Top Skyrim Mods for January - Files of the Month

Today we're going to take a look at the top 5 months for the Skyrim Special Edition according to for January 2017.

A lot of great mods this last month.. better than the month prior. I just need that SKSE to release for Skyrim Special Edition so that the best mods can get ported and updated already so that the new wave of Skyrim players and modders can really sink their teeth into mods.


Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul

KS Hairdos SSE
Kalilies, Stealthic and Shockero

Skyrim SE Re-Engaged ENB

Amorous Adventures

The Book of UUNP Volumes 1 2 and 3 - UNP Sevenbase - UNPB
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  • 58elrond

    Wtf i thought u said no spoilers! and now i know that imperials fight stormcloaks :c Im done....

  • Kira Bradley

    Bleh what is with all the skimpy mods? It's freezing in Skyrim. Give that girl a jacket D:

  • Fevir

    This series more than others- any critique or suggestions are welcome

  • VideoFanatic13

    The book of UUNP kinda disappointed me in terms of skimpynessI know there's a "less skimpy" version but it's still too much skin for my game.I'm all for breastplates but i like to keep some convention in my game

  • Andarus

    Its a little sad that I feel the only Mods that are still made for the superior Skyrim are Follower-Mods. Its obvious that the Modders want to make Mods for the "hot new Shit", but since neither SKSE64 or a real ENB are out - its pretty much stopped all Mod-Releases other than some simple Conversions.Amorous Adventures + Sexlab/OSEX is pretty godlike. But neither of them work with the Remaster, yet.

  • Lydia Snowfire

    "Still is a better love story than Twilight." Well, not saying much.

  • Sentri Rail

    Title says December 2017

  • The Man

    Man skyrim skse can't come out soon enough.Its why so many great mods have not come out to skyrim SE yet

  • Firemanaf

    Thanks for making and sharing. Glad to hear you like the ENB. Vanilla preset which like you showcased in this is probably my least favorite preset. Vivid Weathers, as you mentioned is probably one of my favorites. Again, thanks.

  • Aiko

    Great video! Second time watching it, through and through. Thanks for the content!

  • Pupax

    Oi Fevir, since you like Skyrim, are you gonna play Revelation it once it comes out? Having so much fun in OBT, would love to see some more videos on it from you!

  • Benjamin Buckley

    Really really......a battle steal bra? Where's the IMMERSIONNNNNNNN

  • WillWhiskey

    Will the mod creator of the moonlight mod also do a vampire overhaul? Cause it's sort of the same jest, you're just either casting spells or walking around swipe swipe swipe

  • isaiah lyons

    Hey I would like to know what are the best mods for npcs

  • Richard Healy

    I see lots of potential for modding Skyrim SE, but I'm still content to run through my fully modded 32-bit Original Skyrim with proper script extention. I'll re-install it when SKSE SE appears because until then I get a better experience on the old version.

  • Cornelius Geekdom

    Dude I just love you lol... you're the guy who introduced me to so many of the mods I just can't live without like noble skyrim and ballistic spells... I mean seriously man you're the best the way you talk about things and your voice... it's just amazing... don't know if I have any criticisms but yeah... I also watch your big picture mmo stuff since I just jump from eso to SWTOR constantly

  • Paul Lazarus

    DO these mods have a normal variant for the old skyrim?

  • PopNone

    I see you are using Relive recorder.

  • The Panacea

    One of the greatest overhauls for Skyrim is coming out in 11 days! =) If anyone is interested in that =)

  • Tyler Cone

    Amorous Adventures Jenassa quest line is the best quest I have done in a mod in a long time. It flesh's her story out so well and she is one of my fav Vanilla followers now.

  • Tinkili

    Totally off topic, but I need to tell you that I absolutely love the music in the background. It's from Morrowind/Dragonborn, right? It's just so... mystical, kind of melancholic and sad, but still not too much. I adore it.

  • Reaper Panda

    Oh talos the fan service is ruining skyrim mods.

  • sombodi200

    Amorous adventures is a must

  • Zephon

    Any chance to get a video with a list of your favourite mods or at least the ones you are using in the video(besides the one you're mentioning at that specific time)?

  • Khoa Tran

    I'm early let me make a joke 2017

  • Zzarcon1

    Morrowind music on a skyrim video, ok then.

  • GlizdaSwiata

    how do you make girl on 4:05 minuts on movie?please anserw me

  • Paulo Brito

    If you add Flower Girls to Amorous Adventures you get the 'action' option.


    What do you think of Pantheon so far?

  • Nano Rex

    Skimpy Armor mods are a mistake.

  • PJ

    How are you meant to mod your skyrim special edition now ? I've used MO2 with nexus mod manger but apparently MO2 shouldn't be used now.

  • Beefdipings

    So this channel became a Skyrim Mod channel...huh

  • IIBizzy

    The non-skimpy version of the Mod still has a lot of skimpy armors, I'm okay with fur, leather and forsworn stuff that's more skimpy, but the steel and so one stuff looks just stupid. A shame, because the helmet, gauntlet and boot variants are mostly really awesome.

  • Rene D. Schubert

    hey Fev, i guess you mean dezember 2016?

  • 7788um

    Fevir please help me. I uninstalled skyrim a year ago. Now that i have a time to play it again, i forgot all the essential mods like SKSE, FNIS, and the skeleton one. Did you have a basic mods video that showcase all of those kind of essential mods? Thanks

  • Little man

    4:47Who cares what it requires? What is that advertisement about!? :OOOEDIT: This was of course a joke, but I just remembered that Google shows adds based on things like search history...

  • Matteo Galfano

    Don't take it bad! but why show mods that already have a lot of visual?! every youtuber is doing everytime the same mods, i've found 7 youtuber doing the same review in 2 days, you should help people to find new mods, there are pretty mods that are left behind or hide to people because they don't have a right visual, this would help also authors to have a little more fame, file of the month don't means that are courrently the best, the skyrim Enb engage has been in nexus from a long time , idem amorous adventure!

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