Evolution of Fallout Trailers 1997-2018

Evolution of Fallout Trailers from 1997 to 2018
  • Austin Mtz

    Who else hated the radio music at first but eventually got used to it and started liking it

  • TheKeyMast3r

    I notice most Fallout fans aged 14-18 tend to prefer New Vegas. While I adored that game, when I played Fallout 3 way back in 2008, it was so far ahead of its time guys. My 12 year old eyes had never seen anything like it. New Vegas didn’t even change much from Fo3 in terms of mechanics and gameplay, which is why I was a bit let down that it felt like some really great Fo3 DLC, but not a brand new game. But look at me, im rambling. I love fallout

  • deadgamer

    Fallout 3 : where is my dad?Fallout 4 : where is my son?Fallout 76 : where is my story? :-\

  • Another Settlement needs your help

    Stop watching trailers, go and help another settlement. I’ll mark it on your map.

  • lucas 8261

    Fallout 1 wheres the waterFallout 2 wheres my villageFallout 3 wheres my dadFallout 4 wheres my sonFallout 76 wheres the overseerFallout NV WHO THE HELL SHOT ME IN THE HEAD.

  • Waffles Syrup


  • Ash Bergoglio del pueblo Vaticano

    Ahhhh...... I just remember when I played fallout 3 for first time, and the first I said was: Where the hell is the sprint button?

  • Dr Swagnuggets

    Fallout 3 was my first ever Fallout game, and damn, that trailer still makes me hold back tears. But its so badass at the same time, with the panning out of the camera from the broken bus overlooking the ruins of DC. And while New Vegas will forever be ONE of my favorites, Fallout 3 was my first step into the fun that is the Fallout franchise. No matter who made what, all of them are good (except F:BoS), all for different reasons. New Vegas for its RPG elements, 3 for its at-the-time revolutionary new step into an FPS mixed with an RPG, and 4 for its overall fun gunplay mechanics.

  • Klovr

    The Fallout 76 trailer forgot one thing...War... war never changes.

  • Victor Von Deathstroke

    I've played every fallout game. Fallout 3 is my favorite. Actually felt like an apocalypse.

  • Arial Blade

    Why is it that the brotherhood of steel game trailer feel like the developers tried so hard to grab people’s attention... this is how it went down in marketing:Quick what do gamers like??Girls, guns, and death metal?B R I L L I A N T

  • The gaming robot

    13:18 meanwhile at a black Friday sale

  • Kakashi Hatake

    Obviously fallout shelter was the best one . OBVIOUSLYDid anybody else realize watching the trailer for 76 is more exciting than watching the gameplay?

  • Mikhailovick

    Bethesda, Bethesda never changes.

  • Keelan

    (That moment when fallout 76 started playing)534 People Are Typing In Anger...

  • MisterEffYou

    Fallout Fans: Bos and Tactics were the worst ever!!!Bethesda Making 76: Hold my beer.

  • I Ate Your French Fries

    patrolling the wastland almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter

  • Some random dude with a channel 241

    Yet super mutants are still looking like boogers

  • Roosty

    The FallOut 4 trailer is always going to be my favorite.

  • Roy Stephens

    Man, does that FO:BOS ad stick out like a sore thumb.. METALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUNHDUNHDUNH DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUHNDUHNDUHN!!!

  • Big bubba Ainsley

    Fallout 3's is just plain creepy

  • Soviet Russia

    Iiiiiiii dooont want to set the world on fiiiiiirrrre

  • The Capacitor

    Ain't gonna lie even though F4 wasn't the best, the trailer still gives me goosebumbs xD

  • Pyrnicious Alt

    Someone clearly had fun creating the Fallout Brotherhood of Steel trailer😂

  • RequisHasA BBC

    When im a 30 year old boomer I'll be telling my nieces or kids, "*sip Fallout 3, now THATS a good game"

  • That1Spy

    bULLsHiT! ThIs FaLlOuT 76 TrAilEr WaS ThE TeAsEr TRAilEr!! NoT THe ReaL OnE!!

  • FB Abe

    The old trailers look like what the graphics are now in 2018

  • Fgg Fgg

    Seeing fallout 3s trailer made a wave of nostalgia flood my mind immediately.

  • 加藤】【守

    RIP Fallout (1997-2015)

  • B Dean

    apparently war doesnt change much. maybe even never

  • Galxay_Girl_ Nevaeh_

    All of the songs in the fallout games are great! I love all of the fallout songs!! 😀😀💗👍🎵🎶🎶. Except the brotherhood of steel fallout game,I have to say that the brotherhood of steel fallout game is the worst fallout game!😐😐😐😐

  • Cyynric

    *Most Fallout trailers*: a somber reflection on the folly of man and the horrors of war, tinged with hope for a better future.*Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel*: TITTIES AND GUNS AND EXPLOSIONS AND METAL!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!

  • SkinnyPenis405

    Fallout 76 trailer still gives me chills, and I have seen it many many times

  • Δονάλδιος Τράμπιος

    Ranking of trailers1. Fallout 4 2. Fallout 763.fallout new vegas4. Fallout 15. Fallout 26. Fallout 37. Fallout tactics8. Brotherhood of steel

  • Arthur Morgan

    Fallout 3:where’s my dad?Fallout new Vegas:where’s the guy who shot me?Fallout 4:where’s my son?Fallout 76:where’s my refund!

  • Kristianeatsegg s

    you better be able to get a dog in fallout 76 or they ruined it

  • StampzPlayz_ 2017


  • Rage Soramore

    Fallout 3 and New Vegas are my favorites. The trailers were fantastic and the game play for both are still epic till this day. I loved F4 too, don’t get me wrong. My only problem about it aside from taking out Centaurs (unless their were reasons I’m unaware about such as lore or canon) is that F4 is too... Colorful and Less morbid. It lacks that grimy atmosphere and the “every man for himself” Theme like the other Fall Outs. F4 settles on a theme I’m not all about. Even though I like it, I just wish it reflected the grimy, and less saturated appearance as of its predecessors. I really don’t like Fallout 76. It seriously looks like a mod and a dlc for F4 rather than an entire game. Having no NPCs is the biggest let down about it. Can’t believe this game is $60.

  • Jam Pig

    Anyone here after the dumpster fire Fallout 76?

  • Soll toP

    i think fallout 76 should have veichles that we can drive

  • Cameron Dillon

    Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel trying to be edgy

  • TheOblivionProject

    Yo, lads. You play on PS4? You gonna be getting Fallout 76? WELL GREAT!!! I'LL BE CREATING A GANG!!! We will be mercenaries for the most part, hunting players in return for caps. And along the way we build up our camp and switch locations every week for convenience. If we are attacked, (we will be at some point), there will be multiple escape routes in the finished base and ways to get the upper hand against enemy players (high ground, flank routes, ect.) My PSN is Mr_VenoxPS. Friend me to be prepared for the future! And good luck on your travels in the wasteland!

  • Galxay_Girl_ Nevaeh_

    I love fallout 3!!!😀👍🙌

  • sloppy spaghetti



    Every time i play fallout 4 i have to listen to the duamond city radio

  • Kid Cliff

    GIVE FALLOUT 76 A CHANCE! When people found out fallout 3 was first person, they lost there minds. But it turns out that it was really good. Just because Bethesda wants to try something new again doesn’t mean it will be bad

  • Stepping on legos THAT THE SHIT I DONT LIKE

    Fallout 3 will always be my favourite game trailer.

  • 10000 subs 1 vid Nation

    I’m more of a fallout 4 and 76 fan like if agree

  • swagaroo

    Bethesda: son have I ever told you your a mistake?Fallout brother hood of steel: no

  • Mackenzie Sigmon

    Why is Thanos in the thumbnail

  • P1X3L D3L74

    New Vegas was chilling yet beautiful. We need Obsidian back!

  • SebzZome

    I’m actually not a big fan of New Vegas. I tend to like 3 and 76 alot actually. I don’t know why. Maybe the lonely atmosphere NV gives off, and I’ve never been much for deserts.

  • arabdrift videofinder

    i gbtta be honest the end of the fallout 4 trailer gave me the feels

  • Hank Hill

    Was fallout popular before Bethesda bought it?

  • Odd Freaks

    I’ve played 4, it was my first Fallout. Over time it’s a meh in my book, then I got my hands on 3 and I was brought a kickass new challenge to face, and then I got to New Vegas, first I thought DAMN I CAN AIM!, and it was better than 3! I loved it! Compare 3 and NV to 4, 4 was a massive step down from the survival-esque feel and constant feel of fear of what’s around the corner. Bethesda needs to get their sh— together cause I’ve seen 76....and I’m disappointed

  • jared Cicero

    Fallout 1,2,3,and 4: war,war never changes.Fallout 76: hold my beer; war,war always changes

  • Ethan Risner

    the good games where from 1997-2015


    Fallout 1, 2 повлияли на меня больше чем любая другая игра, фильм или книга.Это был не просто аттракцион, как новые части от Bethesda, а это была возможность действительно быть там внутри.

  • AJ1005

    Ok so fallout, yes this game for some odd reason keeps me playing idk why, it just feels so special. I played 4 before 3 and 3 felt better. In one sitting I played it from 9 to 5 in the morning, the story and gameplay is so relaxing. 4 I love because it’s almost a better rpg. 3 I think the map and colors were a little better but 4 was and the realistic side of things. Just a Beautiful game overall. Ps. Sorry for the grammar and spelling if there was any


    2:06 Леонард Боярский?! wtf?!

  • Twenty_juan 2

    I took me so long just to get inside the BrotherHood in fallout 3

  • Bat Cat

    Puede que haya tenido muchos errores pero esta fue o es una muy buena saga de videojuegos

  • TX Zyflo

    The fallout 76 beginning reminds me a lot of the fallout 3 beginning

  • Derek Flummer

    fallout 4 had the best trailer by far

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