ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM (Honest Game Trailers)

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From the developers of everything Elder Scrolls comes a game so immersive you'll forget to eat, sleep, or make any friends at all. You'll spend countless hours trapped in a far off land; and when you finally emerge from the game, you'll only find disappointment and boredom back in the real world.

Assassin's Creed 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgts9u56ZS8&list=UUJ2ZDzMRgSrxmwphstrm8Ww

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don't want you to see...

Honest Game Trailers: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Executive Producers: Andy Signore and Smosh
Directed by Spencer Gilbert
Episode Written by Joshua Ovenshire, Michael Adams Davis, Michael Schroeder, and Spencer Gilbert
Edited by Ryan Tellez

Gameplay Captured by Jirard Khalil

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

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  • Charles Schaming

    its time to undermine smosh the uncreative hacks ANYFORM of creative content they create by taking iconic ideas such as HONEST TRAILERS and shut this Youtube down, these guys dont care for their audience, fuck you

  • SlachymcBlip

    I used to be an adventurer but I took an arrow in the knee

  • PotatoAssassin33

    I've been desensitized of all fun in skyrim because I've finished every quest line in every difficulty and race at least 5 times

  • Gamer From Asia

    where do I get the boobies mod? Can I fuck every women?

  • franzoa alwyn de klerk

    nearly immortal my ass, she gets her shit wrecked by an ice troll every time i play

  • Box-O-Soldier

    ,,WORTH IIIT!"- this pretty mjtch sums up my Skyrim experiende, no matter what choices I make.

  • Tom Klaesges

    The main character in skyrim doesn't have the soul of a dragon, he just absorbs them

  • Dr Swagnuggets

    Elder Scrolls with guns! Hell yeah!

  • Fin Tuber

    Hey guys, did you know there are ant groups on cut down tree trunks if you look closely?

  • Nick Gula

    Lydia died after 10 minutes of having her for me

  • Haroun D Menai

    elder scrolls with guns lmaoooo

  • Kite Nine

    "Upgrade the sneak skills to make the game 100 hours longer"was the best part.

  • Mari '


  • Dontus powerus

    ..............(No one's gonna close my mouth)

  • Zeno Wilson

    Man this was so true, made me laugh.

  • koldkiller101

    Eemm could I just say many of the clips you show saying that it is set in Skyrim are actually in Solstheim.....

  • Gabriel Garro

    Please say "You pathetic life form, kneel before Zod!"

  • Michael Blair

    This video was so funny!!

  • nyajoon

    he forgot to mention how much ralof talks in the beginning damn

  • Liam Robinson

    Lydia died in my first playthrough

  • Nathan m

    ever pokemon game/film

  • Gage is Me333

    "Yell stuff off of things"😝😝

  • because iambored


  • Garry Truman

    You are a sack of shit

  • Daniel Neubert

    I love how he said triple H

  • Semantic Samuel

    That moment when you realise you forget to switch to the 'sell' tab and you've just been accidentally re-buying all the crap you just sold...Also... Bethesda stopped making RPG Elder Scrolls games because of stupid ES Online, and Blizzard won't bring out Warcraft IV because of WoW. Seriously - screw the MMORPG forever. And screw Guild Wars for making GW2 a piece of crap (with beautiful graphics) and killing the subscription-free MMORPG.

  • Oliver Green

    Yeah skyrim was before game of thrones

  • Lil Gracie

    "steals cup" slap on the wrist "kills chicken" gets death sentence

  • RoToDom

    Triple H part was too damn funny

  • Marvin Gieseler

    spend 3020 hours lifetime worth IT

  • Corey Cole

    AND PLAYED OUT MEME! That made me laugh so hard!

  • pc gaming

    There is fast travel in Skyrim

  • Johnathan Blackwell

    Fuckin Nintendo, quit shilling your pathetic attept at a gaming system and just make zelda for ps4

  • Milos Petrovic

    1:38 i used to be adventurer like you then i took an arrow to the ass

  • Starecrow

    My cousin's out fucking bitches, and what do I get? Guard duty

  • Thunderstruk1993

    he does know Skyrim came out before Game of Thrones right so how is Skyrim like hammerfell from Games of Thrones

  • Jasmine Williams

    By riding a mother freaking dragon!WORTH IT!

  • Frisk the Goddess of Fate

    How do I marry in the game?

  • Michael Tezare

    Level 64 w/Dragonbone armor and still haven't visited Rorikstead 10/10 game

  • Alen Web

    There's a fast travel bruh

  • MirageOwl

    elder scrolls with guns xd

  • Brandon Yearwood

    When he said triple h I nearly died

  • Nate Graves

    You just can't make this sound bad by no means, lmao

  • PKNation

    I used to be an adventurer like you then i gets killed by sword to the face

  • TexTheDog

    rly? kajite and argonian are called lion-o and reptile. racist nords man

  • TyV Vulpintaur

    Do Spyro (original PS trilogy)

  • FlameHeart422

    "And riding a motherf*** dragon"

  • Scott K

    I must say, your trailer voice has come a long way since 2014

  • Dylan Abela

    Alduin isn't evil, he is meant to devour the world so the next Kalpa can come.

  • Fin Tuber

    Wait so somebody out there does potions and USES THEM INSTEAD OF SELLING EM FOR 400coins A PIECE`????

  • gamers planet

    skyrim is better then fallout and skyrim is one of the best games

  • Jacob Ruiz

    I want his armor, how do I get it anyone know?


    I used to be a youtuber like you... then i took adpocalypse to the knee

  • Airdash 5678

    They give a mod with naked women but no naked men just to be fair

  • Alwas Danyal

    When you're running away from a dragon in low hp and the dragon born song kicks in Imma kill this dragon now

  • The darkness of the knight

    2:49 I died and went to meme heaven

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