Skyrim: Top 5 Ulfric Stormcloak Secrets You (Probably) Never Knew in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Ulfric Stormcloak is among Skyrim’s most prominent characters. The man behind The Elder Scrolls 5’s most major conflict, Ulfric is a hero to some and a villain to others. Being such a controversial figure, the self-appointed High King of Skyrim is also quite the interesting man and behind everything we know about him, he’s hiding a few secrets. So today we’ll be taking a look at five things you (probably) never knew about Ulfric Stormcloak in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!!! And the khajiit dragonborn...I guess"

  • Mr. Lord Cat

    Before we're going to delve into Skyrim politics i just want to say that chickens in skyrim are the true sons of Skyrim.

  • Kevin Moore

    Last time I was this early the snow elves were still around

  • shadowthehh2

    "The risk I took was calculated. But man, am I bad at math." ~ Ulfric, after killing Torryg and starting a civil war instead of just asking nicely.

  • Honest M'aiq

    "Skyrim belongs to the Nords !"*plays as khajiit and argonian all the time*

  • Kyle Ramos

    Hey skyrim, Nate here and have I told you guys is a very large place?

  • Sliix

    Hey how’s it going nate? It’s guys here.

  • Bryan Bridges

    "I don't care if she can find a living Dwarf!" 😂 That was hilarious.

  • Roland Deák

    "Captain Lonely-Gale never in the blue palace. Lul thats true but u wanted to say Palace of the kings i think :D

  • M0nk3yboy 762


  • Eddie Peraza

    And that's why making the dragonborn a Dark Elf is the most ironic thing you can do

  • DovahKrieg

    Skyrim: top ten things Nate knew about you that you didn’t know!Edit: thx for the likes 🤗

  • CaptainDaz

    Could you do Generas Tullius after ? (If not already made)

  • clericbeasty

    "Watch your tongue! You're speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak, the True High King."

  • Conor Finn

    Love this series about individual characters, I’d like to see it continued!

  • SuperGamefreak18

    I wouldn't be surprised if the fight started with the high king sarcastic saying,"if you think you can be a better king then be my guest"

  • William Leonard Reese Jr.

    I believe that it was not Ulfric but the Old Jarl, Jarl Igmund's father, was the one suspected of the tortures of the Forsworn and the cruel prison sentences. We hear about this rather horrific story during the quest where you are thrown into the prison of Markarth.

  • Captain Hawke

    I strongly disagree with all these "skyrim belong to the nords" things. I mean, come on man, think about the goats >:(

  • Dylan McCluskey

    Do you get to the cloud district very often?

  • William Leonard Reese Jr.

    I think that Captain Lonely-Gale was supposed to be the Captain of Ulfric's guards and that he doesn't want an uprising in his capital not anything more. . . sordid.

  • SakariWolf13

    The only fact I need to know about Ulfric StormCloak:1. He is single and a fine ass pringle

  • Paula Oliveira

    so, i bought a new headphone and now i feel like nate is inside of my headvery weird but cool

  • Ecvj TV

    I would have liked to see the Stormcloaks and the empire stop fighting eachother and unite against the Thalmor

  • raela sh

    9:00 Uhh, wait, Ulfric declared himself High King? I'm pretty sure he didn't. He even mentions that the moot of the Jarls have to decide about that. Sure, one would think that he does expect to be the most likely candidate; especially if (IF) the Civil War is going according to his plans, and he reinstates Jarls that support him.But he does clearly mention that no one person can decide this, but only the moot. Where did you get the information that Ulfric declared himself the rightful High King? That's a big assumption...

  • Warspite

    I want to join the Stormcloaks, but losing Balgruuf is too high of a price

  • Mr Kingslayer

    "I fight so that all the fighting I've already done hasn't been for nothing.I fight because I must"

  • SnapplyPie

    Ulfric be like, I'ma take out half if Skyrim and get defeated/win a war with my one part dragon friend, then say only say generic dialogue.

  • Seed LeveL

    THeEpicNate315 is the most underrated youtuber. Change my mind

  • MeltHead519

    Nate: Uploads Elder Scrolls or Fallout videoMe: 👀👀👀By the way, love the Stormlord Armor, lol.

  • Jay Lethal

    People really argue over skyrim politics like its real life, not that im complaining.

  • JustShayPlays

    He knew Torigg would have stepped up, he just wanted to rule Skyrim.

  • Brassassin

    Ulfric made some careful calculations but, boy is he bad at math. But I'm really digging the individual character studies, they're really fun

  • Connor Rombough

    It's not just about Talos, Ulfric's true goal is gaining power for himself

  • Aden Zoress

    There's also evidence supporting that Ulfric is only after power. The Thalmor kept a watchful eye on him They kept notes that you can find while doing the main quest during the party, sneaking into the dungeon.

  • Bryan Bridges

    I love Windhelm. The moment I ever ented it, I loved it. I'll admit that it isn't the nicest place in Skyrim, but that city is Nordic heritage put into stone. And I always thought Ulfric was the perfect person to be its Jarl. Knowing that Ulfric's clan is older than the city makes me love them both more.

  • Rich Bensen

    Captain Lonely-Gale does more than you give him credit for. After an Imperial victory he becomes steward to the new Jarl of Windhelm.

  • TheMasked Artist

    "Skyrim may belong to the nord, but everything belong to Khajiit." 😏

  • Denis Lleshi

    Lonely gale was never in the blue palace??? Dont you mean palace of the kings??? 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 6:39

  • Clone Trooper

    "Skyrim belongs to the Skeevers" divine skeever god appears

  • CorenCo NBA

    I don't even play Skyrim anymore but i keep watching these videos 😂

  • Trent Anderson

    I thought "stormcloak" was just a taunting nickname the Imperials gave to the rebels; and then the rebellion acknowledged it and took it as their own. I forgot who said that in Skyrim..

  • Andrew Knoll

    The empire never agreed to ulfrick's deal the yarl of markarth did.

  • Jorumund of Valshriik

    ulfric stormcloak, a true hero of skyrim

  • Eric Sneed

    Hi Nate, I have nothing noteworthy to say. Have a good day.

  • Fencepost01

    Those texture mods and armor mods are utterly beautiful.

  • AJ Willis

    Team Tullius eh? Get lost is what I say to that.

  • Rimey

    Either side of the war I choose, I still Don't like the man personally.

  • cantdecideon alastname

    Good. This is good. Know thy enemy and the battle is won. If the battle is not won, load an earlier save and try another strategy. XD

  • Steven Bills

    I think you should doTop 5 mistakes that tullius and ulfric made which were bad (like tullius making maven jarl)

  • Nazeem

    This is a fact everyone should know but nobody does. Ulfric actually serves Nazeem because Nazeem is a godDo you get to the cloud district very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don’t.

  • Connor Nicholas

    I love the tie-ins with ESO. That game is so underrated.

  • Gabriel Bezerra

    I was ever in doubt about stormcloacks or imperials...Well, now I'm a imperial.

  • DimeBag Darrell

    He’s a man I’d gladly fight and die for

  • Oliver Bishop

    6:40 blue palace? In windhelm? It's more likely than you think

  • Gabriel Farina

    around 9:50 they already stand as if the player doesn't join the civil war the stormcloaks can hold out infinitely against the empire

  • Hayley Repp

    Ulfric Stormcloak always reminded me of Thorin Oakenshield

  • Aethus

    I'm honestly surprised that there isn't more story about Ulfric being trained by the Greybeards to become one of them. Technically he failed the training that one out of hundreds of people get picked for. He used the Voice to murder the king, which I'd imagine pissed off the Greybeards when they learned about it.

  • Kira A

    If you listen to even more people though, such as Siobhan in Mistveil Keep in Riften, plus other characters and writings/letters/etc, you'll soon realise that this wasn't a miscalculation at all on Ulfric's part. He wanted to be High King. This war is about making that happen, and he's using the Talos problem to sway the Nordic people to his side. He had to kill Torygg to make way for his plan to then manipulate the other jarls into voting him in as High King

  • acevitamin

    I just watched a 3 minute lego ad with batman doing regie on an ad for Turkish airlines and it was amazing

  • konoe yoshito

    what have u skiped the thalmors reports about Ulfric's that may suggest some connexion between the Altmers and the bear ?

  • J-MAN 658

    The second conversation in the cut dialogue (the conversation in regards to the Dunmer in Windhelm) might have actually been intended for Ulfric's Steward, Jorleif; he and Captain Lonely-Gale share the same voice actor, after all.

  • Revol

    Ulfric is true king of Skyrim, and my king. DEATH FOR EMPIRE!

  • Jojo Bizzare

    "Sit back, pop open some bottle of warm mead like a true Nord"-Well, guess it's Skooma for me then.

  • HermSezPlayToWin

    2:30 "Orgins of the Bear" 😆

  • UserName0043

    Ulfric is easily the sexiest character in Skyrim and maybe in all of Tamriel. I say this as a formerly now I guess straight man

  • Russ By

    Wow. The more I watch Game of Thrones the more I see the similarities between this and it. A ship's captain an advisor to a king claiming he's the one true king. Sound familiar?

  • Rafael Diamond

    Long live the empi-wait I'm not sure I should be here....

  • King Of DeathYT

    I am so sorry nate I am late

  • ChromeRegios

    "Skyrim belongs to the Forsworn!!!! wait..."

  • Office Chair

    Ulfric in 4 words : Good man , bad temper.

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