Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition Enter the Soul Cairn)

Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    9:20 STREAM STARTS - The next part will be live streamed tomorrow!

  • Sylwia Woznicka

    HAHAHAHAHA UM ....... ESO YOU KINDA UM........ well first look at 1:01:53 in your console commands ..... um it appears you spawned in steel bolts, many times XD for any of you who dont understand the ID "02000bb3" is the ID for steel bolts in skyrim, and the number after it is the quantity of that item, HAHA XD well ESO i relay cant blame you, those bolts are quite hard to get back and i will admit i also do spawn many of them in myself, but i did catch you there bud xD ...... like this comment so he sees and also, LOVE YOUR VIDS ESO, keep it up ; )

  • Fentony

    I have been waiting for this!

  • LightDemon300 Gaming

    ESO you're my favorite skyrim and fallout youtuber. Your the only one to have constant streams so thank you. Your the whole reason why I still play fallout and skyrim. So thank you.

  • adragon707

    Serana's new nickname is NinjaRoll :D

  • Valkynaz The Immortal

    "I just prefer having an actual horse."That's just offensive to the undead.

  • CreepyFireFly

    Note: don't loot until after she tells you to look for things. Because I picked what was needed before and glitched the gameLike so people can see

  • OmegaZero

    I wonder what ESO was thinking when he was on the can

  • Simon Lister

    You don't get the pages to get arkvir the horse you only need to find his skull in the cairn on a stand and give it to his master then he gifts you the spell to summon him

  • Daniel Cazarez

    later you can unmake yourself a vampire

  • Selina Tahirkheli

    How do you get Serana as a follower? Is she invincible?


    This guy deserves more subs

  • Spooder Man

    If you're going to use nightingale armor, I really recommend nightingale prime Hd re texture. Makes the armor look godly.

  • War Game

    like if you -know how to do this

  • Ivan Ruiz

    The unique horse aardvark it is called arvak *facepalm

  • Skip Rock

    ESO, you are so awesome. Love your videos. Just starting Skyrim V, and your videos are supreme to others. Plus I love your voice...

  • shawn arthur

    ESO it's ser-ana not see-ina also it's Val-er-ica also ser-Ana will be set to crouch if your crouching and she auto talked to you (she forces it you don't activate her to talk)

  • Desi Sill

    I know I’m late but I think my dawnguard questline is glitched because the moth priest isn’t blind and he read the first elder scroll and I brought the second elder scroll back and My quest isn’t marked

  • Vagiz Abrarov

    Wait... youre gonna replay the doc as a vampire? WOOHOO

  • Atomic Impulse

    She goes into sneak mode in any dungeon even if your standing

  • Purple Ninja

    ESO Please tell us the mods you are using your game looks beautiful and i would love it if my game looked that good. keep up the brill streems m8 🖒

  • Aela Kawaiii

    You have to make a vampire one now ;)

  • Tiaalana Nesbitt

    which one do you like better the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood

  • Anonymous Gamer

    It's 4:30am what am I doing...I missed the stream by 7 hours .-.

  • Erik Aronsson

    What level to get dragonbone sword from the keepers?

  • Harrison Wall

    anybody else get bad lag

  • Liam Ahlqvist

    Eso How do u get rid of The curse after u leave The soul carin

  • Liam Ahlqvist

    Do you have to be à vampire to come here?

  • HandsomeJack OnCrack

    listening to this while driving my semi. ESO you go though this so well it's like a book that I can listen too. Well done.

  • Adam Thompson

    Happy Easter Eso you legend we are so spoiled having you stream so much. Woohoooo :) I hope you stream E3 so we can all hang out and watch well Bethesda at least lol and hope you do an oblivion stream one day :) thank you again true high king :)

  • Andrew Rowley

    As I'm watching you I'm at the same bit

  • Whisky Rebel

    @1:26:20 I have never fully finished the Main Quest and I have been working towards finishing Dawnguard only to prevent the random vampire attacks. I got the same dialogue. I kinda knew it was a spoiler when I heard it too which sucks...Dawnguard is forced upon us on Skyrim Special Edition I guess. I didn't want to lose any NPCs to vampires so I did Dawnguard early...

  • Everfree

    ... I came to this part here (1:12:38). BUT IT GLITCHED! That woman will not move an inch! How can I fix this on the ps4?

  • Fang Tasmic

    I love ESO but sometimes he acts like there aren’t any girls watching his videos :/

  • Elayna Goals

    I went to the soul carin at level 26. Let’s say when I was killing the keepers I reloaded a save. (I had just switched to light armor from heavy so my armor skill SUCKED)

  • Connor Colbeck

    Imagine if Serana could learn icy spear as well

  • Soviet Doggo

    why am i watching this while i can instead play skyrim

  • Mr. Meeseeks

    He said he’d protect serana then shot her in the head

  • typhoon sky

    It would take like an extra 2 minutes to get arvak while doing the main quest you pretty much have to go to the same places

  • AngelBird

    Dovakiin is Dragonborn in dragon tongue. I would have to Look at all the words of power to completely decode it.

  • bull face

    Long ass intro made me think it was the soundtrack

  • Shnay Gaming

    It looks like shadow of war in that outfit in that area

  • RS Games

    how does his game look that good?

  • carlos lovato

    Are you able to be a vampire Lord while your still in the dawnguard

  • chris a

    what Serana mod is that?

  • PhantomKnight Galactus

    The actual video starting nine minutes in is annoying

  • John Butler

    Any chance of deleting the first 9 minutes? Its just a constant waiting screen that doesn't serve much purpose...

  • rose taylor

    Omg u rule the skyrim world and i tell all my friends to watch ur videos

  • xDinox

    When hearing your name in the game lol makes me feel so giddy (my name is tyranny but my dad spelt it tyranie lol)

  • heather fertig

    Those glowing wells replenish the soul drain effect and your health. Btw are you going to fix your weakened soul effect?

  • ibbalisticsheep cat

    Clavucus vile is the deadjrec prince of deception.

  • Gamer Zoid

    Wait do all dragons go to the soul cairn or do they go to akatosh in oblivion

  • Gamer Zoid

    1:20:00ESO say qahnaarin means dragon born in dovahMan I thought dovahkiin was dragonborn

  • Haley

    Have you already posted the vampire version of the dawnguard guest? I can't seem to find it

  • Dave Finlayson

    Go to solitude at night and there's a boss chest at the gate to the left

  • Carter Smith

    And become a werewolf and vampire lord

  • Carter Smith

    If you want to become a vampire get mods

  • Cuupcake Jack

    You can kill cam a dragon

  • DumbleDerp

    What mod is he using to make serana look like that

  • Cyber Chiken

    Don't care what spells they are just as long as I have em'

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