Fallout 4 & Skyrim - 5 Strange and somewhat Terrifying Theories you may not Have Known

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Fallout 4 are both massive games, and in such huge environments, there’s bound to be a few “out there” theories that seek to explain events and occurrences. Today we take a look at five of my favorite from across both titles. Here are 5 Skyrim & Fallout 4 theories.
  • guacamole hernandez

    Only a synth would make a video like this

  • Jackson Hendrix

    cough cough Nirn has two moons cough cough

  • Mikosch2

    Ever noticed how some, but not all mannequins are too heavy to be carried? I wonder what the heavy ones are filled with. Spy-tech perhaps?

  • Taco Baco 64

    cough Bethesda denied the last theory cough

  • Snooderblade

    The theory that the protagonist in F4 is a synth has some HUGE plotholes that ruins the theory.-The Protagonist in F4 takes the Synth records from the Institute to the BOS, the same record that reveals that Danse is a synth. If the player was a synth then the BOS would have known and told us, kicked us out or tried to kill the player not employ us.-This just proves thet there is no record for the player being a synth in the Institute and if you were a synth do you really believe that the Institute would be okay with a synth becoming their leader?-Kellog states that you are the backup for makeing the gen 3 synths so keeping you alive would be a top priority for them while Shaun grew up incase anything would hapen and Shaun would probably also have keeping his one living parent as a priority when he becomes leader.-Also if that isnt wasnt evidence enough the player can take radiation damage while synths cannot (as stated by Sam Otten this isnt the case).-You can read the log on the cryopods breaking down in Vault 111 and theres no record of the pod breaking so the protagonist couldnt possibly have died while in cryofreeze and later being replaced..the Character does remember more things than what we see in game. The male protagonist states multiple times that he was in the military, something no one else except Nora and Codsworth would know about, one of these two are dead and the other hasnt had any interactions with the Institute. The player can also refference to an event with the player's husband/wife while still being in 2077. The only posible way for the protagonist being a synth is that the protagonist died while in cryofreeze because of malfunction or something that is never even hinted at in the game even though he is super important to the Institute and they would have made sure that he stays alive, then someone removed his pod's faliure from the log in Vault 111. Shaun later developed in secret with no record in the Institute a brand new type of synth that could take radiation damage (wich is just making them weaker basically nerfing them and risking them dying) in the shape of ONE of his parents then he in secret made someone clear the history of his parents pods breaking down in Vault 111 so that his fake parent wouldnt know thst he was a synth. IF he now actually made a new type of synth resembeling either his dad/mom wouldnt you think that he would have wanted the other parent too? Concerning the theory that the railroad helped you out, if they did then why is it that only Deacon knows about the player before joining the railroad.

  • That Crazy Guy Everyone Likes

    Fallout takes place on earth. TES takes place on Nirn. Two totally different worlds. Magic doesn't exist in fallout. With all the psychos in fallout I'm sure someone would have rediscovered magic.

  • Pierce Smith

    You missed the biggest piece of evidence that the Fallout 4 protagonist is a synth: the guy in far harbor tries to persuade you that you're a synth by asking you what your earliest memory is, and you say you can't remember anything before the day the bombs fell.

  • Digital Thanatos

    I think the silver hand was supposed to be a alternative for the companions. It looked like when you were going to get your first piece of that axe you could have chosen to side with the silver hand over your shield brother and thus changed to become part of the silver hand instead.

  • Sovierika

    A couple people brought up Bethesda shooting down the same universe theory, but I figured I'd provide the actual quote from Pete Hines. Is Bethesda wrong in all this and we clearly know better?"I haven't the foggiest of notion how anybody could make the leap that they are in fact part of the same thing," he said. "We made Elder Scrolls, and a completely different developer and publisher came up with Fallout, which we then acquired. So how did they ..."

  • Sovierika

    That Fallout and TES taking place in the same universe is not possible if you knew anything about the deeper lore of TES. The stars and sun you see in Skyrim? That's not actual real starts that we knew, the sun is actually a really large hole create by Magnus, an et'Ada and the stars are other et'Adas that were not as strong, these holes were created when the et'Ada escaped Nirn's plane of existence to Aetherius's plane, and its through this leak from Aetherius that almost anyone in Nirn is capable of magic. That's just the tip of the iceberg, but a good research on Nirn's creation will explain a lot. In conclusion, it is physically impossible for TES and Fallout to be in the same universe.

  • Fellatio Johnson

    In regards to the Emperor, i'm pretty sure the guy that hires the Dark Brotherhood to kill him was told to do so by the Emperor himself, to make it seem like just an assassination and that he wouldn't be the Emperor responsible for the fall of the Empire

  • Redeye

    I have a theory of my own, and this is an attempt to make better sense of the last one. This is also based off of some things Septimus Signus says. Although he may be insane, he became such by reading an Elder Scroll, so that insanity is likely the result of having a new perspective beyond that of most mortals. I'll note when that part comes. Now, to start with, the Elder Scrolls universe takes place within the dream of a sleeping god. The world goes through stages known as Kalpas, and these are basically different iterations of Nirn. Before another Kalpa can begin, the current one must end. The Greybeards touch on this a little when speaking of Alduin. Pretty much the only things that don't change between Kalpas are the Aedra and Daedra themselves and the creation story, wherein Lorkhan tricks the Aedra into making Mundus and the Aedra tear out Lorkhans heart and throw it into the sea. The last Kalpa was Yokuda, which was destroyed by Satakal, a giant sea serpent who coiled around and around the base of Yokuda until it's foundation gave way (now known as Alduin. The immortals may change names and forms but they are still the same. Part of the rules about the forms they take are based upon mortal belief, which is why Alduin is a dragon in the Tamrielic Kalpa and is a sea serpent named Satakal in the Yokudan Kalpa). The next Kalpa will be Akavir. The reason why Yokuda and Akavir appear in the Tamrielic Kalpa is a phenomenon known as bleeding. Some other Kalpas bleed into the current one, typically the previous and next ones. The part that bleeds into the Kalpa is a copy of what was and will be, so they aren't traveling between universes, but were copied from it. For example, say that a part of Earth bled into another universe. You wouldn't know yourself if you were on that part, but a copy of you would be there instead. You, but also not you. Now, for Septimus. This is what Septimus has to say when asked to define an Elder Scroll. "You look to your left, you see one way. You look to your right, you see another. But neither is any harder than the opposite. But the Elder Scrolls... they look left and right in the stream of time. The future and past are as one: Sometimes they even look up. What do they see then? What if they dive in? Then the madness begins." The Elder Scrolls allow a person to look at all possiblilities across all timelines, for their universe and others. They are also like a structure which the universe of the Elder Scrolls are based off of. With that in mind, let's break down what Septimus says. "You look to your left, you see one way. You look to your right, you see another. But neither is any harder than the opposite. But the Elder Scrolls... they look left and right in the stream of time." Compare the locations of Yokuda and Akavir compared to Tamriel. They are to the left and right (east and west), if we look at it on a map. They are the past and future, and yet exist as one within the current Kalpa. Other places exist to the east and west of Tamriel, such as the island of Thras (home of the Sloads) to the east, and the islands of Cathnoquey, Ynslea, and Esroniet (Esroniet was ruled by Prince Bashamon, and we aren't told what race he or his people were) to the east. Next segment. "But the Elder Scrolls... they look left and right in the stream of time. The future and past are as one: Sometimes they even look up. What do they see then? What if they dive in? Then the madness begins." Here, if we use our map again, we see that the dominating landmassed above and below Tamriel (to the north and south) are Atmora and Aldmeris. Other places, like Pyandonea (home of the Maormer, the Sea Elves) and Roscrea (a large island in the Sea of Ghosts, far north of Solstheim). But, our main focus is on Atmora and Aldmeris, and perhaps even Pyandonea. As the east and west are future and past, what does that mean for the north and south? I aim to answer Septimus's question as for what the north and south are. I propose that they are alternate universes. Aldmeris, the original homeland of the Elves of Tamriel, and Pyandonea, the home of the Maormer, are either from different iterations of Nirn or are from an alternate Nirn, perhaps not even from a version of Nirn at all. So, that leaves Atmora. It is implied through some bits of conversation and some out of game lore from the Thalmor that the Tamrielic Kalpa is the first with humans in it, implying that Lorkhan did something to change the creation story. And it makes you wonder what the Redguards are if they're from the past Kalpa. Elves? Maybe they only appear human in the Tamrielic Kalpa, but took a different form in the Yokudan Kalpa? Who knows? But, to get back on track, Atmora sounds a lot like the word "America", doesn't it? I propose that, at some point, a portion of America from the Fallout universe bled into the Tamrielic Kalpa. They are not past and future to one another, but alternate universes entirely. However, this comes with a startling revelation. You see, Nirn is not the only universe to take place within the dream of a sleeping god (this is known as the godhead). The other universes that bleed in must also be godheads. So, what does that say about the world of Fallout? It isn't just infinite gods dreaming, either. Someone has to realize that they live within the dream of a sleeping god (yes, nobody in-game realizes this aside from a few people, who I'll touch in in a moment). When that happens, one of two things must occur. Either you can handle it or you can't. If you can't handle it, you zero sum. This means you and everything you ever did are erased from the godhead. This includes the fact that you zero summed, so the fact that you were erased is also erased, meaning you effectively reset to how you were before realizing the truth of the godhead, and don't realize the truth. The other option is that you can handle it, that your entire world is someone else's dream, and you are also part of the dream. If that happens, then congratulations, you get to keep that knowledge. Now, from this point, another one of two things will happen. It depends on whether you are a selfish person or a selfless person. If you are more selfish, you achieve CHIM, and basically become a god within your godhead. Among the few people known to have achieved CHIM, the most notable are Tiber Septim (Talos) and Vivec. If you achieve CHIM, you can change anything about the godhead. You can even be selfless afterwards and do things for the people in the godhead, like when Talos made it so that the jungles of Cyrodiil never existed. To understand what this is like, imagine that you have a dream, and in it is a baker. This baker has a window in his house that faces west. One day, the baker achieves CHIM. He decides he doesn't like his window facing west, and so changes the godhead so that not only does it face south now, but it always was facing south. The second option, which occurs if you are more selfless, is that you fall into a coma, and you dream a godhead dream, creating a new universe. The fact that a godhead can occur within a godhead makes you wonder how far down the dreams go until you get to reality, or if there even is a reality. Maybe it's just dreams all the way down, in an endless loop. So, with that out of the way, what does this mean about the world of Fallout? It means it must also be a godhead dream for it to bleed into Nirn. This means one of two things: either someone just happened to make a world whose past was the same as ours until the inventor of the transistor died of a stroke before he could invent it, or that someone out there knows about us, and has created their own twisted version of our universe. It's their ideal vision for us. That's my theory on the matter. If I sounded as insane as Septimus Signus, then I explained it correctly, as befits something as crazy as the Elder Scrolls.

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    Oh man, the Nirnroot card, that totally wasnt played 10000x of times already... what a cheap shot.

  • Stoob

    When is an Easter egg not an Easter egg? When the devs make it canon. So still Easter eggs then. :)

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    Only a synth would deal in absolutes

  • Endless Nameless

    The only theory that can possibly be true are the institute surveillance crow and silver hand companion theory. The other three can not be true for various reasons.

  • Fox Die

    The Emperor didn't wield Goldbrand, that was the Forgotten Hero. Mede wielding it was nothing more than a rumor

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I think The one about Titus Mede the 2nd Planning his Assassination

  • ChrisKeaten

    Nice video. I wanted to say though that the assertion Fallout and Skyrim both have the same plant (nirnroot), and therefore share the same universe, is a really weak argument. They pretty much share 75% of the same plants, crops, and food.

  • Articus Ramos

    The synth theory again? That can be disproved alot until otherwise stated otherwise by the higher ups

  • Peewee Herman

    What about the Skyrim sheogorath possibly being the oblivion protagonist

  • Thor Slam

    Boethiah NOT Bohethia!!! Also Ysgramor NOT Yscramor!!!


    Sweet roll thief is a zetan

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    I think you're hot, that's what I think :)

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    Where did the modern real DNA synths come from if you never existed ?

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    Maybe those mannequins are Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

  • drippin wet

    Fallout 4 is a world without the existence of magic. If the theory is true, then magic must have been "removed" from the Elder Scrolls world at some point, then eventually dominated by men. I had a dream where an artifact in Fallout allowed its user to change time and space. I led a militarized version of individuals like the "Followers of the Apocalypse" on an airship much like the Prydwen. Giving chase was this genetically-modified, mutant, cyborg super solder Casdin; who re-claimed the Brotherhood of Steel to give chase. The artifact, a small golden eye, would allow me to re-write what we call the "Dead Sea Scrolls" which were essentially what was left of the Elder Scrolls kept in a still highly protected and highly advanced vault in the ruins of a once mighty fortress.We were able to convince the inhabitants inside to let us in and hold off the corrupted Brotherhood of Steel while we desperately attempted to re-fabricate reality.Casdin and his Brotherhood killed almost all the Vault dwellers and almost all of my companions except me and the remaining Eight of us.Just before Casdin could reach us, I was able to bring my Eight into Apotheosis to re-shape the world using the scrolls and their newly acquired divinity. Then I awoke.

  • Last Tenno

    Synths can't take rads. The amount of caps i spend on RadAways defy your theory.

  • Britannic hayyomatt

    Easter egg or not, it's in the game... Therefore it's canon.It's like all the other funny or weird details we love from you, as ridiculous as some sound, they are in the game and therefore the lore forever.

  • Saitamaマスター

    Im pretty sure that the last theory are just a bunch of easter eggs cause you know bethesda loves doing that

  • MrXemrox

    The fallout Skyrim theroy made me think of new theroy, the Divines actually made Earth and Nirn in these fictional universe. And/or other Galaxies are Beyond Aetherius one of which is our Solar system in the fictional setting... I vaguely remember at the college of Winterhold some of them left and went beyond Aetherius... I need to replay the questline of College of Winterhold and I'll come back to fully get the understanding and refine this theroy.

  • Beast MK

    Took an arrow to the knee...War,war never changes.

  • Voxdalian

    If Fallout and Elder Scrolls are set in the same universe then maybe the "dwemer" were actually the descendants of moderns humans, they still possessed the knowledge of advanced technology and had no affinity for magic.

  • Srithor

    Good job, reiterating what others have presented better before, e.g. Oxhorn.



  • Robert Evans

    The silver hand one is pretty dumb. They have books about the enemy faction just like most factions in Skyrim.they don't just hate werwolves, they hate undead and werewolves. Andthey steal pieces of the axe so that the companions don't get a bomb-ass legendary weapon

  • Donkey Quality

    cough interesting fact cough

  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    The apocalypse in Fallout was the end of a kalpa, in TES terms. TES takes place thousands of years after Fallout. All advanced resources like oil are gone, firearms are a lost art, and magicka comes from radiation. The Great Collapse was caused by a small nuclear weapon once considered a dud that had been dropped in the ocean by an American plane, and it exploded when the saltwater finally penetrated the outer shell of the Saturnite containment unit. The Aedra and Daedra are irradiated humans, who through extreme radiation exposure, ascended beyond ghoulhood to something else entirely. Dragons are the end of the evolutionary line of the Jackson's Chameleon, Nirnroots are mutated ferns, and Nirn is earth that has lost most of its mass, due to a large amount of unexploded bombs finally going off, slinging enough matter into space to create Masser (which is the original moon with extra dirt on it) and Secunda. The sun isn't Magnus's exit hole, but... The sun. The stars are just stars, Oblivion is just space, the planes of oblivion are different planets inhabited by the ascended daedra.

  • M Edvinsonn

    Why is it that noone is talking about the missing children?Yes Skyrim is full of well established non human peoples. Yet no mention of, nor trace of their offspring can be found. This freaks me out. I mean its a cold place, and people need to keep warm somehow. The place should have at least SOME non human kids. Even if they are just hiding in the basement so the bad stormcloaks cant get them, there should be a trace of them. By Mara! What happened to all the non human children in Skyrim?

  • Stiffisharc

    On #1 are you really not going to mention that there is a console in the Institute that describes synths basically having V.A.T.S.???

  • Hazzball Gaming

    There's actually a much better theory regarding the emperor Titus Mede in skyrim...soooooooo, yeah.

  • Michael Coffey

    2 of the 5 I had not heard so I appreciate the time and upload and all the work these types of videos take :). Thank you for the all the work and passion.

  • Alexis Finch

    Problem with the last theoryOr, at least, a question.If Fallout is set in the elder scrolls universeSurely, then, the daedric gods would still be out there.Are there any signs of them at all?

  • Jargon Madjin

    The Dwemer caused the fallout! LOL! xD

  • Endless Nameless

    That same universe theory is so silly it's not even funny. The concept of Kalpa is confirmed in skyrim by a NPC that knows the 'End Time' in person. This alone is enough to disprove this theory. Also the universe of the two franchise are very different. The two moon of Nirn is the corpse of Lorkhan, who is killed at the very beginning of time by Trinimac, so fallout has to take place after all tes games because Nirn has two moons from the beginning of time. Even if you place fallout after all the tes game in the timeline. It won't work either. Because the belief system in fallout universe don't line up with the belief system of TES. The way god in TES universe work is if you believe in a god, even if the said entity is not a god or don't exist, the belief will make it god. So in fallout universe, Jesus must exist, atom(god) must exist, the enlightenment of hubologist must exist. Moreover, the sun and stars in TES universe are holes in oblivion, not stars. This is not true in the fallout universe. Also, the sun in TES universe is the source of magic. The sun still exist in fallout, so for them to be in the same universe, fallout must have magic. Maybe supernatural do exist in fallout, but not magic. Constellations works differently as well, people in TES universe get a natural born power according to which month you were born. This is definitely not the case in fallout universe. The only way you can link both franchises together is to claim fallout universe is just another dream of the godhead. Guess what? This way you can claim star wars and TES is in the same universe, the my little pony on the nexus can also be cannon. The whole theory thing become pointless.

  • Lynx Firenze

    Main response here: The Septim line of emperors could foresee the day of their death, Uriel for instance knew damn well that the Mythic Dawn were going to do him in and was fairly accepting of that fact.Maybe it's not a bloodline thing and it's actually a ritual or somesuch that the Emperor undergoes so they know when they're supposed to die, that way they can ensure that their successor is established and ready to take over. Or maybe he's just a defeatist who recognizes that you've performed a grand series of assassinations and infiltrated his ship, getting past his entire security force in the process and knows that he can't win. The Dark Brotherhood has been dealt what should have been a killing blow at that point but obviously managed to survive since you've shown up to kill him. If the best of the Penitus Occulatus couldn't destroy a weakened dark brotherhood even when it was sold out from within by it's own leaders and restricted to a single sanctuary then either the Penitus are fucking pathetic or the Brotherhood are destined to be resurgent and not even the Emperor can stop it. It's also possible that he's hoping you'll be more likely to fulfill his dying wish and assassinate Motierre (That family has a history of using the Dark brotherhood to do it's dirty work :P ) if he doesn't waste both your time in forcing you to fight. I do like the idea of him cutting a deal with Boethiah though. It's rather her deal (The book Boethiah's proving demonstrates that pretty well I think) too: he might not have even expected to win, just wanted to leave his mark on the corpses of his enemies and remind the world that he existed after he's gone.

  • AresSG

    There's a problem with the Emperor theory. Titus Mede II never actually fought in any wars. In The Elder Scrolls:Legends a digital card game you find out that your character known as The Forgotten Hero fought in place of the Emperor. Goldbrand was wielded by a Daedra named Rieve who the Hero killed and then wielded Goldbrand himself/herself. Anytime within the war that it was said Titus Mede II took part in a battle it was the Forgotten Hero wearing the Imperial Dragon Armor (Emperor's Armor).

  • Hakon Pyke

    I'd say that the Silver Hand are just Companions. Ones that know about the Inner Circle, and know about the curse/dark deal that took place with the Glenmoral Witches for Werewolf abilities. They revolted against the circle, were driven out and established the Silver Hand, and recruited people under the pretense of being against werewolves. That would explain why they try to steal the Fragments of Wuuthrad, that they have books on Ysgramor everywhere and that every one of them carries a cure disease potion. They just believe that the Inner Circle goes against what the original companions would have wanted, and want to be True Nords again.

  • Vladimir Lenin

    Don't know how people think the Elder Scrolls and Fallout are in the same universe when the Elder Scrolls universe works a lot different to the fallout universe (Aka ours but parallel). There are no other planets just Nirn and the Stars, which are the holes Magnus and his followers left when they escaped Mundus.

  • Yeet Yeeterson

    The far harbor mannequin doesn't make sense due to the fact that the Institute wasn't around before the bombs fell. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout one doesn't make sense because well, Nirn has two celestial bodies that orbit it, and the fact that in Fallout it's confirmed that theres been space travel to the moon that we know in our world but in the Elder Scrolls the sun and all the stars are actually tears into Atherium which doesn't make sense at all to take place before or even after fallout.

  • Samus Knight

    The first and last are nonsense but the other theories I could see being very possible.* Synth OriginsSole Survivor is not a synth. At least not unless the player choose them to be. Far Harbor is designed to give the player several possible outcomes and make their decisions really matter unlike those of the main story. The player's origins come into question to give those who didn't like their backstory being decided for them an alternative to run with."Oh hey, guess what! You were a synth the whole time so those memories you have are all fake!"This allows the player to assume whatever background they want. Sure it messes with the continuity of the main story but really it was just thrown in there for that reason. As for Deacon, his interest in the player has nothing to do with the Railroad at all. If anything I suspect that he has either some connection to the Sole Survivor (Like belonging to the "empty pod" we find at the start.) or that Decon might know about Father's connection to Vault 111. Word that you were going to be released from the Vault may have been leaked by an escaping synth to the Railroad. From there he just kept a close watch until you emerged. Afterwards he secretly follows you in order to assess if you're friend or foe.* Fallout and Tamriel Being ConnectedSorry but this is simply an easter egg, nothing more. Bethesda loves to do this for many of their games. They throw in vague references and throwbacks for nostalgia reasons or as a subtle nod. Many games do this but it doesn't actually mean those worlds are actually connected or take place in the same universe. Afraid that's it.

  • Sasqmo

    I get so very tired of the Nirn Root/Experimental Plant stuff coming up as 'Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls are the same place!'.. it's an Easter Egg, sometimes Easter Eggs are just Easter Eggs. We gamers understand the reference it means, but it doesnt always meant they're connected. From an in world perspective, it just means 'hey there's this weird mutated plant that's makes great calming but highly addicting tea' in the world of Fallout that the developers gave traits that were similar to Nirn Roots.

  • Noot Caase

    My theory regarding the sole survivor is that they are in fact a synth. You start the game with access to V.A.T.S. before getting your PIP boy. Deacon does have an interest in the Sole Survivor starting with before they wake up. And Nick Valentine is proof that even pre-war, the pre-institute scientist had access to tech that could pull a personality from a person, and that post war institute scientist could put that personality into a synth. My full theory goes that the institute did not need the sole survivor, so they let them die while still frozen, preserving the brain and memories. Shaun, who spent is life in the institute, learned about his parents, tracked them down and used the parent that did not die, to create an advanced synth. Due to his connection to the subject, he kept this project secret even to the institute. He begins to question himself and his loyalty so he leaves that synth on ice for 2 - 3 decades until he becomes director of the institute. He sees an opportunity to release his synth creation. If for nothing else as he says, "when you get older you have to consider a lot of what ifs." Additionally, if he can get his synth parent to take over, then they can live the motto "Mankind redefined." And usher a new age onto the institute showing how all the scientists have access to eternal life. But he cannot say anything to anyone. The other scientists clearly dont accept synths as beings, so making one a director that lives without aging in the institute would show them what the synths are capable of. And what the institute can truly achieve. My biggest piece of evidence is the child synth Shaun, that father leaves for you. Why would he leave you with a childe that doesn't age, unless you won't age as well.

  • Tensai55

    In Robotics, there's a terminal where they talk about a new optical program for courser synths - and the description is exactly like VATS. Considering VATS is supposed to be Vault-Tech Assisted Targeting System and done through your Pipboy, it's very odd that the main character can use VATS before obtaining the Pipboy.For that reason, my characters that use VATS prior to finding the Pipboy usually come to the conclusion that they're a courser model synth that's been programmed with the memories of Father's mother/father (this especially makes sense when playing as a female as she was a lawyer prior to the War and most likely wouldn't know how to use a lot of the more advanced weapons she comes across. The male character was a former soldier, so he wouldn't have any problems in that regard). The ones who don't use VATS prior to finding the Pipboy never come to that conclusion, largely because they have no reason to do so.

  • Oleg Lecinsky

    TES and Fallout universes could not be the same by a very simple reason - Bethesda weren't the ones who created the Fallout universe. They acquired the franchise from Interplay, and it was created by Black Isle Studios. If Bethesda is trying to put their bullshit "easter eggs" into Fallout to pretend they are the original inventors - it's another story.

  • Crom Cruach

    The Nirnroot thing is obviously just a little easter egg. The idea that Fallout shares a world with the TES is absurd. Fallout is obviously set in a fictionalised version of our own world, whilst the world of TES is something very different entirely with its own deities and cosmology and such. There's literally no concievable way they could be connected.

  • MasterTemplar

    I would love to believe Skyrim and F4 are in the same universe, but I believe @FudgeMuppet debunked the theory in 4 words: 'Nirn has two moons'. Unless magic brought about the second moon AFTER F4, or magic destroyed the second moon BEFORE F4, it wouldn't make much sense.

  • David Harden

    Another connection between Fallout IV and The Elder Scrolls is Mama Murphy and the Moth Priests. They speak the same language. Was she the first Moth Priest?

  • Dan Webb

    There was that Space Core dlc for Skyrim which looks like an Eyebot......

  • MajorMoron

    I know the connection between Elder Scrolls and Fallout.....SAME DEVELOPER STUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SalusFuturistics

    Every Synth represents that because they put their Weapons down when threatened. They clearly have a Self-preservation Ability.All Bethesda Games are connected. In Wolfenstein Old Blood you can see Nuka Cola being sold, and an Iron Helmet from Skyrim in the Archeology Office, which can be picked up and worn for 5 (or was it 10?) Armor like the other Nazi Helmets

  • CreepyGaming AtPasta

    Mine is all the elderscrolls games are like the Animus to fall out so people born after the bombs hit would know how the world used to be for information to try to "save" the world

  • Rusty Wilson

    These theories are pretty plausible with the exception of the last one. IIRC The Elder Scrolls series takes place on another planet called Nirn. Another debunk to this theory is the fact that two moons can be seen on Nirn, and the landmasses are completely different.

  • Sole Survivor

    well...maybe fallout and elder scrolls are in the same universe, just different places in space time. we all know that elder scrolls can manipulate time as well as dimensions, making the elder scrolls themselves capable of changing reality or even travel to other worlds.

  • Waiatto 07

    Number 2 is stupid. The emperor probably has heard all about their murder of his cousin and doppelgänger. He knew that whoever assassinated them was probably able to sneak past the penitis oculatis. He probably even read up on the dark brotherhood beforehand to and knew they were no joke

  • Thomas Kirkness-Little

    Fallout 5 (spoiler warning!):The mannequins are sentient. They caused the great war. They are the grand conspirators of humanity's downfall. They must be defeated.The only way to defeat them is to save settlements, I'll mark one on your map.

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