Top 10 Scariest Skyrim Monsters

Hey YouTube, Jim he... oh, come on. Not again! Sorry guys, darn Skeevers are at it again. This has me thinking about the medieval world of Skyrim and the fiends that inhabit it. Not the smaller nuisances like oversized rats and common thugs, though. I'm talking the beasts that rule the land and sky. The horrors of Skyrim like these ten scariest monsters ripped straight from the fifth Elder Scrolls game.

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10. Sabre Cat
9. Frostbite Spider
8. Death Hound
7. Bears
6. Hagraven
5. Werewolf
4. Chaurus
3. Spriggan Matron
2. Storm Atronach
1. Giant

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  • Top 10 Archive

    What monster scares you the most!?

  • Whiterun Guard

    The last time I was this early, I was still an adventurer... before I got an arrow to the knee.

  • Kelvin Martinez

    Your videos are AWESOME.

  • J Smooth

    Never been so early so cringe at the beginning lol love it

  • Jacob Storey

    You actually did a very good job of explaining this game especially if you've never played this before. I'm pretty sure I have over 2 or 3 whole entire months of gameplay (like second for second, pretty much every chance I've gotten since it hit the shelfs) and I can say that for someone who's probably never played this game the level of detail that you've put into this video is astonishing. You truly deserve all the likes and subscriptions you get so keep up the good work.

  • Amir Talent

    Amazing video keep it up :D!

  • rolf sinkgraven

    I want skyrim 2 finished the 1rst one 6 times already.

  • Thalmor Soldier#10522

    why doesnt this guy have more subs?

  • Roboclaw

    The gargoyles scared the shit out of me, when I first encountered them.

  • Mr. Mountain

    The best guild in all of elder scrolls 8s the Thiefs Guild

  • shyboy 1992

    The mammoth are so dangerous in Skyrim

  • Azura Omnis

    Giants piss me off more than any creature on just wonder torwards them with no weapon drawn and then BOOM! Your in the air.......

  • Raphael Lima

    The end line is kind funny haha

  • MANNY~EmberDim

    You excited for Elder Scrolls 6, Jim? or... Whoever in T10A plays Skyrim! XD

  • Neon Dragon Elite

    First off I've killed a spider and I'm killed from Bobcat and the hellhounds I can't remember what they're called but either way I still have a collar of two of them but attack the village like I can't remember what it was Bruce like a village but I have to go to early in the game and you have to kill a dragon blah blah blah either way I've killed probably almost everything not everything but a lot I can take a beating if my elf golden armor even a lizard in game but yeah I have mostly elf stuff

  • Greyla Nanthavong

    The giant looks like a Titan from attack on Titan 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    I am writing this before i watch the video. BUT the Hagraven better be number 1! That b*tch is nasty af man!Edit: Okay, to me this seems more like a power ranking, than scary ranking tbh.

  • freyacrescent13

    One monster I really hate are the Werebears. I hate Werebears.

  • Neon Dragon Elite

    I mean seriously in Skyrim I am an absolute Beast because I have golden elf armor and that's not even the best of my abilities I can summon wolves I can kick control creatures using spell stuff like that and humans

  • Brandon Lozano

    I usually don't stay on vids like this for long, but I enjoy fantasy lore a lot more than world or U.S history and to make this better, you have great narrating skills. Loved it

  • The Retro Gamer

    The scariest thing in skyrim is taking an arrow to the knee

  • skyrim born

    You know nothing of skyrim compared to me!!

  • Rafael

    Great video! Love Skyrim!

  • kharjoPurple Holt

    I wish this guy was my grandpa

  • Jackie Santos

    Skyrim's a fun game I like all that enemy and creatures

  • TheRealSneakers

    What? No Draugrs? Man, those things I dread in caves and ruins...sure alot are easy one hits, but there are ones that are hella tough.

  • Garuda

    i cant belive that he aint a voice-over in like some hero in DC movies . what a shame he aint

  • Black Cat

    I don't know why, but I thought you going to make another video of mythical creatures 😂 still good tho. :)

  • 5car Face

    SKYRIM!!!!!! Amazing game. And a new elder scrolls game in development

  • genaro bernal

    The whole dawngaurd and Dragonborn SEX main quests

  • Alexander Howard

    my favorite skyrim character is serana from the Dawnguard DLC

  • MasterChief07

    CuSith as the name huh? Somebody is a Lancer fan.

  • M3tal B3rzerker

    More Skyrim vids please

  • WolfPack Leader

    Those aren't that scary imo

  • Ziron The Gamer

    I love Skyrim I’m glad you done this video can you do a top ten of the all daedric prince ?

  • SamHydeDisciple ye

    I think the Netch is absolutely terrifying. It might just be me though

  • pranav gajjala

    Top 10 witcher 3 monsters

  • Joshua Dunford

    The Worst things in Skyrim are...Imperial Milk Drinkers.Death to the Thalmor and there Puppets

  • SteeLion Knight

    Go play this game if you haven't yet jim😉

  • RKO City Bitch

    Your voice for the horror videos (I'm guessing edited) is VERY creepy/cool at the same time...

  • Chris Strong

    The load screen. Dim lights and that soft music.Snoring before I get out of the door.

  • Dantdm Fan

    I was once an adventurer then I took an arrow to the knee Good use of the saying

  • emrah şimşek

    cool. this list is awesome.

  • Dantdm Fan


  • folk

    how are ya'll only pulling 5k-10k a video? this is crazy you have pretty good content

  • fam

    How he does it SUBSRIBE p.s love your vids

  • PCstuff

    this is so cringe but fun tho

  • Jaden Olvera

    i love your videos they have lots of actions

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