for the Leaps of Faith in the AC games. Skyrim also pokes fun at leaps since the ghost tells you that you are the first to survive in a long time.A jab at how crazy it is that in the AC games you can jump from incredible heights into a bail of hay and survive.

  • The Rogue Wolf

    Picking pockets, now that's the real art. No rough stuff, just take it and go....hmph, doesn't sound like much fun, though.

  • Jojo the Swede

    I don't wanna call you a lyre, but he had a lute not a guitar

  • Leto85

    I think that a fine of ten gold vs a bribe of 50 does in fact make perfect sense as those guards sure will shove the extra 40 gold in their own pockets.Mead doesn't come easy these days and a guards payment isn't as high as the income of your average Dragonborn.

  • He man

    Could I technically make a high elf get the blessing of talos?

  • Fake Pikachu

    why there is a animal runing on riften...?

  • Jordan McGarty

    huh didnt know about the paralyze trick, that i will genuinely use. thanks nate!

  • Xathal

    Did I watch the video? No.Did I like the video? Hell yes.

  • Jarlath Stone

    "How was the young boy murdered?""He was murdered to death""Welcome home"

  • ___Waluigi ___

    Nate I'm scared that there won't be enough hidden secrets before elder scrolls 6 comes out.

  • Saltplank Rogue

    0:21 did .. did only I see the deer? o_0

  • Victor Vilorn

    How the heck did an Elk get into Riften? It's kinda' funny just seeing it hop around the place in a blind panic. "Why are there so many people here? By the Nine, they've all got weapons!!"

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    The tip with the paralysis spell can actually be performed without getting detected. You simply need to invest into a perk called "Quiet Casting", in the Alteration skill tree. Basically, what this perk does it tha it legit mutes every single spell an shout you cast. So yes, it is indeed possible to murder someone to death with a fire spell and not get detected. Therefore, using the paralysis spell in stealth and stealing all their shit is possible... without getting detected.

  • Ali Ezz

    Inspired by graneolf,I suggest you make a “murdered to death” shirt

  • How do you have fun?

    5:40 it's not a guitar, it's a guey.

  • i couldnt think of a username

    Pick my next build in skyrim that isn't stealth Archer be creative and I would enjoy handicaps please

  • Dylan Hunter Chua

    Keep on pushing nate, fallout 76 is coming close and so is es6 so it’s basically a content plethera

  • Dominik Greene

    I wonder if Nate put two-and-two together that Bard's Leap is an obvious Assassin's Creed reference?I mean, you could even argue the singing ghost guy looks like a variant of Assassin.

  • Zosphus

    the greybeards thing was a spectacular the way nate, when will you make those outro's with that calm music and mammoths in the background?

  • Jarl_Hopkins Wolf-Blood

    For those who dont know, the term "An arrow to the knee" is a old Norse saying for people who got married.

  • sam blue

    I was in whiterun an dropped some swords an that poor guy asked if he could have them I let him👍 but then that guard came to me

  • SkeletonKey

    BomBARDing you...I see what you did there

  • Miner626

    Is no one talking about the Elk at 1:55? This one's strange because it's a cinematic shot of Riften and there's an Elk running around

  • Green Teletubby

    Azidaal carries a lute not a guitar

  • DeathByWither3

    Have ya ever legitimately tried to fight the gray beards in there main hall... Improbable to say the least and deadly.. aslo how are they able to shout but if they wisper the entire world shakes???

  • Timothy gaming


  • Pheonixmann111

    I did every question and found every location on Skyrim xb360 but now I can't play it because I have like 278 items I 1 chest by Lakeview manor

  • Sponge_LvL_One

    That pick pocket glitch I discovered my self back when Skyrim came out on the 360. I couldn’t find any videos or guides on it at the time and for years to come I thought I was one of the only people to even know about that. It’s good to know that others know about it too. But also sad at the same time because it’s no longer a secret with me and my friends who play Skyrim. Great video man. Keep it up. Also oh by the way thanks for putting my secret out to the world. 😥

  • NX CL

    I know this sounds like a dumb question but, is skyrim special edition still worth a buy??? Thinking of getting back into the game.

  • Jeremy Morris

    A guard tried pulling that shit with me and walked away. He didn't get far. I slit his throat and stole his soul. Now I have a new sword.

  • Gabriel collazo

    Who was here before 50 views

  • De Von

    What's the helmet in the thumbnail called?

  • Joe Nesvick

    If you’ve done every quest, not counting any of those infinite misc ones, PC & Xbox players can download the Beyond Skyrim Bruma mod. Maybe they should put something like that on PS4’s creation club

  • Sub Zero

    Oh Man ! ! !Nate Is The Coolest ! ! !I didn't know any of these!!!I LOVE WATCHING THIS SERIES ! ! !I'm learning so much...New places, New power ups, New ways to get things done ! ! !

  • Jonathan Williams

    Hmm, does that shrine one work with Standing Stones as well?

  • Delphine 328

    We're not going to talk about the magical deer in Riften?? No?? Okay...

  • Max Poppin

    Have to be that guy but, what mods do you use?

  • Mia Alamaras

    Murdering them to death

  • jarthbearthpigth 13

    Seeing your face ruined the magic of your videos now

  • Toxic Coffee

    8:30 my dead had this happen to him on accident and it was hilarious

  • ModdingNewbie1974

    That Paralysis augmentation to Pickpocketing skill is something I'd never considered... I may have to try that out next time my Dragonborn is down Riften way. Thank you, Mr. Nate! :)

  • Calvin Bottoms

    What is this “main quest” you speak of?

  • Hallowed_Unsakaense

    i doubt that this actually has 0 views, likes and/or comments.

  • Sparky Shepard

    Guards and "protectors". Hahaha,amazing.I often hide and shoot an arrow at the children and all the guards start attacking the children like holy shit.Best one is the courier bc you smash him with a warhammer infront of everyone and out of the sudden the entire city goes dipshit to the courier and start trying to kill him.

  • Joe Nesvick

    I’m immune to fall damage after downloading a mod 👍

  • Sora Okamichi

    0:23 Lol that random Elk in Riften

  • Alex Moonbeam


  • Ali Salehi

    your game looks so good what mod are you using ?

  • Jovan eLg

    You,Brodual and The Cantina are the best,I love you guys :)

  • Jarrod Aruseanoex

    So basically it worship God I tell you or we can't travel together no more

  • BDD

    1:09 fallout 4 has leaked in

  • Adrian Banda

    These videos are just incredible

  • Texas Gun

    i never knew that 3rd one...

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