Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough - Finding Jiub's 10 Pages - Impatience of a Saint

This is a video walkthrough showcasing how to find all 10 pages of Jiub's Opus for the Quest Impatience of a Saint in the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim.

Impatience of a Saint Quest Guide

To find this quest, you'll need to travel to the Soul Cairn in the Dawnguard DLC. You'll be able to access the Soul Cairn with both factions after completing the quest "Chasing Echoes." Talk to the spirit called Jiub and you can begin.
Page #1: Reaching a large stone wall with steps to cross over to the other side, check around the right side to find another set of steps leading up. Take those, and the note should be there with a poison bottle and a soul.
Page #2: When you reach Valerica, look around for a building to your left. Inside there should be a broken Word Wall and a treasure chest. The note is near the chest.
Page #3: On the large stone wall, search for a hole and cross through northwest. Check the southside of the wall, and find one of the buildings topped by a crystal. Get up the nearby steps and you'll find the page near a treasure chest.
Page #4: Back at Valerica's position, turn right instead of left and circle around to the backside of the building. Search for steps, go up, and find a path to turn left at the top leading to more steps. Up those steps, you'll find the next page on the ground.
Page #5: This one is right near where you found Jiub, but only when sitting next to the fire pit. Check left of him for a well and a wisp, the page is just by the well on the stone floor.
Page #6: Go to the pass connecting both sections of the Soul Cairn. Starting at this pass, move southwest until you find a small building from a platform. Inside is a treasure chest, the page is on the ground in front of it.
Page #7: Back to Valerica's position, get back to the area you found the fourth page. From there, travel east down some stairs to find an area with a few souls, then continue east and up stairs to a shrine with a pedestal. This is south of where you fought one of the Boneyard Keepers.
Page #8: At the beginning of the Soul Cairn, turn right to find a locked door. You'll need to break the glowing orbs on either side of the door with arrows or magic. When broken, the doors will open. The page is just ahead, through the doors.
Page #9: This one is tricky, located in a maze in the upper part of the Soul Cairn. Start from Valerica, and turn left while facing the doors. Travel west until you find a building with a crystal on the roof. Look nearby for yet another building with a crystal on the roof, only larger. Into the larger building, and use the portal to get onto the roof. Continue up the stairs, and you'll find the page near the chest.
Page #10: Near the stone wall that blocks off the two areas of the Soul Cairn, look for the Soul Husk Merchant Cart. The page is found on one of the merchant's barrels.
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    You are all noobs i just used aura whisper, went to the different places enemies were detected and found all 10 pages there

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    I think I know how Jiub ended up in the Soul Cairn. When Jiub killed the Cliff Racers, the creatures were sent back to Oblivion, where many say they belong. It was thought that they would suffer in Oblivion... but they were wrong. The Cliff Racers spread across the realms of Oblivion. For every Cliff Racer killed by spell or Dremora's blade, two more popped up, annoying the Daedric Lords to no end. Enraged, they sought different means to rid themselves of this menace. All failed. Even the erratic and unflappable Sheogorath was exasperated with the creatures. Worst effected was Jyggalag, for the Cliff Racers were anathema to order. Merhunes Dagon and Azura were the least angry, Merhunes because he already planned to leave his realm and Azura because she saw how it would end. It is said that Mephala allowed her blade to be hidden in Whiterun as an attempt to escape the Cliff Racers herself. Eventually, it was Azura who sought out the one responsible. She went to Hermaeus Mora, enraged himself over the mess the Cliff Racers had made of Apocrypha, who informed her of Jiub, the one who had albeit unwittingly unleashed this unholy plague on them. Azura and Mora informed the others, and the Daedra planned together what to do. Each Daedric Prince had ideas for Jiub's punishment, but they couldn't agree on which of them could get revenge on him. In the end, they agreed to send Jiub to the Soul Cairn, and Mehrunes Dagon's plan provided the means. Dremora from every realm were sent to Cyrodil sent after Jiub, Mehrunes leading the charge due to the Oblivion Crisis. They cornered him in his home and used their soul gem. Thus was the vengeance of the Daedric Lords visited on the one who unleashed the Cliff Racers on them.

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