Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition Enter the Soul Cairn)

Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    9:20 STREAM STARTS - The next part will be live streamed tomorrow!

  • Fentony

    I have been waiting for this!

  • CICA

    I like how he goes to the bathroom😂😂😂😂

  • Firebird Sweet

    Is that Nuka Quantum you're drinking there?

  • LightDemon300 Gaming

    ESO you're my favorite skyrim and fallout youtuber. Your the only one to have constant streams so thank you. Your the whole reason why I still play fallout and skyrim. So thank you.

  • Valkynaz The Immortal

    "I just prefer having an actual horse."That's just offensive to the undead.

  • adragon707

    Serana's new nickname is NinjaRoll :D

  • CreepyFireFly

    Note: don't loot until after she tells you to look for things. Because I picked what was needed before and glitched the gameLike so people can see

  • OmegaZero

    I wonder what ESO was thinking when he was on the can

  • Simon Lister

    You don't get the pages to get arkvir the horse you only need to find his skull in the cairn on a stand and give it to his master then he gifts you the spell to summon him


    This guy deserves more subs

  • shawn arthur

    ESO it's ser-ana not see-ina also it's Val-er-ica also ser-Ana will be set to crouch if your crouching and she auto talked to you (she forces it you don't activate her to talk)

  • Selina Tahirkheli

    How do you get Serana as a follower? Is she invincible?

  • Daniel Cazarez

    later you can unmake yourself a vampire

  • Ashley Holden

    anyone else playing this that didnt complete the main quest im skyrim

  • War Game

    like if you -know how to do this

  • Ivan Ruiz

    The unique horse aardvark it is called arvak *facepalm

  • Skip Rock

    ESO, you are so awesome. Love your videos. Just starting Skyrim V, and your videos are supreme to others. Plus I love your voice...

  • RS Games

    how does his game look that good?

  • Desi Sill

    I know I’m late but I think my dawnguard questline is glitched because the moth priest isn’t blind and he read the first elder scroll and I brought the second elder scroll back and My quest isn’t marked

  • Vagiz Abrarov

    Wait... youre gonna replay the doc as a vampire? WOOHOO

  • Anonymous Gamer

    It's 4:30am what am I doing...I missed the stream by 7 hours .-.

  • Atomic Impulse

    She goes into sneak mode in any dungeon even if your standing

  • Aela Kawaiii

    You have to make a vampire one now ;)

  • Tiaalana Nesbitt

    which one do you like better the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood

  • Erik Aronsson

    What level to get dragonbone sword from the keepers?

  • Harrison Wall

    anybody else get bad lag

  • The Iyrosthenes

    ESO saved me from sewerslide<;( like if your part of ESO fandom

  • Liam L I A E

    Eso How do u get rid of The curse after u leave The soul carin

  • Liam L I A E

    Do you have to be à vampire to come here?

  • Amanda Goodman

    11:29 Her soul beyond is Sonic.

  • HandsomeJack OnCrack

    listening to this while driving my semi. ESO you go though this so well it's like a book that I can listen too. Well done.

  • Adam Thompson

    Happy Easter Eso you legend we are so spoiled having you stream so much. Woohoooo :) I hope you stream E3 so we can all hang out and watch well Bethesda at least lol and hope you do an oblivion stream one day :) thank you again true high king :)

  • 420CactusGaming

    The place you started off of is the earliest place I remember seeing in this game when my friend showed it to me... I think there was gems around maybe, I just remember how I took everything in that room not understanding what anything was... Good memories, good memories... Also, it was like 5 years ago. I also remember what it was being inside

  • Mr. Insanity

    In a dungeon there is a skeletal dragon that actually summons a army of skeletons, Its cool as hell and he was forever stuck there to protect the dragon priest that slept.

  • TwinMoonElder

    Oh my god, I WANT COOKIES NOW. Why you guys gotta bring up fresh-baked cookies when I'm craving them? T-T My personal favorite are the Chocolate Crinkles. Essentially chocolate dough that's rolled into a ball, rolled in powdered sugar and baked. SO GOOD IN MILK!

  • Skrills TTV

    Hmm if you took the soul gem from her could you charge your sword with your own soul ?

  • Liberty Primed

    I had the same stuff on when I did the quest

  • Random Ginger

    I see every stream, but I missed it, Fuuuuuucccckkkk

  • Eugenec235

    to be honest I don't know Wat akar means but now I really want to know y u called ur character that

  • Desea Green

    This didn't happen to me when I came as a vamp. The convo with Durnehviir I mean. Can someone tell me why tho?

  • DumbleDerp

    What mod is he using to make serana look like that

  • aiden vlogs

    how are do you know every place to fast travel at level one


    in the name of the jarl, halt. you have commited crimes against Skyrim and her people, what say you in defence?

  • PhantomKnight Galactus

    The actual video starting nine minutes in is annoying

  • Apathy 82

    harvest soul gems from the fissures

  • Future Winger

    Can you reenter the soul carn sorry for misspell

  • demon slayer 212

    I have the same sneak problem as you eso

  • angrybananapeel

    Arvar?? Arvak?? What? Did he just mispronounce it? Or are there two horses in the soul cairn

  • Pickaxe 235


  • Pickaxe 235

    every once in a while i go back to get more souls

  • Brmnishoo Poo

    ESo you my favorite youtuber

  • Everfree

    ... I came to this part here (1:12:38). BUT IT GLITCHED! That woman will not move an inch! How can I fix this on the ps4?

  • MichaelOP_Gaming

    I'm using a mix of the dreamstrider and daedric build for dawnguard

  • Richard Reavis

    59:45: Wow, re-watching on 4-1-18, Easter...

  • carlos lovato

    Are you able to be a vampire Lord while your still in the dawnguard

  • Dantè Pillon

    Create an enchanting guide (not levelling just a normal guide)

  • Angel Velasquez

    u had a cross bow was thinking bout heading back Where Can I Buy one?

  • Tyler Kukoda

    That's not how you get arvak, you find his skull and return it to get it, those pages give you the amulet of jiub

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