Dawnguard Walkthrough: How to Get Auriel's Bow

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  • _Luna57gamer _

    um did anyone else get thrown off after he killed the dragons

  • L W

    Can we come back and kill the dragons?

  • chieftone5 theawesome

    this is the only mission in the dlc I hate

  • Julia-6

    Fucking great. the quest is bugged on my Xbox. The first wayshrine won't open. Great Bethesda programming. I'm done with this game.

  • Lord Dracul

    This quest is a royal hemorrhoidal pain in my ass! Always has been!

  • Glacial

    If you choose Dawnguard can you get Auriels Bow?

  • mega diamond

    if ur a vampire guy lord thing can u still do this quest, and yes i know its a stupid question but i am not sure

  • Gagnesh Utamal

    When I get the initiates ewer, he doesn't open the portal. I've restarted the mission multiple times and no portal appears, he just says "questions, I expected as much."

  • Scott Lightfeather

    I need help my game keeps glitching on me and won't let me get to auriels bow what do I do

  • Luke Bell

    You are a lifesaver. My game glitched and all the map markers dissapeared.

  • Wesley Wix

    so if your a vampire lord well he still be a vampire

  • Grandest Master

    That last shrine is always the hardest part for me. I always find it on accident somehow.

  • Travon Lawrence

    thank you for leaving us lost after you killed the 2 dragons.

  • Edgar Martinez

    Question if you chose the vampire path is there a way to be cured and can u still be a werewolf if u r a vampire lord or monster haven't started any quests for it???

  • Silverio Monares

    stupid fucking quest but your video help me a lot thanks buddy next time please dont go to fast but dont go normal speed either

  • margittarget

    behind that lean-to type thing in that camp with the dead person in it, there is a chain which when pulled, provides a shortcut through the dungeon

  • Richard Andersen

    Anyone else lose their follower before going into the Vale? She just left, and now won't come with us again.

  • Robyn Springfield

    what is the point of this video...cant see anything at the speed youre going:/

  • Ali Adnan

    did you can get that bow even if you dont join the vampired or harkon ???

  • NoScope Plays

    i got lost and skipped the second one then it told me to keep going to the beginning and it took me like an hour to realize the game was lying so i watched your vid thanks


    if you join the vampires like me will you still get the bow or is it only if you stay on dawnguards

  • Mikel Mik

    TOO FAST, Like you say it is pretty much straight forward EXCEPT for the confusion in that firs large Camp. Going in circles. Take it slow so we can get our bearings.

  • Smbb25

    When I did it the Dawn guard attacked not the vampires

  • Tchout


  • apexishere

    there's a tree directly behind you when you grab the knife on the same level

  • #Will You Join Animal Lovers?

    Man this is hard, but not impossible.

  • #Will You Join Animal Lovers?

    If that took 30 mins sped up, it would take about 3 hours not sped up

  • Black Arcor

    I lost auriel's bow , is there any glitch to get it back??Please someone tell me

  • Miguel Diaz

    Come on we all know what causes these moth priests to go blind or are we really that gullible? If you observe their excessive hair on the priests palms it should be an indication.

  • Josh Dodson

    He does it waaaay to fast I'm trying to get a mission of done

  • I hate yr7 me

    For some reason, the elf in my game didnt activate the first portalHelp

  • kingme1678 s

    A little to fast slow down

  • Jazmin Zuchettii

    this video was how i completed the quest thanks

  • dolan dak

    I bet you're Scottish.From Edinburgh maybe.

  • james mccann

    there is a tree right next to the knife

  • Reese Gossenberger

    Compared to legendary this looks easy as hell lol now I wanna try novice again :b

  • Lord Burgerus King of the 'Tism

    The first time I had to fight the Snow Elf at the end, I forgot I had Unrelenting Force set as my shout so he was launched off the ledge and even though the fall was huge and there was only ice to land on, he lived. How he managed to do that I will never know.

  • Threize

    First of all, I thank you endlessly. Second, you did a good job at making this video, pat yourself on the back. Good job.

  • Michael McCarthy

    Use your compass to see the tree right behind you when you grab the draw knife.

  • Dimitri L

    im fucking stuck on this bitch ass mission

  • Logan Edward

    When i got back from the soul carin i beat a quest but didn't get one and when i went to castle dawnguard he was not blind...idk what to do

  • rob goulding

    That's right speed past the dialouge....

  • Rathanak Yongtai

    How long does it take to complete this whole thing? Without fast forward of coarse

  • jspee1965

    LOL!  At that speed, Lydia sounds like a Jawa!

  • Theodor Stanev

    wait a minute im new in skyrim is the dawnguard tower mode because i cannot find it when i go to the location it says me you cannot go there

  • XRatedxGamerX

    You know what's crazy? You just skipped the entire instruction on how to get to the damn cave!...

  • trickery101mags

    I love the sped up talking of the npcs. :D

  • Christine Rayner-Jones

    you do not need to rock climb there is a tree within a few feet of where you get the knife

  • aaron perkins

    can u get this on either storyline?

  • dale betlem

    thanks for that i needed to know!

  • Beth Gilks

    You do know there's a tree right behind where you find the blade o.o no need to rock climb

  • zonryu2

    glitch jump up the mountain like everyone else

  • Loot Island

    waste of time for me. around 22:00 minutes is the part i NEEDED and he skips the one part I need and hops somewhere that I can't find. don't make a walkthrough and go so fast that people can't even figure it out. do a slower speed and don't skip and important part!

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