My Skyrim Mod: ASTRID REBORN Version 1.0

Just a short video for anyone who couldn't find the trapdoor to get to Astrid.
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  • PoliticallyDistorted

    Why is she dressed like a Dark Brotherhood hooker?

  • Pus1slaya69

    astrid makes a good milf

  • Patricio Sifon de Alva

    I have a mod that changes the appearance of Astrud. Does it apply to this mod too?

  • Mooncubus

    @Carly Ziegler Sadly no, I never got around to updating this. Basically last time I worked on it I was stalled because I was trying to find a work around for the incompatibility with some voiced NPC mods. I never figured it out and eventually quit playing Skyrim altogether. I might finish it someday but for now this is as far as I got.

  • Mangle the Dragonborn

    I wish you could do that in the actual game.... Why did astrid have to die?!?!?

  • deathmoverz

    the trapdoor, her heart and herself doesnt show up in my game

  • TylerHadAPancake

    This is the best mod idea ever

  • Carly Ziegler

    has it been updated with more vocab? For instance does she have vocab when she fights? I heard her say something along the lines of "By Sithis, you wont get this lucky again!" & i thought that would be a cool thing to add

  • Jackie Peters

    I can't spawn the heart help

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