Skyrim Secrets – DESTROY The Dark Brotherhood - WORTH IT? (Shrouded Armor & Blade of Woe - Assassin)

Skyrim Secrets – DESTROY The Dark Brotherhood (Shrouded Armor & Blade of Woe Special Edition)!
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  • FlintSparked

    When I met the Dark Brotherhood: How DARE you try to pull me into this unlawful activity you shall all die!!When I met the Thieves' Guild: lol sign me up bro y'all are cool

  • Big Oof

    When I first started Skyrim, I:1. Spent nearly 2 hours going on Reddit to figure out what starting race to pick and trying to understand what they meant by thief build, stealth archer build, battlemage build etc2. Accidentally hit a chicken and got confused for 30 minutes wondering why unkillable NPCs were trying to kill me.3. Got introduced to the Nord Space Program via Giant's Club4. Didn't know you could ride a carriage, assumed it was decoration and ran to Whiterun, Riften and Solitude before spotting it.5. Got owned by a dragon while panicking about how to make it come down because I only had an iron sword on me.6. Got confused at how to swing a sword because I was on the Switch and didn't check the controls and was stupidly flailing the controllers around thinking motion controls were still on.7. Got caught for stealing a sweet roll8. Died trying to fight the guards9. Got lost in the Ratway trying to find the Thieves Guild10. Nearly pissed myself when I went to my first dungeon and got jumpscared by a draugrGood times.

  • Ostentatious ASMR

    “Just travel to the nearest city, in this case Solitude .”Dawnstar & Morthal:Am I a joke to you?

  • David

    The best reason to not kill Astrid, I think, is just to hear Babette's story.Veezara: "Ha ha ha ha! Again! Again! Do the part where he tries to buy you some candy."Babette: "Okay, okay. Wait. Here we go. "Ooh, you are such a pretty little girl. Would the sweetie like a sweetie? Oh yes, how about some chocolate?" Oh yes, please, kind sir. My mama and papa left me all alone, and I'm so very hungry. I know a shortcut to the candy shop. Through this alley. Oh ya, very good. Very good. My it is dark down here. Oh, but you are so beautiful. Such a lovely smile. Your teeth... your teeth! No! Aggghh!!"I don't know who her victim is, but it was obviously a child molester.

  • Shannon Turner

    My cousin is out fighting dragons and what do I get? Guard Duty.😒😪😪

  • GenericWhiteMale

    I feel Bethesda wasted potential for a quest line where you individually hunt down members of the brotherhood and protect emperor Titus mede from assassination attempts For rewards they could have had some unique armour and weapons and even the ability to call a squad of penitus occilutas (I probably butchered that spelling) to help you fight and maybe you could have been awarded a player home like if you sided with the dark brotherhoodIt would have made being a good guy worth itOh well

  • Lilly Weaver

    I killed Astrid in my first play through because I had gone to sleep in my house and how dare she kidnap me from my own home with my precious sons sleeping downstairs??

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    Aventus Aretino: Die Grelod DieEso: Hi there, I see you've made dinner for meAventus Aretino: you've come at lastEso: why of course I'm rather hungryAventus Aretino: you must kill Grelod The KindEso: Wait what..... I just wanted food

  • Mikas

    Reason #1Their 'armor' looks ridiculous on my muscular characters

  • TheLynx

    Me: Has already killed dozens of banditsAstrid: Kill one of those people!Me: Hmmm, I don't know, honey, I'm not a murderer though...

  • Ethan A

    The Dark Brotherhood, which is a guild full of assassins, gets assassinated.there's always a bigger fish

  • jtomally9681

    It is too bad you can not marry the associate who takes over the orphanage and adopt all of the orphans. That is what I would end up doing.

  • Sarthak Shah

    "Here are the ten commandments"The five tenets

  • Poggle566

    "Make sure you take the unusual gem."doesn't take the gemI am mildly to severely triggered.

  • Heck Frick

    When the Dragonborn wakes up and immediately draws his bow on you

  • Naoki Best

    A kill you must repay.He gave me a plate damn you want it?

  • Riggs dreap

    The downside of this quest is that you can never get the most op weapon in the game the "windshear"

  • Michael Lajeunesse

    From a purely story-based perspective, I generally kill the Dark Brotherhood. They're a bunch of edgelord psychopaths who refuse the teaching of the OG™ edgelord psychopaths (how edgy!) and the entire story revolves around getting bossed around by Astrid, who's actual trash, and the Nightmother, who's a gross thing, in their quest to achieve the ultimate Edge™. Besides, I can't stand Cicero.

  • Flamango

    If only Nazeem was a target

  • retrogamer -1978

    It's Friday, June 7th 2019 and yes, I'm still playing Skyrim. 😀

  • Kuze Hibiki

    You can just kill Grelod the kind before meeting Aventus Aretino to save time and this actually opens some extra dialogue where Aventus tells you your more amazing than the dark brotherhood.

  • catsintexas

    wish there was a way to expose and destroy the Thieves Guild...?

  • Dante Berrios

    I kill them every time because I can't kill any other entire guilds. I try to limit how many guild master jobs I acquire throughout my time in Skyrim. You should only be able to attain the title if you go above and beyond the main questline involved. Say the Mages guild, instead of being rewarded as guild leader for saving the world from the Eye of Magnus, you can only become leader if you do 2-3 more quests that are directly based on improving the shape of the group afterward. That's more realistic, because it allows you the choice of WORKING YOUR WAY UP. Not just being a decent human and helping them fight off an enemy. Idk how they thought it was acceptable to allow one person to be the leader of MULTIPLE groups when there at people at each who literally live at the place and do all the day-to-day work that is required.

  • XJex Saber

    First play through when i attacked Astrid i got my ass kicked


    I knew I couldn’t kill her because I knew I would get shadowmere which is probably the most badass horse in the game or that ghost looking horse

  • Niko Stefano

    If you follow the dark brotherhood then you can get 2 blade of woes. If you pick pocket Astrid early on then, then at the end of the quest line she’ll give it to you like you’ve never taken it in the first place. I think it’s pretty cool in my opinion because it’s a pretty powerful weapon

  • Ordinarily Oddlyexe

    i usually keep 'em alive becauseA: Never ending assasination quests, good for leveling up sneak, One-handed, Archery, etc.B: "Poor, Sweet Cicero only serves to the Night mother!!"

  • Tyler Erickson

    "Die Grelod Die!""Hello There!""I see you brought me dinner!"

  • Dumbledoresarmy13

    OHHHH my gosh that's totally worth it!! I've always wanted to kill that smug Astrid for kidnapping me. I hardly ever use a horse in game (super inconvenient for gathering alchemy stuff while traveling), and once you've leveled up a bit, gold is the least of your worries. The DB wasn't in line with my character at all, but I didn't think you had a choice to destroy them. If only you could kill Maven Black-Briar, now...

  • Jinx The Loose Cannon

    I know this is a old vid but i just got back into skyrim. So thanks for all the vids they help alot man

  • Brad Brainard

    What does Maven Blackbiar think of the brotherhood being destroyed?In riften she says something on the lines of “ if you stand in my way, I’ll call the brotherhood.”

  • Eravaash

    "Break into his house and find out what this little boy is doing."oh God no.

  • TwiliDarkRituals

    You did not technically destroy the dark brotherhood. Just one of their sanctuaries. Completely forgotten about Cicero!

  • How About No No no

    Sure you might have morals, but isn’t it about the people you kil- the friends you make along the way through the dark brother hood

  • CONNOR I’m the android sent by CYBERLIFE

    WAIT WHAT ABOUT CICERO!? What happened to him?

  • Rhon Black

    always killing the nasty darkbrotherhood..hope i can destroy the matron..

  • Tristan Delhaye

    I mean... that bitch Astrid sent me no less than 3 assassins to try to kill my ass before i first encounter her, soooo... yes, worth it.

  • Bye-Bye Computer

    ESO: hey there veerassMe: (screaming) "ITS VEEZARA"!!!

  • LadyMoon

    I remember the first time I've played the game i had killed that old hag before i knew i should cus i felt bad for the kids, haha.

  • Beck e

    i like ESO's videos a lot, but he talks so slowly that his speech sounds like it's going at a normal pace even at 1.25 speed

  • Savannah Harris

    He wanted a quick smooch before you went to dragonbridge

  • Papa Pink

    i only do the dark brotherhood for shadowmere, even though i basically never use a horse after the fact.

  • PostZ

    [spoiler] if you just complete the quest line you eventually end up becoming the leader of the dark brotherhood, and do missions that pay you from 800 gold to 3x 500 gold. Killing Astrid in the beginning isnt worth it (I think) because you get everything and all the fame later anyway

  • Ferdi

    People: dO nOt kIlL tHe bRoThErHoOd bEcaUsE yOu gEt 20k gOlDMe: Peasants... '~' key and type:player.additem 0000000f >ammount of gold here<

  • Meriphia

    "I see you have prepared dinner for me!" Jesus lmao

  • Jack Glennon

    But one does not simply kidnap the Dragonborn! Fus ro DAH! Astrid slips off shelf

  • François Lecoq de Bellerose

    I'm not a fan of the Dark Brotherhood, so for me, it was worth wiping them out.


    I’ll never be able to kill them because I love Cicero as a follower so much, so, it’s best if I just watch ESO do it.

  • HumbaHumbaHumbaTrötörööö

    Reason to Go with Dark Brotherhood: The Windshear, that you can get at the End.

  • CatholicPrincess15

    Congratulations, ESO! You made MY MOTHER enjoy Skyrim a bit! Now that's an achievement!

  • Paladin Warpath

    Only reason you kill the Dark Brotherhood would be role playing or not wanting to have a never ending quest.

  • Charles F

    Shortcut: kill the old hag first then talk to arventis

  • Actually Lollypop

    This was so painful to watch. I love the dark brotherhood. Easily the best quest line I've ever played in a game.ASTRID DID NOTHING WRONG!!

  • Sinister gaming

    Man I love your videos. Have you tried skyrim in vr on ps4?

  • Jade Marita Hambleton

    Have you been tk the cloud dustrict very often..what am i saying of course you havent KILL NAZEEM

  • magix shiz

    Do you ever realize that this kid butterfly effect-ed to the point where he either promises the downfall of a large group of assassins or the death of a emperor.

  • Wolfer 4278

    I think you would have to do this too 100% Skyrim because if you don’t then you will get endless “the dark brotherhood forever” quests

  • MightyMcBlonde

    I’ve completed the game 38 times and never new about this, tf!

  • Alan Thoeny

    You should be able to do the same to the Thieves Guild

  • vududu

    who needs shadowmere when you have arvak

  • bcfb21

    Could be that lis is a reference to the real world Elizabeth bathory.

  • Bri T

    3,000 gold?! You get way more if you kill the Emperor! You get 20,000 gold if you kill him.

  • chadpainter1k

    how could it be worth it when you get 20k for completing hail sithis alone not to mention the money you get from doing jobs

  • South Side Comptown

    How did the Dark Brotherhood collapse? If that weirdo Cisero and that Lil girl are still alive.

  • River Doherty

    Is no one going to talk about how she says well done with her dying breath? I think that's pretty powerful

  • Alexander HunterX

    "You're just gonna fast travel to any city and the closest is Solitude"Me:Fus Roh Dah!!!!

  • Kyle Orendain

    "But one does not simply kidnap the dragonborn! Fush Ro Da!" I died 😂

  • Grant Tindall

    1.) how dare you call them novice assassins 2.) how dare you call the 5 tenants the “10 commandments”

  • Dan The Man

    Anyone else not even about this alternative quest? I never knew you could kill astrid i always killed a target

  • Scrim’s Embødy

    Makes 20 minute video NOT WORTH IT

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