Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition Enter the Soul Cairn)

Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    9:20 STREAM STARTS - The next part will be live streamed tomorrow!

  • Sylwia Woznicka

    HAHAHAHAHA UM ....... ESO YOU KINDA UM........ well first look at 1:01:53 in your console commands ..... um it appears you spawned in steel bolts, many times XD for any of you who dont understand the ID "02000bb3" is the ID for steel bolts in skyrim, and the number after it is the quantity of that item, HAHA XD well ESO i relay cant blame you, those bolts are quite hard to get back and i will admit i also do spawn many of them in myself, but i did catch you there bud xD ...... like this comment so he sees and also, LOVE YOUR VIDS ESO, keep it up ; )

  • Ashley Holden

    anyone else playing this that didnt complete the main quest im skyrim

  • adragon707

    Serana's new nickname is NinjaRoll :D


    This guy deserves more subs

  • Valkynaz The Immortal

    "I just prefer having an actual horse."That's just offensive to the undead.

  • CreepyFireFly

    Note: don't loot until after she tells you to look for things. Because I picked what was needed before and glitched the gameLike so people can see

  • LightDemon300 Gaming

    ESO you're my favorite skyrim and fallout youtuber. Your the only one to have constant streams so thank you. Your the whole reason why I still play fallout and skyrim. So thank you.

  • Anonymous Gamer

    It's 4:30am what am I doing...I missed the stream by 7 hours .-.

  • Simon Lister

    You don't get the pages to get arkvir the horse you only need to find his skull in the cairn on a stand and give it to his master then he gifts you the spell to summon him

  • AngelBird

    Dovakiin is Dragonborn in dragon tongue. I would have to Look at all the words of power to completely decode it.

  • Adam Thompson

    Happy Easter Eso you legend we are so spoiled having you stream so much. Woohoooo :) I hope you stream E3 so we can all hang out and watch well Bethesda at least lol and hope you do an oblivion stream one day :) thank you again true high king :)

  • Otaku Wolf

    I'm level 20 and I just got the glass bow in a chest while doing the companion mission

  • Tyler Kukoda

    That's not how you get arvak, you find his skull and return it to get it, those pages give you the amulet of jiub

  • José Luis Romero

    If you make this quest before completing the Main quest, he just says he feels like calling you Qahnaarin, and that there may be a time when you prove that.

  • Xavier Sell

    You need to be level 45 for the dragon bone

  • Selina Tahirkheli

    How do you get Serana as a follower? Is she invincible?

  • Vagiz Abrarov

    Wait... youre gonna replay the doc as a vampire? WOOHOO

  • Skip Rock

    ESO, you are so awesome. Love your videos. Just starting Skyrim V, and your videos are supreme to others. Plus I love your voice...

  • Firebird Sweet

    Is that Nuka Quantum you're drinking there?

  • CICA

    I like how he goes to the bathroom😂😂😂😂

  • David Johnston

    the soul husks look like the Starbucks cookie straws. lol

  • Slytherin king


  • Rodney Malone

    Dovakiin means dragonborn in the dragon tung.

  • Madeleine D

    You've quickly become my favorite Skyrim content creator on Youtube. Always look forward to a new video from you :)

  • Aela Kawaiii

    You have to make a vampire one now ;)

  • Athanasios Tsioplakis

    anyone else have the stream go silent?

  • Jim Calhoun

    The best place to get soul gems is to mine them in Blackreach

  • Random Adventures

    I would have loved the local map when I went through the first time but it bugged for some reason an wouldn't work go figure! Lol

  • Drew Biggah

    Dexion isnt blind in my game I don't understand n I only have the one scroll and I have to go somewhere else to get the scroll and its not the moth tree place I'm confused I haven't played this DLC in forever and I don't remember having to do it this way

  • Richard Reavis

    59:45: Wow, re-watching on 4-1-18, Easter...

  • JGamer

    If your having trouble on keepers use your beast mode werewolf thing

  • Sonya Gutsell

    get Arvak to quickly run across the plains of the cairn

  • peggy

    awesome video Thank you for sharing it really help , play on .

  • Borderlands Gaming

    listening to this while driving my semi. ESO you go though this so well it's like a book that I can listen too. Well done.

  • WhatNow858

    LOVED talking to Durnehviir!! So epic!! Thanks for the vid, Eso. Enjoyed it. Was hoping that you had planned on going to get your soul gem. But oh well.

  • DayBrain

    aye eso can u go on discord and can we call im a HUGE fan

  • Minotaur -

    11:29 Her soul beyond is Sonic.

  • Lybdsey Perry

    anyone else find it funny when he said "lydia save me." when talking to Serana?

  • aggymatt

    Hey ESO. love the content on your channel. Are you still streaming on twitch?

  • Colin Law

    Thank you was stuck on this part of the DLC

  • Elayna Goals

    I went to the soul carin at level 26. Let’s say when I was killing the keepers I reloaded a save. (I had just switched to light armor from heavy so my armor skill SUCKED)

  • Shattrd YT

    Is it randomized what dragonbone items u obtain in the soul cairn I received battle axe, war axe, and a mace.

  • Dante Pillon

    Create an enchanting guide (not levelling just a normal guide)

  • Squigy

    I'm using a mix of the dreamstrider and daedric build for dawnguard

  • gamer 27

    How to make a flying fishThrow it

  • ItsJackos Bruhza

    No you don't get aardvark from those pages if you collect his head and give it to someone you get him as a spell


    I think you Change your name to - 'ESO - Elder Scrolls and Fallout guides'.

  • Jordan Holleman

    To get Arvok, you just need to get his head. It's not the Jiub's Opus pages.

  • Khalil Robbins

    I completed this part with zero kills. Now I even got my soul back without killing anything because my characters still level 1 and supposed to be a religious, pacifist, archer. He hunts animals for income cause he doesn’t loot dead bodies and he doesn’t steal anything so zero crimes too. I want to stream the rest of the gameplay through ps4 but without editing you’d be watching a lot of load saves and hiding in a corner for a long time. I turn a 30 minute mission into a 3 hour ordeal. And when you can’t dismiss serana it’s painful. I do this to myself but at least you wouldn’t be watching my farmer build, that nigga literally went from chopping wood at a inn in Whiterun as a job to buying his home in the shadow of Whiterun the tundra homestead and owning a farm where he sells his plants in town. That character is 100% no kills in everything and no crimes. Like have you ever let yourself be mugged? It’s not fun when you spent hours chopping wood for a living. I’m planning on making a gang leader next he and his crew is either going to just rob and kill everybody or they’re just gonna adventure as the toughest SOBs around.

  • Atomic Impulse

    She goes into sneak mode in any dungeon even if your standing

  • Kerry Silpoch

    How do you find the dragon scroll.

  • Lay-Z

    he said Lydia instead of serana

  • Ethan Davis

    When You Played Dawngaurd Last Time Were You A Vamp. Or Gaurd

  • Mr sniffals 1

    So good to see people like you still making videos on this amazing game thanks do much (liked) 👍

  • Savanna The Lonely Smolbean

    My future is more depressing than all the things those souls say combined

  • t o n p è r e

    Doesn't "Dovahkiin" mean Dragon born?

  • Daniel C

    Arvak is my favorite horse by far


    Yeah, yeah, I totally care that your mum's alive. ESO come back

  • Cole Christini

    With maxed out pickpocket could you pickpocket the weapons?

  • Andrew Rowley

    As I'm watching you I'm at the same bit

  • Meepington1423

    Is it just me or does anyone else think ESO is kinda cute

  • heather fertig

    Those glowing wells replenish the soul drain effect and your health. Btw are you going to fix your weakened soul effect?

  • Jerome Ma

    This guy is the Best :D

  • Fentony

    I have been waiting for this!

  • Noah Woodby

    im playing your tank build

  • The Iyrosthenes

    ESO saved me from sewerslide<;( like if your part of ESO fandom

  • Ryan Steen

    after your done doing the dawn guard walkthroughs you should make more character builds again

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