Skyrim Secrets – DESTROY The Dark Brotherhood - WORTH IT? (Shrouded Armor & Blade of Woe - Assassin)

Skyrim Secrets – DESTROY The Dark Brotherhood (Shrouded Armor & Blade of Woe Special Edition)!
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  • justsayapple

    Honestly, I found this quest on my first play through. I didn't want to kill anyone so I introduced Astrid's face to my warhammer. Not worth it in my opinion.

  • BA

    Yeah I killed Astrid right off the bat. I am the Dragonborn, not some pansy Frenchman to be told what to do.

  • Big Oof

    When I first started Skyrim, I:1. Spent nearly 2 hours going on Reddit to figure out what starting race to pick and trying to understand what they meant by thief build, stealth archer build, battlemage build etc2. Accidentally hit a chicken and got confused for 30 minutes wondering why unkillable NPCs were trying to kill me.3. Got introduced to the Nord Space Program via Giant's Club4. Didn't know you could ride a carriage, assumed it was decoration and ran to Whiterun, Riften and Solitude before spotting it.5. Got owned by a dragon while panicking about how to make it come down because I only had an iron sword on me.6. Got confused at how to swing a sword because I was on the Switch and didn't check the controls and was stupidly flailing the controllers around thinking motion controls were still on.7. Got caught for stealing a sweet roll8. Died trying to fight the guards9. Got lost in the Ratway trying to find the Thieves Guild10. Nearly pissed myself when I went to my first dungeon and got jumpscared by a draugrGood times.

  • FlintSparked

    When I met the Dark Brotherhood: How DARE you try to pull me into this unlawful activity you shall all die!!When I met the Thieves' Guild: lol sign me up bro y'all are cool

  • Flamango

    If only Nazeem was a target

  • Shannon Turner

    My cousin is out fighting dragons and what do I get? Guard Duty.😒😪😪

  • David

    The best reason to not kill Astrid, I think, is just to hear Babette's story.Veezara: "Ha ha ha ha! Again! Again! Do the part where he tries to buy you some candy."Babette: "Okay, okay. Wait. Here we go. "Ooh, you are such a pretty little girl. Would the sweetie like a sweetie? Oh yes, how about some chocolate?" Oh yes, please, kind sir. My mama and papa left me all alone, and I'm so very hungry. I know a shortcut to the candy shop. Through this alley. Oh ya, very good. Very good. My it is dark down here. Oh, but you are so beautiful. Such a lovely smile. Your teeth... your teeth! No! Aggghh!!"I don't know who her victim is, but it was obviously a child molester.

  • Paladin Gary

    Only reason you kill the Dark Brotherhood would be role playing or not wanting to have a never ending quest.

  • GenericWhiteMale

    I feel Bethesda wasted potential for a quest line where you individually hunt down members of the brotherhood and protect emperor Titus mede from assassination attempts For rewards they could have had some unique armour and weapons and even the ability to call a squad of penitus occilutas (I probably butchered that spelling) to help you fight and maybe you could have been awarded a player home like if you sided with the dark brotherhoodIt would have made being a good guy worth itOh well

  • Lilly Weaver

    I killed Astrid in my first play through because I had gone to sleep in my house and how dare she kidnap me from my own home with my precious sons sleeping downstairs??

  • River Doherty

    Is no one going to talk about how she says well done with her dying breath? I think that's pretty powerful

  • Heck Frick

    When the Dragonborn wakes up and immediately draws his bow on you

  • Jimmy cricket

    I'm late to the party but had anyone every wonder where the little boy has gotten the human flesh from?

  • jtomally9681

    It is too bad you can not marry the associate who takes over the orphanage and adopt all of the orphans. That is what I would end up doing.

  • spacecat

    "an innocent" seems like somebody didn't find grelod's torture chamber for the kids

  • Lupana Kellen

    Does anyone know that after killing Astrid you can untie all the hostages?

  • Michael Lajeunesse

    From a purely story-based perspective, I generally kill the Dark Brotherhood. They're a bunch of edgelord psychopaths who refuse the teaching of the OG™ edgelord psychopaths (how edgy!) and the entire story revolves around getting bossed around by Astrid, who's actual trash, and the Nightmother, who's a gross thing, in their quest to achieve the ultimate Edge™. Besides, I can't stand Cicero.

  • Ben Tomlins

    The dark brotherhood used to be a thing then they all took arrows in the knee

  • Jesús Díaz

    That is a pretty big MISSED chance to do some great questline. Killing the Dark Brotherhood members in Skyrim could've been the trigger to rebuild the guild by yourself. Imagine, right after you killed everyone, the voice of Night Mother reaches you and flatters you for a great, great killing. Then she begs you to rebuild the guild with Cicero's help, you recruit some NPCs, and then you get the chance to do the other contracts on the original questline, but without some like Kill of an Empire. The fact that it's so obvious that it's not worthy to destroy DB, actually told you that it's not how you are supposed to play this, so it makes pointless the possibility.

  • Septic Markiplite

    Talks about the shrouded robes and how hard they are to get even though you literally get a free set just by walking in.

  • Single Singing Siren

    If you want to (role) play as a hero, killing those cretins is quite mandatory.

  • Tar- Anárion

    I wonder what happens to Cicero after you destroy the Brotherhood? You can encounter him before the Brotherhood questline in Whiterun, where his cart has broken down. Annoying little bastard.p.s — In case some lost soul is coming here 8 years after release, there is absolutely no reason other than roleplay to destroy the dark brotherhood. It gives 30k gold just going through the main questline and has an infinite assassination quest as well.

  • Visual.txt花言葉

    I remember not talking to Aventus and after a long while some NPC decided to perform the black sacrament on me :/

  • vududu

    who needs shadowmere when you have arvak

  • Skadi

    Doesnt astrid say well done, if you kill her

  • Kaylee_Wolf

    First time I played (I was complete nooby noob) I killed Grelod before talking to the kid just cause I didn't like her. Didn't talk to the kid for a few more levels. 😂😂 That's how I got into the Dark Brotherhood! Yay murder!


    I knew I couldn’t kill her because I knew I would get shadowmere which is probably the most badass horse in the game or that ghost looking horse

  • Sarthak Shah

    "Here are the ten commandments"The five tenets

  • Riggs dreap

    The downside of this quest is that you can never get the most op weapon in the game the "windshear"

  • Don’t click on the flag

    Now I’m starting to wish I choose this route... The night mother is really starting to be a pain in my ass, all she ever wants me to do is contracts ughhh

  • little gamingbird

    I attacked Astrid right when I saw her

  • Dante Berrios

    I kill them every time because I can't kill any other entire guilds. I try to limit how many guild master jobs I acquire throughout my time in Skyrim. You should only be able to attain the title if you go above and beyond the main questline involved. Say the Mages guild, instead of being rewarded as guild leader for saving the world from the Eye of Magnus, you can only become leader if you do 2-3 more quests that are directly based on improving the shape of the group afterward. That's more realistic, because it allows you the choice of WORKING YOUR WAY UP. Not just being a decent human and helping them fight off an enemy. Idk how they thought it was acceptable to allow one person to be the leader of MULTIPLE groups when there at people at each who literally live at the place and do all the day-to-day work that is required.

  • Poggle566

    "Make sure you take the unusual gem."doesn't take the gemI am mildly to severely triggered.

  • Beck e

    i like ESO's videos a lot, but he talks so slowly that his speech sounds like it's going at a normal pace even at 1.25 speed

  • François Lecoq de Bellerose

    I'm not a fan of the Dark Brotherhood, so for me, it was worth wiping them out.

  • Niko Stefano

    If you follow the dark brotherhood then you can get 2 blade of woes. If you pick pocket Astrid early on then, then at the end of the quest line she’ll give it to you like you’ve never taken it in the first place. I think it’s pretty cool in my opinion because it’s a pretty powerful weapon

  • Jack Glennon

    But one does not simply kidnap the Dragonborn! Fus ro DAH! Astrid slips off shelf

  • Jinx The Loose Cannon

    I know this is a old vid but i just got back into skyrim. So thanks for all the vids they help alot man

  • Karliah Winters

    It sucks how in Skyrim there's no way to have a friend as a dragon that you can ride like I would rather ride a dragon then a horse or a carriage haha I hate how you have to kill almost all of them (I know this has nothing to do with the video lol just a random thought)

  • Trippy Games

    What about the little vampire girl that is part of the brotherhood 🤔

  • Dumbledoresarmy13

    OHHHH my gosh that's totally worth it!! I've always wanted to kill that smug Astrid for kidnapping me. I hardly ever use a horse in game (super inconvenient for gathering alchemy stuff while traveling), and once you've leveled up a bit, gold is the least of your worries. The DB wasn't in line with my character at all, but I didn't think you had a choice to destroy them. If only you could kill Maven Black-Briar, now...

  • it's me

    I was confused with the note... Plus I haven't used a bed in months. Huh...

  • Nightmarex

    Let's be real here, the only good reason to do the Dark Brotherhood is for Shadowmere.

  • Joshua Lighten

    you can kill the children you have to use soul trap in both hands and hit a certain part of their neck it takes a couple tries but it works I know because I did it braith theres a video about it

  • Tom Bradster

    "let's make all of those children homeless, that sounds like a fantastic idea!"

  • Lee Lee Epic

    I think it is definitely not worth it, you can get an infinite source of gold from assassination quests if you join. And you get really cool quests, like assassinating the emperor of Tamreal. You can also get pretty sweet companions. So it is definitely more profitably

  • Paul Snelling

    10:00: How Can Someone "Kill Everyone", In Sanctuary..?(1 Of the People there Is A Vampire, That's A Kid)

  • Sinister Garbage

    It's a secret? I thought it was a quest because there's an assassin trying to kill me but failed

  • Sayori Chan

    There’s not really a point though, it may be quicker but your letting go of the chance to get 20,000 gold! That’s what helped me get 100,000 gold all together, so this little cinnamon bun doesn’t find it right

  • sarbajit hazra

    What are you using as visual mods ?

  • Gavin Films

    I have been wondering for a while what Penitus Oculatus means and i just looked it up. Apparantly it is Latin and means "Internet Eyewitness"

  • MaryArts

    When I was kidnapped early in the game, I was so pissed I killed Astrid in the hut. Didn't know about the consequenzes.

  • Knight in Space

    On my first playthrough, I did the DB quest, and at first I was okay with the random killings, and asassinations. Eventually they got more intense, but I endured.There were actually some I deemed justified to complete. The plan to kill the Emperor however really didn't sit that well with me. I felt horrible after killing Vittoria at her wedding, so bad, I killed her husband so they would be married in death. The Emperor himself accepted his death which was honestly kind of depressing. I was furious when Astrid betrayed me, I trusted her but she didn't trust me, yet she completely had faith in the Emperor's Security she tried to hush while asking them to kill me.Then they betrayed her. She was responsible for all the other member's death, characters I really liked, including her own husband. I was left with the two characters I felt were bland and uninteresting. Becoming their leader was very unsatisfying. In my second playthrough I've decided I'll go on to the destroy them. The world would probably be better off without such a group.

  • Eravaash

    "Break into his house and find out what this little boy is doing."oh God no.

  • Paul Snelling

    Either Way: You'll be Hunted By Assassins.(Even If Your A Part Of Them)

  • vloging with will nutin

    I'm always jeloes of Lydia because every playthrough she ether dies or gets lost

  • SevenFour

    Wow I never knew you could do that! That for some reason amazed me.

  • Barack Putin

    Why would you ever destroy us?

  • Shaun Ross

    Just pick Astrid's pocket in the shack. Easy early blade...

  • Binary Code

    Wow something funny is that my dad knew the person who wrote the dark brotherhood quest line and I’m currently going through it you all need to let people talk before you go and kill them so stop being rude because reading the comments is making me sad because it’s such a good quest line.

  • aphrodisy

    i remember trying to sneak kill everyone in whiterun after killing grelod. i ended up killing most of the people in dragonsreach but the jarl was asleep, so i slept in his bed for 1 hr to see if he woke up. found out astrid kidnapped me and i thought it was punishment for trespassing in the jarl's bedroom

  • CallMeMichael

    What`s better? Kil the Dark Brotherhood or Making quests for them?

  • Javon Marlatt

    Sorry fam i only wanna talk to rich hot guys

  • Fortuys77

    5:57You awaken feeling Rested.

  • XainArchives

    Destroying them isn't worth itJoining them isn't worth itThe best option is to just pretend they don't exist because they're not even a real threat to my money...I mean my thieves guild.

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