Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough - Finding Jiub's 10 Pages - Impatience of a Saint

This is a video walkthrough showcasing how to find all 10 pages of Jiub's Opus for the Quest Impatience of a Saint in the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim.

Impatience of a Saint Quest Guide

To find this quest, you'll need to travel to the Soul Cairn in the Dawnguard DLC. You'll be able to access the Soul Cairn with both factions after completing the quest "Chasing Echoes." Talk to the spirit called Jiub and you can begin.
Page #1: Reaching a large stone wall with steps to cross over to the other side, check around the right side to find another set of steps leading up. Take those, and the note should be there with a poison bottle and a soul.
Page #2: When you reach Valerica, look around for a building to your left. Inside there should be a broken Word Wall and a treasure chest. The note is near the chest.
Page #3: On the large stone wall, search for a hole and cross through northwest. Check the southside of the wall, and find one of the buildings topped by a crystal. Get up the nearby steps and you'll find the page near a treasure chest.
Page #4: Back at Valerica's position, turn right instead of left and circle around to the backside of the building. Search for steps, go up, and find a path to turn left at the top leading to more steps. Up those steps, you'll find the next page on the ground.
Page #5: This one is right near where you found Jiub, but only when sitting next to the fire pit. Check left of him for a well and a wisp, the page is just by the well on the stone floor.
Page #6: Go to the pass connecting both sections of the Soul Cairn. Starting at this pass, move southwest until you find a small building from a platform. Inside is a treasure chest, the page is on the ground in front of it.
Page #7: Back to Valerica's position, get back to the area you found the fourth page. From there, travel east down some stairs to find an area with a few souls, then continue east and up stairs to a shrine with a pedestal. This is south of where you fought one of the Boneyard Keepers.
Page #8: At the beginning of the Soul Cairn, turn right to find a locked door. You'll need to break the glowing orbs on either side of the door with arrows or magic. When broken, the doors will open. The page is just ahead, through the doors.
Page #9: This one is tricky, located in a maze in the upper part of the Soul Cairn. Start from Valerica, and turn left while facing the doors. Travel west until you find a building with a crystal on the roof. Look nearby for yet another building with a crystal on the roof, only larger. Into the larger building, and use the portal to get onto the roof. Continue up the stairs, and you'll find the page near the chest.
Page #10: Near the stone wall that blocks off the two areas of the Soul Cairn, look for the Soul Husk Merchant Cart. The page is found on one of the merchant's barrels.
  • Apex Predator

    I followed your directions, and somehow found myself at trevors caravan in gta v. poor directions.

  • Celestial Dragon

    You'd think Bethesda woulda learned from the "find 30 crimson ninroot" quest in blackreach and the stones of Barenziah egg hunt, but nooooo. Gotta give us another nightmarish scavenger hunt in the most hellish place ever.

  • Millianah Brooks

    All bad on the last one! Juib is SE of Valerica's hill and the page is located directly South of Juib next to a soul exhaust vent portal you know the purple wishing well.

  • Jessica Guzman

    for page three you need to head north east on the trail, however before you reach the stairs heading into a different section of the soul cairn, you need to stray off the trail headed north and you will find the door way he speaks of. I hope this helps and doesn't confuse.

  • ივანე მასხულია

    last one was most horrific

  • Eden erpelding

    the video was so fast I had to go back over and over

  • James R

    Far too fast paced for my liking. I know you wanted to keep it brief but I believe that if you did a complete walkthrough with no cutting bits out, it would have taken me a shorter time to find the pages

  • Spoicy Deemer

    I found all pieces but I can't find jiub again! XD

  • DapimpBDSD

    page 10 was invisible to me, nothing there but the page 10 action appeared

  • dedede666

    page 2 in video had worlds worst directions

  • Arcticeye

    Thanks mate, I forgot to pick up two pages but this helped since I generally knew where the buildings were

  • Skittle

    I found this very helpful in the special edition... 7 years later. Thanks :D

  • lancexxx2k

    ino took me quite a while to find the last 1, its on the path right nxt to where u fight keeper that was sat down, its also south east of where you find 1 of the reaper gem fragment. its the 1 where u can walk right into the castle thru the little doorway and jump on the teleporter. lso has 1 of them big light well things just outside b4 u walk in. another thing close by is a ghost farmer guy with 2 cow ghosts nxt to him, stand in middle of them face south east bit more to the south tho and u shud run right into gim sat down nxt to rocks where he shows it from on here. hopefully these points might help u find the last 1 faster. or start from the steps shown at 1:57 face south east and keep goin that way u will see the farmer and cow ghost to the left slightly and another 1 in front of u or slightly to right and thats the jiub guy sat down

  • Decepticus Prevails

    Thank you for making this video. Been mucking about in the Cairn for hours and thanks to your guidance it only took me about 20 minutes. 10/10 buddy 👍😃

  • AmberCrest '

    "head to the door with a creepy thing on top" okay, that's fine. Oh, I see it- HOLY CRAP, THAT'S DURNEVIIR

  • Jumpman Jones

    That thing wasn't on the wall when I found the page

  • Rachel Nycole

    thanks for this!! definitely helped me ^_^ i was so frustrated trying to find the last few lol

  • Kelli Clark

    This video was super helpful thank you for making it

  • GamingFanatic 0321

    Page 9 was somehow flung away before I had gotten there. Found it on ground level about 30 feet away. 😂

  • Jk

    When he says "Northeast towards the wall, he meant Northwest. Screwed me up for a long time

  • Edey Boy

    Thanks for the video, man. Very helpful

  • ShockBladeTTH

    This is so confusing! Why not have a full video instead cutting all the time? Yeah, head there and here, towards the wall, up the stairs here, crystal in the sky , yeah its REALLY easy to follow

  • Kevin Meisenbacher

    Page 6 didn't appear for me.

  • Aisar87

    Thanks, this was literally driving me insane. 8/10 could not find.


    what to do with the book?

  • Seraphim Warrior

    Dude! To find the second page, what part of the wall did you go to go up the stairs AND RIGHT SMACK at the building with the crystal on top @ 0:51? That stairway doesn't exist! That made NO sense whatsoever!

  • Kyle R.

    learn how to give direction you idiot this actually wasted more time than it took me to find them by myself after stopping watching the video because you don't know east from west.

  • Gerry De la Cerda Villanueva

    For anyone who can't find the 9th page, Try this (it is was I did, I consulted the Skyrim Wiki): Shout Unrelenting Force where the page should be, then head back to the maze beneath the roof, look for the page in the floor, it should be just under the area where the chest is located abovoe the maze or around there. I hope it helps since this game is glitched as hell. I can't complete Arvak's side quest. I have his skull but his owner won't appear anywhere. If anyone knows a a way to fix this thx

  • 6Doony

    It helped me till my game messed up in I can't get page 9

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    page 9 isn't by the chest help

  • Christopher O'Brien

    the video wqs helpful but going a little to fast

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    How do you climb the tower with the floating crystal

  • Sheena Harris

    I can't find jib and the last page? Help

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    I don't know what all you people are bitching about, this guide helped me find them all easy. thanks :)

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    You give directions worse than a woman... Either breath In between sentences or continue to get shitty comments.. Thanks for wasting my time...

  • Happy Historian

    Wow, what an excellent, clearly spoken guide! Thanks for the help

  • Happy Historian

    This one got me for a second as well; however, after going NE (directly from the stairs at the very beginning) I easily found the building which you go through to get to the tower with the 3rd page on top. BTW, watch the language. There is no need for such vulgarity.

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    i also spotted lokil when you see him hes a vampire you can spot him at the start of the dawnguard quests :D

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    I can't understand how blind I've been. Hours of searching through the ruins, and then the last missing page is located just next to the Breton merchant. I even bought from him twice. *Sigh* Thanks for the video. :)

  • Emma Leanne

    Did anyone else become terribly confused. I mean great and helpful lol but ehh.....

  • trillionsin

    actually, compared to some he made it pretty easy. Also, he makes it easy for if you've already found a random amount of these to not waste time on the ones you've already got. (I hope that made sense) He spilts it in three sets, and uses major points of interest in the Soul Cairn . Thank you for the great video, it helped me find 2 out of the 10 pages I had already found, and saved me a lot of time back tracking everywhere.

  • Eric Burke

    @lucky underwood click in the soul ember and type in "disable" or try try "tcl" and go through the ground

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    this reminds me of finding pages in slenderman

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    you should probably play the level before looking up its quests.

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    Never mind I fixed it when I started the quest then picked up 10th page.

  • Tjezzal

    I'm suffering from a weird glitch. I found all the pages, but the 10th page isn't counting as a page and I can't hand in the notes. When I found all the notes it said you got 9 out of 10 of the notes. I had to redo the whole Soul Cairn to see if I could fix it. I'm currently going to get all the pages before the last page.

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    Worst walkthrough video ever.

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    I search this cuz i couldnt find 2 y the fuck would is the soul carin so fucking annoying and cloudy i couldnt see it on the ground but thanks saved me from punching a tv \

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