Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough - Finding Jiub's 10 Pages - Impatience of a Saint

This is a video walkthrough showcasing how to find all 10 pages of Jiub's Opus for the Quest Impatience of a Saint in the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim.

Impatience of a Saint Quest Guide

To find this quest, you'll need to travel to the Soul Cairn in the Dawnguard DLC. You'll be able to access the Soul Cairn with both factions after completing the quest "Chasing Echoes." Talk to the spirit called Jiub and you can begin.
Page #1: Reaching a large stone wall with steps to cross over to the other side, check around the right side to find another set of steps leading up. Take those, and the note should be there with a poison bottle and a soul.
Page #2: When you reach Valerica, look around for a building to your left. Inside there should be a broken Word Wall and a treasure chest. The note is near the chest.
Page #3: On the large stone wall, search for a hole and cross through northwest. Check the southside of the wall, and find one of the buildings topped by a crystal. Get up the nearby steps and you'll find the page near a treasure chest.
Page #4: Back at Valerica's position, turn right instead of left and circle around to the backside of the building. Search for steps, go up, and find a path to turn left at the top leading to more steps. Up those steps, you'll find the next page on the ground.
Page #5: This one is right near where you found Jiub, but only when sitting next to the fire pit. Check left of him for a well and a wisp, the page is just by the well on the stone floor.
Page #6: Go to the pass connecting both sections of the Soul Cairn. Starting at this pass, move southwest until you find a small building from a platform. Inside is a treasure chest, the page is on the ground in front of it.
Page #7: Back to Valerica's position, get back to the area you found the fourth page. From there, travel east down some stairs to find an area with a few souls, then continue east and up stairs to a shrine with a pedestal. This is south of where you fought one of the Boneyard Keepers.
Page #8: At the beginning of the Soul Cairn, turn right to find a locked door. You'll need to break the glowing orbs on either side of the door with arrows or magic. When broken, the doors will open. The page is just ahead, through the doors.
Page #9: This one is tricky, located in a maze in the upper part of the Soul Cairn. Start from Valerica, and turn left while facing the doors. Travel west until you find a building with a crystal on the roof. Look nearby for yet another building with a crystal on the roof, only larger. Into the larger building, and use the portal to get onto the roof. Continue up the stairs, and you'll find the page near the chest.
Page #10: Near the stone wall that blocks off the two areas of the Soul Cairn, look for the Soul Husk Merchant Cart. The page is found on one of the merchant's barrels.
  • B

    This guide is very uninformative because of the jump cuts, "Head northeast towards the wall" Heads to wall "Ok now go up the stairs through the doorway and..." Woah calm the fuck down where did you just jump cut to?

  • Apex Predator

    I followed your directions, and somehow found myself at trevors caravan in gta v. poor directions.

  • Millianah Brooks

    All bad on the last one! Juib is SE of Valerica's hill and the page is located directly South of Juib next to a soul exhaust vent portal you know the purple wishing well.

  • Andrew A

    Well unlike all the other dumbasses in the comments who apparently have absolutely no sense of navigation, I found this very helpful. It would seem that most of these people don't know how to use the compass at the top of the screen.

  • James R

    Far too fast paced for my liking. I know you wanted to keep it brief but I believe that if you did a complete walkthrough with no cutting bits out, it would have taken me a shorter time to find the pages

  • Celestial Dragon

    You'd think Bethesda woulda learned from the "find 30 crimson ninroot" quest in blackreach and the stones of Barenziah egg hunt, but nooooo. Gotta give us another nightmarish scavenger hunt in the most hellish place ever.

  • Jk

    When he says "Northeast towards the wall, he meant Northwest. Screwed me up for a long time

  • Javier Ochoa

    This vid is COMPLETELY useless

  • Jessica Guzman

    for page three you need to head north east on the trail, however before you reach the stairs heading into a different section of the soul cairn, you need to stray off the trail headed north and you will find the door way he speaks of. I hope this helps and doesn't confuse.

  • Eden erpelding

    the video was so fast I had to go back over and over

  • Saška Prpić

    Very confusing and unhelpfull. Nobody makes you to make short videos it can be 1h long just make it helpfull...

  • ივანე მასხულია

    last one was most horrific

  • DapimpBDSD

    page 10 was invisible to me, nothing there but the page 10 action appeared

  • Emma Leanne

    Did anyone else become terribly confused. I mean great and helpful lol but ehh.....

  • Anhima Cornuta

    My dude, next time? Show us thr entire thing, yeah? This was practically useless.

  • AmberCrest '

    "head to the door with a creepy thing on top" okay, that's fine. Oh, I see it- HOLY CRAP, THAT'S DURNEVIIR

  • dedede666

    page 2 in video had worlds worst directions

  • lancexxx2k

    ino took me quite a while to find the last 1, its on the path right nxt to where u fight keeper that was sat down, its also south east of where you find 1 of the reaper gem fragment. its the 1 where u can walk right into the castle thru the little doorway and jump on the teleporter. lso has 1 of them big light well things just outside b4 u walk in. another thing close by is a ghost farmer guy with 2 cow ghosts nxt to him, stand in middle of them face south east bit more to the south tho and u shud run right into gim sat down nxt to rocks where he shows it from on here. hopefully these points might help u find the last 1 faster. or start from the steps shown at 1:57 face south east and keep goin that way u will see the farmer and cow ghost to the left slightly and another 1 in front of u or slightly to right and thats the jiub guy sat down

  • Spoicy Deemer

    I found all pieces but I can't find jiub again! XD

  • FPSGamer48

    The jump cuts are useless. The guide is rendered pointless because you don't, you know, GUIDE us to the locations.

  • Jumpman Jones

    That thing wasn't on the wall when I found the page

  • ArcTrooperCloak

    I couldn't tell what you were even doing . You kept on editing on how to get there it was a mess

  • Hukka55

    Page 3, DO NOT head north-east, head north-west.

  • Sweet Melody

    Thank you! First time i ever spent my time doing this quest, and getting finished! Many others in the future would be happy too/ relieved that they are done with it.

  • Lil Bobby Bricks #Hankblock

    I need help the 9th page wasn't on top of the maze

  • Rachel Nycole

    thanks for this!! definitely helped me ^_^ i was so frustrated trying to find the last few lol

  • SuperCODTheater

    This is absolutely terrible.

  • Aldo Galindo

    dude wtf did you cut the video!

  • Excellent Gaming

    82 hours for this - MY RECORD

  • David Torres

    Page 10 not there for me, no action or anything, did the shouts, looked around, tried waiting a few days outside of the soul cairn, and still nothing

  • WolfTAFFY

    What I suggest is going to each point and go to your map since your position changes as you go through the soul cairn making it easier

  • Robert Witta

    Thanks but no thanks. I couldn't find all of the pages through your vid as it was a bit confusing at times. also you might wanna use your man voice when doing clips like these, hard to hear you clearly when you've got the theme music in the background  

  • SonnieDae

    TY, this did help me locate the pages needed to finish this dang annoying as heck quest lol :OP Have a great day....Nanna Gamer AKA SonnieDae

  • Norcda Childa

    Thank you so much! You are a big help! This must've taken a long time. Thank you for your tutorial!

  • ThePieMan

    Worst guide ever. So speedy. Its not a race lol

  • corp pado

    Worst walkthrough video ever.

  • BWAH Games!!!!

    Thank-you so much I could not find those pages without ur help Meany thanks

  • Codename: Desert Viper

    Hey man thanks a lot, I’ve never been able to do this quest but because of you I finished it so thank you

  • Thomas Korn

    Thanks! I didn't want to wander around the Carin for hours looking for small bits of paper!

  • greenbeagle13

    Dude, this is more confusing than just around blindly trying to find the damn things. I despise this location and this damn quest, but now I MUST get it done, but ain't happening with this damn video... Sorry, I know you meant well, but this was truly awful....

  • Walter Swanson

    Helped alot. People that say it is the wasn't enough information problably dont know how to read a compass

  • Jade Annabel

    Unlike the majority of comments, this definitely helped me find the last few pages I didn't have yet, thank you so much my dude!

  • Dima

    Video so bad it should be taken down. Thumbs up so others can see and not waste their time like other people did.Edit: For anyone looking for a well-made guide search up "ALL Saint Jiub Opus Pages Locations Dawnguard (Jiub's Opus Page 1-10)" by GameShampoo

  • Atsleiger raidaru

    Don't hurry So much, I got lost multible times because you hurried

  • Jame Graal

    Jiub is the one of morrowind at first opening at inside of ships you are a prisoner Jiub is no hair but now he have a hair for awhile...

  • Mr Charming Chael

    thank you for sharing that great guide, helped a lot!

  • adam feder

    When he says head NE towards the wall 0:50 just head up the middle path, then when see the soul sitting on the big stone on your left, just hang a slight left and you'll see the wall you walk through.

  • May Susan Kubo

    played the Dawnguard quest nearly a dozen times but never fail getting lost after the 9th one, thank you! :D

  • Kat B.

    I found this super helpful. No problems following the directions and got the ones I couldn't find on my own really fast. Thanks for the help!

  • Neanderthal 119

    quality vidthanks for help

  • Danielle Black

    some was confusing but this is also so helpful, i found five more pages so far and havent even watched till the end yetit may be cut but if u follow his instructions it takes u to where u need to be

  • Mc_ Luker142

    thanks for this very helpful video it helped me alot, and all you people that say this is shit and usless are just terrible at reading direcrions because I found all the pages with ease

  • LeoByron

    Perfect guide! Thank you so much!

  • Chris ravensword

    thanks allot dude it was very helpful I couldn't find 1,2,9,10 until I saw ur video it was allot of help for me. An I could only find 3,4,5,6,7,8.

  • Clara Müller

    I think a lot of people in the comments have huge problems with directions, left, right, slightly east and all that. I dont have trouble finding the pages with this guide at all. :) thanks

  • Taylor Hunnicutt

    How is this vid useless clean the cum out of your ear and listen to the guy... also I glitched it out somehow and picked up the 2nd page twice so I didn't need the last one

  • philipp plein

    You are all noobs i just used aura whisper, went to the different places enemies were detected and found all 10 pages there

  • silentsoulju

    I found everything just fine so to everyone who is complaining I don't know what's wrong with you

  • Tpaiav

    I just can't find the last one :/

  • Sara Sutton

    I got lost a few times but eventually figured it out. Not the greatest directions but it worked.

  • ryan wassermann

    guys it's not that bad. from the start, go to the wall, not the main enterance to the inner layer. hug the left side of the wall and you'll see the doorway he's talking about. he should have been more specific.

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    I’ve never made a YouTube comment in my life but you should consider other hobbies. Explaining/teaching is not your forte. Absolutely the worst instructional video on this site

  • blue bo

    I did okay until I got to the Jiub instructions cause I cannot find that guy anywhere and it's actually doing my head in now.

  • lonewanderer35

    quit complaining guys if you listen closely he has 3 start points then head from each one to find the pages. I had no problem finding them.

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