Skyrim Quest Scroll Scouting - Talk to Urag gro-Shub to learn more about the Elder Scroll

A walkthrough for the quest Scroll Scouting in Skyrim. Originally I thought that this was part of the Dawnguard DLC quest but before I can proceed with the DLC I need to complete this quest first. For this quest we talk to Urag gro-Shub to learn more about the Elder Scroll
  • gamingarcadiaHD

    If anyone else wants to skip ahead of my rambling go to the 2:35 mark.

  • Luke Hammer

    blah blah blah. just get on with the quest....I'm waiting

  • Parker Pedersen

    thanks man I couldn't get Urag to do anything else for me and I didn't realize he set a book down on the desk haha

  • Mutual Decline

    For those who dont have the dialogue to get the elder scroll from the college of winterhold. It mean that u didnt get the elder scroll on the "Seeking Closure" quest. I did the same thing, I completed the quest without grabbing the elder scroll that was in the lexicon. You have to go back to get it. The place is called "Tower of Mzark. It's marked on your map. You can find it near the Frostmere crypt & fort dunstad. It's south of Dawnstar & east of Morthal.When you go back, keep in mind that you'll have to remember your way around back to the lexicon to get the elder scroll. Also, all the robots & enemies have respawned so you'll have to kill them all again


    It won't work no option to ask him about the scroll plus I did descending down the transmundan ages ago and now septimus is dead

  • Ryanator

    I stole his skulls and he hired thugs to kill me!

  • Syd Thornton

    Eh, whatever about your talking. Thank you so much! This helped more than you know!!

  • Bruce Johnson

    Are you from The Bahamas ?

  • dont know yet

    the dialog won't show

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    Looks like I'm in line for a new copy of the dang Legendary Edition of Skyrim. That ticks me off, because if I have to get a new copy, I have to RE-BEAT THE ENTIRE COMPANIONS STORYLINE, AND RE-BEAT THE DANG DAWNGUARD STORYLINE (THAT IS THE MAIN THING THAT TICKS ME OFF, BECAUSE GOING INTO THE PLACE WHERE VALERICA STAYS, AND GETTING JIUB'S OPUS PAGES TAKES UP TOO MUCH TIME AND IT'S EXHAUSTING !!) YET AGAIN, but it is worth it, because I still am loyal to Skyrim games. Not to mention, even though I think the TOUGHEST boss is Malkoran the Necromancer, I like getting the Dawnbreaker sword from the Shrine of Meridia. AND I like doing the quest for Ahtar to be able to take his headsman's axe after getting him as a follower, because after obtaining his axe, you get to dismiss him, and you get to keep the axe as a sort of reward. LOL It'd be funny to see where he would get another headsman's axe after taking his though, hahah !!!!!! If I beat Dawnguard again, I wonder.....should I work on choosing a side (Stormcloaks or Imperials ?) BEFORE getting tasked to have negotiations for the Dragonborn to kill Alduin, or could I do the commentary change up if I DID choose either side ? LOL as a funny side-note, it's funny when Ulfric calls Elenwen a "Thalmor bitch" in the negotiations, HAHAHA !!!!! :)

  • TJ

    I have completed 'Beyond the dead', after that the quest isn't starting, yet maybe another glitch in dawnguard :/.....

  • Alex Simons

    I killed him nooooooooo

  • Sérgio David

    I actually just asked 20 Times and did not wait. Tought it was a bug and came here to wait he give me the books. Lol


    I got stuck in this mission because this book ...lololol

  • Oliver Steinbeck

    Ffs urag just goes do u think... Knew what the eye was capable of all along...

  • Muhammad Rohullah Fajar


  • AuTBursT

    ty man i was wasting so much time but after i rewached it i findout what i need to do.So thx :)

  • Kurt Hines

    I got button happy and accidentally stole a book. I put the book right back but he attacked me anyways so I had to defend myself. He just sent three assassin's after me. I killed them. Now I can't wait to get revenge on this jut Jared, green bastard. Lol.

  • Jax Chancellor

    okay so ive been trying to finish this glitched up discerning the transmundAne quest forever now and i finally almost finished it but it was bugged i had to reset the quest and i already sold the elder scroll to urag but now i need it back because i cant transcribe the lexicon without it but hes not selling it to me and i cant see it anywhere what do i do?

  • Godot

    I have this bug where after I talked to him about the Elder Scroll location for the Dawnguard DLC, now I can't progress in the main quest because it wants me to learn about the location again. It keeps telling me to talk to him, and there is no new options or anything! Even after I read the books he put down for when I was working on the Dawnguard, it still won't let me progress in the main story...

  • DanielHX

    sometimes the book he brings is on the ground.

  • Grand Master Daubeny

    Hey guys im stuck on mission ,,SEEKING DISCLOSURE". I ve found blood Scroll but havent found Dragon. ,,SEEKING DISCLOSURE" is my only Dawnguard quest at the moment so i canr progres in DLC.Help!


    Hi, I think my game is bugged, when I try to speak to Urag, the option for 'I'm looking for an elder scroll' isn't there.. Nothing in relation to the elder scroll quest.. Do you know why this is? Am I forgetting to do something or is there an issue with my game? If you can respond that would be great I've been stuck for weeks lol and can't move forward from here

  • XxHunter Goss/bossxX

    He's a new yoker (I spelled it wrong on purpose)

  • Kieron Lampard

    I am doing the quest elder knowledge and the greybeards have sent me to the college and told me to ask them for help. The marker is above urag gro shab but when I talk to him there is no option to ask about an elder scroll please help. BTW I havnt done any of urags quests.

  • Call Me Witcher

    sigh, he gave me a quest to get an elder scroll for Paarthunaax, BUT IVE NEVER MET Paarthunaax, i havent even gone to the grey breads.... la sigh...

  • Lemar Chambers

    thanks I was going crazy.


    Mine didn't give me the location

  • Christoffer Olofsson

    I have a bug... They say im suspended

  • Knifes uW

    he goes to the desk and says here but there is no book

  • Nick M

    k for seeking disclouser i got the blood scroll but i cant get the scroll scouting for finding the dragon scroll

  • Ultra Instinct Goku

    My guy won't say anything about it and I'm at that point

  • segistriker games

    I cant finish the elders knowledge quest. It says to talk to esbern and to find elder scroll,i did talk to esbern and the trol guy and nothing.plz help

  • sesamesushi

    I know the problem, youre playing skyrim on console

  • SistorCarrera

    sorry for their rudness

  • Matteo Sarens

    i cant say: " im looking for an elder scroll"

  • Haylee Frerichs

    Thanks I have had this quest for like 9 months now

  • YayDude123

    Once, I casted a spell on him, and he said "Magic is for the weak."LIKE WTF YOU USE MAGIC

  • david fox

    This guy loves the sound of his own voice personally I think it's inane babble

  • Sérgio David

    What a shity mic.can not listen to this.Cmon! 17 years old boys MC on my neighbourhoods had better mics more than 10 years. Ago

  • prototek100

    What a completely useless video, besides that he needlessly drags it on with irrelevant bs

  • Sam Martinez

    Why would you upload this video? I mean a friend of mine asked me to explain what an elder scroll is so I thought of this dialogue in the game. So I search "urag gro-shub elder scroll" on youtube and I find this video. Okay, perfect. Thats exactly what I wanted. But you ruined the whole point of this video. There are no subtitles and the game volume is way lower than your anoying voice. Nobody clicked on this video to hear you. We all chose to watch this video because we wanted to hear what the game said. Stop trying to make it about you. You shouldnt have said a word.

  • Save A Soul

    thank you for as ll the help!

  • Morgul

    I also have a bug.When i talk to him it won't let me say "I'm looking for an elder scroll".

  • Valentinas Mortūnas

    i have a bug. Urag gro-Shub dont give me the books. what i need to do?

  • Vanpyro Gaming

    level 40 is high, im level 93 bitch.

  • ar13f1992

    im so confuse in this quest

  • hunter roberts

    thanks I could not have that out to save my life and nice video peace brotha

  • T C

    Thanks man, I couldn't figure out what Urag was giving me. In fact he didn't, he left it on the desk. Thanks bro!

  • Gustavo Avalos

    I spent 2 hours getting him random stupid ass books. never thought of reading the book on the table i guess it pays to be a nerd sometimes.

  • Jose Gorosabel

    The were is the elder scroll question dosent come up what do i do

  • AccesDenied1

    Dude your voice is so annoying

  • Andi Daffa P

    damn !!!, why your level is too high !!

  • gamingarcadiaHD

    lol thx I guess but it may've been the mic I'm using (or not), I'm now using a blue snowball mic so hopefully my current vids don't sound as annoying,still I appreciate your honesty

  • Alex Rodriguez

    your voice is so annoying but nice vid

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